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									                                                                  How to Sign onto CPSI & Access POC
                                                                    From the Desktop Double-Click on the CPSI shortcut

                                         If you require
  Point-of-Care                       support assistance,
   MedVerify                      general questions answered,          When prompted enter your Employee Number
                                     or additional training          Use the <Tab> key to proceed to the password field
                                    please contact Mayo’s                 Enter your CPSI Password, then <Enter>
                                 IT Clinical Support Specialist
  Reference                                 at x 4152

                                                                        This will bring you to the Hospital Base Menu
                                                                                      Click ‘POC Access’
                                  For After Hours/Weekend
                                     Support Please Call
                                                                        You will now be in the Point of Care System

                                                                   Employees can “Sign On” or “Sign Off” from the POC
     Mayo Regional Hospital                                         system, without returning to the Hospital Base Menu.

       How do I Select My Patients?                                 White Board & My Patient List cont.

    Single-click on column name to sort list
    by room or by patient’s name.

                  Plus Sign (+) is used to add patients
                       to your ‘My Patients’ list.

                      If you don’t see patient in list
                      click here to enter their                      Open the patient’s virtual chart by
                      account number.                                selecting either the patient’s name
                                                                     or account number.
 At the start of your shift your assigned patient’s can           The Location drop-down can be used to track when a patient
 be added to your “My Patients” list by selecting the                 is not in their room. You can also set reassessment
 red plus sign (+) …when added the + turns to a red                 reminders. Examples would be: CT, MRI, X-Ray, OR,
  minus sign (-) that will then allow you to remove a             Cardio, Physical Therapy, Reassess in,etc. The accuracy of
patient from your “My Patients” list. Using the “My                       this tool is dependant on manual selection.
Patients” list will make it easier to access and monitor          Note: the term “select” refers to a single mouse click
           your patients throughout the shift.                    or single touch of the tablet pen to the tablet screen.
     Understanding the Virtual Chart?                                       How do I Select Chart Type?
               !!!VERY IMPORTANT!!!                                      From base virtual chart select “Chart Type”
   Always verify Chart Type before you begin charting
           (if new patient Select Chart Type)                                Use back arrow to return to chart

                                                                                            Chart Type turns
                                                                                           red when selected

 Review Demographics, Precautions, Recent Vital Signs, Labs,        Select Appropriate Chart type. These control the I&O
Allergies, Access Multiple Areas, View Reports, Leave “sticky”           types AND your vital sign out or parameters
notes for communication with other staff. Staff Communication         warnings. IF YOU DO NOT select chart type you
is not recorded as part of the medical record, once typed over or   will not have the correct I&O for the Nursery and will
                 deleted it’s permanently gone.                     not have the safety of vital sign our of range warnings.

       How do I begin documenting?                                     How do I Select a New Flow Chart
Move mouse or pen over Flowchart tab, menu will drop-
down without clicking. Select the “Flow Chart Menu”                                           Select ‘New (all)’
       with a single-click or touch of the pen.
                                                                                                            Minnie Mouse

          Select Flow Chart from Existing List

                                                                                       Use Scroll Bar
                                                                                to move up / down through list

                                                                          Select Flow Chart with a single mouse click,
If the chart you need is not on the list of existing flow                 or touch of the tablet pen to the tablet screen
         charts select from the “New (all)” list
         Understanding the Flow Chart                              Demographic Information Screen
              Tools for future use
         Problem List, Never Use, Demographic Window                          NEVER change any of this
                                                                              information. This data is to be
                                                                              changed by Registration ONLY!

           Navigate to other areas of virtual chart                 Verify and/or respond            This data auto fills
                MEDACT (aka KARDEX)                                 with a Y or N answer as            from the initial
                                                                                                    interview flow chart
        NEVER!!!! Select Completed (never ever)                     appropriate.
              Takes you back to White Board
    Exit takes you back to the Flow Chart selection list
                                                               Please Call Registration x4150 if changes need to
                                                                   be made to areas highlighted in orange.

    How to Document on the Flow Chart                           How to Document on the Flow Chart

     Select first item in Flow Chart column
     Select from list of answers to build narrative
                                                                                    Cell              Free Text Window
     Select large white box to open window for free text
      entries. (select OK when done)
     When response is complete select Next to move to
      the next question.
     If a question does not apply, or does not require an
      answer, select Next to continue.
                                                                                       Select this box to open
     Responses to special coded questions such as                                        free text window
      Current Meds, Drug Allergies, Food Allergies,
      Height & Weight will not display directly in the
      flow chart column. These questions will display in                              Answer List
      red once answered. To view the data select the
      answer cell to view the data.
                                                                 Selecting ‘Update’ takes you
     The ‘Next’ button helps users move through flow               back to the flow chart
      chart questions, reducing the possibility of skipping
                                                                 Select ‘Next’ to automatically
      over a question.                                        update and proceed to next question
              How do I chart my                                     How do I create my
            DAILY ASSESSMENTS?                                       PLAN of CARE?
                                                              Select “NEW PROBLEM” on
   Select the appropriate flow chart and answer the                    Flowchart.
                appropriate questions.                 NOTE: Problems can be created & documented on
                                                                      any flowchart.

                                                                              NEW PROBLEM

Checking the date/time will also helps to assure
     you that you’re charting correctly.

        HOW DO I SELECT MY                                      How do I select my
           PROBLEMS?                                          PROBLEMS & GOALS?
Select the appropriate Problem List category                                  .
                                                      1. Select the action to be taken on the Problem

   Enter problems on the flow chart on admission.
    Document on them during the patient’s stay.
            No need to double document.
            How do I document on my                                            How do I find the
          Plan of Care (“PROBLEMS”)?                                          MEDACT (KARDEX)
 Select PROBLEM from flow chart, problem activity screen                      Placing Orders On The MedACT
  will open.
 Select action to be taken on the problem: Addressed,           MedACT = Electronic Kardex ~ Displays All Medical Orders ~
  Intervention, Evaluation, Reviewed, Resolved, N/A, Inactive,       Selecting Medact button on the left will take you to
  or free text option.
 Select Update to save answer, or cancel to return to flow      Medical Order Entry = interventions on problem list & flowchart
 If there are questions pertinent to the problem will display
  red and the flow chart will be in Problem Mode. Currently
  there are none – so click on the problem mode button to turn
  off the notice. All goals must be resolved before the system
  will allow a problem to be resolved.

                               display in Red

                  Placing Orders on the                                MEDACT Example: Blood Glucose
              MEDACT (KARDEX)                                      Blood Glucose AC & HS takes you to Diabetic
                                                                 Record & then documents interventions on flow chart
              * Touch the Medical Order category                                  diabetic record.
          * Pick your task and the order will highlight
  MEDACT Example: Blood Glucose cont.                     MEDACT Example: Blood Glucose cont.

Jetting Capabilities provide the ability to set medical
orders to jet to three areas: Pharmacy, Diabetic
Record, and Education.

  MEDACT Example: Blood Glucose cont.                               MEDACT (KARDEX)
                                                                         Documenting the Medact
                                                                          Touch the medical order
                                                          Select (Performed, Discontinued, Completed, or Other)
                                                          Update to save documentation – Best way to document
                                                           actions. If you document here you DO NOT have to
                                                                         re-document in flow chart.

              How Do I                                    Medication Verification cont.

       Medication Verification cont.                      Medication Verification cont.

  1. Select Pharmacy Application
  2. Select Verify Orders
  3. Select Med to Verify (Highlights Blue)
  4. If Required to Look Touch Look (PCA and Insulins
MUST LOOK) Verify button will not appear till you look.
  5. Update

                   VERIFY BUTTON
                                                                     HOW DO I ADMINISTER
         Medication Verification cont.                              MEDICATIONS THROUGH
                                                                  MEDICATION VERIFICATION?

Medication Verification Administration                           Medication Verification Administration
Step 1: Scan patient’s armband
Step 2: Scan medication to be given
Step 3: Update the Give/Omit, Site and Reason fields as                      Using The Med List
        needed                                                       In Medication Verification Administration
Step 4: For multiple meds, repeat steps 2 and 3                   Touch Med List from the Medication Verification
Step 5: After all meds have been scanned, select Update
        It is only necessary to scan the patient’s
                  Armband one (1) time.

NOTE: If med does not scan, select Med List option. and choose
      the medication from the patient’s Pharmacy Profile.
                                                                      Pharmacy MAR Color Code
       Documenting Administration via MEDLIST
        Select the medication to be administered                Blue – X1 Medication
                                                                Light Blue – Medication has no documentation
                                                                Red – Verified Routine or PRN Medication
                                                                Gray – Unverified Medication
                                                                Black – Discontinued Medication
                                                                Orange-Reaction/response is overdue
                                                                Green- Medication is overdue
                                                                    Pharmacy MAR Display Order

                                                                                X1 Orders
                                                                             Routine Orders
                                                                               PRN Orders
                                                                              Linked Orders
                                                                          IV Piggyback Orders
                                                                         Large Volume IV Orders

 For meds that were not scanned due to emergency or             How do I document
not on the MAR at the time the dose needed to be given:   MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION?
This is for documenting medications given without            Select 24HR MAR Form the Pharmacy Screen
                                                                     Select the appropriate medication
the use of the scanning system and is not the
                                                                        Select change date and time
recommended policy. Scanning both patient and             Select Medication Given, if the medication is a PRN the
medication is the policy of the hospital unless in an               dose field may need to be addressed
emergency situation.                                             Select Update to save the documentation

                                                                  MEDICATION GIVEN BUTTON
                            PCA                                                  PCA

                                                                              25 BOLUS +25 JUST USED


  Scan pt. Scan vial to MAR and then document
           attempts and usage on paper.

                            PCA                                       Shifts Almost Over.
                                                                     What do I need to check?
                                                                    Review Patient Progress notes for accuracy
                                                                    Review Plan of Care
                                                                    Review MEDACT (Kardex)
                                                                    Review Patient Meds
                                                                    END SHIFT (aka LOCK SHIFT)
                                                                     END OF SHIFT MULTIPLE PATIENT

         These VS are hard-codes, the other options are loaded
                      according to each hospital

                                                                 END OF SHIFT   for MULTIPLE PATIENTS
    END OF SHIFT & DISCHARGE                                                WHAT DO I DO
            REPORTS                                                 WHEN A PATIENT IS GOING TO BE
At End Of Shift these reports print when nuse                               DISCHARGED?
selects End of Shift:                                               When A Patient Is Going To Be Discharged the Nurse
        All discipline Patient Progress Notes                                           Needs To:
        Nurse is responsible to make sure they printed               1. Nurse or UC – Print Medication
        And place them on the chart.                                         Reconciliation Form for MD to complete.
At 6am and 6pm:
        Pt Summary for past 12 hours to be used in                    2. Review MAR for accuracy and completeness
report with oncoming staff.
At 7am:                                                               3. Review MedAct for accuracy and completeness
        Graphic I&O
                                                                      4. Review patient Progress Notes for accuracy and
At 1am:
                                                                         completeness: POC Patient Function Screen –
        MAR for past 24 hours
                                                                         Review Progress Notes
At discharge these reports print when you select
Print Discharge Reports. DO not take patient out                      5. Review Plan of Care-May need to resolve
of system till these are printed.                                        Problems & Goals.
       Pt. Progress Notes with all disciplines notes in 1 report.
       Graphic I&O & VS                                               6. Complete Discharge Information in Logicare
       PCA/Diabetic FC
       Signature Report                                               7. Print Discharge Report then can Discharge form
       Medication Record / Final MAR

                                                                     HOW DO I DISCHARGE A PATIENT?
     DISCHARGING A PATIENT?                                                       From the Virtual Chart
   The last step in DISCHARGING a Patient is to                               Click on the Discharge Button
          Touch DISCHARGE REPORTS                                              Complete the required fields

Discharge Reports will end the shift and print final
copies of selected reports for the selected patient.
  DO I
  GET A From the Patient Function Menu
IRoutine                                      From the Virtual Chart
 Medicat    Click on #3 DISCHARGE          Click on the Transfer Button
                                           Complete the required fields
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