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					                                         The International Office & Student
                                         Service Faculty of Medicine Universitas
                                         Gadjah Mada, so called IOSS, has been
                                         established     since    January     2010 1. To support Faculty of Medicine
                                         dedicated to facilitating non-academic       Universitas Gadjah Mada to be a
                                         activities related with the international    world class faculty.
                                         undergraduate programs. Recently,
                                         IOSS that located at the International 2. To develop and facilitate the
International Office and Student Service Building ‘Grha Wiyata’ is the arm of
                                                                                      international collaboration programs
                                         faculty in supporting non-academic           in various ways as part of the
                                         activities and facilitating international
                                                                                      educational global health
                                         collaboration in educational activities,
                                         research, and community service.

                                                  It is in line with the vision of faculty to
                                                  be an internationally respected faculty
                                                  of health and medicine inspired by
                                                  Pancasila, the 5-point ideology of
                                                                                                CORE VALUES

Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada
                                                  IOSS will be an effective task force to
   1st Floor Grha Wiyata International Building
                                                  support and facilitate Faculty of
       Jl. Farmako Sekip 55281 Yogyakarta
                                                  Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada in
               +62 274 560300 #718
                                                  the field of international collaboration in
                 +62 274 631042
                                                  educational activities, research and
                                                  community service.
                                            Quick steps of immigration process
1. Immigration service                      for staffs (incoming):
  In collaboration with the Office of
  International Affairs (KUI) Universitas
  Gadjah Mada, IOSS assists students
  as well as staffs for both incoming
  and outgoing programs in regard to
  the immigration process. It covers
  permit and its extension of visit;
  temporary stay; study; lecture;
  research, including exit/multiple re-     Quick steps of immigration process                   Quick steps of immigration process
  entry permit and exit permit only.        for students (outgoing):                             for students (incoming):
  IOSS also provide a sponsorship letter
                                            Mahasiswa    Mengajukan Surat Izin Kepada Dekan
  for visa arrangement.                                  (Tembusan ke WD Akademik & WD
                                                         KAUK) diketahui oleh DPA

  Please click
                                                         Surat Permohonan Dana (Jika
  for further detail of all needed                       meminta bantuan dana fakultas &
  documents as well as requirements.                     memenuhi syarat)

  Quick steps of immigration process                     dikumpulkan Ke Seksi Akademik &
  for staffs (outgoing):                                 Kemahasiswaan FK UGM (IOSS
                                                         memfasilitasi mahasiswa internasional
                                                         dengan penyediaan form aplikasi dan
                                                         kompilasi      untuk      selanjutnya
                                                         diserahkan ke Seksi Akad &

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