Scholarship letter by U3CRs1


									                           REDDING CAMFT
                            P.O. Box 990003
                     Redding, California 96099-0003

Dear Scholarship Applicant,

We are delighted you are pursuing higher education in the field of psychotherapy. We
know, perhaps better than anyone else, what that means for you as a person, emotionally,
economically and practically. And we are here to help!

The Redding Regional Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family
Therapists awards scholarships on an annual basis to deserving students, who are RRC-
CAMFT members, seeking advanced degrees. Scholarship amounts may vary from $100
to $500 and are decided by a committee that screens students who complete the
application process. Committee members look for applicants with academic excellence,
personal clarity and direction, as well as financial need.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please complete the attached
application and include a copy of your transcripts.

Applications are to be received no later than May 1st. Awardees will be contacted by
email and telephone by June 1st. Awardees are asked to attend our regular CAMFT
meeting to receive their scholarship and briefly share their personal goals and career
plans with our membership.

We look forward to reviewing your credentials and application. Best of luck in the
pursuit of your dreams!

Redding Regional CAMFT Scholarship Committee

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