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Mid -Winter
February 3 & 4, 2012

   Dixie Center
  St. George, UT

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K                                              C                                                B
E                                              H                                                A
Y                                              O                                                N
N                                              R
O                                              A                                                D
T                                              L

         General Session                                    Choral Sessions                               Band Sessions
                 Dr. Scott C. Shuler,                             Dr. Mark Henderson,                           Dr. K. Newell Dayley
                 President (2011-2012)                            Weber State University •                      • Brass Workshop:
                 National Association                             Choir Formations: What                        Successful Solutions to
                 for Music Education                              works and Why?                                Common Problems –
                 (NAfME) • Keynote                                How a choir stands                            Clinician:
                 Address                                          onstage and in rehearsal                      Participants will discuss
                 Scott C. Shuler is the Arts                      makes a BIG difference.                       and experience solutions
Education specialist in the Connecticut            This session will explore, through           to common problems shared by all brass
State Department of Education. He                  demonstration, the many ways you can         players with attention to the pedagogical
has served as Assistant Superintendent             use your rehearsal and performance           similarities and differences from one
for Curriculum and Instruction for the             arrangements to improve music making.        instrument to another. Participants
Simsbury Public Schools; taught 3-12               Target audience: Choir – all levels          should bring a mouthpiece from their
instrumental and general music and                                                              brass instrument of choice together with
conducted church choirs in Michigan,                              Dr. Luke Howard,              an attitude of curiosity and a desire for
Delaware, and Wisconsin; taught music                             Brigham Young                 discovery.
education courses at several universities,                        University • Incorporating    Target audience: jr. high/middle school,
including the Hartt School, Eastman                               Music History into the        high school and college band directors
School of Music, and New England                                  Choral Rehearsal
Conservatory; and served as Associate                             In a choral rehearsal,                        Steve Park • Tone,
Professor and Coordinator of Music                                the elements of historical                    Intonation and
Education at California State University,          context and style can often be overlooked                    Musicianship
Long Beach. He was a member of the                 or marginalized. This session explores                       How do you get your
task force that developed America’s                various approaches and methods of                            trumpet section to blend?
National Standards in music.                       integrating music history into the every-                    How do you get your
                                                   day rehearsal.                                               horns and saxes to play
Sessions by Scott Shuler                           Target audience: Choir – all levels          in tune? How do you teach students
The Top 10 Reasons Music Teachers                                                               to listen? When do you start teaching
Don’t Assess – and Getting Over It                                 Dr. Reed Criddle, Utah       these concepts? How do you go about
Learn how skilled music educators at all                           Valley University •          doing it? How do you make the students
grade levels are getting past common                               Conducting the How:          responsible for their own playing? How
obstacles (time, large number of students,                         Refined Gesture for Subtle   do you help them to care about how
etc.) to assess their students’ learning,                          Ensemble                     they sound? This session is a “nuts and
manage the information (data), and use it                          Beyond patterns and          bolts” discussion and demonstration of
to improve student learning in individual                          clicks, we will explore      how concepts of tone, intonation and
classrooms and district-wide. Drawing              the art of conducting and its ability        musicianship are taught in the classroom
on years of working with teachers on               to engage the visual learner and the         every day.
classroom, district, and national (NAEP)           kinesthetic learner alike. UVU Chamber       Target audience: high school, jr. high
assessments, NAfME National President              Choir, guest artists.                        and middle school band directors and
Scott Shuler talks about how we can play           Target audience: Choir – all levels          other conductors working with wind
and game, so that our students come out                                                         players
winners.                                                          Cory Mendenhall, Maple
Target audience: general interest                                 Mountain High School •                       Dr. Elaine Lewis
                                                                  “Changing” Male Voices                       Jorgensen • Formula for a
Middle Grade Music Programs:                                      in Junior High and High                      Fabulous Flute Section!
Designing and Advocating for Quality                              School Choir, part 2                         Quick and sure-fire
Music in the middle grades can be either                             As a follow-up to Cory’s                  remedies for flute
a launching pad for continued                                       “Changing Male Voices”                     problems, such as
                  see “Keynote,” page 23                               see “Choral,” page 25                        see “Band,” page 25
                                                                               Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012               21
O                                            J                                                J
R                                            R                                                A
C                                                                                             Z
                                             H                                                Z
S                                            I
T                                            G
R                                            H

      Orchestra Sessions                           Middle/Jr. High Sessions                                    Jazz Sessions

                 Chris Rohrecker, VP-                            Randy Pagel • Cultivating        Jon Gudmundson • Improvisation:
                 U.S. Brand Manager,                             Excellence in your Choral        Making phrases out of scales and chords
                 Thomastik-Infeld, • The                         Program                          Jazz improvisation is an essential element
                 String Clinic!                                  Learn from a veteran             of being a jazz musician. While many
                 Come and learn about                            middle grade choir               educators struggle with improvisation,
                 the latest developments                         teacher how to elevate the       most teachers can teach scales and
                 in strings and how they                         level of your choir. Randy       chords. Help your students bridge the
interact with your instrument. Bring your        Pagel’s enthusiasm for inspiring students        gap between scales/chords and making
instrument and receive a personal string         to reach their potential will help you           melodic phrases in their improvisation.
consultation and a free set of strings to        understand both the philosophical and            Target audience: high school, jr.
evaluate! Note: Sessions will be Friday at       practical aspects of creating a culture          high and middle school jazz teachers,
8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. To receive a free set       of success in your choir classroom with          collegiate
of strings, teachers need to pre-register        special emphasis on working with middle
by sending an e-mail to Shauna Smith,            school and junior high.                          Jon Gudmundson • Make Your
letting her know which session they will         Target audience: middle/jr. and                  Saxophones Wail!
attend: shaunasmith@alpinedistrict.org           high school choir teachers, collegiate           From mouthpieces, tone production,
Target audience: string teachers – all           members, higher ed. members                      embouchure and balance: how to make
levels, collegiate members, higher-ed                                                             your saxophones really wail in the big
members                                          Randy Pagel • The Choral Director’s              band! Never settle for average again.
                                                 Guide to Sanity...and Success!                   Target audience: high school, jr.
Bob Phillips, ASTA President-elect,              Get prepared, organized, and enthused            high and middle school jazz teachers,
Alfred Music Director of String                  for the kind of teaching that will help          collegiate
Publications (sponsored by ASTA) • Tone          both you and your students have the
Up Your Orchestra                                best possible experience in choir. Based         Frank Kimbrough • How to help your
Train your orchestra to play with                on Randy Pagel’s bestselling book of             classically trained Jazz Pianist, Sponsored
beautiful sound. String players at all           the same name, this clinic will help you         by Snow College and the Juilliard School
levels can learn to play with a great            understand how to build and maintain a           of Music
sound in each level of orchestral                flourishing choral program.                      The school director is often faced with
playing. Instrument-specific ideas will          Target audience: middle/jr. and                  plunging a classically trained pianist into
be presented. Be sure to bring your own          high school choir teachers, collegiate           the jazz band. With just a little help these
instrument.                                      members, higher-ed members                       students can find success.
Target audience: string teachers – all                                                            Target audience: high school, jr.
levels, collegiate members, higher-ed                             Steve Park, Centennial          high and middle school jazz teachers,
members                                                           Jr. High School • Tone          collegiate
                                                                  Quality and Intonation in
Bob Phillips and Pam Phillips • Are You                           the Junior High/Middle          Jason Nicholson • Developing Your
Using the Method that Revolutionized                              School Band                     Rhythm Section
Teaching? Unleash the Power of Sound                              Target audience: jr.            The energy core of any jazz ensemble
Innovations                                                       high/middle school band         is the rhythm section. The intensity of
Train your orchestra to play with                directors, collegiate members, higher-ed         the rhythm section tells the band of the
beautiful sound. String players at all           members                                          style, intent, time, groove, and spiritual
levels can learn to play with a great                                                             nature of the music. Learn techniques for
sound in each level of orchestral                Zach Poulter, Syracuse Jr. High • General        developing a strong foundation in your
playing. Instrument-specific ideas will          Music Roundtable                                 Rhythm Section.
be presented. Be sure to bring your own          Get fresh ideas and unique perspectives          Target audience: high school, jr.
instrument.                                      on how to make your General Music
                 see “Orchestra,” page 25           see “Jr. High/Middle School,” page 28                                see “Jazz,” page 12

22              Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012
H                                            E                                                  E
I                                            L                                                  A
G                                            E                                                  R
H                                            M                                                  L
E                                            E                                                  Y
R                                            N
E                                            R
D                                            Y
      Higher-ed. Sessions                             Elementary Sessions                                 Early Childhood Day
                                                                                                              Saturday, February 4
                               Kirt                               Denise Gagne (sponsored
                               Saville                            by J.W. Pepper Music
                               and Rob                                                                              Julie Goodro • University
                                                                  • Listening Fun with                              of Utah, clinician
                               Dunn,                              ribbons, tennis balls,
                               BYU •                                                                                Schedule:
                                                                  scarves and more!                                 8-9 a.m. Registration
                                                                  Active listening strategies                       (free to UMEA members
                                                                  engage the listener and                           with paid conference
Conducting through Music Mapping                 create a listening experience that helps                           registration)
Music Education majors often struggle            the student to become more perceptive              8:45-9 a.m. Good Morning Songs with
with the tyranny of beat patterns. We            listeners. You can make classical music            Brittany
strive to develop conducting technique           listening the requested activity in your           9-10:30 a.m. Opening Session Sing a
that models clarity and accuracy which           classroom with these easy-to-learn, fun            Line, Play a Painting, Julie Goodro
effectively communicates the “when”              activities!
and “where” of music events. However,                                                               10:45-Noon Los Gatos Black Arts and
                                                 Target audience: elementary music                  Literacy with Julie
we find that it is much more difficult           teachers, district music specialists,
to free ourselves and “out” students                                                                1-2:45 p.m. Afternoon Sequential
                                                 collegiate members                                 Sessions Pictures at an Exhibition, Part 1
from beat patterns in order to show
the “how” of the musical line. Music             Other sessions by Denise Gagne:                    2:45-3:45 p.m. Pictures at an Exhibition,
mapping is a method of representing                                                                 Part 2
                                                 Sensational Singing Games for K-3
sound through iconic symbols and                                                                    3:45 p.m. Closing Songs
diagrams that are not necessarily                                                                   Target audience: pre-school, K-6
connected to traditional elements of             Children everywhere love singing games.
                                                 Teach rhythm and melody reading                    teachers, specialists and collegiate
music notation. This presentation utilizes                                                          members.
“music mapping” to present a nonmetric           sequentially using your student’s favorite
approach to representing music events            games! In this session, you’ll participate,
and gestures. Participants will be asked         play and see how teaching the game can
to “trace” music maps of instrumental            enhance your curriculum.                           from “Keynote,” page 21
pieces and then to reflect and try to            Target audience: K-3 music teachers,
incorporate some of these gestures into          district music specialists, collegiate             involvement through high school and
their conducting. We will also examine           members                                            beyond, or a dead end for students’
the power of music maps in terms of                                                                 musical aspirations. Citing seminal
cementing musical ideas and revealing            Exploring Cultures through Songs and               middle grade publications and innovative
form in the mind of the conductor.               Games                                              classrooms from across America, Scott
Target audience: higher-ed, band,                                                                   Shuler helps participants envision
                                                 Children learn music, social skills, and
orchestra, high school, jr. high/middle                                                             and sell quality middle grade music
                                                 about cultures when playing singing
school conductors
                                                 games. Play singing games from                     programs. Participants will have
                 Thomas Herb, SUU •              around the world that children really              opportunities to pose questions and
                 Teaching Improvisation…         enjoy. Singing games provide excellent             discuss answers.
                 in Concert Band?                opportunities to teach and assess musical          Target audience: middle and jr. high
                 This demonstration/             concepts. In this session you’ll sing and          school teachers, collegiate members,
                 lecture will present            play the games and learn ways to use for           higher-ed members
                 ways and techniques             teaching and assessment.
                 to incorporate                  Target audience: elementary music                  Note: Scott Shuler will also address the
                 improvisation activities
                                                 teachers, district music specialists,              collegiate luncheon.
into rehearsals using literature such as
the Holst suites, Sousa marches, and             collegiate members
other standard band repertoire.
                                                 Assessment Made Easy
Target audience: band, high school, jr.
                                                 Quick, practical ideas for assessment
                  see “Higher-ed,” page 28
                                                                see “Elementary,” page 28
                                                                               Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012                    23
P                                                    E                                      H
E                                                    X                                      O
R                                                    H                                      T
F                                                    I                                      E
O                                                    B                                      L
R                                                    I                                      S
M                                                    T
E                                                    S

           Performing Groups                                      Exhibitors                         Conference Hotels
                                                         A+ Tours & Travel                      Hilton Garden Inn
                                                         Believe Kids                           1731 S Convention Center Drive
                                                         Brightspark Travel, Inc.               435-634-4100 rate: $89 (for 2 in sin-
                                                         DeHann Enterprises                     gle or 4 in double); includes breakfast
                                                         DeMoulin Brothers & Company            La Quinta Inn & Suites St. George
                                                         D’Addario & Company, Inc.              91 East 2680 South
                                                         D’Addario Bowed Strings                St. George, UT 84790
                                                         Eastman Music Company                  Phone: 435-674-2664
                                                         Evan Drum Heads                        Fax: 435-628-7792
                                                         Getzen, Inc.                           $75 (can accommodate up to 4 people
            Weber State Wind Ensemble                    ProMark Drum Sticks & Mallets          per room)
               Thomas Root, director                     Rico Reeds                             Comfort Suites
The Wind Ensemble is the principal wind                  Summerhays Music Center                1239 S Main
performing organization at Weber State University.       Travel Passport                        435-673-7000 rate: $70 (single or
Comprised of majors and non-majors alike, this           Utah Winter Drumline Association       double); includes breakfast
audition-only ensemble is one of three Spring            Visual Jazz Publications               Best Western Abbey Inn
semester concert organizations available for             Yamaha                                 1129 S Bluff St.
students at WSU. Also available are the Symphonic                                               435-652-1234 or 888-222-3946 rate:
Band, an all-campus band with generally younger          SCHOOLS/Universities:                  $80; includes breakfast
membership, and Wind Ensemble members on                 Brigham Young University               Quality Inn
second instruments, and the Ogden Concert Band,          Dixie State College                    1165 S Bluff
a combined student/community ensemble which              Snow College                           800-231-4488, offering 10% discount
meets on Wednesday evenings. Dr. Thomas Root             Southern Utah University               on regular rate.
is principal conductor of all three ensembles. The       Utah State University                  Holiday Inn Hotel
Wind Ensemble has enjoyed a national reputation          Utah Valley University                 850 S Bluff St.
built on acclaimed performances in New York’s            Westminster College                    435-628-4235
Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los                                                  ask for $72 “UMEA” rate
Angeles, California, and Washington DC’s Kennedy         Not confirmed at press time but        Budget Inn and Suites
Center. The Wind Ensemble has also performed             expected:                              1221 South Main
internationally on four separate occasions, twice                                               800-929-0790
in Taiwan and twice in Germany, where the band           Tuacahn High School for the            Clarion Suites
will again travel in summer, 2012. The WSU Wind          Performing Arts                        1239 South Main
Ensemble has been joined in performance by               University of Utah                     800-428-0754
numerous internationally known guest artists, most       JW Pepper                              Ramada Inn
recently including euphonist Jason Ham, the West         Grand Mesa Music Publishers            1440 East St. George Boulevard
Point Military Academy Regimental Brass, the             American Band                          435-628-2828
United States Army Field Band Brass Quintet as           Musician Opportunity Network           Coronada Inn and Suites
well as Kristin Morant. For more information on          (moNET)                                559 E. St. George Boulevard
the Weber State University Wind Ensemble, call the       BYU-Idaho                              800-261-6094
WSU Department of Performing arts at801-626-             Wenger                                 Best Western Coral Hills
6437, or look us up online at www.weber.edu              Pearson                                125 East St. George Boulevard
                                                         Music Works                            800-542-7733
 Southern Utah University Percussion Ensemble                                                   Econo Lodge
           Dr. Lynn Vartan, director                                                            460 East St. George Boulevard
The Southern Utah University Percussion Ensemble,                                               877-963-2666
                see “Performing Groups,” page 29                                                For more hotels see: stgeorgelodging.
24              Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012
from “Choral,” page 21                        orchestra, flute choir, solo & ensemble         Using the Dixie State College Symphonic
                                              performances or concerto competitions;          Band for demonstration, Dr. Shannon
presentation of 2010, this session will       knowing how to choose a good flute              Roberts will provide ideas on how to
offer continued understanding of how          without breaking the budget; “magic             utilize different seating arrangements to
we can effectively help our students          tricks” to help your students; change out-      maximize your ensembles potential.
accept their natural voices and varying       of-date or one-size-fits-all info. for better   Target audience: jr. high/middle school,
capabilities in a choral setting. Maple       results; demonstrations, helpful handouts       high school and college band directors
Mountain High School Men’s Chorus,            and entertaining discussions to help
guest artists.                                create a fabulous flute section!!                              John Miller • Marching
Target audience: Choir – all levels           Target audience: elementary, jr. high,                         Band Session
                                              middle and high school band and                                Target audience:
Anne Puzey, Bennion Junior High               orchestra directors                                            marching band directors
School & Hale Centre Theatre • The                                                                           Note: More band sessions
School Musical: Where to start?                               John Bowman, facilitator                       under “General Session,”
Anne is an in-demand music director                           • Band Directors’ Panel
                                                                                                             Jr. High/Middle School,”
for school and community productions.                         Discussion
                                                                                              “Higher-ed,” and possibly others,
Exploring new and effective ways to                           Have you ever wondered
provide music direction for the school                        how successful band             according to member’s interest.
musical is information many teachers                          directors operate and
need....but few are trained to do.                            manage their programs?          from “Orchestra,” page 22
Target audience: choir directors - all        Are you looking for new ideas to improve
levels, collegiate, others with interest in   your program? Come participate in               Target audience: string teachers – all
musical theater                               a panel discussion with experienced             levels, collegiate members, higher-ed
                                              band directors who will share ideas             members
ACDA Board • ACDA Reading Session:            and policies they have developed to
Problem-solving pieces                        establish and maintain a successful             Bob Phillips • ASTA Luncheon
Packets provided for first 150 attendees.     program. Topics of discussion will              What do we do next? Loving our job in the
Read through pieces that are geard to         include recruitment, budgeting, grading,        21st century.
rectify or mask certain problems within       performance schedules, and other topics         Target audience: string teachers – all
an ensemble.                                  of interest.                                    levels, collegiate members, higher-ed
Target audience: choir – all levels           Target audience: jr. high, middle and           members
                                              high school band directors
                Claudia Bigler and others                                                     Ryan Kemp, facilitator • String Reading
                • Christmas Commotion:        Dr. Lynn Vartan • Find your Next                Session
                Controlling the Chaos         Concert Percussion Ensemble Pieces!             Come and play music with your fellow
                How to deal with,             The Southern Utah University                    string music educators. Music that is been
                plan for, and make the        Percussion Ensemble, under the                  tried by your collegues and music that has
                most out of the hectic        direction of Dr. Lynn Vartan, will              just been released will be examined and
                Christmas Season. Find        present a variety of new works for              played during this session. Bring your
out what other teachers do to make the        percussion ensembles. Pieces presented          instrument!
holiday season memorable and enjoyable.       will cover a wide spectrum of levels            Target audience: string teachers,
Target audience: choir directors,             ranging from middle school ensembles            collegiate members
collegiate                                    up to music for advanced high school
                                              groups. Many different styles and genres        Andy Dabczynski and Steven Fairbanks •
Note: More choral sessions under              will be presented with the intent for           Using media to enhance your performances
“General Session,” Jr. High/Middle            directors to find fresh, new pieces that        Target audience: general interest for all
                                              can be programmed for their groups.             music teachers
School,” “Higher-ed,” and others,
                                              Information on where to get music will be
according to member’s interest.
                                              provided.                                       Peggy Wheeler • Ideas for your music
                                              Target audience: jr. high, middle and high      program
                                              school band directors                           Peggy will present technics that she has
from “Band,” page 21                                                                          used in her teaching to help enhance your
                                                          Shannon Roberts,                    music programs.
blending, tuning, tone, tonguing and                      Dixie State College                 Target audience: orchestra/string teachers,
playing soft in the high register; teaching               with the Dixie State                collegiate members, higher-ed members
and reinforcing early fundamentals that                   College Symphonic
guarantee student success – immediate                     Band, Gary Caldwell,                Note: More orchestra sessions under
results and continual progress;                           director • Wind Ensemble            “General Session,” Jr. High/Middle
choosing books and music geared                           seating arrangement for             School,” “Higher-ed,” and possibly others,
toward successful flute playing in band,      maximum musical effect                          according to member’s interest.
                                                                             Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012                  25
from “ jr. High/Middle School,” page 22       groundwork for a discussion of big issues     university professional development
                                              in education.                                 partner is acknowledged and
                class effective and           Target audience: general interest             incorporated. Each partner brings an
                enjoyable. Music                                                            important perspective to curriculum
                educators from                               Bob Jackman •                  design, thus ensuring that equal attention
                                                             Smartboard Collaboration:      is paid to both the arts and the academic
                around the state will
                                                             Sharing Resources with         core. Instructional objectives in the arts
                share philosophies,                          Smartboards in the             are integrated and not subservient to
                techniques, and their                        Classroom                      core subjects, (i.e., reading, language
                favorite lesson plans for                    If you have a Smartboard       arts, math, science, etc.). Further, arts
successfully teaching general music/                         in your classroom, come to     instruction involves the presence and
music connections. Questions and              this session and share what you use and       participation of the classroom teacher
audience participation are encouraged!        learn what others are using.                  in the side-by-side model. Both the
Target audience: general music teachers,      Target audience: general interest             teacher and the specialist contribute
collegiate members, higher-ed members                                                       to instruction. Essentially, we are
                                                              Jessica Napoles, University   empowering teachers to provide enriched
                  Dr. Don Keipp, Weber                        of Utah • Developing your     classroom instruction with effective
                                                              Choral Program                infusion of music and other art forms.
                  State University •
                                                              This session is intended      Target audience: early childhood,
                  Accessory Percussion                        for choral directors at all   elementary, higher-ed
                  Instruments                                 levels looking to develop
                  Dr. Keipp will present                      their choral programs.                       Mark Ely, University of
                  a clinic on how to play                     We will examine sample                       Utah • Beyond Pedagogy:
                  the various accessory       first day of school activities, some ways                    Teaching Students to
percussion instruments, including the         of teaching music theory concepts                            Think (and Perform)
triangle, tambourine, cymbals, bass           creatively, and share resources aimed                        Musically
drum and castanets. He will also discuss      at building a program designed to move                       This session will explore
how to groove the Cuban clave in 4/4 and      students from beginning to experienced                       what it means to think and
12/8.                                         singers.                                      behave musically. Although the affective,
                                              Target audience: choral, high school, jr.     psychomotor, and aesthetic domains
Target audience: band and orchestra
                                              high/middle school                            will be discussed, primary emphasis will
directors – all levels, collegiate members,                                                 be placed on cognition and the musical
higher-ed members.                                                                          brain. Specific suggestions for how
                                                                                            teachers can facilitate musical thinking
Kendell Nielsen, Layton High School                                                         will be addressed.
• Motivating Beginners for Long Term                                                        Target Audience: general interest
Target audience: jr. high/middle school                                                     Note: More higher-ed sessions under
band directors, collegiate members,                                                         “General Session,” “Band,” “Choir,”
higher-ed members                                                                           “Orchestra,” “Jr. High/Middle School,”
                                              Joelle Lien, Rachel Nardo and Kelby
                                              McIntyre, University of Utah • Side-by-       “Jazz,” “Elementary,” “Performing
Note: More jr. high/middle school                                                           Groups” and possibly others, according to
sessions under “General Session,” “Band,”     This presentation describes the Beverley      member’s interest.
“Choir,” “Orchestra,” “Jazz,” “Higher-ed,”    Taylor Sorenson (BTS) arts partnership
“Performing Groups” and possibly others,      in the state of Utah. Using a mixed media
                                              presentation format, the aims of our          from “Elementary,” page 23
according to member’s interest.
                                              presentation are to 1) demonstrate how
                                              the praxis of collaborative planning and      in the elementary music classroom. In
                                              side-by-side teaching can successfully        this session, Denise will present ways
from “Higher-ed,” page 23
                                              inform the design, delivery, and              to assess the national standards. Songs,
                                              evaluation of integrated arts instruction     games and activities that your students
high/middle school, higher-ed
                                              in academic learning, and 2) describe         will enjoy that can be used as assessment
                                              the role of the university in providing       opportunities will be part of this session.
               Loretta Walker, Weber
                                              professional development for in-service       Target audience: elementary music
               State University • Pause
                                              music educators. Although our program         teachers, district music specialists,
               to Ponder Big Questions
                                              currently involves 57 schools, the model      collegiate members
               Explore some of the big
               issues in music education.     is adaptable for individual classrooms.
                                                Side-by-side teaching is at the core        Early Childhood Favorites:
               This session will combine
                                              of the BTS model. In this approach,           Songs, singing games and musical
               the power of stories from
                                              the unique expertise of the classroom         activities for the PreK-Grade 3 classroom.
a music teacher’s life with insights gained
                                              teacher, the music specialist, and the        In this session you’ll take part in activities
from several areas of research to lay the

28               Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012
that will help PreK - Grade 1 develop their   from “Performing Groups,” page 24            who have passed a rigorous audition.
singing voices, steady beat, learn musical                                                 Generally, the orchestra learns 12 – 20
and curriculum concepts and have FUN!                                                      concertos for this event! The orchestra
Target audience: early childhood and K-3                                                   has also performed side-by-side with
elementary music teachers, district music                                                  many local talents, including Kurt
specialists, collegiate members                                                            Bestor, Sam Payne and Peter Breinholt.
                                                                                           Many members of the orchestra also play
Southern Utah Orff Schulwerk Association
• Come Play with Us: Orff Jam                                                              in the Utah Youth Symphony, Granite
Join us for an hour or so of Jammin’ on                                                    Youth Symphony, Young Artist Chamber
the xylophones, drums and whatever else                                                    Players and Utah All-State Orchestra.
we can find to play on. The music is easy,
fun and will get you rockin! There will be    under the direction of Dr. Lynn Vartan,      Pleasant Grove High School Choir • Jim
plenty of instruments available!              is a passionate group of musicians           Wilcock, director
Target audience: elementary music             who perform all styles of percussion         The Pleasant Grove High School
teachers, district music specialists,         literature. Members of the ensemble          Chamber Choir is a highly talented
collegiate members                            all share an excitement and enthusiasm       mixed ensemble comprising students
                                              for all areas of percussion, including       in their junior and senior years at
                  Jenny Drummond, Sunset
                                              the classic repertoire, novelty works,       PGHS. Under the direction of Jim
                  Elementary • Music,
                  Mythology and Living        world percussion styles and pieces, as       Wilcock this group performs a variety of
                  Statues                     well as new and avant-garde works.           repertoire ranging from the renaissance
                  Watch a 4th grade class     The group is also well-known for their       to “Glee.” Members of this ensemble
                  from St. George present     collaborations, and has performed with       are auditioned each year and selected
                  mythology in a little       the Southern Utah University Dance,          based on their vocal abilities, general
                  different way. Through      Theatre, English and Art & Design            musicianship and work ethic. The choir
music and “living statues,” you will learn    departments, both in existing works          has performed in many locations across
more than you ever thought about Greek        for these collaborative entities as well     the United States including Chicago,
Mythology. The same process used in this      as premiering new pieces for these           Washington D.C., Seattle, and many
presentation can be used for almost every     combinations. In addition to performing,     performances throughout California.
subject taught in the Elementary School.
                                              the ensemble is active in outreach           The choir also performs in many local
Don’t miss it!
Target audience: elementary music             programs such as ArtsFusion and Art          venues including Temple Square, the
teachers, district music specialists,         Works for Kids, travelling to all areas of   Church Administration building, the
collegiate members                            Utah to teach workshops on drums and         Utah Shakespearean Festival, district
                                              percussion.                                  and school functions, community events,
                                  Curtis                                                   and the ASD Masterworks Festival. The
                                  Payne           Skyline Philharmonic Orchestra           choir has received top honors at many
                                  and Randi            Adam Larson, director               festivals and competitions and have
                                  Hunt •                      The 90 piece Skyline         consistently earned Superior ratings at
                                  Sing and                    Philharmonic Orchestra       region and state festivals.
                                  Play Me a                   has represented Skyline
                                                              all across the country.       Dixie State College Symphony Band
Spice up your reading by adding a little
music to the story. Turn your reading into                    This is the 3rd time                 (demonstration group)
more than just words on a page! Using                         that they have been                 Gary Caldwell, director
song and instrumentation we will turn a                       privileged to play at the
plain old story into an easy presentation     UMEA Convention. In December of
piece! Works great for that “Authentic        2001, they played at the Midwest Clinic
Assessment” part of the new language arts     in Chicago under the batons of Mr.
common core!                                  Richard Chatelain and Mr. Paul Watson.
Target audience: elementary music             They regularly receive superior ratings
teachers, district music specialists,         in region and state music festivals as
collegiate members                            well as in out-of-state competitions.
                                              The orchestra has received numerous          The Dixie State College Symphony Band
Note: More elementary sessions under
“General Session,” “Jr. High/Middle           awards.                                      traces its roots clear back to 1916 when
School,” “Higher-ed,” “Performing                The Philharmonic Orchestra regularly      the first director, Earl J. Bleak, started
Groups” and possibly others, according to     performs throughout the year. One big        it all. Earl directed the band until 1946.
member’s interest.                            feature of our program is our annual         He established the legacy of the band
                                              Concerto Night Concert. In this, we          program at DSC. In 1955, after
                                              showcase our high school seniors                      see “Performing Groups,” page 49

                                                                           Utah Music Educators Journal Winter 2012               29

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