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Persona                                                         credit inquiry for

Jp                   reviews seiected information from your creciit repon when you requesi a quote for insi.irance.
Thiiredit information displayed                    below was obtained from TRANS UNI0N on August 2. 201            1   ,   lt is used
to determinethe insurance score shown on page 2. lf you wish to receive a free copy of yourfullcredit
report, please contact TRANS UNION at 1-800-645-1938.
Your insurance rate is based 0n many factors: the car you drive, the amount of and type of coverage you
select, your driving and claims history, and information from your credit report, When considered
together, these factors are used to predict the likelihood of future losses for groups of people with similar
risk factors.

The following table shows the information we reviewed                     to determine your insurance score. "Average"                is

based on scores for consumers who recently quote.d with us. lf you have any questions or need additional
information aboutthis insurance credit inquiry repoft, please contact 0ur Credit lnformation Team at
If,                            Mondaythrough Friday, from B:00 am to B:00 pm            EST.


Loan and account information
r'r*o.i.i .p.., ;;ti;iil;t l;.;; ;il                  il;;;i;
pui.lni oi uuuiruur. .i.oii          1,ou are using
                                                                                                   >100%                   52

A;;;s;       ffiil;;ii;;;'         ;i;;; ih;
                                                  d;i;; .iJri 1,oui'.po'tro   roans and accounts      5+                     tr

nr.ritnl    ii tii i, 1,.ri r.if i.,..i r.p.nlo r rt. nr r ;; l;;;; ;il;r;                                                 J6

History of past due payments
l.l   umbei' of ccllecion accoun'6                                                                      4

vrrritnl    ii'iii   1,i'ri   rorf iui.nt   pust   ar.                                       0-1 8

!t:1il:::lle                  *P:g                                                                      4
N;;6;oiii;.'             1,o, uppli.o   ioiiil'oli                                                                           4

Loans have fixed terms with regular payments. Examples include car loans or leases, mortgages, student loans, and
personal loans.

Accounts have varying payments depending                         on the balance of the account. Examples include major credit cards, gas
cards and cards from department stores.

lf you have multiple applications for auto financing within 30 days of one another, then only one is counted toward
your insurance score. Likewise, multiple mortgage    applications within 30 days of one another are counted as one.
Other credit applications include   all other loan or credit card applications. However, we do not count inquiries that
result from insurance quotes, from ordering your own credit report, from creditors reviewing the terms o{ your credit cards
or loans, or from credttors prescreening you for unsolicited credit cards or loan offers.

                                                                                                               Reference number:

            No information provided means that your credit history does not include information about this specific item.

How your insurance credit score is determined
           To determine your insurance score, we subtract points   for items that indicate lower risk of future accidents
           and add points for items that indicate a higher risk. A lower score is better, as it indicates a lower
           likelihoodoffutureaccidents. Consumerswhohavelowerscoresaresignificantlylesslikelytobe
           involved in auto accidents and may be eligible for a lower premium. However, your insurance score is
           only one of many factors that were considered when your rate was determined and is generally not the
           most impoftant factor,

           Every consumer stats with the same number of                 points                                        100

           Subtract points for items better than average
           The average open date of all your reported loans and accounts was at least 5
           years ago.                                                                                     -6
           You applied for credit at least once in the last 2 years.                                      -2

                        Total of all better than average items                                                          -8

           Add points for items worse than average
           You had 1 or more collection accounts in the last 7 years.                                     8
           You are using 90% or more of your available credit.                                            7

           You had no auto loans or leases reported opened within the last 1 0 years.                     7

                        Total of all worse than average items                                                          22

           Your insurance score =                                                                                    114

           Your insurance score is 1 14, which is within the average range of scores for consumers who recently
           received a quote.



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