Promotion Not Critical Success Bali Tourism Marketing

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					Promotion Not Critical Success Bali Tourism Marketing

The results of comparative studies that did not culminate in the base of the tongue Bali is often called
"vibration indecent" by some board members out of the country (UK) a few weeks ago is highly
questionable because of what you are looking at the trip does not answer the problems of tourism the
real Bali. Weak skills and knowledge in the field of tourism promotion of the person doing it has easily
menjastifikasi that are considered the most important promosilah mengenalan and withdrawal in the
interest of potential tourists to come and visit the island of Bali. Actually opinion it is totally untrue and
unreasonable because there are many factors determining the success of tourism in Bali. There has been
early identification of what needs to be promoted and how and strategies to do to get maximum results
in tourism promotion?

Promotion is one part of the tourism marketing mix so that the promotion of tourism activities can not
walk alone and apart from the indicators of other tourism marketing mix. Overall tourism promotion mix
includes product (product), price (price), promotion (promotion), the system distibusi (place),
cooperation (partnership), packing package (packaging), a program of tourist activities (programming),
the appearance of the subject of tourism objects (performance), and human resources (people). All
indicators of tourism marketing mix must work together in tourism in order to obtain the optimal result
of tourism marketing.

Promotion action must be based on an analysis of the situation and current market demand. This means
that the promotion is done should be based on the results of data analysis of research on tourism
market segmentation, not the opinions and feelings of the ruling or the holder of that view was held
whether or not promotion. What is the basic provision of the promotion board? Given the very
important role in the promotion of tourism marketing, the promotion of research on sustainable
tourism should be conducted before, during and after the campaign so that it can be seen the
effectiveness of campaigns that have been made. The results of this study is used to determine the
target or potential wisatawa hearings, knowing tourism information required by the tourists, and
evaluate the success of the promotion is being done and once completed. Bali Punyakah experts are
reliable to do this research? Have the experts involved in the development of tourism in Bali?

Effective promotion of tourism includes the identification of target potential tourists that will be
achieved, identifying communication objectives to be achieved, the formulation of the form of messages
and tourism information for the purpose, choice of media to convey messages and information
effectively to target potential tourists, the budget allocation to achieve the production and message
delivery, and evaluation mechanisms and service sales of tourism products.

Even worse, the Provincial Tourism Office of Bali and the Bali Tourism Board (Bali Tourism Board) is
expected to work in a holistic manner to address problems and find solutions to problems of tourism in
Bali is solely for the sustainability of tourism in Bali was only partially able to work. The efforts made so
far only focused to bring tourists by conducting tourism promotion and granting awards to hotels that
apply the concept of Tri Hita Karana, and maintain the image of Bali as the best tourist destinations.
While the potential preservation efforts of the major tourism (unique culture, natural beauty and
hospitality of the people)-owned Bali barely touched and impressed unpunished. In fact, there has been
no significant efforts are made to mix pemaasaran other indicators that are important to the
sustainability of tourism idikator Bali such as repair and preserve objects and attractions, the
arrangement of the tourist area, periodic collection of tourism facilities (hotels, villas, bungalows, and
restaurants) and coaching for managers and human resource attraction was almost forgotten.

Should the government and tourism agencies are working from the start of the arrangement of the
sights are physically secured to the beauty and cleanliness so cozy to visit, attractions management
training to be ready to receive tourists, and last but not least is the promotion of tourism.

In conclusion, no matter how great the tourism promotion team will not be able to bring tourists to Bali
not accompanied by changes bdan rescue and restructuring of natural and cultural resources are used as
a tourist attraction, tourist attractions and the area to make it look more attractive and more
professional pengeloalaanya so as to compete with other tourism destinations in the world.

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