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									60B – Fall 07 – K. Douglass
Assigned: Wednesday, Oct. 31
                           “3 & 2” Classification Essay
            Complete draft due for Writer’s Workshop activity: Monday, Nov. 5
                  Final draft with WRC signature due: Tuesday, Nov. 6

Like the last “3 7 2” assignment, this is designed to get you developing your body paragraphs
and main ideas first, and then later we will work on developing your intro and conclusion. It still
follows the 5 paragraph format, but instead of an introduction and conclusion paragraph, you will
have a thesis statement and a single conclusion sentence.

For each body paragraph, expand your details and craft it into a single paragraph about just that
one classification example. Once you have your three fully developed body paragraphs, write or
double check the thesis statement. Does it fit?

Remember, a thesis should be narrow enough that it only asserts the argument you are making in
your paper, but wide enough that it encompasses all the main ideas of your paper. Does your
thesis do this? Revise as necessary.

Now check your concluding sentence; it also should fit the paper as a whole and effectively
conclude your expand ideas. Does it? Revise as necessary.

                                     The Assignment:
Your assignment is explained on page 181-182 except that instead of a paragraph, it will be an essay
according to our requirements here. The topic list is on page 182-183 except that you cannot write on
“men or women” which are listed under the category “people.” There are additional topics on pages 192-
193. Please use the prewriting and organizing tips on pages 183-192.

Due Monday, November 5:
    Journal entry 8.2 on 184 on single organizing principles
    Journal entry 8.4 on 186 on following the assignment topic
    Complete draft for writer’s workshop activity
FINAL DUE DATE: Tuesday, Nov 6 – Final complete typed classification essay with above materials
60B – Fall 07 – K. Douglass
Assigned: Wednesday, Oct. 31
                                    Grading rubric
A well-written “3 & 2” essay should include the following elements:

1. A compelling, interesting thesis statement that introduces your topic, your point
   about the topic, and a plan of development. This is an important component and
   more than likely should not be the same as your original paragraph topic sentence –
   it should have grown to fit your new essay.

2. Clear topic sentences for each body paragraph that refer back to the thesis and
   support the details in the paragraph.

3. Supporting details and development for each paragraph that supports the topic

4. All aspects of the development of your ideas should clearly relate, and there should
   be no excessive language, no excessive or unrelated points or repetitions, and the
   ideas should be well-organized flowing clearly from one point to the next.

5. There should be few or no sentence construction errors (such as fragments or run-

6. There should be few or no grammar errors.

This essay must be three full paragraphs long plus two sentences; you must
complete 600 words for this assignment to be complete and to be considered
for passing on the assignment.

An “A” paragraph will achieve all of the statements above, and will do so with
excellence. It is an outstanding response to the prompt.

A “B” paragraph will achieve all (or 5 out of the 6) of the statements above. It is a
good response to the prompt.

A “C” paragraph will achieve 4 or 5 of the points above, but is still a clear, readable
response to the prompt.

A “D” or “F” paragraph will achieve only 3 (or fewer) of the points above, and/or it is
plagued by so many sentence or grammar errors that it interferes with the content of
the paragraph.

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