The Oral Test by vr57AkwA


									The Oral Test
•Part I:    Personal
•Part II: Finding out
•Part III:Presentation
Assessment based on:

• Fluency
• Accuracy
• Depth
• Relevance
• Overall communication effect
Things to Keep in Mind
•ability to
communicate fluently
and accurately
grammar and

•Say as much as you can
 as well as speak
•Do not be too concerned
 about grammar.
•Pronunciation and
     Part I
Personal Information
• Family
• Hobbies
• Job
• Schooling
• Home town
Your Job
 • the form of transport used to
   go to work
 • your daily routine and
 • the aspects of your job that
   you like
 • what you dislike about your job
• Where are you from?
• Can you tell me about your
  family // Are you married?
• What do you like doing in your
  spare time// Do you have any
• Do you have similar interests
  with your wife ?
• Which university did you go to
  // Where did you go to college?
• What do you do?
• What is your routine work
  //What does your job involve?
• How do you like your job?
• Can you tell me about your
• What do you plan to do during
  your stay in the UK/ USA?
Don’t give one word
answers such as ‘yes’
or ‘no’.
       Part II
Finding out Information
1. Role Play in a Given
2. Make sure you are
clear about the
purpose of the task.
 3. Ask the examiner if
you have any new words.
  4. Ask questions in
    different ways.
(Do not simply use the words
 written on the card. Rather
  formal and in note form)
5. Try to cover all the questions.
 Cue card 1
The interviewer is a librarian at the college
  where you are studying. You are a new
  student and you want to use the library.
Find out:
procedure for joining            opening
number of books you can take out
layout of the library     maximum period of
penalties for late return       rules
Cue card 2
There will be a reception to welcome the
   new students. Your interviewer is the
   dean’s secretary.
Find out about:
-time of reception -place of the
-held by (host)       -dress (what to wear)
-food and drinks           -activities
-attendance (compulsory or not)
-application for tickets
Cue Card 3
You are a student at a university. You
would like to book a computer in the new
Open Learning Centre. Your examiner is a
Ask the examiner about:
a the process for reserving a computer
b advance booking      c     help
d the length of a computer session
e facilities on computer, e.g. Internet
• How do I go about booking a computer?
• How far in advance do I have to book?
• What technical help is available?
• How long can I reserve the computer for?
• What facilities are available on the
 machines, like Internet access, e-mail and
 so on?
•The interviewer is playing
a role as well, so stick to
the topic.
•Your ability is assessed,
not the interviewer’s, so
you should do most of the
Part III: Presentation
You will be given a
topic and 2 minutes
to prepare. Then you
are required to give a
         You should:
1. Present you views
2. Provide evidence(using
How to Prepare in the Given
Write in note form, using
words or phrases, not full

1.   Give a short introduction.
2.   Give two or three points.
3.   Expand each point by giving
     examples, details or statistics.
4.   Give a short conclusion.
        TOPIC 1:
What do you think are the
 major causes of health
 problems in the modern
-unbalanced diet (too much
fat and calorie intake)
-lack of physical exercises
-stress (job, competition,
          TOPIC 2:
Do you think the benefits of the
  commercialization of sports
 outweigh its negative effects?
-more people attracted to sports;
-more people enjoy games with the
help of mass media;
-more resources developed for the
success of the Olympic Games
Topic 3

With more than ten percent of
its population over 60, China is
now considered an old-age
society. Do you think people
should still retire at 60?
-too many old people to
-people still energetic and
healthy at 60;
-less physical labour
-a waste of talent;
You are now studying at a British university. You want to
apply for a railcard which allows you to buy cheaper
railway tickets. Make a call to the station to get more
information. Ask questions about:

• Types of the card
• Costs
• Benefits
• Restrictions
• Duration of the card
• Application deadline
• Documents / proof needed
• The internet is now playing a very
 important role in our life and work. While it
 is making our life and work enjoyable and
 efficient, it also brings us problems. What
 is the negative side of the internet? Should
 children not be allowed to visit the internet?
 What is your opinion on this?
Thank You!

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