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					     A proper email archiving system allows companies to meet regulatory, and/or business records
 retention requirements by enabling compliance officers to easily search email stored in the archive and
     perform periodic reviews. Email archiving is a stand-alone IT application that integrates with an
enterprise email server such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino. The reasons a company may opt to
  implement an email archiving solution include protection of mission critical data, record retention for
            regulatory requirements or litigation, and reducing production email server load.

Email archiving stores emails in their original format which, in order to meet compliance regulations,
cannot be altered. Email Archiving is the process of capturing, preserving, and making easily searchable
all email traffic to and from a given individual, organization, or service. Email archiving solutions capture
email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport. The messages are
typically then stored on magnetic disk storage and indexed to simplify future searches. Email archiving is
a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in email messages so it can be
accessed quickly at a later date. As industry and government alike grow continually more reliant on
information system, particularly email, these information become more valuable. To protect this
valuable information, standards and government regulations have been enacted that require certain
retention and timely response to legal and information queries.

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