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Workforce Essentials Syllabus


									                              Business/Marketing Education Program
                                  Workforce Essentials 2011-2012
                                    Course Syllabus & Outline
                                   Pleasant Grove High School
                                       Stephanie Farrington

Course Description:
Workforce Essentials is a one-credit course that provides students with higher-level academic and occupational
skills that are transferable across jobs and occupational areas. Emphasis is placed on academic foundations for
careers, applied technology, career development and employment, entrepreneurship and business economics,
social and ethical responsibility, leadership and teamwork, safety and health, and technical knowledge and skills.
Students build on prior knowledge, strengths, interests and needs that enhance preparation for future employment
and continuing education and training. No prerequisite is required.

Future Business Leaders of America student organization is an integral, cocurricular component of Workforce
Essentials. This organization serves as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop
leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for professional growth. ALL
Workforce Essentials students are highly encouraged to join FBLA and participate in the club.


    Explain how to research and select career opportunities; Compare the relationship between educational
     achievement and career planning; Demonstrate how to locate, evaluate, and interpret career information
     for a specific career; Determine personal responsibility for making education and career choices; Apply
     skills needed for seeking, obtaining, maintaining and changing jobs.
    Explain the importance of effective communication skills in the workplace and demonstrate math
     computation skills in the workplace
    Identify ethical and unethical behavior and actions in the workplace
    Explain leadership skills and practices and apply leadership skills through participation in FBLA
    Identify behaviors that promote effective teamwork
    Determine uses, capabilities, and limitations of technological tools for achieving personal and workplace
    Interpret a company’s vision and mission statements, goals, and objectives with regard to a career.
    Evaluate opportunities to obtain business and industry recognized work-readiness credentials.
    Explain economic principles and concepts fundamental to entrepreneurship and differentiate among
     types of employment documents/records.
    Formulate a workplace safety plan and describe how worker safety regulations protect employees and

                              GRADING AND ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES:
       Various Projects and Reports: For example: Budget          40% of grade
       Project, Career Research Project, Resume, Interview
       Presentations, Timemaps, KeyTrain, MoneySkill
       Written Tests                                              20% of grade
       Workforce Preparation: For example: Maintaining            20% of grade
       planner, class participation, bringing all supplies daily,
       staying on task, being on time, etc.
       Final Exam/Project                                         20% of grade
                                       $ Earn your PAYCHECK! $$
                 Paychecks will be given out for various reasons, including, but not limited to:
Joining FBLA, Parent E-Mail address, being on time for class, being prepared for class, going the extra mile, class
                                               participation, etc.
              Paychecks can be “cashed” in for bonus points or TREATS from Mrs. Farrington.

90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
Below 60 F

Fee for the course is $10.00
Dues for FBLA $20.00
Make check payable to: PGHS

Notebook: A 3-ring binder with dividers is a MUST!! You will be responsible for keeping up with LOTS of
handouts as well as a section for your journal writing!!
Portfolio binder will be provided by the teacher

Course Outline                                                                                          COS
Week 1     August 11-13            Intro to Class; Email; Intro to technology, software                   12
Week 2     August 16-20            Class safety; Chapter 1 and 2; Timemaps Lesson 2                      1-4
Week 3     August 23-28            TEST; Labor Mrkt & B’ham Demo; Self Ass.                              1-4
Week 4     Aug. 30-Sept.3          Lifestyle Paper                                                       1-4
Week 5     September 6-10          LD Holiday; Last Holiday Movie/Book of Dreams                         1-4
Week 6     September 15-17         Update Career Cruising; Begin CRP                                     1-4
Week 7     September 20-24         Career Research Project (300 Points) w/                        1 – 4; 13
Week 8     Sept. 27- Oct.1         Career Research Project (300 Points) w/ P.Pt                        1 – 4; 13
Week 9     October 4-8             Entrepreneurship Project                                               15
Week 10    October 11-15           Introduction to Key Train Software; Reading/Math                     12, 14
Week 11    October 18-22           KeyTrain: Locating information/Business Writing                      12, 14
Week 12    October 25-29           KeyTrain: Listening/Observing/Writing                                   6
Week 13    November 1-5            KeyTrain: Teamwork/ Final TEST on Key Train                        9 – 11; 14
Week 14    November 8-12           VD Holiday; Intro to Resume’s/Rough Drafts                              5
Week 15    November 15-19          Resume/ Cover Letter’s                                                  5
Week 16    November 22-26          Weather days and Thanksgiving Holidays 
Week 17    Nov. 29 – Dec. 3        Interview project/ Dress for Success Day                                 8
Week 18    December 6-10           Reading Schedules/Calculating Time/Taxes                                16
Week 19    December 13-17          Calculating OT/ Hourly wages                                             7
Week 20    January 4-7             Financial Literacy Video/ Money Skill Pretest/A.Sim.                7, 15, 16
Week 21    January 10 – 14         Moneyskill Income Unit                                              7, 15, 16
Week 22    January 17 – 21         Credit/Banking: Nefe Unit 4 and 5                                   7, 15, 16
Week 23    January 24 – 28         Maxed Out Video and Timemaps Test                                   7, 15, 16
Week 24    Jan. 31 – Feb. 4        ID Theft/ Timemaps ID Theft Unit                                    7, 15, 16
Week 25    February 7 – 11         MoneySkill Expenses: checking, Renting vs. Owning                   7, 15, 16
Week 26      February 14 – 18     Money Skill Expenses: Clothing, Leasing, Vacay,                  7, 15, 16
Week 27      February 21 – 25     Insurance: Timemaps/Nefe                                         7, 15, 16
Week 28      Feb. 28 – Mar. 4     MoneySkill Assets/Savings (AHSGE WEEK)                           7, 15, 16
Week 29      March 7 – 11         MoneySkill Equities/Mutual Funds                                 7, 15, 16
Week 30      March 14 - 18        SPRING BREAK!!!!!!! 
Week 31      March 21 – 25        MoneySkill: Investing                                            7, 15, 16
Week 32      Mar. 28 – April 1    MoneySkill: Borrowing/Credit Cards/Credit Score                  7, 15, 16
Week 33      April 4- 8           MoneySKill; Insurance/Retirement                                 7, 15, 16
Week 34      April 11 – 15        Nefe unit 3: IRS/Taxes                                           7, 15, 16
Week 35      April 18 – 22        MoneySkill Final Test; Begin Budget Project                      7, 15, 16
Week 36      April 25 – 29        Budget Project                                                   7, 15, 16
Week 37      May 2 – 6            Wage Salves Video/Final Paper                                    7, 15, 16
Week 38      May 9 – 13           Safety and Health                                                  17,18
Week 39      May 16 – 20          Final Project due

Essential Questions:
    How might technology and email communication help you in a chosen career field?
    Why is it important to study local labor market and demographics of area?
    Why should one do a complete self-assessment prior to researching career choices?
    Explain different sources for obtaining information on careers? What should be considered?
    What are common characteristics of entrepreneurs?
    Why are employers interested in teamwork and leadership skills among employees?
    Why is it important to have a strong knowledge of all aspects of credit and banking? What is the
       difference in investing and saving? What is the best way to save for retirement and when should you
       start? Why is a budget so important?
    What does it mean to social responsible? Explain.

Culminating Products:
Career Research Report, Powerpoint Presentation, Career Portfolio, Resume, Cover Letter, Completed Job
Applications, Monthly Budget in Spreadsheet, Financial Literacy Certificate.

Available Industry Credentials:
WorkKeys Certificate

Make-Up Work Policy:
Per Jefferson County, you will have 2 days per EXCUSED absence to make-up any work you missed while
absent. After two days, you will receive a ZERO for work not made up. Points will be deducted one letter
grade for all work turned in late! It is YOUR responsibility to see me for work missed. I will NOT track you
down! See my contact information below.

    Mrs. Farrington’s Email:
    School Phone/Cell Phone         PGHS: 379-5250      Cell: 908-0606 (YES, you can text me!)

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