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									                                                       Winter 2011

                                       ... promoting the stewardship of nature through enjoyment, understanding and involvement.

‘Tis the Season at Micke Grove Zoo!

For three magical weekends, Micke Grove Zoo will be
transformed into a holiday wonderland. Bring the whole family
and enjoy twinkling lights, games, crafts, refreshments and
rides through Micke Grove Park on a horse-drawn carriage!
Have your family photo taken with Santa to commemorate
this fun holiday event. Refreshments will be available for
purchase from DeGrande's Café and Bakery. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for children (children under three
are free). Guests may bring a donation of canned food to benefit the Emergency Food Bank and receive one free
child's admission per family. The dates for this year's ZooLights are December 2nd & 3rd, 9th & 10th, and 16th &
17th. Each night the event runs from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. We can't wait to see you there! Happy holidays!

                                 Give a Gift to the Zoo
                                  Donate your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and Rvs! Your tax-deductible donation to
                                  the Micke Grove Zoological Society will support Zoo operations and educational
                                  programs. Support the Micke Grove Zoo and clean out your garage at the same time!
                                  Call toll free 1-888-686-4483 or donate online:

HAVE A                              During the holidays, 25 percent more waste is produced than at other times of the year.
                                    Are there ways we can have a more earth-friendly holiday? Of course!
                                    Decorate with LED lights and packaging peanuts. LED lights use 90% less energy than

GREEN                               incandescent bulbs and don't get hot, so they're safe for indoors and outdoors. String
                                    packaging peanuts like popcorn to hang on the tree.
                                    Be a “green” shopper. Don't forget to take your reusable shopping bags. Buy

HOLIDAY!                            products that have less packaging. Shop online to save gas and reduce air pollution. Give
                                    memberships to organizations like the Zoo or to gyms. Donations to charities, movie
                                    tickets, or gift certificates for massages or car washes are great green gifts. Create your
                                    own coupons for mowing the lawn or grocery shopping.
Be creative with gift wrapping. Comic strips, sheet music and maps all make great wrapping paper. Cut open paper bags,
and rubber-stamp the the inside. Use containers for gifts—wine boxes, baskets, flower pots, cereal and other food boxes,
reusable shopping bags. How about wrapping with scarves, pillowcases or towels?
Recycle wrapping paper, cards and packaging that can't be reused.
Recycle your tree. Even better, get a potted tree that you can plant in the ground when it gets bigger.
                                                                                                 Winter 2011/2012

                                              New Addition …
                                    Birth of a Chilean pudu fawn on September 11th was a bright spot on an
                                    otherwise somber day. Smallest of the deer family, pudu include both the
                                    Northern Pudu (Pudu mephistophiles) from the Andes in Colombia, Peru and
                                    Ecuador and the Southern Pudu (Pudu
                                    puda) found in the southern Andes of
                                    Argentina and Chile. This diminutive
                                    species grows to a height of less than 20
The pudu fawn weighed just over one inches at the shoulder, with adults
pound at birth!
                                    typically weighing no more than 25-30
pounds. The fawn, 570 grams (slightly more than one pound) at birth, has
grown rapidly. At four weeks it had almost quadrupled its weight and is
anticipated to reach adult size at three months of age!
As with other deer species, male pudu grow antlers that are shed
annually. Fawns are born with spots to help conceal them when they are
young and more vulnerable. In their native environment, pudu live in       Pudu are found in the Andes Mountains of South
dense vegetation giving some protection from a number of potential
predators such as horned owls, foxes and small cats. As with many wild species, the biggest threat they face is
habitat destruction.
The two pudu species are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and
Natural Resources (IUCN). Breeding at Micke Grove Zoo is part of an international effort to preserve pudu
before the species become extinct. Both the mother and father were born in 2007 – the mother at Sedgwick
County Zoo (Wichita, Kansas) and the father at Micke Grove Zoo.

Moving On …
In recent weeks Micke Grove Zoo staff said good-bye to two
employees - Zoo Curator Matt McKim and Animal Care Specialist
Annamarie Alteri.
Now working at the Sacramento Zoo as Director of Collections, Matt
came to Micke Grove as an Animal Care Specialist and later became
                               Zoo Curator. During his 11 years
                               with us Matt was involved in
                               virtually every aspect of Micke
                               Grove Grove Zoo operation and
                               development.                                           Matt says goodbye to the UC Davis veterinary crew at a
                                                                                      lunch in his honor.
                                               Annamarie, her husband Tom (who
                                               is serving on the MGZS Board of Directors) and son Gino are beginning a new
                                               adventure overseeing a ranch in Buellton, California. Starting at Micke Grove in
                                               animal care, Annamarie had more recently focused her diverse skills on the Zoo's
                                               education programs. Her new ideas and energy have stimulated growth in Micke
                                               Grove's program services.
                                               We are grateful to both Annamarie and Matt for their work to benefit Micke
Annamarie's familiarity with animal care
brought new vitality to education programs.    Grove Zoo and those served by the Zoo's exhibits and programs.
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                        Micke Grove Zoo
Memberships and Animal Adoptions
          Make Great Holiday Gifts!
Membership Package
 Members receive
 ? entry to Micke Grove Park and Zoo
 ? or reduced admission to many other zoos
  and aquariums across the U.S.
 ?Member discounts at the Zoo's gift shop
 ?Discounts on education programs, field trips
  and camps
 ? subscription to the Zoo e-newsletter
 ?Invitations to members-only events

                                      Zoo Parents Packages
                                        Zoo Parents will receive:
                                        Creature Comfort Package - $25
                                        ? Personalized certificate
                                        ? of your animal
                                        ? sheet with species information
                                        ? Recognition for a full year on the Zoo Parents board
                                        ? Invitation to the annual Zoo Parents/Members event
                                        Share the Care Package - $50
                                          All of
                                        ? the benefits of the Creature Comfort Package, plus
                                        ? zoo admission passes
                                        ? Recognition in the Zoo E-Newsletter
                                        Save $5 and choose “e-doption”. Printed adoption
                                        materials will be emailed to you.

Visit for information, pricing and application forms. Contact us at or 209-331-2010. We will help you to select the perfect gift.

              ZOO GIFT SHOP HOURS
              The Micke Grove Zoo Gift Shop will be open only on Saturdays and Sundays in
              December from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., weather permitting. We will also be open for
              ZooLights the first three Friday and Saturday evenings in December.
              Please stop in and look through our wonderful selection of animal and nature-related
              gifts for all the children on your list as well as your animal-loving friends and relatives.
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ZOOVIES-MOVIES                                                                                        Winter 2011/2012

NIGHT AT THE ZOO                                                                                   e-news
Wayne Craig, Zoovies Chair
Micke Grove Zoological Society Board Member
                                              Micke Grove Zoological Society sponsored Zoovies-Movies Night at the Zoo on October
                                              8th as a fundraising event. Three movies were shown on three screens placed throughout the
                                              Zoo. The event was a great success with over 200 people in attendance. DeGrande's
                                              Catering nearly ran out of food and the clowns were twisting balloons for almost two hours.
                                              Prior to the movies, Key Club volunteers made crafts with the kids and bagged the free
                                              popcorn and the Zoo's Education Staff presented special reptile and
                                              spider hands-on introductions.
                                         The weather was perfect and it was very cool sitting amongst the
                                         animals watching movies with the full moon rising. At one point
                                         when the spider monkeys were howling, I turned to a neighbor and
Guests at Zoovies enjoyed movies, food … said "bet you don't have that sound in your backyard". The best part
and clowns, too.
                                         of the evening was seeing all of the happy faces. Several people
approached me to say how much fun they were having and sure hoped we would do the event next year.
Many people suggested we offer movies throughout the summer.                                                             Wayne Craig chaired the
                                                                                                                         successful, and first ever,
Platinum Sponsors supporting Zoovies included, The Diede Companies and SOOPCO. The Diede                                 Zoovies.
Companies is a privately-held commercial building contractor, developer and real estate investment group
based in Lodi. SOOPCO, the Stockton Olive Oil Project Charitable Organization, is a small group of individuals who press and sell
olive oil and give 100% of the proceeds to local charities for children. For more information contact John Dentoni at 929-1433.
Other Zoovies sponsors included: Berberian Motors, Central Valley Community Bank, Snider-Diehl,-Rasmussen LLP, F&M Bank,
Imada Design, FCB Homes, RLD Partners, Lodi Assoc. of Realtors, Lodi Irrigation, Lodi Wine Lab and Truex Insurance.
The Society was very happy with the results of this event and will be exploring opportunities to offer it again. Let us know what
you think.

Howl-O-Ween is well known in the area as an event that can be enjoyed by families
with children of all ages. This year, in addition to the games, crafts and a costume
parade, some very special guests made an appearance. In keeping with the Zoo's
mission to educate visitors while keeping it fun, we brought in some very interesting
winged, nocturnal animals, often associated with Halloween.
The U.C. Davis California Raptor Center arrived early to present four different
owls: a barn owl, a great horned owl, a saw-whet owl, and a burrowing owl.Visitors
were treated to an up-close look at each of these fascinating birds – which were
presented on the glove – while Raptor Center docents talked about habitats, diets,
                                                                                             Howl-O-Ween at the Zoo guests were treated to owl
and other interesting facts for each owl. Each of the four presentations was filled          and bat presentations.
                        to capacity!
                          The Zoo also hosted some of the area's very tiniest nighttime hunters – bats. Aaron Morgan, from Flying
                          Mammal Rescue brought three of the diminutive mammals to share with Zoo guests. Visitors enjoyed a
                          fascinating talk about these often misunderstood animals, and were then invited to come up front for a
                          closer look. An acrylic “bat box” allowed the presenters to handle the little animals mere inches from
                          excited children (and adults!), most of whom had never seen a live bat up close. Many had an all new
                          respect for these important – and almost always harmless – nighttime neighbors!
                          As always, children all over the Zoo could be seen enjoying numerous fun and educational activities
                          designed just for them. Kids were encouraged to select a pumpkin from the Zoo's pumpkin patch, and bring
                          it over to the decorating table where they could customize it just as they wanted. Animal themed crafts
                          such as egg carton bats and great horned owl puppets allowed children to take home unique decorations to
                          display on Halloween night. Children were also able to test their throwing skills with bean-bag toss games
                          and pumpkin ring toss. The afternoon culminated in the costume parade, which featured a long train of
Costumed characters
of all sizes roamed the   excited children winding its way around the entire Zoo. To top it all off, the weather could not have been
Zoo.                      better – beautiful sunshine contributed to making this day a huge success!
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VOLUNTEER                                                                                           Winter 2011/2012

APPRECIATION                                                                                      e-news
                                    It is impossible for the Micke Grove Zoo staff to express just how grateful they are for the
                                    team of committed volunteers who donate their time to the animals and visitors of the
                                    Zoo. Numerous volunteers prepare diets for animals, present educational modules for
                                    visitors, perform a multitude of maintenance tasks and help with special events, extending
                                    the small Micke Grove Zoo staff and improving the zoo experience for guests.
                                    So as a small token of their appreciation, Zoo staff invited volunteers to come to the Zoo,
                                    after hours, for hors d'oeuvres, wine and an ice cream bar.
                                    Micke Grove Zoo volunteer opportunities include keeper aides, youth and adult docents,
                                    Lorikeets! exhibit volunteers, special event volunteers, Zoo Camp counselors, and others.
                                    Although all volunteers are appreciated, some were singled out for special recognition at
                                    the event. Special awards included:
                                    Chau Tran – Keeper Aide Rookie of the Year
                                    Aidan Backus – Youth Docent Rookie of the Year
                                    Ty Boyd – Youth Docent Good Egg Award
                                    Amy Carter – Adult Docent Good Egg Award
                                    Steve Trexel – Keeper Aide Good Egg Award
                                    Austin Frederick – Keeper Aide Good Egg Award
                                    Richard Beyer – Keeper Aide Good Egg Award
                                    Diane DeBruno – John Bredesen Inspiration Award
                                    Natalie Raye – Exceptional Friend of Micke Grove Zoo
                                    Kathy Gee – Exceptional Friend of Micke Grove Zoo
                                    Sue Rearic – Exceptional Friend of the Education Department
                                    Pamela Reyes – Exceptional Friend of the Education Department

                                    (Photos from top)
                                    Carol Barker and Amy Carter, recipient of the Good
                                    Egg Award, enjoying the evening.
                                    Former MGZ Docents Mitzi Shepherd and Inge
                                    Schuler were special Volunteer Recognition guests.
                                    Diane DeBruno, with Zoological Society Office
                                    Manager Monica Barragan, was honored with the John
                                    Bredesen Inspiration Award for her service to the Zoo.
                                    MGZS Board members Larry Simpfenderfer and Catey
                                    Campora helped make the recognition event a

Micke Grove Zoological Society         San Joaquin County
                                                                                         Micke Grove Zoo is located in beautiful
Board of Directors                     Board of Supervisors
                                                                                         Micke Grove Park.
Wayne Diede, President                 Frank L. Ruhstaller, District 2
Diane DeBruno, 1st Vice-President        Chairman                                        Open daily - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Wendy Moore, 2nd Vice-President        Steve J. Bestolarides, District 3                 (Closed on December 25)
Linda Jimenez, Secretary                 Vice-Chairman
Phillip Felde, Treasurer               Carlos Villapudua, District 1                     Zoo Admission:
Thomas Alteri                          Ken Vogel, District 4                             Adults - $4, Children 3-17 - $2
Catey Campora                          Leroy Ornellas, District 5
Wayne Craig
                                                                                         Vehicle admission to Micke Grove Park is
                                       Manuel Lopez, County                              $5 per car.
Ruth Kessel                             Administrator
Paul Kozlow                                                                              Visit for more
Gwen Krenecki                          Craig Ogata, Director of Parks and
Matthew McCarty                         Recreation                                       information on Zoo programs and
Larry Simpfenderfer                    Ken Nieland, Zoo & Interpretive Service           services.
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 11793 N. Micke Grove Rd.
 Lodi, CA 95240

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