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					                                     British Literature
                                     Sonnet Assignment
After reading several of Shakespeare’s sonnets, you are to compose an original, creative sonnet.
Listed below are some considerations:

 You must follow the format of a Shakespearean sonnet.
   14 lines
   Iambic pentameter (10 stressed/unstressed syllables per line)
   Set rhyme scheme discussed in class
   Last two lines should be a couplet
   Question or situation posed in early quatrains
   Rising action, climax (turn), and conclusion (final answer given in last couplet)

 Your sonnet should be about love. However, you may choose any topic about love (bliss,
  beauty, hate, problem, alternate view, etc.)

 You may write or type your sonnet; however, if you are writing, please make sure it is
  creative and legible. You may use creative paper, font, color, size, etc. to portray your sonnet
  the way you want it.

 You must include two to three short paragraphs regarding how your sonnet fits the standards
  set forth by Shakespeare. This means, you should be explaining why it is a sonnet (look to
  above elements as a guide). You need to show that you understand the "conventions of the
  genre" and how your poem uses them. What formal features does the poem have? How does
  the rhyme scheme work? Does the poem support all the conventions rigidly, or is there some
  subversion of them? Is the meter precise, or loose? Why? Are all the rhymes full, or are
  some half or eye rhymes? Why? How do these things affect the meaning, mood, and/or tone
  of the poem? What does the structure add to the content, and how do they interact? These
  are merely some possible items to discuss.

 In another short paragraph, identify and explain any features of the language of your sonnet
  that seem unusual or interesting. Have you used words that might have double meanings?
  Have you used puns? Personification? Imagery? Symbols? Metaphors? (If you have not,
  you need to add some or you will not have much to say here and your sonnet will receive a
  lower grade). Explain what contribution your word choices make to the poem.

Sonnet: 30 points (subtractions for missed information from above)
Written or typed creatively: 15 points
Paragraphs on meeting standards: 20 points
Paragraph on language: 10 points
TOTAL: 75 points

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