Create A Google Site (DOC) by muhammadtufail1983


									                            How to Create A Google Site in Jeffco’s Google Apps


           1.   Log Into your Jeffco Google Apps account (use link off RV Homepage or LMC Homepage) with your
                student ID and long birthday as you password. If you aren’t on the screen with the
                under the user name box, you will need to type this in manually after your user name.

           2.   Click on “Sites” under Your Services

           3.   Click the red “Create” button

           4.   Name your site (include your last name in the title). Choose a theme & then “Create Site”. (see image on
                next page for help)

           5.   The default setting for who can view or edit your site is terrible. Click the “Share” button to change it.

                               . Then click the Change link.                                                       Change to public if you
                                                                                                                   want parents, colleges,
                                                                                                                   or others without Jeffco
                                                                                                                   accounts to see your

Bad idea

                                                Uncheck this Editing box. Make your
                                                site Public on the web (if you want).
                                                Save changes.
             CREATING PAGES

             1.   Click the “Create page” icon

             2.   Name the page & choose its type (most will be “Web Pages”). Then click “Create Page.”

                                Tips –
                                Google organizes your page alphabetically, so use a numbering system to
                                keep pages in the right order (Ex: 1 – Commas, 2 – Apostrophes)

                                Keep the button “Put page at the top level” selected”

             3.   Your page will come up in Editing Mode, ready for you to add content. Even if you are not ready to type
                  anything, make sure to click “Save” before going to another page.

             EDITING PAGES

             1.   Go to the page you want to edit. In the top right-hand corner, click the pencil icon.

 Use these menus to insert
  pictures, objects, format
text, insert tables or change
 the site payout to columns

                                                                           Important!!! Make sure to click “Save” or none
                                                                           of your changes will be lost.

             PRINTING PAGES

             When you are finished & want to print a page, go to that page & click the “Print Page” link at the bottom of the

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