�The day I got Lost� by Isaac Bashevis Singer by vr57AkwA


									                 “The day I got Lost” by Isaac Bashevis Singer
                 Literary focus: Direct and indirect characters

Character: Professor Schlemiel

              Detail                    Direct /         What it states or reveals

My pockets are always bulging                         Reveals that he is sloppy and
with newspapers, magazines, and                       disorganized
just papers.                            Indirect

I’ve been living in New York City                     Reveals that he is
for over forty years, yet whenever                    absentminded and easily
I want to go uptown, I find myself                    confused
walking downtown, and when I
want to go east, I go west.             Indirect

I am what is known as an                              States his absentmindedness
absentminded professor.                  Direct

In addition to my constant                            States his forgetfulness
blundering and losing things, I’m
forgetful.                               Direct

The reason was that my students                       Shows that others find him
thought nothing of calling me in                      kindhearted or foolish or both
the middle of the night and
waking me up.                           Indirect

“If we don’t find your master,                        Reveals that he is kindhearted
you’ll stay with me. Give me your
paw,” I said.                           Indirect

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