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					                          AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY
                          DEPARTMENT OF NEW JERSEY

TO: Unit Presidents                                    DATE: February 15, 2009
    County Presidents
    Department Officers
    Past Department Presidents

FROM: Elsie Bailey, Finance Chairman                   SUBJ: FINANCE BULLETIN
                                                             Assessments Due

A per capita tax was established at the National Executive Committee Meeting in
January, 1933 for the purpose of establishing a special fund to assist the rehabilitation
programs of the American Legion Auxiliary and The American Legion. The amount of
the assessment was increased by action of the 1985 National Convention assembled in
New Orleans. As a result, each Unit is responsible to send twenty five cents ($.25) per
member based upon senior membership as of December 31st of the preceding year. The
Department in turn, sends fifteen cents ($.15) per member to the National Organization to
support their veteran’s affairs and rehabilitation program and ten cents ($.10) remains in
Department Headquarters to supplement the Department’s programs. Each year, the
Department has been sending the monies to the national organization but has not been
reimbursed in full by the Units.

Therefore, I remind each Unit of their responsibility to send their General Welfare
Assessment of $.25 per senior member based on dues paid as of December 31, 2008 to
the Department. Poppy or VA&R monies may be used.

Department also transmits a $1200 bonding fee to the national organization that covers
theft from Unit members handling money. Each Unit is responsible to reimburse the
Department $5.00 per year for this insurance. This is a very inexpensive insurance but
Department cannot pay the annual fee without being reimbursed by the Units. This
payment must come from your General Fund and is overdue at this point in time.

Finally, the annual Special Allotment to be paid by each Unit is based on the preceding
year’s (2008) senior membership paid as of December 31st. So, again, a reminder that
since 2008 has ended, this assessment is now due Department. This payment must be
made from the General Fund.

Thank you for being a very important member of the American Legion Auxiliary and for
your support to the Department and National Organizations.

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