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					             FINANCIAL AID
                   AWARD GUIDE

Humboldt State University
                    HOW TO GET YOUR MONEY                    1               QUICK REFERENCE
                    ACCEPTING YOUR AWARD                      2

                    UNDERSTANDING YOUR AWARD                  3

                    DISBURSEMENT INFORMATION                  4

                    CHANGES TO YOUR AWARD                    5
                                                                                Financial Aid Office
                    TYPES OF AID                                       Hours:       8:00 am to 5:00 pm
                        GRANTS                             6                        Monday through Friday
                    LOANS                                7-10
                        SCHOLARSHIPS                       10          Location: Student & Business
                        WORK STUDY                         11                    Services Building, 2nd floor
                        MISCELLANEOUS                      12
                                                                       Phone:       707-826-4321
                        GRADUATE AID                       13          Toll Free:   866-255-1390
                                                                       FAX:         707-826-5360
                    SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC
                    PROGRESS                           14-15           Website:

                                                                       Mailing Address:
                    RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES 16-17                           Humboldt State University
                                                                              Financial Aid Office
                    COST OF ATTENDANCE                  13,18                 1 Harpst St.
                                                                              Arcata, CA, 95521
                    FREEZE DATE INFORMATION                  19

                    RETURN OF TITLE IV AID                   20
                                                                  ADDITIONAL PHONE NUMBERS:
                    INDEX                                    21
                                                                  Admissions                    707-826-4402
                                                                  Academic Information &
                                                                     Referral (AIR Center)      707-826-4101
                                                                  Bookstore                     707-826-3741
          ADDITIONAL AGENCIES                                     Career Center/Student
                                                                  Employment                    707-826-3341
          Americorps                          800-922-2677        Counseling Center             707-826-3236
          California Student Aid Commission   916-526-7590        EOP/Support Service           707-826-4781
             (CSAC)        (toll free)        888-224-7268        Housing & Dining Services     707-826-3451
          Direct Loan Servicing Center        800-848-0979        Research & Graduate Studies   707-826-3949
          Duplicate SAR Requests              319-337-5665        Student Disability Resource
          Federal FAFSA Processors            800-433-3243           Center                     707-826-4678
          Humboldt County Dept of Social                          Student Financial Services    707-826-6789
             Services (Food Stamps/MediCal)   707-445-6103        Student Health Center         707-826-3146
          Selective Service Administration    847-688-6888        Veterans Affairs              707-826-4971
          Veterans Affairs Regional Office    800-827-1000

2                                                                        HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                             YOUR AWARD NOTIFICATION
Review your award carefully, especially loan information.      You must report all outside resources, such as vet-
You may accept all, part, or none of this award online.        erans’ benefits, scholarships, fee waivers, alternative
You can cancel unreceived aid or repay aid during the          loans or athletic awards, to the Financial Aid Office in
term received. You do not have to be officially admitted       writing.
to accept your aid, but you must be officially admitted
to receive funds.                                              If you are expecting or requesting a revision or attending

                                                                                                                              HOW TO GET YOUR MONEY
                                                               Spring only, you must still accept aid by the original
Although you may have indicated part-time attendance           deadline date. Students who are not enrolled fall,
on your FAFSA, your aid will be packaged at full-time,         but plan to enroll for the spring semester, will have
full-year. It is your responsibility to notify the Financial   their aid cancelled unless they notify the Financial Aid
Aid Office if you will not be attending full-time for the      Office of their plans.
full academic year.
                                                               BIA Grants and non-HSU Scholarships are added to your
Accept your award online prior to the deadline by              program when we become aware of them and credited
viewing your account at              to your account after the funds have been received in
webward.shtml. (Detailed instructions are located on           the Financial Aid Office.
page 2 of this booklet, as well as online.) If you do
not accept your aid by the deadline, your aid will be          Submit any additional documents requested; outstanding
cancelled and may not be available for reinstatement.          documents or requirements prevent disbursement of
                                                               aid. Keep a copy of anything you mail to the Financial
If changes to your award are made, you will be notified        Aid Office, including any mailing receipts. If you are
via email. You may then check your account online.             applying for spring and/or summer semesters only, you
Once your initial award letter is sent to you via regular      must still submit documents by the original document
mail, most follow up messages, changes, or revisions will      request deadline; do not wait.
be sent to you via email. Keep your HSU preferred email
address updated on the Web Information System.                 Off Campus Programs: Enrollment in a program of
                                                               study abroad that is approved for credit by HSU may be
If you accept a Perkins Loan, you must also return the         considered enrollment for determining federal student
Borrower Fact Sheet (38B) and Perkins Loan Program             aid eligibility. If planning to participate in an off-campus
Information Review (38C) to complete your acceptance.          program (i.e. Visitor, International Program, etc.), you
Perkins funds will not disburse until forms are received.      must schedule an appointment with our Off-Campus
                                                               Programs Advisor, well in advance of your departure.

                               HOW TO PAY YOUR FEES
                                                                               By HSU Student Financial Ser-
       Cash, Check, money order, or                                        vices confirmation of your accepted
       online with your MasterCard/
           Discover/AmEx Card
                                                         OR                 financial aid by fee payment dead-                                          line (excluding Work Study)
                                                                                        **see below

       You may review your latest award online at

  **If your registration fees are being deducted from your aid, and for ANY REASON this aid is not available within
 two weeks after the first day of instruction, you MUST pay your registration fees from other sources.

 If your aid amount (excluding Work Study) is not enough for full payment of fees, you must pay the
 balance of fees by the due date on your bill. If you cannot pay this amount, contact the Financial Aid
 Office for other options.

 fees are waived, or paid by other sources (i.e., Voc          NON-RESIDENT TUITION: If your award notification
 Rehab, Veterans, other agencies), you must notify             is based on non-resident costs, and you are enrolled in
 (in writing) the Financial Aid Office, and submit the         less than 12 units, OR you have been reclassified as a
 agency authorization to Student Financial Services.           California resident for tuition purposes, report this to the
 This fee coverage cannot replace the expected family          Financial Aid Office. If you are a non-resident, you may
 contribution. (Also see information about Cal Grants          be eligible for grant aid from your home state.
 in “Types of Aid” and Cal-Vets in “Miscellaneous

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                                                   1
                                        ACCEPTING YOUR AWARD ONLINE
                       To Accept Your Financial Aid Award On The Web:

                       Log on to your record on the Financial Aid Office website:

                            1. Click on “Check My Aid”
                            2. Click on “Log in” and use your HSU ID# (or SSN) and HSU PIN
                            3. Click on “Financial Aid.” From here you can access your financial aid award.

                       Step A. Check your status. Click on “My Overall Status of Financial Aid” and select the correct
                       aid year. If you have been selected for verification, you will not yet have an award. The following
                       messages may appear:

                            “You have unsatisfied student requirements for this aid year.”
                            Click on “student requirements” to pull up the documents screen. Some required documents will be
                            highlighted in blue. You can click on those documents and a printable, Adobe Acrobat version of
                            that document will display. Print it, fill it out completely, sign it if necessary, and mail it or fax it to the
                            financial aid office before the listed deadline.

                            “Holds may have been placed” on your record which will prevent disbursement and may prevent
                            application processing. If this message appears, click on “Holds” to review.

                            “You have active messages.”
                            Click on “Messages” to review.

                       Step B. To proceed to the award screen - Click on “Financial Aid” on the navigation bar at the top of the
                       screen to return to the main Financial Aid Menu.

                            1. Click on “My Award Information”
                            2. Click on “Accept Award Offer by Aid Year”
                            3. Accept or Decline your awards here. You may accept a partial loan, if you wish. See pages
                            7-10 for detailed information about loans. If you plan to attend less than a full academic year, or
                            less than full time, accept the full award and notify the Financial Aid Office of your plan. We will
                            notify you when changes have been made.
                            4. Once you have accepted or declined your award from this page, all changes must be submitted
                            to the Financial Aid Office in writing: via email or by printing and sending in a “Change Form.”
                            5. Declined aid may not be available for reinstatement later.

                               Note: Forms, documents, and booklets are located at:

                                           CAUTION: Any aid not accepted by the posted
                                              acceptance deadline will be cancelled.

                       Step C. Check the Financial Aid Menu frequently for messages, new requirements, holds and

                            1. Most correspondence from the Financial Aid Office will be sent to you via email; keep your HSU
                            Preferred email address updated in the HSU Web Information System. Your mailing address must
                            also be current to receive your aid check and/or disbursement statement.
                            2. If additional documents are required, or new messages are placed on your account, these
                            messages will appear on the “My Overall Status of Financial Aid” screen.

2                                                                                            HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
I understand that to receive assistance from the Federal Title IV programs or Humboldt

                                                                                                             UNDERSTANDING YOUR AWARD
                                                                                                             UNDERSTANDING YOUR AWARD
                                                                                                             UNDERSTANDING YOUR AWARD
scholarships unless I comply with the statements below. The Federal Title IV programs are:
Federal Pell Grant (Pell), Federal Loan Programs (Stafford/PLUS/Direct Loans), Federal
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Work Study (FWS), and
Federal Perkins Loan (PL).

I am meeting the minimum enrollment require-            I agree to accept responsibility for repayment
ments and maintaining satisfactory academic             of any loans disbursed to me. I understand that
progress toward completion of the course of             if I receive a Perkins Loan and withdraw or
study I am pursuing, according to the standards         cease to be at least a half-time student, I must
and practices established by Humboldt State             report to Student Financial Services, 2nd floor,
University. Please refer to the Satisfactory            Student and Business Services Building (SBSB),
Academic Progress section of this guide.                and arrange for the terms of repayment. I will
                                                        check with the Financial Aid Office regarding
                                                        withdrawal/repayment policies for other federal
I understand that a financial aid award does not        student loans.
imply admission to the university. Aid will be
disbursed when admission status is cleared.
                                                        My actual eligiblity may differ from my original
                                                        award. My program of student (e.g. Bachelor’s,
My unofficial withdrawal, official withdrawal, or       Teaching Credential, Master’s, etc.), grade level,
failure to meet attendance requirements may             annual and aggregate federal loan limits, and
result in a billing for financial aid funds received,   other factors may require adjustments to my
which must be returned to the Student Financial         award.
Aid programs. This may also result in unpaid
University Fees and housing charges if I have           My financial aid is contingent upon continuation
signed a license for on-campus residence.               of the federal and state programs indicated on
Dropping units via the web is not an official           the most recent award notification. The University
withdrawal.                                             must receive all anticipated federal and state
                                                        allocations to meet our commitments of financial
                                                        assistance. The cost of attendance and the
I must promptly report in writing to the Financial      amounts of some aid programs, such as the State
Aid Office any changes or corrections to: my            University Grant, Cal Grant and Pell Grant, are
class level or unit enrollment; withdrawal; receipt     dependent upon fees determined after passage
of outside aid, scholarships or benefits; fee, book,    of the California state budget. Final amounts for
transportation, parking, or other expense cover-        financial aid might be different than shown
age from any outside agency. This information           on award letters prepared before state and
may result in a reduction of my award and/or            federal budgets are finalized.
require repayment of funds already received
during the 2006-2007 academic year. Scholar-
ships and outside resources cannot replace
the expected family contribution (EFC). Initial         If I fail to respond promptly to any
awards are for full time; inform us in writing if you   information request from the Finan-
are attending less than full time.                      cial Aid Office, I understand that my aid
                                                        may be reduced or cancelled.

If I (or my parents) submit false information, my
financial aid is subject to immediate cancellation,     I will meet my responsibilities as
and I may be required to repay any funds received       listed in the “Rights and Responsibili-
on the basis of such information.                       ties” section of this guide.

   Appointments are available with Financial Aid Counselors to discuss any aspect of your aid
   application, the eligibility determination process, or any other questions or concerns you
   may have regarding financial aid. Walk-in appointments are generally available, or you may
   schedule an appointment. Telephone appointments are also possible.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                                     3
                                                           WHAT IS DISBURSEMENT?
                           Disburse means to “pay out.” Disbursement refers to when your Financial Aid funds are released to your account.
                           When funds are finalized and ready to pay (all provisional admission requirements have been met), they are credited
                           to your student account (exceptions are Federal Work Study, non-HSU bank loans and certain non-HSU scholarships).
                           Current academic year charges for fees and on-campus room and board will automatically be paid by your financial
                           aid if all disbursement requirements have been met.

                           Other current charges at Humboldt for educationally related activities, such as library fines, course fees, past
                           due Short Term Loan obligations, as well as prior year charges of less than $100, may be withheld only with your
                           authorization. Any remaining amount will be disbursed to you as a “refund” check, and, with the exception of Perkins
                           funds (see below), mailed by Student Financial Services to your local mailing address on the university computer
                           system at the time of disbursement, and will not be forwarded by the U.S. Post Office.

                                      DO NOT CASH your financial aid refund check if you are not planning to
                                      attend or if you are planning to change your unit load. Return the check to
                                      Student Financial Services and contact the Financial Aid Office for further

                           Address: Financial Aid checks                                    Holds: (Such as for Satisfactory Academic Progress) will
                           are mailed to the current LOCAL                                  prevent disbursement.
                           address on the HSU system.
                           Checks will not be forwarded,                                    HSU Convenience Card: If you live in campus housing,
                           remailed, or mailed outside the                                  funds may be set aside for books and supplies at the
                           local area. If you are enrolled                                  Humboldt Bookstore. Each semester the University will first
                           at HSU, but are studying out of                                  apply your aid to your registration fees and other allowable
                           the area, you must make arrange-                                 charges. During the first two weeks of the semester, if funds
                           ments with the Financial Aid Office                              remain, up to $300 will be applied to your HSU Card. If your
                           to have your check mailed. All undeliverable checks returned     financial aid is cancelled or reduced, or if you withdraw from
                           by the Post Office will be available for a limited time for      the University, you may be legally obligated to repay any
                           pickup at Student Financial Services. Lost checks will           amount for which you are not entitled.
                           be cancelled and replaced after a limited waiting period.
                           Keep your address current via our Web Information System:        Late Registration: The initial disbursement for each
                  go to “WebReg.”                       semester may be affected by the date you registered. If
                                                                                            you register for classes during Fall HOP or late registration,
                           Admission: You may apply for financial aid prior to              disbursement and check mailing may be delayed until units
                           being admitted to the University, but the awarding process       can be verified and disbursement processes run.
                           cannot be completed until an application for admission is
                           received. Funds will not disburse until conditions for           Perkins Loan: If you have accepted a Perkins Loan, you
                           clear admission to the University have been satisfied.           will be required to sign a promissory note, or disbursement
                           Please check with the Office of Admissions if you have been      statement, at Student Financial Services, no earlier than
                           provisionally admitted.                                          the first day of the semester. At that time, you may pick
                                                                                            up your “refund” check. Your check may contain other
                           Authorization: If you are a new aid applicant, you must          financial aid, as well as the Perkins Loan funds, and will
                           complete the Student Authorization (form 38E), available on      not be mailed.
                           the web (see page 2). WIthout this form, your financial aid
                           will not disburse. When you sign this form, your authorization   Prior Debts: Minor allowable prior academic year debts
                           remains effective for subsequent disbursements as long           of less than $100 may be paid from current year funds.
                           as you are enrolled at Humboldt. You may cancel this             Larger debts, such as prior year housing charges which
                           authorization by notifying us in writing; however, manual        remain unpaid, cannot be satisfied with current academic
                           disbursement will delay receipt of your funds. If you are        year financial aid and will stop disbursement. You must
                           a Cal Grant B recipient, you may request that your access        pay all debts and charges remaining from a prior year if
                           funds (CGBS) be paid in a separate check, not subject to         they total $100 or more before any financial aid for the
                           crediting your account, as above. Manual preparation will        current year can be released.
                           delay payment.
                                                                                            Work Study: Federal Work Study is not listed as “Estimated
                           Funds Available: During the first two weeks of school,           Disbursements” on your award notification. See separate
                           aid may be disbursed and mailed several times per week.          sections in this booklet (p 11) for work study information.
                           During the balance of the semester, disbursements are
                           generally made weekly. You may check with our Intake staff
                           for questions regarding disbursement.

4                                                                                                     HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                          MORE DISBURSEMENT FACTS
Freeze Date Deadline: On a specific date announced each semester, the financial aid system will take
one FINAL reading of your units. Your unit status on that date will set your eligibility level for affected

                                                                                                                          CHANGES TO YOUR AWARD
programs for the entire semester. Pell Grant and Cal Grant B Access recipients who are not enrolled full-
time as of the freeze date may be required to pay back all or part of the Pell Grant and/or Cal Grant B
Access funds if received based upon full-time units.
The “freeze date” for State University Grant (SUG), Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B, is the Univerity census
date, because these grants are based upon the amount of your fees.

Direct Loans: One-semester loans now require two disbursements with equal amounts at the beginning
of the term and at the term’s mid-point. If the first disbursement of the loan happens after the term’s
mid-point, one disbursement for the semester is allowed. Federal law requires a 30-day delay after the
beginning of the loan period, before initial disbursement can be made for freshman students borrowing
for the first time under the Federal Direct Loan Program.

                                           DISBURSEMENT BULLETIN
 By 7/31/06 the 2006-2007 Financial Aid Office disbursement bulletin (40C) will be posted
 online. This document will contain very important information, and will be found on our website:

                        CHANGES TO YOUR AWARD
Additional Assistance: If you feel aspects of your            Revisions: Change requests are dependent on your
situation have been overlooked, please bring them             eligiblity and available resources. Change request forms
to our attention. Our Intake staff will be happy to           are available on our website. You will receive a response
assist you, walk-in appointments may be available,            to your request, generally within 4 weeks. Additional
or a limited number of scheduled appointments are             resources must also be reported to ensure compliance
available with Counselors. If you would like to make          with regulations regarding eligibility.
an appointment, please call the Financial Aid Office
(707) 826-4321, or toll free at (866) 255-1390. Out-          Summer Aid: Summer 2006 aid is part of the 2005-06
of-area students may arrange a phone appointment.             award year. Since it is a non-standard term, the
We accept faxed messages at (707) 826-5360 and                financial aid automated system will not completely
E-mail at: These messages                handle eligibility determination, fund awarding and
are treated as incoming mail; expect a response in            disbursement. Additional forms will be required.
4 to 6 weeks.                                                 Check our website or call for information about Summer
                                                              2006 in April of 2006. Summer 2007 is part of the
Changes to Application: Your dependency status                2006-07 award year.
must be updated if it changes at any time during the
award year, for reasons other than marriage or divorce.       Switches Between Federal Perkins Loan (PL) and
If you are asked to verify information reported on your       Federal Work Study (FWS): As long as funds remain
aid application, household size and number in college         available, you may be eligible to switch part of your
must be correct at the time of verification.                  PL to FWS or part of your FWS to PL. Consider
                                                              your decision carefully, as it might not be possible
Income Changes: It may be possible to have your               to reverse a program adjustment later in the year.
application analyzed using current year income if you         Submit your written request, including dollar amounts, to
have experienced major changes in your financial              the Financial Aid Office.
situation, such as: involuntary job loss, divorce,
death of a parent or spouse. This reanalysis requires         Units: Undergraduate unit loads are categorized as
further information and is considered after initial filing,   follows for most aid types: full time, 12 or more;
beginning in August. If you feel your situation warrants      three-quarter time, 9-11; half time, 6-8. Changes in
reanalysis, please contact this office.                       enrollment after disbursement may create a billing for
                                                              aid received. If you are enrolled in less than 12 units,
Less than 6 Units:         It may be possible to              you must request prior approval from the Financial
receive limited financial assistance for a program            Aid Office for your aid to be disbursed. Changes to
of less than half time. Submit a Change Form,                 established aid programs will result in delays.
available on our website.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                                               5
               Federal Pell Grants (Pell)
               By submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you have applied for a Pell Grant. You must
               be pursuing an undergraduate degree or initialteaching credential to receive funds. You are eligible for a Pell
               Grant for only those classes which are required for your first undergraduate degree or credential. (Eligibility
               for the Pell Grant is limited to one year in the credential program, and is not added to a student’s aid package
               until early fall.) If you have any questions, please make an appointment with a counselor. You will receive a
               Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal processor, which you should read carefully and check for accuracy.
               If you need to make corrections, follow the directions online or on the paper SAR and return the corrections to
               the processor. When you receive your corrected SAR, please review it for accuracy and notify the Financial
               Aid Office in writing of the changes you made.

                  State University Grant                              Federal Supplemental Educa-
                  (SUG)                                               tion Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
                  State University Grant (SUG) for California         Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
                  residents is for payment of state university        are awarded to a limited number of undergraduates
                  fees and is based on both the level                 who have Pell Grant eligibility.
                  of financial need and your Humboldt
                  registration fee charges, per term. If your
                  fees are covered or waived by another
                  agency, you are not eligible for a SUG.
                  Humboldt charges “part-time fees” for 6.0           Educational Opportunity
                  or less units, and “full fees” for 6.1 or more
                  units. Initial SUG awards are made at the
                                                                      Program Grants (EOPG)
                  full fee level. If you limit enrollment to 6.0      Eligible full time undergraduates who are admitted
                  or less units, your SUG must be reduced.            through the Educational Opportunity Program may
                  Notify us in writing immediately if taking          qualify for this state-funded grant.
                  6.0 or less units for any term.

                 State Aid                                               Perkins Loan
                 You must be classified as a California resi-            Perkins Loans are available, but funds are limited.
                 dent for tuition purposes to receive state              You will be notified if you are eligible. If awarded,
                 aid, such as SUG and Cal Grants.                        you will be required to sign a Promissory Note and
                                                                         will be notified when it is ready.

              Cal Grants
              Cal Grant A provides partial payment toward Humboldt registration fees. Cal Grant B provides access funds, and
              for renewal Cal B recipients partial fee coverage is also provided. We do not expect funding for the Cal Grant T
              program for 2006-2007 at this time. Cal Grant A or B may appear on your award notice as an estimate based on
              your previous receipt of that grant at Humboldt. If you have been withdrawn from the Cal Grant program for
              any reason, please inform us. New Cal Grant winners will receive an award notice from the California Student
              Aid Commission (CSAC). Present your California Aid Report (CAR) to us if you were awarded Cal Grant but it
              is not shown on your award notification. Renewal Cal Grant students transferring to Humboldt for 2006-2007
              should inform us by presenting their latest letter from CSAC, as well as notifying CSAC of the expected school
              change. New and renewal amounts are estimates only; final grant amounts will not be known until the state budget
              is approved. Receipt of Cal Grant fee coverage requires that we cancel or reduce any State University Grant award.
              If you are a Cal Grant B recipient, you may request that your access funds (CGBS) be paid in a separate check, not
              subject to crediting your account,as above. Manual preparation will delay payment.

              To review your Cal Grant information go to:

6                                                                                 HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
  Humboldt State University participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loan
  program (also known as the Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans, or simply Direct Loans).
  These loans are made by the U.S. Department of Education in a simple process by
  applying through the HSU Financial Aid Office.

  We DO NOT certify Federal Family Educational Loan Program Loans (FFEL or Federal
  Stafford Loan). The FFEL program is similar to the Direct Loan program in its terms and
  conditions but the lenders are banks, credit unions or private companies in partnership
  with guarantee agencies and the federal government.

  Students applying to more than one college should check with the colleges to determine
  which program is administered, Direct Loans or FFEL Loans. As stated above, in HSU’s
  case, we administer Direct Loans.

  APPLICATION PROCESS:                                          DISBURSEMENT:
  You are automatically considered for the Federal              (see page 4, Important Facts About Disbursement,
  Direct Student Loan programs by filling out the               for additional aid disbursement information)
  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
                                                                 Loan funds are paid through the school in two
  The Financial Aid Office will determine the maxi-             equal disbursements, once at the beginning of
  mum loan you are eligible for, based on your official         fall semester, and once at the beginning of spring
  grade level, eligibility analysis and federal aggre-          semester. A maximum 3 - 4% loan fee is sub-
  gate loan limits. You will receive an Award Notifica-         tracted from each disbursement and any outstand-
  tion listing your loan eligibility; follow instructions       ing University charges such as fees, tuition, and
  located in this booklet and online to accept in full,         room and board (for those in the residence halls)
  reduce or decline your loan offer.                            will be withheld. Any remaining funds are mailed
                                                                directly to the student or, for Parent PLUS loan-
  If you have accepted a loan, HSU will begin the
                                                                borowers, to the parent.
  initial loan certification process during the summer
  prior to fall attendance. Your loan cannot be final-
  ized until you have been officially admitted to the
  University. We cannot certify loans for provi-
  sionally admitted students. In addition, for trans-
  fer students, Direct Loans may not be certified until
  the Office of Admissions has received and posted
  all transfer units and your grade level is confirmed.

                                        ALTERNATIVE (OR PRIVATE) LOANS

    You may be able to borrow an educational loan through a bank or educational loan financing agency. These
    loans, along with other aid and education resources, can never be more than your total cost of attendance. Your
    eligibility for an alternative loan depends on many factors. A wide variety of loans are available, with many differ-
    ent costs, policies and procedures. We do not recommend alternative loans in most cases, as they do not have
    the beneficial aspects of the Direct Loan programs. There are times, however, when additional funding is needed
    due to loss of eligibility for other programs or educational expenses which cannot be met by our standard aid

    Financial Aid Office policy requires that you complete a questionnaire to insure understanding of the terms and
    conditions of the loan for which you are applying. Since there are many private loan companies with changing
    terms and conditions, this information is not known or provided by the Financial Aid Office; it is information that
    you must research and provide to demonstrate that you are aware of what the loan terms are. Counselors are
    available to discuss general information about alternative loans and options.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                             7
         LOAN ENTRANCE COUNSELING:                              MASTER PROMISSORY NOTES:
         Regulations require that you receive loan counsel-     Prior to receiving a loan disbursement you will
         ing prior to your first disbursement of HSU Direct     be asked to read and sign a Master Promissory
         Loan funds even though you may have borrowed           Note. A promissory note is a legal document
         and received entrance counseling at a prior insti-     signed by you, as the borrower, prior to disburse-
         tution. This counseling is intended to provide         ment of a loan that binds the borrower to the terms
         you with important information about your respon-      and conditions of the loan agreement. It con-
         sibilities and rights as a borrower and to ensure      tains information about interest rates, repayment
         that you are making a knowledgeable decision           terms and minimum repayment rates, deferment,
         to borrow. Your first disbursement cannot be           forbearance, cancellation, credit bureau reporting,
         released until the Financial Aid Office can con-       late charges, attorney fees, collection costs and
         firm that you have fulfilled the loan counseling       default. The Master Promissory Note, available
         requirement. The HSU Financial Aid website can         for both student Direct Loan and parent PLUS
         provide you with the information you need to fulfill   Loan borrowers, can be completed electronically
         this requirement.                                      through a link on our website or can be printed out
                                                                and mailed to you by the Financial Aid Office for
                                                                signature. A Master Promissory Note can cover
                                                                multiple Direct Loans over a maximum ten-year

                                                                period, which allows borrowers to obtain additional
                                                                loans without having to sign a new Note for each
                                                                academic year.


        Subsidized Federal Direct Loans                           Unsubsidized Federal Direct
        are available to students who demonstrate                 Loans are available to students regard-
        financial need. Borrowers are not charged                 less of financial need and are similar to the
        interest while they are enrolled in school                Subsidized Federal Direct Loan except that
        at least halftime and during grace and                    interest accrues from the time the loan is
        deferment periods. The amount you may                     disbursed. The amount you may borrow
        borrow is based on your academic year                     is based on your academic year budget,
        budget, your personal resources, your class               your class level and awarded student aid
        level and other awarded student aid and                   and educational resources. Although the
        educational resources. Repayment begins                   principal is payable on the same terms
        six months after the borrower drops below                 as the Subsidized Federal Direct Loan, it
        half-time enrollment.                                     is recommended that you begin payment
                                                                  on the accruing interest while you are still

        Federal Direct PLUS Loans
        allow parents to borrow on behalf of their
        dependent undergraduate children who are
        enrolled at least halftime. The amount they               Federal Direct Consolidation
        can borrow is based on their student’s aca-               Loans allow any borrower to combine
        demic year budget and other awarded stu-                  one or more federal education loans
        dent aid and educational resources. The                   into a single loan to facilitate repayment.
        Direct PLUS Loan requires a credit check*                 Because the repayment period can be
        and borrowers must begin repayment of                     longer, consolidation loans may be a way to
        both the principal and interest shortly after             reduce the borrower’s monthly payments;
        the loan is disbursed. The Direct PLUS                    however, the total interest repaid over the
        Loan Request Form may be downloaded at:                   life of the loan is usually higher.

        *For credit appeal overrides, endorser appli-
        cation questions and PLUS Loan borrower
        issues may be directed to Direct Loan                               Be an informed con-
        Applicant Services 1-800-557-7394 (TDD/                      sumer and a prudent borrower for
        TTY: 1-877-461-7010) or by Email to                           the sake of your financial future.

8                                                                      HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                               Yearly Maximum Loan Limit Information
                                 Dependent         Independent
                                 Student           Student

    Borrowers Academic           Total amount      Base Amount Additional Amnt Total Amount
    Level                        Subsidized &      Subsidized & Unsubsidized   Subsidized &
                                 Unsubsidized      Unsubsidized Only           Unsubsidized*

    Freshman                     $2,625            $2,625            $4,000             $6,625
    (Less than 30 units)

    Sophomore                    $3500             $3,500            $4,000             $7,500
    (30-59.9 units)

    Junior/Senior/Credential** $5,500              $5,500            $5,000             $10,500
    (60 or more units)

    Graduate/Professional        N/A               $8,500            $10,000            $18,500
     *Total loan available is based on HSU Cost of Attendance, other educational resources and
     aid awarded. Eligibility may be less than the federal annual loan maximums.
     **Credential students are enrolled in an undergraduate (not master’s) program and their
     loans are limited to undergraduate levels.

                                              Aggregate Limits
                                   Total amount Base Amount          Additional Amnt       Total Amount
                                   Subsidized & Subsidized &          Unsubsidized         Subsidized &
                                   Unsubsidized Unsubsidized               Only            Unsubsidized*
    Undergraduate                      $23,000             -                   -               $23,000

    Independent                           -            $23,000            $23,000              $46,000

    Graduate/Professional                 -            $65,000            $73,000             $138,000

    Federal direct PLUS LOan Annual Limits: The PLUS Program enables parents to borrow up
    to the difference between the student’s cost of education and any aid/educational resource
    received per year for each dependent child, with no aggregate loan limit.

                      It is important to remember that loans must be repaid!
   Prior to accepting any loan to cover school related expenses, you should consider the cost of the loan over its
   lifetime versus the advantages of borrowing to finance your education. For instance, Unsubsidized Direct Loans incur
   interest charges by the student from the time of disbursement, including the interest that accumulates during periods
   of deferment; the student may opt to pay the interest during periods of enrollment or deferment, but is not required
   to do so. Parent Direct PLUS Loan borrowers begin repayment within 60 days after all of the Direct PLUS Loan is
   disbursed for a school year.
   By budgeting carefully, working part time and maximizing your non-loan resources such as grants and scholarships, you
   should succeed in keeping your loan debt as low as possible.
            It pays to be an informed consumer and a prudent borrower now
                           for the sake of your financial future.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                         9
                                                                    LOAN REPAYMENT
                       At Humboldt State University, the average student debt incurred through federal student loan programs is about
                       $18,500 for exiting undergraduates and about $27,000 for exiting borrowers in graduate programs. The Financial
                       Aid Office monitors the aggregate loan amounts of HSU borrowers and may caution students when they have high
                       loan levels. There are charts available to help you estimate your monthly payments based on your aggregate
                       loan amount and your projected potential monthly earnings. Estimating your payments now can help you to set
                       your borrowing limit.

                       The Department of Education reports the making of Federal Direct Loans, their repayment and the failure to
                       repay to any credit bureau organization with which the Secretary of Education has an agreement. This will
                       affect your future ability to qualify for any loan, including credit cards, cars, houses, etc.

                       It is important that you stay in touch with the loan servicer(s). If you change your name, move, leave school,
                       transfer to another educational institution, or change your graduation date, inform your servicer right away. If your
                       records indicate that you are no longer enrolled, or if your servicer cannot reach you, your loan could go into
                       delinquency and/or default.

                       Once repayment starts, if any problems arise that affect your ability to repay, you must remember to contact
                       your loan servicer(s) immediately to discuss your situation to avoid jeopardizing your credit record. You may be
                       able to delay repayment or to arrange other payment options.

                                                                          Direct Loan Contacts
                               BORROWER SERVICES:
                               For questions about your loan,       Phone: 1-800-848-0979                      Correspondence:
                               address and name changes, esti-      TDD: 1-800-848-0983                        Direct Loan Servicing Center
                               mated repayment info, repayment      Web Site:           Borrower Services Department
                               plan changes, deferment and for-                                                PO Box 5609
                               bearance forms.                      Available Monday- Friday                   Greenville, TX 75403-5609
                                                                    From 5:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. PST               Payment Address:
                                                                                                               U.S. Department of Education
                                                                                                               Direct Loan Payment Center
                                                                                                               PO Box 530260
                                                                                                               Atlanta, GA 30353-0260

                               CONSOLIDATION DEPT:
                                                                    Phone: 1-800-557-7392                      Mailing Address:
                               For questions about Consolidation
                                                                    TDD: 1-800-557-7395                        U.S. Department of Education
                               Loans, Consolidation Loan appli-     Email:      Consolidation Department
                               cation requests, and Consolidation   WedSite:   Loan Consolidation Center
                               Loan application status                                                         PO Box 242800
                                                                                                               Louisville, KY 40224-2800

                           All applicants who file the FAFSA indicating Humboldt State University by March 2, 2006, will automatically be
                           considered for 2006-2007 scholarships administered by the Financial Aid Office. No separate application will
                           be necessary for these awards. Students are encouraged to pursue scholarship searches, to check with the
                           academic department and to pursue all other possible sources of scholarship funds.

                                                             visit our Scholarship Database:

                           Humboldt State University, a member of the California Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Division
                           II Athletic Conference, offers athletic grants-in-aid to selected athletes. Call the Humboldt State
                           University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at (707) 826-3666 for further information.

10                                                                                                      HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                                FEDERAL WORK STUDY
Federal Work Study (FWS) is a financial aid program that allows you to work on campus or in the community to
earn money to meet your educational costs. If you have been awarded Work Study, it will be indicated on your
Financial Aid Award Notification. FWS awards and the types of work available vary. Community Service Work
Study is a possibility for those who wish to perform service to the community while working. Community
service positions include reading tutors, child care providers, biological technicians and museum assistants. It
is often possible to work in a position related to your educational objectives. You can also check with the
department office within your major area. The HSU Library and University Center Dining Services employ
many students. For assistance with community work study placements or other work study questions, contact
the work study coordinator in the Career Center.

Note: If you were eligible for Federal Work Study, but were not awarded due to lack of funding, you
will be notified if funds become available.

                                                                                                                      WORK STUDY
        You must be enrolled in at least 6 units to earn Federal Work Study
                        (5 units for graduate students).

• Verification: When you apply for FWS jobs you           • Taxes: All work study is taxable income. W-2 forms
will need to verify that you have an award. You           will be issued to you. Be prepared to report the earnings
can do this by going to,         on your 2006 and 2007 tax forms.
“Check My Aid.”
                                                          • Time Vouchers: Time vouchers and instructions are
• Job Listings: FWS jobs, including both campus           available from your supervisor. If you are working
and community service positions, are listed on-line at    off campus, you can obtain time vouchers from the and in the Career Center,        Career Center. They should be completed as the
Nelson Hall West, Room 130. You must register             instructions on them indicate; incorrect or late forms
with the Career Center in order to view the on-line       may result in late payment. Time sheets should
listings. You apply for work study jobs as you would      be turned in at the end of each pay period as
a part-time position. Job descriptions and application    instructed by your supervisor.
instructions are included in the listings.
                                                          • Paycheck: Your monthly paycheck will be available
• Rate of Pay:      Hourly pay rates vary.   The          on the 15th of the following month at Student Financial
Career Center has information on Humboldt’s               Services (Student and Business Services 2nd floor).
Student Employee Personnel Policy.    Off-campus          You must present your HSU identification card with a
employers set their own pay rates based on                current registration sticker (if you lost this, you can
industry standards.                                       replace it through this office). If you work off campus
                                                          you will be paid directly by your employer according
• Payroll Sign Up: If you work on campus,                 to their payroll schedule.
you must complete and submit a Student Payroll
Action Request (SPAR) and an employment Eligibility       • Higher FWS Awards May Be Possible: If you feel
Verification (Form I-9) to the Human Resources            confident you can earn above your award amount, it
Office, Siemens Hall Room 211. These forms are            may be possible to have your balance increased (if you
available from your supervisor. You will need to          are eligible and if funds remain for the increase).
present your Social Security card and another form of     Submit your written request, including dollar amounts,
identification, usually a driver’s license, to complete   to the Financial Aid Office.
the sign up procedure. You should use a permanent
address so you can receive your W-2 forms on time.        • Funding Limitations: Due to funding limitations,
If you work off campus, you will complete payroll         it is possible that FWS awards may be reduced
forms with your employer. You must meet with the          for all students if there are not sufficient funds
Work Study Coordinator in the Career Center before        to cover projected earning. In addition, an early
beginning an off campus work study job.                   date may be established in which all FWS students
                                                          must cease working.      If either of these occur,
                                                          you will be notified.

                                                          • Cancellation: FWS awards are subject to cancellation
                                                          or reduction if a student does not begin working
                                                          within a reasonable time following enrollment. If
                                                          you do not begin earning by October 1, 2006,
                                                          your FWS award will be cancelled, unless written
                                                          arrangements to defer earning have been made with
                                                          the Financial Aid Office.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                           11
                                                    MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION
                             AB205: On January 1, 2005, The                 e.g., registration fees, nonresident tuition,   targeted to those with the greatest
                             California Domestic Partner Rights             and University housing. In all cases, act       measured financial eligibility.            The
                             and Responsibilities Act (Assembly Bill        quickly in applying for a refund. The           potential resources of each individual
                             205) went into effect. The California State    University applies a fair and equitable         (and, where required, the individual’s
                             University will administer financial aid in    refund policy for the return of unearned        family) are analyzed by national
                             such a way that students and/or parents        tuition and fees or other refundable            standards. In brief, eligibility is determined
                             of students in Registered Domestic             portions of institutional charges, and you      by deducting analyzed resources from the
                             Partnerships are treated in the same           may direct questions to Student Financial       appropriate expense budget.
                             fashion as married students and/or             Services, 826-6789.                             In general, aid is awarded to timely
                             parents when determining eligibility for                                                       and eligible applicants. Approximately
                             state and institutional aid. If you are a      Withdrawal forms are available at the AIR       20% of the financial aid funds our
                             student and in a Registered Domestic           Center, Student Business Services, 1st          students receive are from programs
                             Partnership, OR if your custodial parent       Floor. On submission of the necessary           where available funds are not sufficient
                             (the parent whose information was              forms, Student Financial Services and the       to fully meet the eligibility of all applicants
                             supplied on the FAFSA) is in a Registered      Housing Office determine the amount of          (PL, SEOG, FWS, EOPG, SUG, and most
                             Domestic Partnership, you are required         refund, if any. A complete copy of Hum-         HSU scholarships). HSU has, therefore,
                             to report this information to the financial    boldt State University’s refund policies,       adopted awarding priorities and criteria
                             aid office, and additional information may     procedures, and examples applicable to          for these programs. In developing the
                             be required. Please contact the financial      financial aid recipients is available by        criteria, the eligible population, available
                             aid office for more information.               contacting the Financial Aid Accounting         funding, and institution enrollment and
                                                                            Office, Student and Business Services,          retention implications were considered.
                             Adjustments: Documented costs, such            Room 257. For students who received             These priorities are posted on the
                             as for a computer purchase or child            financial aid, see Return of Unearned           bulletin board outside the Financial
                             care costs, may be allowed as a cost           Title IV Aid below.                             Aid Office.
                             of attendance adjustment. Counselor
                             are available to discuss this or any other     Return of Unearned Title IV Aid: If you         Study Abroad: Enrollment in a program
                             special circumstances which might impact       withdraw from the university, or cease          of study abroad which is approved for
                             your eligibility and were not considered       attendance, a portion of your financial aid     credit by Humboldt may be considered
                             in our initial determination. If you wish      may be considered unearned and must             enrollment for purposes of a student
                             to have your situation reassessed in light     be returned to the program. You will be         applying for and receiving federal
                             of additional information, please contact      billed for any unearned financial aid and       student financial assistance. If you will
                             this office regarding the appropriate          resulting unpaid university charges. If no      be participating in any off-campus
                             process.                                       units are passed, you may be considered         program, i.e. Visitor, International
                                                                            unofficially withdrawn and the return of        Program, etc., you must schedule
                             Refund Policy: A student who withdraws         unearned Title IV aid may be required.          an appointment with our Off-Campus
                             from the University, or drops to a lower                                                       Programs Advisor, well in advance of
                             fee category, may be eligible for a refund     Awarding Priorities and Criteria: Since         your departure.
                             or a reduction in institutional charges,       aid funds are limited, they are generally

                                                                           OTHER ASSISTANCE
                             Scholarships-Taxable Income: Portions         summer, seasonal, internship, and                Federal Food Stamp Program: Further
                             of scholarships and grants are taxable        full-time jobs are listed in the Career          information about application procedures
                             income when they exceed tuition and           Center, Nelson Hall West Room 130.               is available from the Humboldt County
                             fees (not including room and board) and       When you register with the Career                Food Stamp Office, (707)445-6103.
                             books, supplies and equipment required        Center you will also have access to
                             for courses of instruction.     Further       on-line job listings.                            California, DVA/Cal-Vet Fee Waiver
                             information is available upon request                                                          Program: Assistance may be available
                             from the Financial Aid Office (Taxable        Information about job searches, local            for dependents of disabled or deceased
                             Income, Form 990).                            employers, internship and cooperative            veterans. See the HSU catalog or web
                                                                           education sites, and international               site for further details.
                             Government Agencies: Other assistance         opportunities is also available. Staff
                             is available for some students through        can help you with resume writing and             Medical Expenses: All students are
                             government programs, such as Vocational       application processes. The Career Center         strongly urged to obtain the University
                             Rehabilitation, Temporary Aid to Needy        is open year round and encourages                offered health insurance policy. For
                             Families (TANF), and Veteran’s benefits.      students to locate employment that               information contact: Associated Students
                             Offices in the Humboldt County area           is career-related. Students who are              Office, South Lounge. University Center,
                             can provide more detailed information.        admitted for the next semester may               (707) 826-3771.
                             You are encouraged to explore your            use the services by presenting their             Note: State regulation requires that
                             benefits with these agencies. If you          letter of admission.                             students living on campus carry minimum
                             apply for financial aid, documentation                                                         health and accident insurance coverage.
                             of the money received from these other        Please refer to additional information           Check with Housing and Dining Services
                             programs may be required. Outside             regarding opportunities for Federal Work         for further details.
                             educational resources may reduce              Study in previous sections.                      Many students are eligible for MEDI-
                             current Humboldt aid amounts.                                                                  CAL ASSISTANCE. Contact a MEDI-
                                                                           Additional Assistance:                           CAL office for further information.
                             General Employment Possibilities:                      Eureka Office: 929 Koster Street, (707)
                             Humboldt State University students and        A comprehensive database of information          445-6103
                             their partners are eligible to use the        on resources available in Humboldt
                             Career Center. Part-time, temporary,          County.
12                                                                                                              HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                   AID FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS
Graduate Funding Limitations: Generally, no Perkins          limits are exceeded, you are not eligible for any
Loans, Work Study funding, State University Grants,          Federal Title IV assistance.
or Humboldt scholarships are available for students
pursuing second BA/BS degrees, students in certificate       Graduate Enrollment: Full-time enrollment for a
programs or for students already holding a master’s          graduate student enrolled in a Master’s Program is nine
degree or credential. Generally, no SEOG, EOPG,              (9) units. Half-time enrollment is five (5) units.
or Pell Grant aid can be given to anyone who has
received an undergraduate degree. Student pursuing
an initial teaching credential may be eligible for           Graduate Unit Cap: When graduates have earned 50
a Pell Grant; however the credential program is              or more semester units past their first degree, or when
considered an undergraduate (not master’s) program           attempted units exceed 150% of degree requirements,
and loans for credential students are limited to             students are not eligible for most aid unless mitigating

                                                                                                                        GRADUATE AID
                                                                                                                        GRADUATE AID
                                                                                                                        GRADUATE AID
undergraduate levels.                                        circumstances exist. These “caps” include time on
                                                             aid as well as not on aid, including transferable units
Undeclared graduates are generally ineligible unless         for students who attended college elsewhere. This
they meet specific criteria approved by a financial          generally equates to a time frame of 2 academic
aid counselor.                                               years for a graduate degree or credential. Generally,
                                                             students are not eligible for financial aid once they
Graduate Federal Direct Loan Annual Limits:                  have completed the course work requirements for their
Depending on the amount of financial eligibility             objective. See the “Satisfactory Academic Progress”
and the amount of other aid received, a student              section for additional information.
may annually borrow up to $18,500 or the cost                WARNING: Only the maximum number of thesis/project
of attendance (whichever is lower) per year for              units allowed towards completion requirements for your
master’s graduate study.                                     Master’s Degree will be counted towards satisfactory
                                                             academic progress.
Cumulative graduate loan maximum for Master’s
degree students is $138,500. This includes any               Cost of Attendance for Graduates: The following
Stafford/Direct loans received as an undergraduate.          estimates will give you a general idea of the costs
The total annual and aggregate limits include any            of attendance for graduates for Fall 2006 and
unsubsidized Stafford/Direct loans. If aggregate loan        Spring 2007 (Undergraduate cost of attendance is
                                                             available on page 18.)

                                 ESTIMATED GRADUATE COST OF ATTENDANCE
                     The following estimates for 2005-2006 will give you a general idea about costs.

          Allowable Student Expenses                 Commuting From             Living in          Living Away
          Fall 2006 and Spring 2007                    Parents’ Home      Residence Halls           from Home
          Estimated Fees (subject to change)
                                                              $3,750.00          $3,750.00             $3,750.00
          Books & Supplies
                                                              $1,080.00          $1,080.00             $1,080.00
          Food & Housing
                                                              $3,222.00          $7,906.00             $7,997.00
                                                              $1,015.00          $1,062.00             $1,062.00
          Miscellaneous Personal Expenses:
          Clothing, laundry, cleaning, toiletries,            $1,704.00          $1,873.00             $1,782.00
          medical & dental, entertainment, etc.

          ESTIMATED COST OF ATTENDANCE                     $10,770.00          $15,670.00           $15,670.00

                            •   Non-Resident students add $339.00 per unit for tuition.
                            •   Estimated fees are based upon 6.1 or more units per semester.
                            •   Estimated costs do not include dependents’ expenses.
                            •   Summer 2006 Attendance Costs are not included above.

    The acceptance of your full financial aid package may reduce your Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF)
    grant.    We recommend you contact your agency case worker prior to accepting your financial aid funds
    if you are a graduate student.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                                13
                                      SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS STANDARDS

                                          Quality - Grades                              Quantity - Number of
                                                GRADE POINT AVERAGE                       Units Completed
                                        The standards are stated in the “Academic
                                        Probation and Disqualification” sections        When undergraduates have earned 150 or more
                                        of the Humboldt catalog. For purposes           semester units (graduates 50 or more semester
                                        of determining a student’s eligibility to       units past their first degree), or when attempted
                                        remain in attendance at the university          units exceed 150% of degree requirements,
                                        and to receive financial aid, overall quality   students are not eligible for most aid unless
                                        of performance (as measured by total            mitigating circumstances exist. These “caps”
                                        grade points and cumulative grade point         include time on aid as well as not on aid,
                                        average) is considered. To continue             including transferable units for students who
                                        financial aid eligibility, a student must       attended college elsewhere.         This generally
                                        maintain a grade point average of at            equates to a time frame of six academic years
                                        least a “C” (2.0) or academic standing          for a baccalaureate degree and two academic
                                        consistent with Humboldt graduation             years for a graduate degree or credential.
                                        requirements.                                   Generally, students are not eligible for financial
                                                                                        aid once they have completed the course work
                                                      STUDENTS IN                       requirements for their objective.
                                                ACADEMIC DIFFICULTY
                                        Humboldt is taking steps to intervene           If you will transfer to or have attended
                                        with students who are apparently having         Humboldt and earned more than 128 units,
                                        academic difficulty. If you are a financial     you may not be eligible for most financial aid
                                        aid recipient who fails to complete your        programs. Contact the Financial Aid Office if
                                        entire unit obligation, or if your grade        you have questions.
                                        point average falls to a certain level, your
                                        financial aid check may be withheld. You        The primary measure of satisfactory academic
                                        may be required to obtain an assessment         progress for aid recipients is the minimum number
                                        from the Learning Center, you may be            of units per academic year an aid recipient
                                        required to meet with Academic Support          must complete with passing grades (passing
                                        staff and you may be required to                grades are A, B, C, D, and CR). Generally, these
                                        meet with a financial aid counselor.            minimum numbers are 24 or more units (full-time
                                        These requirements are being put                student), 18-23 units (3/4 time student), or 12-17
                                        into place to ensure your satisfactory          units (half time student). Full-time enrollment for
                                        academic progress toward your degree.           a graduate student enrolled in a Master’s Program
                                        You will be notified of any specific            is nine (9) units; half-time enrollment is five (5)
                                        requirements.                                   units. Students wishing aid consideration
                                                                                        at less than full time should contact the
                                                                                        Financial Aid Office.          Failure to complete
                                                                                        the required units may result in a hold on
                                                                                        your next term’s aid.

                                                                                        Summer Aid Recipients:         Your satisfactory
                                                                                        academic progress is dependent upon the type
                                                                                        and amount of aid received and your enrollment
                                                                                        level at the time of disbursement. If you have
                                                                                        questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.

14                                                                                               HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY

     Mitigating Circumstances                                     Loss of Financial Aid

                                                                                                                    SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS
 Exceptions to satisfactory academic progress
 standards are granted on a case-by-case basis
                                                          If you fail to meet the satisfactory academic progress
 when mitigating circumstances warrant special
                                                          standards, your eligibility to receive aid will end
 consideration; however, due to lack of funds,
                                                          or you will be placed on financial aid probation,
 most programs generally cannot be reinstated
                                                          depending on the severity of your deficiencies.
 after cancellation. A student whose financial aid
                                                          Generally, you must complete the greater of 6 units
 has been terminated due to lack of satisfactory
                                                          per semester or 75% of the required number of
 academic progress may generally reestablish
                                                          units as outlined earlier to retain eligibility, and
 eligibility by making up the unit deficiency. For
                                                          100% to avoid financial aid probation. Probationary
 specific information on reestablishing eligibility for
                                                          deficiencies must be made up within 2 terms to
 financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office. An
                                                          retain aid eligibility. If your unit deficiency at the
 appointment is often necessary. Any office decision
                                                          end of any semester is so great that there is little
 may be appealed to the staff member who made
                                                          possibility that you will be able to make up the
 the decision. You may make an appointment
                                                          deficiency in the required period of time, your aid
 with a counselor to discuss your situation and to
                                                          may be discontinued in the following semester.
 receive more detailed information on the appeals
                                                          Learning Strategy Assessment and other related
 process. If you see that you will not complete
                                                          actions designed to facilitate student ability to
 your unit obligation, contact the Financial Aid Office
                                                          make Satisfactory Academic Progress may be
 as soon as possible.
                                                          required for aid continuance.           In addition, if
                                                          no units are passed you may be considered
                                                          unofficially withdrawn and return of financial aid
                                                          funds may be required.
       Concurrent Enrollment
        Course Withdrawal
         Course Repetition                                         Graduate Enrollment
         Remedial Courses                                 Full time enrollment for a graduate student enrolled
                                                          in a Master’s Program is nine (9) units. Half time
 College of the Redwoods courses that are                 enrollment is five (5) units.
 transferable for credit to Humboldt, or required
 prerequisites for Humboldt courses, can be applied       WARNING: Only the maximum number of
 to your satisfactory academic progress standards.        thesis/project units allowed towards completion
 Contact the Financial Aid Office for additional          requirements for your Master’s Degree will be counted
 information and the required forms. If you are           towards satisfactory academic progress.
 enrolled in and receiving aid at Humboldt, you
 are ineligible for financial aid at College of the       The acceptance of your full financial aid package
 Redwoods or any other post secondary institution.        may reduce your Temporary Aid to Needy Families
 Course withdrawal has no affect on financial aid         (TANF) grant. We recommend you contact your
 eligibility unless such withdrawal drops you below       agency case worker prior to accepting your financial
 your satisfactory academic progress requirement,         aid funds if you are a graduate student.
 in which case a deficiency occurs. Withdrawal
 from the University causes unit deficiencies unless
 mitigating circumstances are approved. Incomplete
 courses (“I” grades) are not considered as units          Note About Aid Cancellation: Due to lack
 completed. Course repetitions do not apply toward        of funds, most programs generally cannot be
 satisfactory academic progress requirements unless       reinstated after cancellation for satisfactory academic
 University approved. Remedial courses are included       progress problems.
 in the quantitative unit totals. More information
 about the Remediation policy is available in the
 Schedule of Classes.

The above is a summary of federal, CSU, Humboldt and Financial Aid Office policies, procedures, rules and
regulations concerning Satisfactory Academic Progress.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                                                  15
                                     When you accept financial aid, you accept all its legal and financial rights
                                     and responsibilities.

                                                          YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK A SCHOOL:

                                             1 what it costs to attend, and what its refund                7 to explain the various programs in your
                                             policies are if you drop out;                                 financial aid package and how and when you
                                                                                                           will receive your aid
                                             2 how the school determines whether you
                                             are making satisfactory academic progress,                    8 to reconsider your financial aid application,
                                             and what happens if you are not;                              if you believe you have been treated
                                             3 what financial help is available, including
                                             information on federal, state, and school                     9 what portion of your financial aid must be
                                             financial aid programs, not just loans;                       repaid, and what portion is grant or gift aid. If
                                                                                                           the aid is a loan, you have the right to know
                                             4 what the deadlines are for submitting                       the interest rate, the total amount that must
                                             applications for each of the financial aid                    be repaid, payback procedures, the length of
                                             programs available; and what criteria are used                time you have to repay the loan, and when
                                             to select financial aid recipients;                           repayment is to begin;

                                             5 how individual financial need is determined.                10 how to apply for additional financial aid if
                                             This process includes how costs for tuition and               your financial circumstances change resulting
                                             fees, room and board, transportation, books                   in increased need;
                                             and supplies, personal and miscellaneous
                                             expenses, etc., are considered in your                        11 to disclose the percentage of its students
                                             budget;                                                       who complete the school’s programs and
                                                                                                           the percentage who transfer out and job
                                             6 what resources (such as private                             placement rates; and
                                             scholarships, parental contribution, other
                                             financial aid, personal assets, etc.) are                     12 about the effect outside scholarships may
                                             considered in the need calculation; and how                   have on your financial aid award.
                                             much of your financial need, as determined
                                             by the school, has been met;                                  13 for its statistics on crimes committed on and
                                                                                                           off campus, and for its campus safety policies
                                                                                                           and procedures.

                                   CONSUMER INFORMATION:
                                   Consumer information required to be disclosed and available is listed on our website at: This
                                   site reflects the information required to be published and available, for students, employees and the general public, by the Higher Educa-
                                   tion Act of 1965 and the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, per 34 CFR Part 668, Student Assistance General provisions, Subpart
                                   D, Institutional and Financial Assistance Information for Students, 668.41 through 668.49. This list also contains disclosures of informa-
                                   tion regarding student rights required by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974; the Student Right to Know and
                                   Campus Security Act of 1990; the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990, the Equity
                                   in Athletics Disclosure Act of 1995 and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. You may request a paper copy of this list from the Financial
                                   Aid Office.

                                   The required disclosure of information includes specific student rights regarding education records and directory information unfr the
                                   Family Education Rights and PRivacy Act (FERPA); information about financial aid, student rights and responsibilities, study abroad,
                                   satisfactory academic progress, aid disbursement, loan terms, loan repayment and deferral, federal requirements for return of funds;
                                   Equity in Athletics disclosures about participation, completion and graduation rates of student athletes, gender ratios, expenses, recruiting
                                   and revenues; institutional statistics such as completion, graduation and transfer out rates, academic information regarding faculty, facili-
                                   ties and accreditation; special facilities for diasbled students; campus safety, annual campus security reports, crime awareness and safety
                                   reports; prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and specific information regadring fees, refunds and withdrawals.

                                   Note: The University’s annual security report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on
                                   campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Humboldt State University and on public property within, or
                                   immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such
                                   as policies regarding alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault and other matters. You can obtain
                                   a copy of this report by contacting the University Police Department or by accessing the following website:

16                                                                                                                        HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY

                             IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO:

                                                                                                                   RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES
   1   review and consider all information about a        9    perform in a satisfactory manner the work
   school’s program before enrolling;                     that is agreed upon in accepting a Federal or
                                                          State Work Study award;
   2   compare your anticipated monthly student
   loan payment and other expenses, to your               10 know and comply with the deadlines for
   expected take-home pay after college.                  application or reapplication for aid, and with the
                                                          school’s refund procedures;
   3     complete the financial aid application
   accurately and submit it on time to the right place.   11 maintain satisfactory academic progress
   Errors delay aid. Intentional misrepresentation        according to       the   school’s     policies   and
   on an application for federal financial aid            standards;
   is a violation of law and a criminal offense
   subject to penalties.                                  12 report in writing the receipt of all resources
                                                          not considered in evaluating your eligibility,
   4      talk to high school counselors, local           including full or partial payment of Humboldt
   employers, and current and former students to          registration fees by outside agencies;
   find out about the school.
                                                          13     complete a withdrawal form at the
   5 respond promptly and return all requested            Financial Aid Office if you officially or unofficially
   additional documentation, verification, corrections,   withdraw, or cease attending classes, during
   and/or new information to the Financial Aid            a semester;
   Office or appropriate agency;
                                                          14     repay any Title IV billings prior to release
   6     read, understand, accept responsibility for      of current academic year aid;
   and keep copies of all forms and agreements
   you sign;                                              15     repay your student loans, even if you
                                                          don’t complete your education, don’t get a job,
   7      if you have loans, notify the school            or are not happy with your education. Some
   and the lender(s) of changes in your                   lenders now offer incentives for borrowers who
   name, permanent mailing address, marital or            repay their loans on time;
   enrollment status;
                                                          16    file for a deferment or forbearance, or
   8    notify the Office of Admissions of any            change repayment plans for your student loan, if
   changes in your name, or mailing address; notify       you are at risk of default; and
   the Financial Aid Office of changes in marital,
   enrollment, or attendance status;                      17 complete entrance counseling before you
                                                          receive your first loan disbursement - and exit
                                                          counseling before you leave school.


The first level of appeal to any financial aid decision is to the staff member
whose decision you are appealing. You may make an appointment with any
counselor to discuss your situation and to receive more detailed information
on the appeals process.

You may ask for “Process to Appeal a Financial Aid Office Decision,” Form 250C

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                                                              17
                                           HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                                              COST OF ATTENDANCE

                          The following estimates will give you a general idea of the costs of attendance
                          for Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.

                                                            Undergraduates *
                                      Students who have not received their first Bachelor’s Degree

                                 Allowable Student Expenses                  Commuting       Living In      Living Away
                                  Fall 2006 and Spring 2007                 From Parents’ Residence Halls   from Home

                             Estimated Fees (subject to change)                $3,175.00       $3,175.00       $3,175.00

                             Books & Supplies                                  $1,142.00       $1,142.00       $1,142.00

                             Food & Housing                                    $3,348.00       $8,524.00       $8,272.00

                             Transportation                                    $1,094.00       $1,118.00       $1,170.00

                             Miscellaneous Personal Expenses:                  $1,841.00       $1,741.00       $1,941.00
                             Clothing, laundry, cleaning, toiletries,
                             medical & dental, entertainment, etc.

                             ESTIMATED COST OF ATTENDANCE                     $10,600.00      $15,700.00     $15,700.00

                          * Graduate cost of attendance is available on        • Estimated fees are based upon 6.1 or
                          page 13.                                             more units per semester.

                          **     Non-Resident students add $339.00 per         • Estimated costs do not include
                          unit for tuition.    For a non-resident student      dependents’ expenses, summer 2007
                          carrying a full-time class load of 12 units per      attendance costs, or proposed fee
                          semester, the estimated cost of attendance           increases for the 2006-2007 academic
                          would be $23,836:                                    year.

                            12 units x 2 semesters = 24 units                  • If your aid eligibility amount does
                            x $339 per unit = $8,136 non-resident fees         not seem satisfactory, or if you have
                                                                               questions, an appointment with a financial
                            $8,136 non-resident fees + $15,700 = $23,836       aid counselor is suggested.

18                                                                                     HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
                    Watch out for the Financial
                        Aid Freeze Dates!
               Look on the Financial Aid Office website
            for the dates for the 2006-2007 academic year.

                                                                                                      FREEZE DATE
                         Please don’t get caught owing $$$

                     The “Freeze Date” is the deadline to finalize
                          your enrollment for financial aid.

               This date is earlier than the last date to add a class.

   Full time enrollment is required for most aid     or another educational resource that pays
   disbursement. If you will NOT be enrolled         your fees, you may be billed for overpayment
   and attending full time, immediately submit       of SUG. If your SUG is paid to you for
   your enrollment plans in writing to avoid over-   6.1 or more units, and you drop units, you
   payment of aid funds. Eligibility for some        must repay the difference in SUG. The final
   types of aid depends on a specific number of      registration fee amount is determined at the
   enrolled units.                                   University census date, which may be later
                                                     than our freeze date for other aid. You will
   If you are eligible for Pell Grant or Cal Grant   be billed for any overpayment of SUG.
   B, your grant disbursement must be prorated
   according to your enrolled units. Other aid       If you receive aid at less than full time, but
   might also have to be adjusted for less that      add units before the freeze date, you might
   full time enrollment. Be aware that you may       be eligible for additional aid. Notify the
   be billed for an overpayment for some pro-        financial aid office in writing of any changes
   grams if your account is credited at fulltime     in attendance.
   funding and you drop units or are enrolled for
   less than full time status on the freeze date.    Adds or drops AFTER the freeze date will not
                                                     change your funding for the current semes-
   The “freeze date” for the State University        ter; however, drops may cause satisfactory
   Grant (SUG) is the University census date,        academic progress problems. If you antici-
   because a SUG is based upon the amount of         pate a satisfactory academic progress prob-
   your fees. The SUG is for payment of the          lem, please schedule an appointment with a
   State University Fee. If you have a fee waiver    financial aid counselor.

FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE 2006-2007                                                                             19
                                                              TREATMENT OF TITLE IV AID
                                                             WHEN A STUDENT WITHDRAWS
                                                                 Summary of the Requirements of 34 CFR 338.22

                                             The law specifies how your school must determine the amount of Title IV program
                                             assistance that you earn if you withdraw from school. The Title IV programs that are
                                             covered by this law are: Federal Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Federal

                                             Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs), Federal Perkins Loans and, in
                  WHEN A STUDENT WITHDRAWS

                                             some cases, certain state grant aid (LEAP/SLEAP), GEAR UP grants, and SSS grants
                                             to students.

                                             When you withdraw during your payment period or period of enrollment (your school
                                             can define these for you and tell you which one applies) the amount of Title IV program
                                             assistance that you have earned up to that point is determined by a specific formula.
                                             If you received (or your school or parent received on your behalf) less assistance than
                                             the amount that you earned, you may be able to receive those additional funds. I you
                                             received more assistance than you earned, the excess funds must be returned by the
                                             school and/or you.

                                             The amount of assistance that you have earned is determined on a pro rata basis. For
                                             example, if you completed 30% of your payment period or period of enrollment, you
                                             earn 30% of the assistance you were originally scheduled to receive. Once you have
                                             completed more than 60% of the payment period or period of enrollment, you earn all the
                                             assistance that you were scheduled to receive for that period.

                                             If you did not receive all of the funds that you earned, you may be due a post withdrawal
                                             disbursement. If the post-withdrawal disbursement includes loan funds, you may choose
                                             to decline the loan funds so that you don’t incur additional debt. Your school may
                                             automatically use all or a portion of your post-withdrawal disbursement (including loan
                                             funds, if you accept them) for tuition, fees and room and board charges (as contracted
                                             with the school). For all other school charges, the school needs your permission to
                                             use the post-withdrawal disbursement. If you do not give your permission (which some
                                             schools ask for when you enroll), you will be offered the funds. However, it may be in your
                                             best interest to allow the school to keep the funds to reduce your debt at the school.

                                             There are some Title IV funds that you were scheduled to receive that you cannot earn
                                             once you withdraw because of other eligibility requirements. For example, if you are a
                                             first-time, first-year undergraduate student and you have not completed the first 30 days
                                             of your program before you withdraw, you will not earn any FFEL or Direct loan funds that
                                             you would have received had you remained enrolled past the 30th day.

                                             If you receive (or your school or parent receive on your behalf) excess title IV program
                                             funds that must be returned, your school must return a portion of the excess equal to
                                             the lesser of

                                             1. your institutional charges multiplied by the unearned percentage of your funds, or
                                             2. the entire amount of excess funds.

20                                                                                                   HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY
A                                                L
Accepting your award 2                           Late Registration 4
Additional Assistance 5                          Loans, Federal Direct Program 5, 7-10
Address Changes 2, 4                             Loan Consolidation 8, 10
Adjustments 1, 2, 4, 12                          Loan Entrance Counseling 8
Admit 1, 3, 4                                    Loss of Eligibility 15
Aid Requirements 1, 3, 4, 13, 15
Alternative or Private Loans 7                   M
Appeals 17                                       Master Promissory Note 8
Application Updated 5                            Medical Expenses 10
Appointments 3                                   Miscellaneous Information 12
Authorization 4
Award Notification - what to do 1, 2             N
Awarding Priorities & Criteria 12                NCAA 10
                                                 Non-Resident 1, 13, 18
BIA Grants & Scholarships 1                      O

                                                 Off-Campus Programs 1, 12
C                                                Online acceptance 2
Cal Grants 6                                     Other Assistance 12
Cal-Vet Fee Waiver 1, 12
Career Center 11                                 P
Changes 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15                       Parent (PLUS) Loans 8
Child Care Costs 12                              Part-time Enrollment, see units
Community Service Work Study 11                  Pell Grant 6
Concurrent Enrollment, C/R 15                    Perkins Loan 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
Consumer Information 16                          Prior Debts 4
Cost of Attendance 13, 18                        Provisional Admit 1, 4
Counselors 3, 5, 12
D                                                Refunds 12
Deadlines 1, 2                                   Registration Fees 1, 13, 18
Direct Loans 5, 7-10                             Remedial Courses 15
Disbursement 1, 4, 5, 7                          Resources 5, 12
Domestic Partner Info 12                         Responsibilities of Students 3, 17
                                                 Return of Title IV aid 20
E                                                Revisions 1, 2, 5
Educational Oportunity Program 6                 Rights of Students 16
Employment 11
F                                                Satisfactory Academic Progress 14, 15
Federal Work Study 11                            Scholarships 1, 10, 12
Fees- How to pay Registration Fees 1             State University Grant 6
Fees Paid by Other Programs 1, 10                Student Authorization 4
Freeze Date 5, 19                                Study Abroad 1, 12
Funds Available 4                                Summer Aid 5, 14
                                                 Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants 6
Grades 14                                        T
Graduate Information 13, 15                      Transfer Information 14

H                                                U
Holds 2, 4                                       Undeclared Graduate 13
HSU Convenience Card 4                           Unit Caps 13
                                                 Units 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14
Income Changes 5                               W
Incompletes 15                                 Web Access 2
Information Disclosures 16                     Withdrawal 3, 12, 15, 20
FINANCIAL AID AWARD GUIDE              2006-2007
                                               Work Study 4, 5, 11                                   21
       Financial Aid Office
     Humboldt State University
        Arcata, CA 95521


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