Sigmar Salary Survey 2007 by lanyuehua


									            Sigmar Salary Survey 2007



recruiting individuals

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             2. Finance Services
             3. Accountancy
             4. Insurance
             5. Legal
             6. Marketing
             7. Sales
             8. HR
             9. Office
            10. IT
            11. Engineering
            12. Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical

            13. Construction & Property Services

            14. Supply Chain & Logistics


recruiting individuals
recruiting individuals
Sigmar Group, recently voted Top 10 Places to work in Ireland is a leading
innovative recruitment consultancy comprising of 7 brands and part of
Newcourt PLC.

Sigmar Recruitment is made up of specialist divisions including Financial Services,
Accountancy, IT, Engineering, Construction, Insurance, Legal, HR, Sales, Marketing, Supply
Chain and Office. This enables Sigmar to cater for and service large blue-chip companies
which have demands often far beyond the capabilities of many smaller niche agencies.
Large multinationals tend to recruit staff across diverse sectors from Sales & Marketing to IT,
from Accountancy to Legal. Such companies demand support from a single agency with a
number of specialist divisions offering seamless account management. Sigmar is perfectly
placed to offer this quality service to companies. Consequently, Sigmar can also offer its
candidates an impressive selection of opportunities with the top blue chip employers
in Ireland.

Sigmar is also delighted to work with small to medium sized businesses. Sigmar brings into
force its broad range of capabilities on behalf of smaller companies.

In the headquarters on Hume St. there are full video-conferencing facilities which allow the
consultants to interview quality candidates from all over the world. The company currently
employs over one hundred staff and has offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Prague, Bratislava,
Frankfurt, Warsaw & Gdansk.

Sigmar's success is down to its culture and long term partnership with clients. The company
has encouraged staff to invest in the company and earn shareholding which is one of the
reasons that consultant turnover has been exceptionally low. Low turnover equals
consistency in service. Sigmar also prides itself on fostering an entrepreneurial culture

through the creation of an environment that offers progression through reward, staff
development and training. Sigmar also practices effective promotion based on meritocracy.


    recruiting individuals
Financial Services
The Financial Services sector is set to see continued growth throughout 2007. Dublin
has traditionally been seen as the major hub for Financial Services’ back office operations
throughout Europe. Back Office operations will continue to be a key employer particularly in
the Asset Management and Investment Banking sectors throughout 2007.

2007 will also see an increase in strategic roles being relocated and set up in Ireland. The
Irish government has in recent years has encouraged the provision of facilities needed by
Financial Institutions setting up in Ireland, and as a result these companies should be
looking to increase their levels of senior management based here. This should lead to a
greater number of highly qualified Irish nationals returning home from traditional centres of
employment such as London and New York.

2007 will not only see employment levels rise in this sector but also changes in
it’s demographics.

                                                     1-2 years      3-5 years     5 years +
                                                     Experience     Experience    Experience
Cash Mgmt/FX/MM clerk                                25k-35k             -           -
Client Services Executive                            25k-35k             -           -
Corporate Actions Clerk                              25k-35k             -           -
Derivatives Clerk                                    25k-35k             -           -
Equities Clerk                                       25k-35k             -           -

Fixed Income Clerk                                   25k-35k             -           -
Head of Derivatives                                  80k-90k          90k-100k     100k+

Head of Equities                                     80k-90k          90k-100k     100k+
Head of Fixed Income                                 80k-90k          90k-100k     100k+
Head of Trade Support                                80k-90k          90k-100k     100k+
Manager of Cash Mgmt                                 70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manager of Client Services                           70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manager of Corporate Actions                         70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manager of Equities                                  70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manager of Fixed Income                              70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manager of Stock Lending                             70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manager of Trade Support                             70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Manger of Derivatives                                70k-80k          80k-90k       90k+
Project Manager                                      60k-75k          75k-85k       85k+
Trade Support Clerk                                  25k-35k          35k-50k        -

    recruiting individuals
                                         1-2 years    3-5 years    5 years +
                                         Experience   Experience   Experience
Cash Management Administrator            25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Client Services                          25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Corporate Actions                        25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Equity Analyst                           25k-35k      50k-70k      70k-90k
Equity Research                          25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Equity Sales                             25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Fund Administrator                       25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-80k
Investment Analysis                      25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-80k
Investment Writing/Communications        25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-80k
Listing Executive                        25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Marketing Executive                      25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Performance Analyst                      30k-40k      40k-60k      60k-80k
Private Client Manager                   25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Reconciliations                          25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-65k
Reconciliations/Payments                 25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-65k
Relationship Management                  25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Settlements Administrator                25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-70k
Administrator                            20k-23k      23k-27k      27k-35k
Bank & Structured Credit Manager         50k-65k      65k-80k      80k+
Corporate Actions                        25k-35k      35k-50k      50k-65k
Deputy Manager Corporate Banking         40k-50k         -             -

Director                                 80k-90k      90k-110k     110k-130k
Head of Private Banking                  80k-90k      90k-110k     110k-130k

Lending Manager                          50k-70k      70k-85k           -
Portfolio Advisors                       25k-40k      40k-60k           -
Private Banking Executive                30k-40k      40k-50k           -
Private Banking Manager                  50k-60k      60k-80k           -
Relationship Manager                     45k-60k      60k-80k           -
Securitization Director                  70k-80k      80k-100k     100k+
Senior Corporate Lending Manager         60k-70k      70k-90k           -
Commercial Lending                       25k-40k      40k-60k      60k-80k
Credit Analyst                           30k-40k      40k-60k      60k-80k
Customer Service                         18k-25k      25k-35k      35k-50k
Mortgage Administrator                   18k-25k      25k-35k      35k-50k
Risk     Legal                           25k-40k      40k-60k      60k-80k
Underwriters                             25k-35k      35-50k       50k-70k

    recruiting individuals
                                                          1-2 years    3-5 years    5 years +
                                                          Experience   Experience   Experience
Client Services Admin.                                    24k-27k      28k-33k          -
Corporate Actions Admin.                                  24k-27k      28k-33k          -
Dividends/Reconciliations                                 24k-27k      28k-33k          -
Fund Accountant                                           27k-35k      35k-45k       45k+
Fund Administration                                       26k-30k      26k-30k       40k+
Relationship Management                                   40k-45k      45k-55k       55k+
Administrator/Graduate                                    24k-27k         -           -
Cash Management                                           24k-27k      27k-32k       35-45k
Dealer                                                    30k-40k      40k-55k       60k-80k
Head of Treasury                                             -            -          65k+
Loans & Payments Admin.                                   24k-27k      27k-32k        -
Middle Office/Sales Support                               24k-27k      27k-35k       40k+
Settlement Administrator                                  24k-27k      27k-35k       40k+
Settlements Supervisor                                    35k-45k      45k+            -
Treasury Analyst                                          40k-45k      45-55k        55k+
Treasury Manager                                          50k-60k      60k-80k       80k+
Assistant Manager                                         38k-40k      40k-45k       50k+
Compliance Administrator                                  24k-30k      33k-45k         -
Compliance Manager                                        40k-45k      45k-65k       70k+

Compliance Officer                                        27k-33k      35k-50k       55k+

Assistant Manager, Valuations, Alternative Funds          40k-50k      45k-55k       60k+
AVP Fund Accounting                                       70k-80k      80k-100k     100k+
Equity Derivative Fund Admin.                             20k-30k      30k-40k       40k+
Financial Reporting Administrator (part qualified)        25k-30k      32k-40k         -
Financial Reporting Supervisor (part qualified)           33k-36k      40k-55k       60k+
Financial Reporting Supervisor (qualified)                40k-48k      50k-65k       70k+
Fund Advisor
Hedge Fund Specialist                                     20k-30k      30k-40k       40k+
Investment Compliance Officer                             30k-35k      35k-45k       45k+
Reporting Manager                                         60k-65k      65k-80k       80k+
Section Manager NAV                                       55k-70k      70k-80k       80k+
Statutory Reporting Manager                               60k-65k      65k-80k       80k+
Supervisor NAV Team                                       40k-55k      50k-60k       60k+
Team Lead., Corporate Admin. Services                     40k-50k      50k-60k       60k+
VP Fund Accounting                                        80k-90k      90k-100k     100k+

     recruiting individuals
Assistant Manager Shareholder Services           40k-50k    50k-65k     65k+
Administrator Structured Asset Finance           26k-30k    30k-35k     35k+
Assistant Manager, Homeloans Collections         30k-35k    40k-50k        -
Associate Ops Control                            28k-30k    32k-38k     40k-45k
Business Analyst                                 28k-33k    35k-55k     55k-65k
Cash Management Officer                          26k-28k    30k-45k        -
Conduit Trust Associate                          30k-35k    40k-50k        -
Distribution Specialist                          28k-32k    35k-45k        -
Documentation Specialist                         30k-35k    40k-50k        -
Equity Derivative Fund Admin.                    30k-35k    35k-45k        -
Graduate                                         20k-25k    25k-40k     40k+
Graduate from Retail Banking (or similar)        26k-28k    30k-40k        -
Head of Transfer Agency                          80k-90k    90k-100k    100k+
Implementation Specialist                        28k-32k    35k-50k     50k-60k
Investor Dealing Specialist                      26k-30k    35k-50k     50k-60k
Investor Services Cash Administrator             26k-30k    32k-45k     45k-55k
Liquidity Risk Project Admin                     28k-32k    35k-45k        -
Manager Market Data                              45k-50k    50k-65k     65k-70k
Market Research Analyst                          30k-40k    40k-65k     65-90k
Middle Office Operations Specialist              30k-35k    40k-50k        -
Non graduate                                     20k-25k    22k-30k     30k+
Oil Market Analyst                               45k-55k    60k-70k     70k-80k
Product Manager, Equity                             -       45k-60k     60k-80k
Product Manager, Fixed Income                       -       45k-60k     60k-80k

Relationship Manager                             55k-65k    70k-90k     90k+
Reporting Analyst                                35k-40k    40k-50k     50k-70k

Risk Manager                                        -       60k-70k     70k-75k
Senior Administrator Transfer Agency             30k-35k    35k-45k     40k+
SHS Admin.                                       20k-30k    25k-40k     40k+
Supervisory Market Data                          38k-45k    45k-55k     55k-60k
TA Representative                                20k-30k    25k-40k     40k+
TA Supervisor                                    40k-50k    50k-55k     55k+
Transfer Agency Administrator                    20k-30k    25k-40k     40k+
Transfer Agency Manager                          50k-60k    60k-70k     70k+
Transfer Agency Supervisor / Team Lead           40k-50k    50k-55k     55k+
Transfer Agency, Department Head                 80k-90k    90k-100k    100k+
Treasury Dealer                                  50k-60k       -           -
Treasury Risk Manager                            60k-70k       -           -
Treasury Solutions Department Manager            75k-85k       -           -
Treasury Specialist Team Leader                  35k-40k       -           -
VP Head of Treasury Outsourcing                  90k-100k      -           -

    recruiting individuals
Accountancy continued to provide candidates with a wide variety of opportunities in 2006.
There was continued excessive demand for part qualified and newly qualified accountants.
Demand is continuing to grow in 2007 and opportunities exist across all sectors of the
economy but especially in Shared Services, Financial Services, Construction and ICT.

                                                   1-2 years     3-5 years    5 years +
                                                   Experience    Experience   Experience
Financial Director                                 85k-110k      100k-120k    125k+
Financial Controller                               60k-70k       70k-95k       95k+
Financial/ Management Accountant                   55k-60k       60k-70k       70k+
Part Qualified Accountant                          28k-34k       34k-38k       40k+
Accounts Assistant/IATI                            25k-27k       28k-34k       35k+
Audit Manager                                      55k-60k       60k-70k        70k+
Qualified Accountant/Auditor                       45k-50k       50k-55k        55k+
Part Qualified Accountant                          18k-26k       26k-30k           -
Finance Director                                   80k-100k      100k-130k    130k+
Financial Controller                               65k-70k       70k-90k       90k+
Financial/ Management Accountant                   50k-55k       55k-68k       70k+
Part Qualified Accountant                          25k-28k       30k-40k       42k+



    recruiting individuals
2006 saw a significant increase in activity in the Life & Pensions Sector with the buoyant
Housing Market, Maturing SSIA’s and the continued growth in the economy all contributing
to its success. Subsequently there was a huge demand for experienced Life Underwriters
and Pensions Administrators with both DC & DB experience. In comparison the General
Insurance Sector remained quiet. A continued soft market and increased competition meant
there was little movement bar natural turnover in most cases. However there was a
noticeable increase in the Commercial sector in the last quarter of 2006 which continued in
the first quarter of 2007 and looks likely to continue doing so. For candidates in both sectors,
flexible working hours was the most sought after benefit and often decisions on whether to
move positions were based on this factor. With increasing commuting times and housing
developments moving ever further away from Dublin, this benefit is likely to be on the most
wanted list again in 2007.

                                                        1-2 years     3-5 years      5 years +
                                                        Experience    Experience     Experience
Commercial Underwriter                                  22k-28k       28k-40k        40k+
Personal Lines Underwriter                              20k-27k       27k-35k        35k+
Corporate Broker                                        23k-28k       28k-40k        40k+
Personal Lines Broker                                   18k-25k       25k-32k        32k+
Claims Handler                                          20k-26k       26k-35k        35k+
Loss Adjustor                                           24k-32k       32k-35k        45k+
Life Underwriter                                        28k-35k       35k-45k        45k+
Pensions Consultant (non sales)                         28k-34k       34k-45k        45k+

Pensions Administrator                                  23k-28k       28k-40k        40k+
Life Administrator                                      22k-26k       26k-35k        35k+

Claims Administrator                                    22k-26k       26k-35k        35k+
Reinsurance Underwriter                                 30k-40k       40k-55k        55k+
Reinsurance Broker                                      25k-32k       32k-45k        45k+
Compliance Manager                                      35k-45k       45k-65k        65k+
Compliance Officer                                      22k-28k       28k-40k        40k+


     recruiting individuals
The Legal recruitment market has experienced a growth in 2006/2007. Demand for
good Lawyers has increased substantially in sectors such as Property, Banking,
Funds, Tax and Employment. In-house Legal Counsel Positions are becoming
increasingly attractive options for Lawyers seeking a move from practice. Due to
onerous corporate reporting Sigmar legal has noticed an increase in demand in this
area of law. Typical benefits in the Legal sector include performance related bonus,
pension, health insurance, car allowance, company car, study package and share
options. Many firms will pay bonuses to Solicitors/Chartered Secretaries according
to their annual billings.

                                                1-2 years    3-5 years    5 years +
                                                Experience   Experience   Experience
Junior Partner                                  105k-120k    120k-140k    140k+
Senior Associate                                70k-90k      80k-120k     120k+
Assistant Solicitor (3 yrs)                     55k-65k      65k-90k       80k+
Assistant Solicitor (2 yrs)                     50k-65k      65k-90k       70k+
Newly qualified                                 40k-65k         -            -
Legal Executive/Paralegal                       25k-30k      32k-40k       40k+
Head Counsel Europe                             90k-110k     120k-140k    140k+
Head Counsel Ireland                            70k-90k      80k-120k     120k+
General Counsel                                 50k-65k      65k-90k       70k+
Assistant General Counsel                       40k-55k      60k-90k       90k+

Legal Executive                                 25k-30k      32k-40k       40k+

Head of Department                              70k-80k      80k-90k       90k+
Company Sec.( qual.)                            35k-40k      35k-45k       45k+
Company Sec. ( part qual.)                      25k-28k      28k-40k       40k+
Trainee Company Secretary                       18k-22k      22k-28k       28k+


    recruiting individuals
There has been a significant increase in demand for Marketing and PR professionals
throughout 2006. Telecoms, Banking and Professional Services showed the biggest increase
in 2006. This has continued into 2007 and traditional areas like FMCG are
recruiting heavier than last year.

There has already been a marked increase in IT in the first 4 months also. Skill sets such
as Online Marketing, Segmentation and Product Marketing are areas where demand
is outstripping supply. 2007 is going to be a great year for experienced Marketing
professionals seeking employment in the Irish Market.

                                                    1-2 years     3-5 years    5 years +
                                                    Experience    Experience   Experience
Marketing Director                                  90k-100k      100k-120k    120k+
Marketing Manager                                   60k-70k       70k-90k      80k-100k
Marketing Communications Manager                    55k-70k       60k-80k      80k+
Brand/Product Manager                               45k-50k       50k-60k      60k+
Market Research Manager                             40k-45k       45k-55k      60k+
Market Analyst                                      40k-45k       45k-55k      55k-65k+
Marketing Executive                                 30k-33k       30k-38k      35k-44k
Marketing Assistant                                 22k-25k       25k-28k      30k+
Channel Marketing                                   50k-55k       55k-60k      60k-70k
Public Relations Manager                            55k-60k       60k-65k      70k+

Public Relations Officer                            30k-33k       30k-38k      35k-44k

Creative Director                                   50k-55k       55k-65k      70k+
Art Director                                        40k-50k       45k-55k      60k+
Senior Designer                                     35k-40k       40k-45k      45k+
Junior Designer                                     25k-30k          -            -
Production Manager                                  32k-38k       35k-44k      45k+
Advertising Manager                                 45k-50k       50k-60k      55k-70k
Telemarketing Representative                        18k-22k       22k-28k      26k-32k


    recruiting individuals
Recruitment was strong again for Sales professionals in 2006. There was a sustained
demand for reps in the construction, medical and commercial areas with large increases
in demand for ICT and Financial Services sales professionals. FMCG showed the slowest
growth area due to continued restructuring in the sector.

With IT and Telecoms still very strong and the SSIA's continuing to mature, 2007 looks to be
even stronger in terms of job creation in Sales. Construction should continue to be strong
and with companies across all sectors having money to spend, career opportunities will be
plentiful in Sales.

                                                  Basic € ‘000     On Target Earnings €‘ 000
Sales Director                                       90k-110k             120k-140k
Senior Sales Manager                                 60k-90k              70k-100k
Sales Consultant 2 yrs                               32k-44k              50k-70k
Telesales                                            20k-25k              30k-35k
Group Pensions                                       40k-48k              80k-100k
Bank Assurance                                       30k-45k              50k-70k
Equity Sales                                         30k-46k              45k-70k
Mortgage                                             28k-40k              45k-70k
Broker Consultant                                    35k-50k              60k-80k
Life and Pensions                                    28k-44k              50k-70k
Property                                             70k-100k                -

Asset Finance                                        30k-45k              50k-70k

Sales Representative                                 28k-45k              40k- 60k
Area Sales Manager                                   30k+                 50k-70k
Internal Sales                                       20k-25k              30k+
National Account Manager                             55k-60k              70k-75k
Van Sales                                            20k-28k              28k-32k
Merchandiser                                         20k-25k              30k-35k
Sales Representative/Technical                       30k-40k              60k+
Area Sales Manager                                   45k-60k              80k+
Internal Sales                                       20k-25k              25k-30k
Product Specialist                                   50k-55k              70k-80k


    recruiting individuals
                                  Basic € ‘000   On Target Earnings €‘ 000
Channel Sales Manager                50k-60k            70k-80k
Business Development Exec            35k-44k            60k-70k
Account Manager                      32k-45k            55k-60k
TeleSales Representative             22k-27k            30k-35k



    recruiting individuals
Opportunities within the field of HR continued to increase during 2006; in particular there has
been a notable increase in the recruitment of experienced HR staff for contract assignments
particularly in the areas of recruitment and compensation & benefits. These trends have
continued in the first quarter of 2007 as there is continued confidence in economic growth
and a demand for retaining existing staff through training & development and increased
employment benefits.

                                                      1-2 years       3-5 years     5 years +
                                                      Experience      Experience    Experience
Executive HR Director                                 85k-115k        115k-40k      150k+
HR Director                                           85k-95k         95k-110k      120k+
Senior HRM                                            62k-75k         75k-90k       90k+
HR Manager                                            46k-55k         55k-65k       65k+
HR Generalist                                         35k-45k         45k-55k       55k+
HR Officer                                            26k-35k         35k-45k       45k+
HR Administrator                                      22k-30k         30k-42k       40k+
Training Manager                                      42k-50k         55k-75k       75k+
Training                                              22k-30k         30k-42k       45k+
Recruiter                                             25k-35k         35k-48k       50k+
Comps & Bens Administrator                            25k-35k         37k-55k       55k+
Comps and Bens Manager                                35k-45k         45k-60k       65k+
Employee Relations Officer                            25k-35k         35k-53k       55k+
Industrial Relations Officer                          25k-35k         35k-55k       55k+

Manager of the above                                  46k-54k         55k-70k       70k+


     recruiting individuals
The market for office staff is predicted to continue to grow in 2007.

2006 saw an increase in the demand for experienced senior office staff, as more
varied and responsible roles became available. With this trend continuing in early 2007,
the career options for professional administrators has never looked more promising.

The public sector is increasingly seeking more contract and temporary staff, as are the IT
and banking sectors. These vacancies offer excellent opportunities to candidates, to gain
experience, in a number of different industries. These roles are particularly suited to
candidates from overseas who may require more contractual flexibility or to those who are
seeking a career change.

The legal sector has continued to flourish both in the city and in the greater Dublin area.
Legal Secretaries have now opportunities to work within large corporate firms in the city,
or closer to home, without compromising their experience or salary.

Overall projections for 2007 are increasing numbers of temporary and contract positions
being made available across all sectors and for the continued demand for experienced
professional permanent staff.

                                                      1-2 years         3-5 years    5 years+
                                                      Experience        Experience   Experience
Administrators                                        23k-26k           26k-33k      33k-38k
Receptionists                                         22k-25k           25k-28k      28k+
Secretaries                                           23k-27k           27k-35k      35k-40k

Personal Assistants                                   25k-30k           30k-40k      40k+
Office Managers                                       30k-35k           35k-45k      40k+

Legal Secretaries                                     28k-32k           32k-36k      36k+
Customer Service Representatives                      20k-25k           25k-30k      30k+
Post room Clerks                                      20k-23k           24k-26k      26k+
Data Entry Clerks                                     20k-22k           22k-25k      25k+


    recruiting individuals
2006 saw a continuation of the current skilled workforce in Ireland not meeting the demand.
As a consequence there was a huge demand for software developers with Java, .Net and
Web development experience. This void was filled by workers coming mainly from Italy,
Spain, Poland and Hungary.

There has been a significant trend towards clients looking to bring expertise in-house as
opposed to using contract resources. This shows that increased permanent headcounts
have been sanctioned in companies which reflects positively on the increased amount of
new business in the sector.

Despite Ireland recently losing a certain amount of call centre work to Eastern Europe and
Asia there has been a continuous steady increase in more high value, highly skilled roles
being brought into Ireland.

Ireland has a promising indigenous software sector and there are more of these companies
appearing in 'niche' areas, especially Telecoms and Mobile Internet related technologies
Ireland is still attracting investment from Multinationals and still being seen as a strong option
for European Headquarters.

                                                        1-2 years       3-5 years   5 years +
                                                        Experience      Experience  Experience
Java Software engineer                                   28k-34k        33k-45k     45k-60k
Senior Software engineer                                 33k-45k        45k-60k
QA Engineer                                              27k-32k        32k-40k     40k-52k
Senior QA Engineer                                       32k-40k        40k-52k

Project Manager                                          50k-75k (+ bonus)
Product Development Manager                              60k-80k (co. size N.B.)

Systems administrator Linux/UNIX                         30k-35k        38k-50k     50k-60k
Systems administrator Windows                            30k-35k        38k-45k     45k-55k
IT Manager                                               55k-75k (co. size dependent)
Database Engineer                                        30k-35k        38k-50k     55k-70k
Technical Architect                                      60k-80k           -           -


     recruiting individuals
2006 saw a significant increase in activity in more strategic engineering roles and 2007
promises to be very similar. This mirrors the move towards higher end production and R&D
developments over the last 3 years, as more manual production roles migrate to Eastern
Europe and the Far East. 2006 & the first quarter of 2007 has seen unprecedented demand
from outsourced facilities & ancillary service companies as OEMs want to concentrate
development and resources on developing their core business and intellectual property.

A number of higher end food and pharmaceutical producers have made this development
previously and now corporate institutions have sought to follow suit. Along similar lines a
number of corporate bodies as well as high end manufacturing companies have embraced
Six Sigma styled process improvement teams, which again are providing strategic
opportunities for engineers who have a natural affinity for analysis and improvement.

                                                    1-2 years      3-5 years    5 years +
                                                    Experience     Experience   Experience
Project Engineer                                     26k-33k       35k-55k      60k+
Process Engineer                                     25k-35k       35k-53k      55k+
Lean Engineer                                        26k-35k       35k-55k      55k+
Six Sigma Engineer                                   27k-35k       35k-55k      58k+
Automation Engineer                                  26k-33k       35k-50k      53k+
Electrical Engineer                                  28k-36k       36k-56k      56k+
Electronic Engineer                                  28k-36k       36k-54k      55k+
Mechanical Engineer                                  28k-33k       34k-52k      57k+
Mechanical Design                                    28k-33k       35k-54k      55k+

Chemical Engineer                                    28k-33k       35k-55k      57k+
Engineering Manager                                      -         45k-55k      60k+

Manufacturing Engineer                               27k-35k       35k-50k      55k+
Service Engineer                                     26k-33k       35k-47k      52k+
Maintenance Engineer                                 28k-35k       35k-52k      52k+
Quality Engineer                                     25k-32k       35k-50k      52k+
Six Sigma Consultants                                28k-35k       35k-60k      60k+
Validation Engineer                                  26k-33k       35k-58k      58k+
Facilities Engineer                                  26k-33k       35k-55k      57k+
Facilities Manager                                   28k-36k       35k-60k      60k+
Technical Services Manager                               -         45k-55k      60k+
Operations Manager                                       -         45k-55k      60k+
Maintenance Technician                               23k-32k       33k-42k      45k+
AV Technician
         Legal                                       23k-32k       33k-42k      42k+
CAD Technician                                       23k-32k       33k-42k      42k+
Manufacturing Supervisor                             26k-33k       35k-52k      52k+
Manufacturing Manager                                    -         45k-55k      60k+

    recruiting individuals
Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical
The Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical sector underwent significant growth over the past
12 months. Significant inward investment from global industry giants into developing their
existing operations is fuelling the growth in demand for science graduates and profession-
als. Demand for experienced/qualified personnel has grown exponentially, so much so that
it is both fair and accurate to describe the current employment market as candidate driven.
Experienced candidates can in the current environment reasonably expect to receive to 2-3
offers. As a result of this demand climate, Sigmar Recruitment can testify that salaries on
average for qualified personnel have increased by 17-20% in the past 18 months.

The major contributing factor to the growth in remuneration packages for qualified persons
is the aforementioned considerable ongoing inward investment by science multi-nationals in
the Irish economy, who are attracted by the particular focus that the Irish Education, and in
particular University systems, place on technical focused curricula. Science graduates are
commanding amongst the highest entry salaries of any graduate discipline. Despite the
increasing number of qualified persons coming out of our Third Level Institutions, demand is
continuing to outstrip supply. At Sigmar we envisage that this momentum will show little sign
of subsiding in the medium term, with many companies increasing their capital and
intellectual investment in research and development. Sigmar in response to the demands of
the market is carefully growing its scientific division to best encapsulate the needs of our
clients and candidates.

                                                     1-2 years      3-5 years     5 years +
                                                     Experience     Experience    Experience
QA/QC Manager                                        60k-65k        65k-75k       75k+
QA/QC Supervisor                                     40k-45k        45k-55k       55k+

QA/QC Analyst                                        27k-33k        33k-35k       35k+
Microbiologist                                       27k-33k        33k-35k       35k+

Qualified Person                                     60k            Negotiable    Negotiable
Regulatory Affairs Manager                           40k-50k        50k-65k       Negotiable
Regulatory Affairs Specialist                        30k-35k        35k-45k       45k+
Compliance Manager                                   50k-60k        60k-75k       Negotiable


    recruiting individuals
Construction & Property Services
2006 saw a significant increase in activity in the both sectors of this division. General
construction rose extensively through the year with increases mainly in recruitment for
construction professionals on site, such as engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers
and particularly QA Inspectors. Construction services, such as architecture, planning
consultation and engineering designers, have grown immensely in the past 12 months as well.

However, as these sectors are highly active, our busiest area is Property services, such
facilities management and building services. Sigmar Construction and Property Services have
formed numerous relationships with some of the country’s largest and most prominent Facilities
Management companies.

2007 promises to bring more success and particularly more growth in these areas. Construction
in Ireland is expected to continue and the infrastructural networks around the country continue
to be upgraded. This will ensure a busy time for those recruiting for these projects. We also
expect a large increase in the Health & Safety sector, and currently are forming bonds with some
of the country’s best H&S service providers. Due to this expected increase in activity, Sigmar is
currently implementing a variety of initiatives to attract the industry’s top candidates.

                                                        1-2 years      3-5 years      5 years+
                                                        Experience     Experience     Experience
Site/Contracts Manager                                   40k-50k       50k-60k        60k-70k
Project Manager                                          35k-45k       45k-55k        55k+
Site Engineer                                            30k-45k       45k-60k        60k+

QA Inspector                                             25k-40k       40k-50k        50k+
Quantity Surveyor                                        30k-50k       50k-60k        60k-70k

Architect                                                30k-45k       45k-60k        60k+
Architectural Technician                                 24k-30k       30k-40k        40k-50k
Planning Consultant                                      28k-40k       40k-50k        60k+
Engineering Consultant - Design                          25k-35k       35k-50k        50k+
Facilities Manager - (Hard & Soft Services)              32k-40k       40k-55k        60k+
Facilities Engineer                                      30k-40k       40k-55k        55k+
Building Services Engineer                               30k-40k       40k-55k        55k+
Health & Safety Manager                                  35k-45k       55k-65k        60k+
Health & Safety Officer                                  25k-35k       35k-45k        45k-50k+

     recruiting individuals
Supply Chain and Logistics
Sigmar have noted a substantial increase in Supply Chain and Logistics roles over the last
year and predict a lot more activity for 2007. Areas of particular buoyancy have been within
the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. A recent report shows that Irish-owned exporters
increased their overseas sales by 10.2% last year to €11.8 billion. The food and drink
sectors have had a very good year, with 8% growth in food and 14% in drink. This year will
see an increase in companies outsourcing to China and India as a means of consolidating
costs and improving on overall supply chain functionality.

In order to win in today’s marketplace companies must improve productivity while lowering
costs and bringing quality products to market quicker than ever before. Innovative and
effective Supply Chain Management is the key to gaining competitive advantage, reducing
costs and making your company more profitable.

There has been a lot of movement at Senior Level within the Supply Chain sector over the last
year also, with a majority of candidates willing to move into Contract roles within the
Pharmaceutical industry in order to break through to this highly desirable market. Within
purchasing specifically, Sigmar have worked with a number of companies who are seeking to
centralize their Purchasing function for Europe and employing Strategic Sourcing
professionals here in Ireland in order to facilitate this. Many senior candidates are also choos-
ing the consultancy option which offers high perks and very interesting roles including Vendor
and Category Management.

At a more junior level, Sigmar have noticed a substantial increase in Supply Chain qualified
graduates who are coming into the market and considering this sector as a long term career
path. Due to its broad appeal Supply Chain positions seem to be attracting a huge number of
candidates, both experienced and those wishing to break into it.


                                                        0-2 years     3-5 years     5 years +
                                                       Experience     Experience    Experience
Junior Buyer                                           23k-25k        25k-28k       28k+
Buyer                                                  30k-35k        35k-40k       40k+
Senior Buyer                                           40k-50k        50k-60k       60k+
Commodity Manager                                      50k-60k        60k-65k       65k+
Inventory Controller                                   28k-30k        30k-32k       32k+
Inventory Planner                                      30k-35k        35k-42k       42k+
Inventory Manager                                      45k-50k        50k-55k       55k+
Warehouse Supervisor                                   30k-32k        32k-35k       35k+
Warehouse Manager                                      35k-40k        40k-45k       45k+
Logistics Manager                                      45k-48k        48k-55k       55k+
Transport Manager                                      40k-42k        42k-45k       45k+
Production Planner                                     30k-35k        35k-38k       38k+

     recruiting individuals
                                  0-2 years    3-5 years    5 years +
                                  Experience   Experience   Experience
Demand Planner                    32k-35k      35k-38k      38k+
Planning Manager                  45k-50k      50k-55k      55k+
Senior Production Planner         40k-45k      45k-48k      48k+
Purchasing Assistant              22k-24k      24k-30k      30k+
Purchasing Supervisor             35k-38k      38k-40k      40k+
Purchasing Manager                55k-60k      60k-65k      65k+
Supply Chain Manager              55k-60k      60k-70k      70k+
Supply Chain Director             80k-90k      90k-100k     100k+
Operations Manager                50k-60k      60k-65k      65k+
Head of Procurement               70k-80k      80-100k      100k



    recruiting individuals

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