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					                 “Rip Van Winkle” Study Guide
1.  Who wrote Rip Van Winkle?
2.  How does the author describe Rip Van Winkle?
3.  Who did Rip Van Winkle get along with in his village? Why?
4.  Describe Rip Van Winkle’s son at both the beginning and end of the story.
5.  How does Irving describe Dame Van Winkle?
6.  Whose portrait was said to be hanging in front of the town inn?
7.  Who is Nicholaus Vedder?
8.  Who did Rip Van Winkle encounter in the mountains? Describe
9. What did the men in the amphitheater remind Rip Van Winkle of?
10. After Rip Van Winkle awoke, what did he do? Who did he meet, and
    what was weird about those acquaintances?
11. What had changed in the village? How many years had passed?
12. What had happened to the village inn? What was it called? Who was the
    portrait of outside of the inn at present?
13. What was the women’s name that Rip Van Winkle encountered? Who was
    her father? What information did she give him about himself and his past?
14. Who was the first discoverer of the river and country? What is different
    about him and his crew?
15. Be able to apply incidents in the story to a plot chart.
16. Be prepared to identify examples of narrative strategies: dialogue, action,
    physical description, background description, compare/contrast of
    characters. Explain what Irving accomplishes by using these strategies.
17. Be prepared to identify examples of figurative language.

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