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									Doing It Your Way - Advice for a Saturday Morning
by Laurence Winn
People pray for things, they wish for things, they expect things, but they seldom pray, wish, or
expect to gain an ability to take action. Yet, it is people of action who determine the future.
Everyone else is just along for the ride.
The Super Ego of the Organism - Human Mobs and Socialism, It's Much Worse Than You Think
by Lance Winslow
Often before you can join a cult or a large group you have to surrender your ego at the door,
submit to authority, and give up some of self, or at least some of yourself in order to belong.
Even if you don't realize this, generally it is happening to you anyway, unfortunately that's even
worse as you are doing it without your knowledge or choice. This is where the indoctrination
begins, new terminology, definitions, ideals, leaders, people, and camaraderie.
Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and a Serious Mathematical Problem
by Robert Pope
Icons of the New Renaissance stories, under the auspices of the Science-Art Research Centre of
Australia, are about the discoveries demonstrating that life-sciences can now be linked to fractal
logic in defiance of the present scientific world view. In this article the lost ancient Platonic life-
force mathematics, rediscovered by the engineer Buckminster Fuller, is considered to be a
crucial factor needed to be incorporated into the current world summit debate about protecting
civilisation from the threat of a nuclear disaster. The concept from Bristol University PhD
students to help bring into existence a Nano Charter is considered to be most important, as it
might provide opportunity to the United Nations and UNESCO to seriously examine this
mathematical problem.
Considering Nudity, Sexuality and Art
by Joseph Langen
On a recent cruise, I noticed the reproduction of a classic sculpture of a nude male athlete in the
fitness center. I found it inspirational. Outside the exercise room I noticed an almost identical
sculpture in an area occasionally traversed by teens and children. This sculpture sported a
strategically placed scallop shell.
Neutrinos Faster Than The Speed of Light - If So, Then What, Here Is My Theory
by Lance Winslow
What is it with these human scientists, they seem to have stopped thinking, worse, when they do
think they are thinking they all seem to think the same and come up with some outrageous
nonsense. The problem with all this is that we are paying them to sit around and think all day,
but in the end they don't really have the answers, and sometimes they stop asking questions,
which is worse? Yes, you can read that both ways; "which is worse?"
Making Sense of Time
by Steve Wickham
The past gives us our meaning and the future gives us our hope, in a world where the present is
all we have. Making sense of time is utilising the productive past and hoping, effervescently, for
a good future, whilst retaining control over what we have: the present.
God and Perfection
by David Mascone
We often speak of God as perfect. However, that term, perfect, has many facets, and not all of
them can readily exist in one entity. So to what degree can we label God perfect, or maybe the
limits of our language and experience prevent us from a clear conclusion about the perfection of
God, and of the world created.
What Is Philosophy?
by Robert A Sopher
"What is Philosophy?" is an easy question to ask but philosophy is not something that is very
easy to define. Literally it means "the love of knowledge" but this fails to capture much of the
sense of the word. Discusses Plato, Aristotle,Thomas Aquinas, Rene Descartes, Francis Bacon,
Spinoza, Locke, Hume, Kant, Rousseau, Nietzsche,Skepticism, Empiricism, Rationalism,
Idealism, Materialism, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics and Aesthetics, and Logic
God Versus Science: A Futile Struggle
by J Roy Singham
In 2006 the eminent biologist Richard Dawkins published his best-seller 'The God Delusion'. Six
years later Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist, published his response, 'The Science Delusion'
(2012). Dawkins dismisses God while Sheldrake dismisses science. Who, if either, wins the
Through the Vibrations of Our Nerves We Sense Others and Poverty
by Virgil Scott Ray
We are taught death lessons to prepare us for our youth. Hamsters and goldfish die in our rooms
as if the flood of life cycling into death were sped up for our learning. The mortality of your
favorite dog is an entirely different lesson.
AI Computers Test Human Upper End Thinking Ability
by Lance Winslow
There is always a big debate between the future prospects of humans versus computers. But in
reality it is humans which cause the conflicts in their realm - as they are the ones intimately
involved of their society and civilization. Societies evolve much like a large organism increasing
in complexity, creating problems, solving them, and self-healing, or they collapse.
Free Will, Part II: Can Computers Choose?
by David Mascone
To the degree one agrees it exists, free will stands as an amazing capability of the human mind.
However, computers have increasingly rivaled, and even surpassed, humans in many tasks,
including the complex game of chess and the intricate challenge of Jeopardy. Do computers have
what it takes to exercise free will at the level that we perceive humans do?
Meanings of the Tree of Life
by Sarah Yeoh
The concept of a Tree of Life has fascinated various cultures across the world. What does this
image mean to cultures ranging from the East to the West?
Humans Are a Like Bunch of Gorillas or a Troop of Chimpanzees - Not Surprised
by Lance Winslow
Well, perhaps like you I've been around the block a few times, and I've noticed some pretty ugly
things when it comes to human societies and culture. Yes, I've seen the good stuff too, don't get
me wrong, but we all know there are challenges, and I'm not just talking about the Arab spring
and the mass mob of humanity out of control destroying civilizations and societies. It seems
often enough humans act just like their upright walking primate cousins.
Honouring the Mothers
by Roz Winters
Our world today is built on lack of honour for the feminine spirit, for the mothering values of
creation and protection of life. A balance is needed. The nurturing of the feminine spirit within
all people will lead to justice on earth, right human relations and peace.
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Reality and Sustainability
by Ilya Shambat
Reality is an integrative function of all its components; and life is a function of the interaction
thereof. With all components being recognized and working together, life can achieve its greatest
accomplishment and its greatest fruition. This creates a sustainable arrangement in which pieces
of life work together in harmony to achieve greater well-being for life and living beings.
Free Will: The Illusion and the Reality, and How Our Minds Rule the Day
by David Mascone
Do humans exercise free will? Or does cause and effect determine our actions? If the laws of
nature control the operations of the universe, then the human mind will need a special ability to
create freely determined choices. And that special ability will manifest itself only if we exercise
(practice) our free will before we exercise (apply) it.
Does Religion Exist for the Same Reason That Philosophical Circular Arguments Do?
by Lance Winslow
In the beginning, human societies created religion which created a God or Gods. One thing to me
which is quite curious is why this mythology and superstition still exists today. Once upon a
time, human civilizations and scientists knew so little, that some of that stuff and those tales
probably made a little bit of sense, as human beings were trying to figure it all out.
Are the Social Engineering Exploits of Leaders and Think Tanks Undermining Our Reality?
by Lance Winslow
Over the years, I've read lots of books on Think Tanks, and policymaking groups in Washington
DC and around the country. I've also been engaged as the founder of a think tank which happens
to operate online putting together groups of thinkers and intellectuals to solve the problems that
mankind continually creates for themselves, along with the government to claim to serve the
people who keep making mistakes putting people in power to make bigger mistakes while they
supposedly solve problems leading to more unintended consequences in that vicious cycle. Okay
so, let's talk for a few moments shall we?...
The Importance Of Being A Doctor Of Philosophy
by Alison Gretchen Ciro
Education is the most important word after business and work because it is the main pillar of
your career and financial life. Education is very expensive as the bachelor's average cost at a
private university is $25,143 per year and $6,585 at a public university. That cost is just for the
tuition and is not counting with rooms, food, books, and all the extra costs students have while
studying. The average bachelor's duration is 4 years so do the math and calculate how long it will
take for s student to get the return for their invested money. A doctoral is even more expensive
than a bachelor's degree because it also takes 4 years to complete and it costs around $20,000
which makes around $80,000 if you complete it in just 4 years. However the average student,
and by average I mean students on average, not a student which intelligence is average, it will
take five years to complete the course. However it is a fact that you will get all this money back
in a few years as soon as you get a high status job and start your career.
The Spirit's Gentle Whispers - Part 2
by Steve Wickham
SAMPLES from the article: Trust in the faithful; those proving worthy of such a fine office as
trust. Be careful to respect them for their loyalty... Are you confused? Are you confronted?
Maybe you feel lost. You may well be learning! Life is the learning ground. Confusion,
confrontation and feeling lost are surprisingly typical. Smiling in the thick of it; that's the key.
Walking Down the Road of Screenwriting and Movie Making Uncensored
by Sid Kali
Walking down the road of screenwriting and movie making is not easy. There are lots of mental
obstacles to push through like fear of failure, self-doubt, unrealistic expectations, being super
sensitive to criticism and other emotional creative roadblocks. Talking with other positive
creative souls helped me push past the garbage and keep on walking with my fire fully lit.
Maximizing Benefit On All Sides
by Ilya Shambat
Each side in any debate has a core legitimate motive. Achieving benefit is about supporting what
each side is right about while eliminating what it is wrong about.
How to Compete With a Philosophy Artificial Intelligent Program
by Lance Winslow
Not long ago, I was playing around with some philosophical software, it's pretty cool and it
contains at least some artificial intelligent algorithms. It works similar to a chat bot, but it also
has all of the famous past periods of philosophers, all of their works, and it can search through
them with keywords. When you make a statement, comments, or pose a question it searches its
own database rearranging the words, creating derivative comments as if you were speaking to a
former famous philosopher.
What Would a Utopian Post Capitalist Society Look Like - Is a Smooth Transition Possible?
by Lance Winslow
May I ask a few questions? Mostly just thinking out loud - what happens when production
becomes too efficient? What happens when robotics are created to do all the work?
How to Philosophically Handle the Reality that AI Computers Are Smarter Than You
by Lance Winslow
As the coordinator for a high powered intellectual think tank, I cannot believe how much poor
thinking goes on with human beings somehow believing that that human intelligence will never
be surpassed by artificial intelligence. To me it all sounds so "species centric" almost as if a
collective denial of the technology and ethno-centric delusion. Okay so, let's talk about all this.
How to Write Philosophy Articles Online
by Lance Winslow
The greatest thing about writing philosophical articles is that you are thinking while you're
writing, and often you will come to a new understanding in the process. Therefore, it makes
sense to enjoy the process as you are compiling your thoughts and putting them into online
articles. Now then, there are so many ways to structure philosophical articles, ones which will
capture your reader's attention, and really get them to think.
I Think, Therefore I Don't Know Crap - Too Funny
by Lance Winslow
The other day, I was talking with a fellow philosopher about the famous quote by Decartes; "I
Think Therefore, I Am." And in reasoning this, it appears that the gentleman may actually be
incorrect, because he doesn't know if the thoughts in his head are really coming from him, or
some from somewhere else, Decartes also does not know if those thoughts are voluntary, or
predestined. Not that I'm a Calvinist or anything like that, however his blanket and absolute
statement may not hold water.
Change, Hope, and Inspiration - Who Makes a Difference, and How?
by Laurence Winn
Who makes a difference? It was a question that had been asked of a room, few of whose
occupants I knew well. One of them thought that only evil men make a difference "because they
change history." And another one said that "Discoverers make a difference. They may be the
only ones who do."
The Ultimate Answer for Worldly Fear
by Steve Wickham
Life, frankly, has to be more than existence; more important than death, isolation, meaning, and
freedom. The fact that we are here for but a short time - in comparison to eternity - should stand
as its own evidence. There is more to life than this life, and there is more to life than quality
within this life.

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