Tender Notice PI II by FZQcnuZ


									                                                    GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB,
                                                       HEALTH DEPARTMENT

                                 SHORT TENDER NOTICE
Government of Punjab, Health Department invites sealed bids from the firms having established
credentials in terms of Technical, Financial and Managerial capabilities for the medical equipment as
per details given below during current financial year (2010-2011) on free delivery to Consignee’s end/
Lahore basis.

     S#    Tender       Name of item                      Mode of         Quantity       Delivery
            No.                                          Purchase                         Point
      1.                Central Sterilization Supply                   One Complete       Mayo
           SO (P-III)                                    CIF Basis
                        System (CSSD)                                      Set           Hospital,
      2.                HVAC System Water Cooled                             -do-          -do-
           SO (P-III)                                    FOR Basis
                        Package A/C Units plus DX-
           2-16/2010    Coild Based Air Handling Sytem

2.        Interested bidders may get the bidding documents at the address mentioned below by
submitting written application and a copy of NIC along with payment of non-refundable fee of
Rs.1,000/- (one thousand only) for each tender. Bidding documents and specifications shall be
issued from 03.12.2010 up to 18.12.2010.
3.          As per provision under the procurement Rules, there is no condition of Bid Security, Pre-
qualification, Registration, Approved Panel/ Brands for bidding.
4.        Single Stage – Two Envelope bidding procedure as per rule 36 (b) of PPRA 2009 shall be
applied for this tender enquiry. The bid shall comprise a single package contianing two separate
envelopes. Each envelope shall contain separately the financial proposal and the technical proposal.
The envelopes shall be marked as “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” in
bold and legible letters to avoid confusion.
5.        Sealed bids are required to be brought in person by the authorized representative of the
interested bidders on or before 18.12.2010 before 11: 00 AM positively in the Health Department.
The bids received till the stipulated date & time shall be opened on the same day at 11:30 AM in the
presence of the bidders or their authorized representatives.
6.      The advertisement may be seen on the website of Punjab Health Sector Reforms
Programme i.e. www.phsrp.punjab.gov.pk and http://ppra.punjab.gov.pk
7.        The bidders are required to submit the company profile including Technical, Engineering,
Managerial capabilities, after-sales services, Past Experience/ Performance along with their
Technical Bid and other information as per tender document.
8.         The bidders are required to quote their rates inclusive of all expenditure.
9.         The Procuring Agency however, reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all bids with
or without assigning any reason.
10.        Procurements shall be governed by the Punjab Procurement Rules 2009.

                                                   (DR. MUHAMMAD ATIF SALYANA)
                                                       SECTION OFFICER (P-III)
                                                             Tel: 042-99210289

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