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					                     The 6th International Green Energy Conference (IGEC – VI), Eskişehir, TURKEY, June 5 – 9, 2011                                                            P000

                                               Title of the poster presentation here
                           Name Surname1                Name Surname2                Name Surname3                   Name Surname4                 Name Surname5
                               Affiliation 1                Affiliation 2                Affiliation 3                    Affiliation 4                Affiliation 5
ANADOLU UNIVERSITY                

                                                                                                                                     Table 1. Experimental data
 This is a template for author(s) to use for preparing their posters for IGEC-VI. The
                                                                                                                Product                       Cucumber                 Apple
 posters will be printed to the conference CD directly from the electronic PowerPoint
 files you provide. Please prepare your poster in PowerPoint following the guidelines                             Fluid                          Water                  Air
 given below and submit via email to before 1st of June 2011
 for technical control.                                                                                   Flow velocity (m/s)                    0.05                   6.6

 Poster size is 70 cm x 100 cm.

 Make sure that your paper is free of technical, grammatical and typographical errors.
                                                                                                  This area is reserved for the conclusion

 System Description
 This area is reserved for the system description if the study is experimental.

 Methods / Analysis
 Define abbreviations and acronyms the first time they are used.
 Fonts and Sizes
 Title: 60 point Arial Black, bold, all capitals, center aligned.
 Author: 36 point Arial, center aligned.
 Affiliation: 28 point Arial, italic, center aligned.
 Heading: Bold, all capitals, 44 point Arial Narrow, center aligned.
 Sub-headings: bold, 36 Arial Narrow, left aligned, underlined.
 Main text: 36 point Arial Narrow, justified.
 References: 28 point Arial Narrow, justified with 1 cm first line indent
 Units and Equations
 Use SI unit only. Equations should be typed. In the text, equation should be referred to
 as Eq.(1). Align left each equation and allow single spacing above and below.

 Tables, Figures and Photographs

 Briefly and descriptively title each table and caption each figure. Place table title above
 the table and figure caption below the figure. Each table and figure should be referred
 to in the text (e.g., Fig. 1, Table 1); and placed in the order referred to and as close as
 possible to the first reference in the text. Allow single spacing between the table or
 figure and the adjacent text, and no space between the table title and table (or
 between figure caption and figure). Tables and figures should be numbered
 consecutively with single Arabic numerals.

                               Fig.1. Sketch of the sample..

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