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Emer Plan
Your Car Payment Is On Us                                                                             gency
                                                                                                 Emer Plan
   Worried about not being able to make
your car payments because of an Involuntary
Separation or Emergency Leave? Your worries
are over!                                                        IWSG is the Program
   Now you can buy a Chrysler, Ford, or                       Administrator for this plan.
Harley-Davidson vehicle from Exchange                      For questions regarding coverage
                                                                                                  The plan that handles
New Car Sales, with peace of mind when you
                                                          or claim filing procedures, contact:     your car payments
finance through a participating finance source.
We’ve designed a plan that automatically takes                                                      while you handle
over car payments for anyone in the military
                                                                      P.O. Box 407
                                                                                                  your personal matters
facing an Involuntary Separation during the                             www.encs.com
                                                                   Woodbury, NY 11797               at no cost to you!
term of the finance contract. This plan will
cover payments up to $500 per month for up to
12 months, or a maximum of $6,000. If you’re
                                                                Phone: 800-323-4291 (USA)
granted Emergency Leave, we’ll send you a                             or 516-921-2800
check equivalent to your monthly car payment,                       Fax: 516-677-3704
up to $500. The total amount of Emergency                      E-mail: EPP@militarycars.com
Leave claims shall not exceed $1,000.                            Web site: www.encs.com
                                                                                                       Exclusively from
It Costs You Nothing and                                                                            Exchange New Car Sales
You’ll Owe Nothing
  The Emergency Payment Plan costs you
nothing! Best of all, even if you use the entire
$7,000 in Emergency Payment Plan benefits,
you’ll never have to pay anyone back. You
receive full credit for each payment made,
and owe nothing for the amount paid on your

                                                   Rev. 3-12
   Emer Plan
Q      How can I get Emergency Payment Plan
                                                               Q     How do I receive payments if I need them?
                                                                                                                             Q      Can I get my financing anywhere and still

A                                                              A                                                             A
       protection?                                                     Simply notify us and we’ll mail you a Claims Kit.            qualify?
       Purchase a new vehicle from Exchange New                        The kit contains instructions and the appropriate             No. You must finance your vehicle through one of
       Car Sales and finance it through a participating                forms for you to complete and return to us to                 the participating finance institutions named above
finance source. Qualifying financial institutions include      initiate your payments.                                       to be eligible for the Emergency Payment Plan. However,
Ford Motor Credit, Harley-Davidson Financial Services                                                                        financing an automobile purchase is your responsibility,
and M&T Bank. Your sales representative can provide a
complete and updated list of sources.                          Q     When do I start receiving payments?                     so you should shop around for the rates and terms that
                                                                                                                             meet your needs.

                                                                      Your initial payment will be made on the first

Q                                                                                                                            Q
                                                                      payment date following thirty days after your
       How do I qualify for the program?                              Involuntary Separation. You must then send us, on             Is the Emergency Payment Plan transferable

A                                                                                                                            A
        You must be an active member of the U.S. Armed         a monthly basis, an affidavit certifying that you are still           if I sell my vehicle?
        Forces, on your second enlistment. If you’re a         unemployed. Emergency Leave payment will be forwarded                No. Payment ends if you sell or refinance during
        commissioned officer, you must have at least six       to you as soon as a copy of your orders is received.                 the coverage period.
years of service. You must be identified on the vehicle loan
                                                               Q     Who receives the payments?
                                                                                                                                    The program stipulates “Involuntary

   You must have received an Involuntary Separation                                                                                 Separation” as a condition. What does that

                                                                      In the case of Involuntary Separation, each car
from your branch of service due to a reduction in forces              payment will be mailed in the form of a check                 mean?
or rejected re-enlistment. Your separation can not be due             made payable to your finance institution. If you are           An Involuntary Separation is when your military
to violation of any military regulation, code or rule of       claiming benefits under Emergency Leave orders, a check       employment is terminated without cause, when your
conduct. Separation can not be due to retirement, and you      will be made out and mailed to you directly.                  re-enlistment is not accepted, and when your separation
must not have received any incentive benefit to leave the                                                                    is not accompanied by a financial separation incentive.

                                                                      Do I have to pay back the money paid out to me?

   In the case of Emergency Leave, you must have official

                                                                      No, as long as you comply fully with the terms and           Do I have to pay tax on this benefit?
orders granting you leave.

Q                                                                                                                            A
                                                                      conditions of the program.                                   The payments under this program may have
       How do I sign up?                                                                                                           income tax consequences for you. You should

A      You are automatically entitled to this protection
                                                                      My spouse and I both work. Do we qualify if
                                                                      only one of us is separated?
                                                                                                                                   consult your tax advisor.

                                                               A                                                             Q
       when you finance your car through a qualified
                                                                      Yes. If you are both named on the finance                     What happens when I go back to work?
source during the program period.

                                                                      contract, and you are both on active military duty,           You must notify us within 24 hours and in writing

Q      What does the program cost me?                          you qualify for an equal share of the Emergency Payment              to be received within 5 days. Details and approved
                                                               Plan benefits.                                                       forms are included in your Claims Kit.

       Absolutely nothing. The Emergency Payment Plan

       is included with your purchase when you finance
                                                                     Can I be protected on more than one vehicle?            For a complete description of this program, please refer
       your vehicle through a participating institution.

                                                                     Yes, you are protected on each vehicle financed         to the official guidelines available from any Exchange
                                                                     through a qualified source during the program           New Car Sales representative. This is a limited time offer
                                                                     period.                                                 and may be withdrawn at any time.

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