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									                                    IBM Laptop Battery Restore

     This article we will introduce how to use the IBM’s Battery MaxiMiser software to restore
the IBM Laptop Battery capacity.

     I think many users’ IBM Laptop Battery’s capacity will have a big distance compare with the
actual capacity when using a period of time. In the IBM’s Battery MaxiMiser software, the
battery’s status divided into Red, Yellow and Green three kinds, Green means normal, Yellow and
Red meas it has a big distance compare with the actual capacity, the laptop battery are not in a
health status, if your IBM Laptop Battery is in red status, then your battery’s life is coming to end,
Yellow relatively better.

     In fact, the Battery MaxiMiser software contained by the IBM Laptop Battery
have the option of notebook battery restore, but less people use it, even did not use it one time,
This recovery can restore your battery a certain of capacity, make your laptop battery health status
has a certain of restore, that is make the distance between your laptop battery’s capacity and the
actual capacity becomer less. This restore have a apparent action to the battery that are in yellow
and red status, but it will not have big effect to the battery that are in green status.

    Please be attention to the following when restoring the IBM Laptop Battery
    1. you must use the battery power until it has only 3% battery, and then plug in the AC
power to start charging.
    2. Use the mouse click the battery icon on the taskbar, select Battery Information.
    3. And then click the battery health button under the battery time.
    4. At this point you can see the battery health status, select Improve Battery health button.
    5. Finally select the Battery Reconditioning new button, point to determine

    This time you will see a sign of a battery cycle near the battery charger display of AC
power logo on the taskbar. Then restore the IBM Laptop Battery capacity begins, sometimes the
computer will discharge itself after the laptop battery is full charged to restore during the storing
of IBM Laptop Battery, until the cycle icon disappera, so it suggested do not turn off the
automatically restore during this process.

     It is mentioned in the description of the software that if you frequently use the battery, you
need restore the IBM Laptop Battery three times a month. It is most obvious to the battery that in
the red status, it can enhance the existing capacity of the battery to 1-3 times.

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