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Nursing Workload_Staffing Report


									Nursing Workload/Staffing

     Guidelines For
 • Tool developed by Union/Management
   to facilitate discussion and promote a
   problem solving approach.
 • These tools are cost shared by both
 • To identify areas of staffing concerns.
 • Retrospective look.
Filling in the Form
• At the time the workload issue occurs, discuss
    the matter with the Team Manager/NRC to
    develop strategies to meet client care needs
    using current resources.
•   If necessary, using established lines of
    communication, seek immediate assistance
    from an individual identified by the Employer
    e.g. Team manager/NRC who has
    responsibility for timely resolution of workload
• The management decision may include:

  – Calling additional appropriate staff to meet
    the needs of the clients.

  – In the event additional staff are not available
    a decision to reassign clients may be needed.
    It is necessary to locate a Team Manager for
1. When and where the situation
• Tell us the time of the situation
 being as specific as possible, as
 well as how long the situation

• Allows union/management to track
 trends (reoccurring patterns)
   2. Details of the

• Tell us what was
 happening from
 your perspective
3. Client Care and other
Contributing Factors to
the Situation

• Complete as indicated using a check
4. Working Conditions

• Complete as indicated. Try to provide as
 much detail as possible so that we can
 “see” what the situation was at the time.
5. Remedy

• This section is utilized to retrospectively
  review if the additional resources helped
  to alleviate the situation.

• This is to be completed even when it is a
  “good thing”. A positive reflection.
6. Recommendations

• This is a subjective view, based on the
7. Signatures.

• Self explanatory. This section is for MNU
  members to sign, only.
• Please do not get members from other
  collective bargaining units to sign.
8. Is This Issue Being Referred to
NAC at this time?
• All workload forms will be trended for
  discussion at the local NAC meetings.
• If issue remains unresolved, from the
  perspective of the nurse (s), it may be
  referred to an Independent Assessment
  Committee (IAC)
9. Response
• This area needs to be used in a
  constructive manner.
• Management should not personalize the

  i.e.. As a result of a bad day from the
 nurses perspective, this does not reflect
 on management’s supervisory skills.
Completion of the form

The nurse (s) file NWSR with their Team
  Manager who then forwards the
  completed form to:
 Anita Moore’s office for PUBLIC HEALTH
 Debra Vanance’s office for HOME

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