TOKYO VILLA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION
                           GENERAL MEETING MINUTES
                                   April 28, 2011

Board Members in Attendance: Jimmy Holcombe, President; Rich Hammond, First Vice-President;
Catherine Zukowski, Secretary; and Howard Nishimura, Treasurer

Manager: Shin Shibata
Trustees: Mary Kuroda and Bill Oshima

(8) owners/residents attended (in order of sign-in sheet): Kay Fukuda, Yoshiko Yokomizo, Circus-
Szalewski, Takeshi Fukumori, Judy Kunitsugu, Mei Chang, and Suzanne Hammond.

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm by Jimmy Holcombe.

MANAGER’S REPORT Presented by Shin Shibata:

Sad News: Old Friends Passing

Masa Nishida (97 years old) - long time resident (Unit 112) passed away. The funeral reception was
held in Tokyo Villa community room.
Hito Suwa (80 years old) – The original real estate agent that sold the units of Tokyo Villa to all the
first residents of Tokyo Villa. He also owned unit 142.

They will both be missed.

Jacuzzi: The heater is now working. Originally the Jacuzzi maintenance main quoted over
$3,000 to replace the heater. Shin asked our water heater maintenance man from Bateman to look
at the heater and he was able to fix it $384. Bateman will now include the Jacuzzi water heater in
our regular maintenance contract. He suggests that we keep the water heater on for 24 hours. It is
less wear and tear on the heater and is more economical to keep the temperature steady then to
reheat the water everyday. There will be more maintenance required on the circuit board before
the water can be kept heated for 24 hours, so be aware that it takes awhile for the water to heat up
in the morning. Jacuzzi hours are: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

TREASURER’S REPORT Presented by Rich Hammond:

Laundry Money Collected: $354.50

9 units are late on HOA dues this month - $3,367.00
HOA Dues $3,237 Late Fees $130
4 have liens and have been recorded in Court
Total $18,754 in arrears


Contractor Guidelines: Jimmy and Shin are working on a guideline sheet to be given to
contractors before starting work. Contractors will need to obtain a parking permit from Shin to
park in the garage. A sign will be placed next to the swiper so that contractors know to see Shin
to get the parking permit. At that time Shin will give the guideline sheet to the contractor.

Reserving Elevators: Please reserve an elevator with Shin when moving in/out or for deliveries of
large furniture or appliances. This will allow for smoother moving and deliveries, let others know
to take another elevator and allows management a chance to hang padding to protect the elevator

Parking Rules and Enforcement:

Storage in Spaces. No storage of items in the parking lot including, but not limited to, gas cans,
tools, furniture, strollers, etc. The only thing allowed will be bicycles. Specific residents that
have items other than a car or bicycle in their spaces will be notified.

Discussion regarding bicycles in parking spaces revealed no objections. The Board is considering
putting in a bicycle rack. More research is required.

Parking Garage:
1.       Management now has Parking Violation Notices that will be placed on cars that are
illegally parked. If violation continues the car will be towed.

       --        If a resident finds a car parked in his/her space without their permission, the
       resident can (a) report it to Management and a notification will be placed on the car as a
       warning; OR (b) the resident can call Viertel's Towing at 213.687.1003. Signs will be
       posted in the garage for all to be warned. MANAGEMENT WILL NOT CALL TOWING

       --Management, Security or a Board Member will make a towing call if a car is parked in
       driving lanes or non-parking spaces.

       --The cost to the owner of the towed vehicle will be $150 for the 1st 24 hours, then $37
       per day each day afterward.

2.      Speeding issue in garage: Jimmy has researched the cost and effectiveness of speed
bumps in key areas of the garage. Those areas are at the top and bottom of the ramp between the
floors and in the main stretches of each floor. These speed bumps will be a smooth low-grade that
will slow cars down, but won’t cause bounce to the cars. Total cost $1500.

       --There were no objections. Jimmy will do a little more research and will have them in
       place before the next meeting.

3.     Discussion regarding rules for non-residents parking in garage ensued. There was
concern over too much regulation as to a resident allowing a non-resident to park in their space.

       --Currently the CC&Rs state that residents cannot rent out their parking spaces except to
       other residents and their own family members.

Storage Rooms

There are some very messy spaces that spill over the yellow lines. Some items stored can be
considered a fire hazard. There are spaces that contain items from prior residents. The Board will
review and contact specific unit owners to discuss remedies.
Security Updates:
Bids on Lighting for 3rd Street and Alameda Alcoves: 1st bid for 150 watt and 70 watt lights
came in at $1650. More bids will be coming in this month. The brighter lights will not shine into
the units, but will keep people from camping out in the alcoves.

Sunday Coverage at Front Desk: Allied Barton will be sending guards to be interviewed for
Sunday coverage.

Discussion re Security

It is the duty of the guards to know the layout of the building and to inform residents of
complaints of noise by other residents. This can be accomplished by calling the unit or knocking
on the door. As part of security improvements, guards will be better trained and have clearly
defined duties outlined in writing so that there is no confusion.

Issue: Concern for privacy was also expressed in regards to the new policy requiring guests,
contractors, cleaning people, dog-walkers, etc. to sign-in at the front desk. This issue is also tied
into allowing parking spaces to be used by a non-resident. The discussion revealed that there was
confusion over the guidelines and a variety of opinions regarding this policy. Mainly, the
concern was privacy. The guidelines for the sign-in sheet are listed below.

Guidelines:

1. All Contractors are requested to sign-in at the front desk as well as pick-up a sheet of Little
   Tokyo Villa’s Contractor Guidelines from Shin.
   [This helps Management make sure that contractors are not improperly disposing of waste
   and tool cleaning, as well as making sure that plumbing work is done in a way that does not
   cause problems in other units.

2. All caretakers, cleaning people, dog-walkers, etc. are required sign-in at the front desk.

3. Guests of residents that are unaccompanied by the resident are requested to sign-in at the
   front desk.

The Board is concerned about residents’ security and their privacy and will work to find a balance
in the improved security guidelines that will work for everyone.

General Reminders:

For non-emergency issues such as a person camped out on our property call Little Tokyo
Community Safety instead of police for a quicker response. The number is 213.500.4326. The
hours of service are 9:00 am – Midnight. This info is also on our website. See below:

Security or Management has the following numbers at the front desk and on the Tokyo Villa
Condominium website:

Little Tokyo Community Safety
Plumbers (two that are very familiar with the building)
TimeWarner Cable
Viertels Towing

Maintenance of Building: We have contracted with the cleaning crew that came in a few months
ago. For $225 per month a 2-man crew will spend 3 to 4 hours cleaning and deodorizing
elevators, main lobby, elevator lobbies, hallways, bathrooms and clear spider webs. We can also
request particular projects as needed for a separate price.

Reserve Budget Study: The next study is an on-site study and will take place in the next couple
of weeks. This study will give us a clear picture on what can be replaced and upgraded.

Dog Issue: The situation is better. A caretaker had brought the dog for company to an elderly
resident was unaware that there was an issue with soiling in the hallways and has addressed the

Committee Sign-Up Sheets: Looking for residents to sign up to get involved in redecorating the
lobbies and upgrades. Sign-up sheets will be posted in the front lobby.


Jimmy interviewed Laura Shidlovitsky, an attorney who specializes in representing condo boards. We
are considering this because our current lawyer is not an HOA expert and has strongly suggested that
the TVHOA engage such an attorney. We will continue to work with our current lawyer on the basics.
The retainer for the new service is $3500. Our current attorney does not require a retainer and gives
us a deep discount, but he cannot perform all the duties an HOA requires.

   NOTE: There is no air conditioning in the hallways. It is just a ventilation system which moves
   the air. Only the front lobby is air conditioned. Please keep hallway doors closed so that dirt, bugs
   and leaves are not blowing in. The windows are screened and can be opened, unless there is a sign
   posted as the sprinklers may cause water to spray into the hallways.

   The meeting was adjourned at (9:10 PM).                  Recorded by Catherine Zukowski

   Next General Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm at the Tokyo Villa
   Recreation Room. ALL residents are welcome.

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