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         Closed Loan Data Form
   Compliance Requirement for all Closed                                          Loans
                         Please email all closed loans to
                                 Borrower                                                                  Property Address
           First Name                             Last Name                              Street                     City         State        Zip

            Loan No                              Lender Name                           Loan Amt               Interest Rate       LTV        CLTV

  Closing Date                       Funding Date                              FHA Case#

  Purpose                 Property    Occupancy                  Type                   Income     Lien                Program               Term
                                                                                       Doc Type
 Purchase         SFR                Primary           Conv                    W-2                1st          Fixed                30/30
                                         nd                                                           nd
  Rate/Term       Condo              2                 FHA                     Self-Employed      2            ARM                  20/20
                  2-4 Unit           Invest            USDA/RD                 Other                                                15/15
 Refi             Other                                VA                                                      HELOC                Other:


         Gender                      Ethnicity                          Race                          Interview        FICO   APR Percentage (%)
  Male                     Hisp or Latino                Am Ind/ AK Native                     Face                           Pre TIL    Final TIL
                                                         Native HA/Pac Is                      Mail
  Female                   NOT Hisp/Latino               Black/African-Am                      Phone
                                                         Asian                                 Internet

                                              Make sure following are completed on “POINT”:
                        Point data server closed date __ Point data server Funded date __ File moved to Point Funded Folder
____ 1. HUD (signed at closing)                                                  ____30. Appraisal Waiver (if applicable)
____ 2. Notice of Right to Cancel (if applicable)                                ____31. Full Credit Report (inc OFAC section)
____ 3. Final 1003 (signed at closing)                                           ____32. Support Docs (Income/Asset/Paid Invoices)
____ 4. Note/Addendum(s) if applicable (signed at closing)                       ____33. Written Verification of Employment (ALL FILES REGARDLESS OF
____ 5. Mortgage/Rider(s) if applicable (signed at closing)                              LENDERS REQUIREMENTS)
____ 6. Final Truth in Lending (signed at closing)                               ____34. Fully Executed Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
____ 7. Safe Harbor Form                                                         ____35. Hazard Insurance Authorization & Requirements Disclosure
____ 8. Rate Sheets for Lenders used in Safe Harbor                              ____36. Proof of Hazard Insurance
____ 9. Early 1003-all pages initialed and signed
____10. Early Truth In Lending                                                   ==========================================================
____11. Lock In Agreement                                                        FHA Loans ONLY:
                                                                                 ____1.“print out”-LDP to verify all parties involved in transaction
____12. Early Good Faith Estimate
                                                                                 ____2.“print out”-GSA on all parties involved in transaction.
____13. Settlement Services Provider Statement
                                                                                 ____3.“print out”- clear CAIVRS numbers on all borrowers
____14. Right to Receive Appraisal Disclosure                                    ____4.“print out”-SS Validation/Case# assignment
____15. Notice/Credit Score Information Disclosure                               ____5."print out”-Mortgage Limits.
____16. Privacy Policy Disclosure                                                ____6. Copy of borrowers Social Security card(s) or SS# Certification
____17. Borrower(s) Signature Authorization                                      ____7. Notice to Homeowner
____18. Equal Credit Opportunity Act                                             ____8. HUD Appraised Value Disclosure
____19. Servicing Disclosure Statement                                           ____9. Important Notice to Homebuyers
                                                                                 ____10. Energy Efficient Mortgage Fact Sheet
____20. Errors & Omissions/Compliance Agreement
                                                                                 ____ 11. For Your Protection-Get A Home Inspection
____21. Patriot Act Information Disclosure                                       ____12. LT-92900/Final
____22. Disclosure Notices (Occupancy/Anti-Coercion/Fair Credit)                 ____13. HUD Add to URLA 92900a-pages 2 & 4 signed by borrower(s)
____23. W-9 Form(s) signed by borrower(s)                                        ____14. Informed Consumer Choice Disclosure Notice
____24. 4506T Report(self-employed-ordered by TUSA from Veri-Tax or              ____15. FHA/VA Escape Clause/Amendatory Clause & Real Estate
         Credit Plus)                                                                     Certification signed borrower(s), Sellers, Realtors
____25. 4506T signed by all borrower(s)
____26. Lender Notice of Loan Approval/Final
____27. AUS Findings/Final
____28. Title Commitment/including 24 month chain of title
____29. Appraisal (within 6 months)
  I attest that the above documents are complete, accurate, signed and are in the borrower’s file.
  Loan Originator: __________________________________ License#____________________ Exp Date____________________
  LO’s Signature__________________________       Date: ________________
  Branch #: __________________________ Gross Fee Income (Check Amt)                    $______________________


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