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The for SCE Federal Credit Union News Better Rate _ Smaller


									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Spring 2012
    The                                                     for SCE Federal Credit Union News

                                                                                                                                                                 Special edition for our new members from Sonepco

                                                                                                                        SCE FCU

                                      Same Car...
                                                                                                                        Better Rate & Smaller Payment

            More than ever, every single penny counts. That’s why now is a great time to bring over your existing auto
            loan from another institution and get a guaranteed better rate AND lower payment from SCE FCU!
            We have great rates, flexible terms and fine print that’s actually fair. Plus, our loans have no pre-payment
            penalties. So if you want to pay more when you’re able to, you have that option.
            It’s quick, easy, and free to apply by phone at 800.866.6474, at any SCE FCU branch, or online at
            Hurry – this offer ends May 31st.
            Lower rate & payment guaranteed or we’ll give you $50!
Offer valid through 5.31.2012, open to SCE FCU members and is not valid on existing SCE FCU or Sonepco FCU auto loans. Subject to credit qualifications and vehicle value requirements. Current rate verification required. Borrower(s) and vehicle must qualify to be eligible
for $50 offer. $50 will be deposited into your SCE FCU account within 1 mont of final loan decision. All SCE FCU auto loans are open-ended, with flexible repayment periods.
                                                                           SySTEM CONVErSION –
                                                                                                                                                                        It 's tIme to be a                                                                                                                                                      get your
                                                                                                                                                                        savIngs superhero!
                                                                                        Important Dates & Hours of Operation
                                                                           Week of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cape and
                                                                                        • If you currently have a Sonepco ATM or debit card, you’ll receive
                                                                           April 15th      a new card from SCE FCU the week of April 15th. Your new PIN

                                                                                           will also be mailed to you that week, but will be mailed separately.
                                                                                           If you’d like to personalize your PIN, you may at any time after                 Kids have the power to protect the future by becoming super savers.
                                                                                           receiving your card, by visiting any SCE FCU branch ― in Nevada
                                                                                                                                                                            SCE FCU is helping youth sharpen their saving super powers by giving them
                                                                                           or California. Please read the conversion guide for more information.
                                                                                        • You may activate your new card as soon as you receive it, but it may              chances to save and win during April – specially designated as Youth Month!
                                                                                           not be used until May 1st. Activating your SCE FCU card early will               By making saving fun, SCE FCU shows kids and teens how to utilize their own
                                                                                           not deactivate your Sonepco card. Do not destroy your Sonepco card               strengths and Credit Union resources to meet financial goals.
                                                                                           before May 1st.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              enter our savings superhero raffle
                                                                                        •	 Sonepco cards will not be functional as of May 1st, so be sure to

The System is Converting ― What This Means to You...                                       activate your new card from SCE FCU by then.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Contest and you could win up to $250!1
                                                                                                                                                                   3     In
                                                                                                                                                                    to W
We welcomed Sonepco FCU members into the SCE FCU family on
January 1st. However, your information remained on a different             Wednesday • You may not schedule or make payments through eBill after April
                                                                           April 25th  25th, including previously scheduled or recurring payments. You

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Zoom                                                                             Wham                                                                                      bam
processing system. For the last several months, we’ve been                                may want to schedule payments early or pay them through another
preparing for all member information to be combined into one                              method ― such as through the vendor’s website or by mailing a
system. Beginning May 1st, information will be combined, allowing                         payment. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
you to utilize the full range of SCE FCU products, services, systems                      Please read the conversion guide for more information.                                 Deposit money from your piggy                                                        Don’t have an account yet?                                                         Get creative and make your own
and conveniences.                                                                                                                                                             bank, allowance or birthday into your                                               No worries... stop in with your parent/                                              Savings Superhero costume! Show us
                                                                           Friday       • Shared branch access, eTeller and Touch Tone Teller will be                         SCE FCU Youth Savings or Youth Super                                                guardian and open one. You’ll get two                                                your costume in person at a branch,
Our top goal is to make sure the transition is as smooth                   April 27th     available until 6pm.
and seamless as possible for you. While there may be a few                                                                                                                    Saver account, and get one entry for                                                 additional entries just for opening                                                  or with a photo, and you’ll get two
inconveniences, we hope you’ll agree the benefits far outweigh                          • Since your information will be moving to a new system, your banking                          every $20 you save.1                                                                your new account!                                                                         entries.2
                                                                                          history prior to May 1st, will not appear when you log in to the
any extra steps you may have to take initially. For instance, account                     SCE FCU online banking system. We strongly recommend you print
numbers for most members will be changing. If your account                                out any statements, check copies and bill payment information you
currently has:                                                                            think you may need after May 1st. This should be done by 6pm on

                                                                                          April 27th.
  •   6 or 7 digits, there is no change                                                 • Your Sonepco debit or ATM cards will be available for use until                   but wait! every superhero needs a gadget...
  •   5 digits, add “2” to the beginning (example: 99999 becomes 299999)                  11:59pm on April 30th. Beginning May 1st, you must use your new card                  When you visit one of our branches to make a deposit, open your account, or to show off your Savings Superhero
  •   4 digits, add “20” to the beginning (example: 9999 becomes 209999)                  from SCE FCU.                                                                         costume, you can choose a prize from our box of superhero gadgets!
  •   3 digits, add “200” to the beginning (example: 999 becomes 200999)
  •   2 digits, add “2000” to the beginning (example: 99 becomes 200099)
                                                                           Saturday     • Shared branching, eTeller and Touch Tone Teller will not be
                                                                                                                                                                            Check out our raffle prizes!
                                                                           & Sunday                                                                                          Grand Prize - $250 • 2nd Prize - $100 (2 winners) • 3rd Prize - $50 (2 winners)
  •   1 digit, add “20000” to the beginning (example: 9 becomes 200009)    April 28th   • Your Sonepco debit or ATM cards will be available for use until
  •   If your number had a dash at the end, followed by digits,            & 29th         11:59pm on April 30th. Beginning May 1st, you must use your new card               Finalists – 4-pack of movie tickets (4 winners) • Bonus Prize – $100 through a national contest!
      anything after the dash will no longer appear.                                      from SCE FCU.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. 1Raffle contest is open to individuals ages 0-17 years. Net deposits only; no raffle entries will be given for funds deposited and withdrawn within the month.
You likely have other questions, such as how you’ll access home            Monday       • All SCE FCU branches in Nevada will be closed, to allow for a                                                                                        Max 25 raffle entries. 2Costume photos will be displayed in the branch, on our Facebook page and on our website. Visit for Official Rules and photo submission instructions.
banking, automated voice response, bill pay, etc. Or whether or            April 30th     smooth transition of information between systems. While the
not you’ll be receiving new ATM /debit cards or new Visa credit                           SCE FCU branches in California will be open, your account
cards. (The answer is yes.) Or if you can continue using your existing                    information will not be available until the following morning. We
check supply. (The answer is yes.) To find out detailed answers                           apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
to these questions, along with a variety of other information,
we’ve created a conversion guide to make sure the transition is
                                                                                        • Shared branching, eTeller and Touch Tone Teller will not be
                                                                                          available.                                                                             Nevada branches will be closed:                                                                                                                           Follow us on Facebook!
as smooth as possible. The conversion guide will be mailed to all
member households at the beginning of April. In addition, we’ll be
                                                                                        • Your Sonepco debit or ATM cards will be available for use until                  System Conversion Day ― Monday, April 30th
communicating directly with members who utilize particular services
                                                                                          11:59pm on April 30th. Beginning May 1st, you must use your new card
                                                                                          from SCE FCU.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It’s your place for special offers,
or products, such as Visa Credit Cards, HSA accounts, bill payment,
etc., to provide information specific to them.                             Tuesday      • All branches will open for normal business hours.
                                                                                                                                                                                          All branches will be closed:                                                                                                                     sneak peeks at promos, financial
We’ll also have a Sonepco page on our website – dedicated to the
                                                                           May 1st      • Shared branching will be available at 8am. You may access your
                                                                                                                                                                                   Memorial Day ― Monday May 28                                                                             th
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           tips, job opportunities, special
questions and needs of our new members from Sonepco. It will                              account by referencing SCE FCU and your new account number.                           Independence Day ― Wednesday, July 4th
have an electronic version of the conversion guide – and as you                         • Online banking and automated voice response will be available at                                                                                                                                                                                 announcements and more.
submit additional questions, we’ll add to the guide’s content on                          8am through SCE FCU. eBill will be available at 8am through
our webpage. Visit the webpage at It’s                            SCE FCU’s Bill Payer, which can be found within CU@Home. Your
your place for the latest news and information regarding the system                       debit or ATM cards will be available at midnight through your new
conversion, and for other items that may be of special interest to
                                                                                          cards from SCE FCU. Please read the conversion guide for more
                                                                                          information.                                                             Please note...                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                        • The main phone number will change to 800.866.6474.                        The SCE FCU Board of Directors wants to ensure that, even though Sonepco
Please review the timeline included in this newsletter for important                                                                                                merged with SCE FCU, the specific needs of the Las Vegas members continue to
dates and special hours of operation. If you have any questions,           Week of      • If you currently have a Sonepco Visa Credit Card, you will receive        be met. To that end, an advisory committee was formed ― comprised of three
please call us at 800.866.6474. And always remember... We’re here          May 6th        a new card from SCE FCU the week of May 6th. Once you receive             people who served on the Sonepco Board. We do recommend that you call
for you!                                                                                  your new card, you may activate and use it beginning May 21st. Until      SCE FCU directly with any questions or issues you may have regarding your
                                                                                          that point, you should not dispose of your old card. Please read the      account. However, if you feel the staff has not properly responded to your
Sincerely yours,                                                                          conversion guide for more information.                                    questions, or if you simply want to discuss something, please feel free to
                                                                                                                                                                    contact any of the Advisory Committee members listed below:
                                                                           Monday       • Your Sonepco Visa Credit Card will no longer function. Your new
                                                                           May 21st       card from SCE FCU may now be activated and you may begin                  Chris Carter, Chairman                           Bill Neiles                                       Linda Holland
Dennis J. Huber                                                                           using it. Please securely dispose of your old card. Please read the                                           
President/CEO                                                                             conversion guide for more information.
                                                                                                                                                                    Please do not send sensitive member information to the Advisory Committee, as their email accounts do not provide a secure delivery channel.
Branch Hours
Locations &
                                                                               Savings & Loan Rates
                                                                               All share rates quoted below are Annual Percentage Yields as of March 30, 2012 and are subject to change without notice. Contact
  Corporate Office                                                             the Credit Union for additional information on applicable fees and terms, special promotions, and other accounts we offer.
  PO Box 8017, El Monte CA 91734 • 800.866.6474
                                                                               Checking & Saving
  Southern California                                                           Green Checking                                                 0.50%. Also available: Free Checking (non-dividend) & Youth Checking
    Irwindale                                                                   Prime Savings                                                  0.10% ($5 min. to open)
    12701 Schabarum Ave                                                         Super Saver                                                    0.25% ($5 min. to open)
    M T Th F: 8am to 6pm
    W: 9am to 6pm • Sa: 9am to 1pm                                              Youth Super Saver                                              0.25%
    Duarte                                                                      Holiday & Vacation Club Accounts                               0.30% ($10 min. to open)
    1175 Huntington Dr
    M T Th: 9am to 5pm • W: 10am to 5pm                                         Money Market1                                                  0.20% - 0.65%
    F: 9am to 6pm • Sa: 9am to 1pm
    Lynwood (Plaza Mexico)                                                      IRAs & Certificates2
    3200 Mulford Ave                                                            91 Days              0.25% - 0.50%                             18 Months              0.60% - 0.85%                              48 Months             1.35% - 1.59%
    M T Th: 9am to 5pm • W: 10am to 5pm                                         6 Months             0.35% - 0.60%                             24 Months              0.70% - 0.95%                              60 Months             1.75% - 1.99%
    F: 9am to 6pm • Sa: 9am to 1pm                                              12 Months            0.50% - 0.75%                             36 Months              0.90% - 1.15%

    975 N Haven Ave
    M T Th: 9am to 5pm • W: 10am to 5pm
    F: 9am to 6pm • Sa: 9am to 1pm
                                                                                 All loan rates quoted below are Annual Percentage Rates as of March 30, 2012 and are subject to change without notice. Rate
    Rosemead (GO) Edison employees only                                          and finance amount is based on member loan qualifications, and vehicle or property value as applicable.
    GO1, 1st Floor
    M T Th F: 9am to 5pm • W: 10am to 5pm                                       New & Used Auto Loans3                                        As low as 1.00% - 18.00% (Daily Periodic Rate 0.002740% - 0.049315%)
                                                                                                                                              Approximate terms from 1 - 8 years
    San Onofre (SONGS) Edison employees only
    D1A, Plant Side                                                             Classic Auto Loans3                                           As low as 1.50% - 18.00% (Daily Periodic Rate 0.004110% - 0.049315%)
                                                                                                                                              Approximate terms from 1 - 7 years
    M T W F: 7:30am to 3:30pm
    Th: 7:30am to 12pm; 1pm to 4pm by appointment                               New & Used RVs, Travel Trailers,                              As low as 3.25% - 18.00% (Daily Periodic Rate 0.008904% - 0.049315%)
                                                                                5th-Wheels, Motorcycles, Boats,                               Approximate terms from 2 - 12 years
                                                                                Personal Watercrafts & Off-Road
  Southern Nevada                                                               Recreational Vehicle Loans3
    Sahara (Las Vegas)
    6475 W Sahara Ave                                                           Personal Lines of Credit3                                     Adjustable rates from 12.50% - 18.00% (Daily Periodic Rate 0.034246% - 0.049315%)
    M: 10am to 5:30pm • T W: 9am to 5:30pm
    Th F: 9am to 6pm                                                            Visa Platinum4                                                10.00% - 18.00% variable. This APR will vary based on the Prime Rate.
    Drive Up Window - M T W 7:30am to 5:30pm
    Th F 7:30am to 6pm                                                          Visa Platinum Rewards No annual fee
                                                                                                                                              11.00% - 18.00% variable. This APR will vary based on the Prime Rate.
                                                                                Includes points program toward travel and gifts
    1450 Horizon Ridge Pkwy #C102
                                                                                Home Equity Loans3,5                                          Fixed rates from 5.50% - 10.50%
    M - F: 9am to 5:30pm
                                                                                Home Equity Lines of Credit              5
                                                                                                                                              Adjustable rates as low as 4.00%
    Southwest (Las Vegas)
    7155 S Lindel Rd #150                                                       Home Equity Split Second                                      Set up part at a fixed rate and part as an adjustable-rate line of credit
    M - F: 6am to 3pm
                                                                                First Trust Deed Loans6                                       Buy or refinance your home with a fixed or variable rate loan program. Choose
    Ryan (North Las Vegas)                                                                                                                    from a variety of rates, terms and fee structures. Call us or visit our website for
    2215 E Lone Mountain Rd #100                                                                                                              more information.
    M - F: 6am to 3pm

Holiday Closings                                                               Business Solutions
  Memorial Day – May 28th                                                        We offer a full suite of business products and services including several checking options, money market, certificates, loans, lines
  Independence Day – July 4th                                                    of credit and Visa cards, and merchant services. We are an approved SBA Lender.

CU Stats as of February 29, 2012
  Members:                     45,201                                          1
                                                                                 Dividends are calculated on the Daily Balance Method for all accounts. Rate will change if you move in or out of a deposit tier. 2$1,000 minimum balance to open. Penalty for
                                                                               early withdrawal may be imposed. Dividends compound monthly for all terms except the 91-day term, which compounds at maturity. The Annual Percentage Yield is based on
  Assets:                      $567,486,950                                    the assumption that the minimum balance requirements will be met. Highest yields shown reflect higher total deposit balances. 3All loan rates quoted are annual percentage rates
                                                                               and require electronic repayment. 4We add between 6.75% to 14.75% to the Prime Rate to determine the APR, and electronic repayment discounts do not apply, 5Prime Rate
  Serving members since 1952                                                   of 3.25% as of 3.23.11 plus a margin that ranges from 0%-5% Prime Rate plus applicable margin and loan to value equals the rate. Floor rates range from 4%-8% Processing
                                                                               fees may be discounted with a minimum initial advance of $10,000. If loan is paid and closed within 24 months, waived fees will be reinstated. Lifetime cap is 6% above the
                                                                               fully indexed rate. Rate changes occur semi-annually with an annual cap of 2%. Rate and terms are subject to change without notice. Property must be in California. Borrower
                                                                               of non-owner occupied property loans pay all fees. Standard processing fees can range from $100-$1,200 based on transaction type and amount. Subordination fee is $125.
                                                                               Demand fee is $35. Annual Fee of $50 if balance is less than $10,000 on June 30 of each year. Mutual Rate modification Fee is 1% of limit. Sample payment on a $50,000 fixed
                                                                               rate Home Equity Loan for 20 years at 5.50% APR would be $345 per month. Minimum payment on Home Equity Line of Credit is 1% of the balance on loans at 11% or less or
                                                                               1.25% of balance on loans above 11%-15%. Jumbo Equity Loans above $250,000 available at special rates. Call us for details. A full appraisal may be required at the borrower’s
                                                                               expense. 6Electronic repayment discounts do not apply. Mortgage loans may not currently be available in Nevada.

                                                                               We may report information about your account to credit bureaus. Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account will be reflected in your credit report.

                                                                               In the event of a disaster, if you’re unable to reach us by phone, visit our website at for information on how to
                               We do business in accordance with the Federal
                               Fair Housing Law and the Federal Credit         access your accounts. Rest assured, we have plans in place to allow us to continue to serve you.
               EQUAL HOUSING
               LENDER          Opportunity Act. Federally insured by NCUA.

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