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					History painting in Indonesia

Fine arts

Art is a branch of the art form that can be captured by the media's eyes and felt with palpation. The
impression is created by processing the concept of line, plane, shape, volume, color, texture, and
lighting with an aesthetic reference.

Arts divided into three categories, namely pure Arts, crafts, and design. Art is purely a reference to the
works that are only for the purpose of satisfying personal excretion, while craft and design is more
focused functionality and ease of production.

As a rough translation of Arts in English is a fine art. But according to the development of modern art,
fine art term to be more specific to the sense of pure Arts and then combine it with the design and craft
into a visual arts discussion

Pure Art Studies Program is a program of studies in the field of Fine Arts which originally departed from
the understanding of the tradition of "Fine-Art". A growing tradition of Modernism discourse that has its
own structure and shape, no practical purpose (to daily). An Arts language that serves as a means to
improve the quality of life. Scope of education in general besa Studies Program Arts Arts rnya provide
capabilities (methods) to practice and learn to think through (a) Fine Arts with the logic that connects
the sensitivity and the structure, the creative process and system design and aesthetic principles and
technology, supported by the discourse of science- social sciences and culture.

Research Groups (Arts Visual Arts) is the group that surrounded the area of scientific expertise and the
artistic and aesthetic skills in the context of Applied Arts ilayah W is specifically covers the skills are
divided into sub-families, namely:

  Tridimensional Arts (Three-dimensional art)
  Art techniques and materials

Sub KK Fine Arts is a tridimensional Dwimatra and more particularly apparent in the grouping of an
idiom and medium y aitu Art: painting (painting), graphic arts (printmaking), sculpture (sculpture), art
tiles (ceramic), the art of drawing ( drawing), which is enough Establish photography. While some of the
idiom and medium are now starting to be developed is a video art (video art), installation (installation),
the art of the environment (Environmental Art), performance art.

While the sub KK technique and art materials are specific skills related to the need for the development
of materials and equipment for the benefit of artistic and aesthetic applications applied. This region is
important because the articulation of the need for works of art techniques and materials are very
closely related. For example, there are the ceramic handbuilding techniques, casting, printing
techniques in graphics contained in and print speed, in engineering there is a cast metal sculpture,
sculpture, there is a technique in painting realist, impressionist, and others. While in the context of the
material, to name a few, there are porcelain material, bonechina in ceramics, wood materials, metal
sculptures, paper material, graphics and ink in acrylic, oil paint in the painting. Further techniques and
materials in the current art has always been progressing and sharpening. Sub KK is expected to
accommodate the need for research related to the possibilities of processing techniques and material
and anticipate the development of techniques and materials in art

Regarding aesthetics applied are those areas closer to the community service aspect. Skills in the field of
ceramics, graphics, painting, and sculpture, had been applied not only for individual work as an artist,
but also touched the applicative areas related to aspects of society. For example, some activities that
have been done is the creation of aesthetic elements, monuments, development of ceramics, stained
glass, or the image to creativity. KK art uga has strategic possibilities in continuing education as a real
form of community service.

Basically the sub grouping KK expertise in fine art is an attempt to synergize the KK functions as a group
that has the authority and expertise in conducting scientific research and community service roles. In
addition another consideration is the aspect to be easily manageable in the forward projections as well
as anticipate the possibility of cross-disciplinary or cross-KK.

Understanding Scope Ornaments.
Many experts argue that, in the words of ornament derived from the word Ornare (Latin) which means
to decorate, in Encyclopedia of Indonesia, ornament decoration style is described as any geometric or
otherwise; ornaments are made in a basic form of the craft (furniture, clothing, etc.) and
arsitektur.Ornamen is a component of the art products are added or deliberately made for the purpose
as decoration. In addition to his duties as a trimmer involves implicit aspects Lovely, for example, to add
an item keindaahan so much good and interesting, besides the ornaments are also found symbolic
values or purposes specified in relation to the philosophy of life (philosophy life) of human or
community poster, so diterapinya objects that have meaning and depth, along with certain expectations
as well. On further developments, the use of ornaments in addition to having certain purposes and in a
more contemporary (as now) a lot of emphasis merely as an ornamental only, thus ornament really is a
component of the art products that add or intentionally in created for the purpose as mere decoration.
It is obvious that the duties and functions of the ornament to decorate an object, and if the ornaments
are in place or applied to other objects would have added value to the object. Whether to add a
beautiful, antique, haunted, beautiful, and or another predicate. Certainly within the scope of which is
precisely how and where the ornaments must be used. Apparently not as easy as understanding it,
because the ornament regarding other issues are more complex and extensive. Because the need
outlined in terms of motives, or themes and patterns in wear on art objects, buildings, and on any
surface regardless of its importance for the structure and fungsinya.Selanjutnya when examined more
deeply from the above discussion, the range of ornaments be very broad. Because of something that has
the task to decorate and add to the value of the objects that occupy means referred to as ornaments.
This understanding will be more difficult to understand if you want to develop it, and not fully
understanding of ornamentation is not so, because the ornaments have the characteristics, properties
and a very special character. Accordingly, let us compare the following issues in a group of ornaments, a
sculpture that stands alone can turn into a unit when in place in a city park or placed at the entrances of
the building / buildings. So also if a painting is mounted on the wall of a room / living room and its
furniture-furniture that is so harmonious, making the atmosphere of the room more attractive and
beautiful. From the above description clearly the function of sculpture, paintings and furniture are as
decorations on town park, a living room, and the gate, so with such statues, paintings, sculptures and
furniture had to be interpreted as an ornament of the garden city, living room and the door gate. But
needs to know that such things were not what the real intent with ornaments, as which one I mean.
Another example, there is a furniture where there is a twisted carvings were wrapped around the
furniture, or carved only on some parts of the course. In this case the position of engraving was easily
explained, namely as a decoration or ornamentation of the furniture. Correspondingly, the same
problem when the bracelet, necklace, pendant is considered as the ornament of the person wearing it,
but on the other side of the jewelry items are also ornaments above menghiasinya.Pengertian
somewhat difficult enough in a proper conclusion, advance else if related to penertian decor. For the
meaning of the decoration is also adorned, yet can be understood that in general terms with the
decoration ornaments in many respects there are similarities, but there are still significant differences,
as decoration in many ways more emphasis on the application, the application of a special nature, such
as interior decoration, stage decoration. In response to the problem, it would probably be a more open
mind when we realize that the ornament can be a decorative element or elements, but not to the
contrary (as an element of ornamental decoration). Hence the sense of ornament will depend from the
point where we see it, and everyone is free to draw conclusions according to his point of view.

History painting in Indonesia

Painting is one of the parent of the visual arts. With the same basic sense, painting is a more complete
development of the drawing.

Indonesian modern art begins with the entry of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. The tendency of
Western European art of that era into the flow of romance to make a lot of painters Indonesia was co-
developed flow. Initially a painter Indonesia more as a spectator or assistant, for arts education is a
luxury that is difficult to achieve the native population. In addition because the price of modern painting
tools are difficult to reach ordinary people.

Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman is one of the assistants who were fortunate enough to learn the European
style of painting practiced by the Dutch painter.

Raden Saleh then went to Holland to learn to paint, so that Indonesia had become a respected painter
and became court painter in several European countries.

But Indonesia is not painting through the same development as the European renaissance era, so that
its development was not through the same stages.

The era of the revolution in Indonesia Indonesia made a lot of painters switch from romantic themes to
be inclined towards "populist". Object associated with the natural beauty of Indonesia is considered as a
theme that betray the nation, because lick considered to be the enemy of the capitalist ideology of
communism that were popular at that time. The painter then switch to real-life portrait of the lower
class and the struggle against the invaders.

In addition, tools such as paint and canvas painting an increasingly difficult to come to Indonesia
paintings tend to form simpler, hence the birth of abstraction.

Culture Manifesto movement that aims to fight the imposition of the ideology of communism in the
1950s to make painters prefer to free their art from a particular political interest, thus starting the era of
expressionism. The painting is no longer regarded as a messenger and a propaganda tool, but rather as a
means of expression of the author. That belief is still held today.

Our journey of painting since the pioneering R. Saleh until the beginning of this XXI century, was still
swayed by the various conflicts of conception.

Indonesian art establishment that has not reached the level of success has been ravaged by the idea of
modernism that led to the alternative art or contemporary art, with the emergence of the concept art
(conceptual art): "Installation Art", and "Performance Art", which had flourished in parts of the campus
arts college of about 1993-1996. Then came the various alternatives such as "collaboration" as a mode
1996/1997. Along the same way a conventional painting with a variety of styles adorn the galleries,
which is no longer as a token of appreciation to the community, but it is an alternative investment

Graphic arts
is a branch of art-making process of his work using printing techniques, usually on paper. Except in
Monotype technique, the process is able to create copies of the same work in large quantities, it is
called by the print process. Each copy of the masterpiece known as the 'impression'. Painting or
drawing, on the other hand, creating a unique original artwork. Matter is created from the surface of a
material, technically called a matrix. Matrix commonly used are: metal plate, usually copper or zinc for
engraving or etching; stone used for lithography; wooden planks for woodcut / wood cukil. There are
many more other materials used in this work of art. Each print is usually regarded as a work of original
art, not a copy. The works are printed from a plate to create an edition, in the modern art of each work
is signed and numbered to indicate that the work is limited edition.

Sculpture is a branch of Art whose work was a three-dimensional shape. Usually created by carving,
modeling (eg clay) or casting (with mold).

Poster or placard is a work of art or graphic design which includes the composition of pictures and
letters on large paper. Its application to the attached to the wall or other flat surface with the properties
of the eye looking as strong as possible. Because the poster is usually made with contrasting colors and

Posters can be a means of advertising, education, propaganda, and decorations. Besides it can also be
copies of famous works of art.

Ceramic Art

is a branch of fine arts Ceramic material processing to create works of art that is traditional to
contemporary. In addition it is also distinguished Ceramic craft activities based on the principles of
functionality and production.

Venus of Dolni Vestonice Ceramics is the work of the oldest ever found. Ceramics in Nove and Bassano

Ceramics from the beginning is very popular with its function as decorative objects. This can be known
daripeninggalan 400an Republic of Venice in the year. Also note that the mass production began in the
17th century in Nove and Bassano del Grappa. Ashura is the most important companies in the area

Ceramics was originally derived from the Greek meaning keramikos a form of clay that has undergone
the process of combustion.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias in the 1950s to define ceramics as an art and technology to produce
goods of baked clay, like pottery, tile, porcelain, and so forth. But this time not all the tiles from clay.
The definition includes all the latest understanding of ceramic materials and inorganic nonmetallic solid.
(Yusuf, 1998:2).

Ceramic compounds are generally more stable in the environment compared to thermal and chemical
elements. Ceramic raw materials commonly used are felspard, ball clay, quartz, kaolin, and water.
Properties of ceramics is largely determined by the crystal structure, chemical and mineral composition
of luggage. Therefore, the ceramic properties of geological environment also depends on where the
material is obtained. In general a very complicated structure with a few free electrons.

Lack of a free electron ceramics make the most of the ceramic material is not an electrical conductor
and is also a poor conductor of heat. In addition, ceramics have the properties of brittle, hard, and stiff.
Ceramics in general have better compressive strength than the strength of its appeal

The diversity of arts and culture of Indonesia, of which looks through the traditional craft products
scattered in various regions in Indonesia with the characters and artistic styles of each. Existence adds to
the beauty of the earth rise earth, like a mosaic of cultural arts in Indonesians. The presence of a variety
of traditional craft product that boasts it is the potential for complexity in it contains the value and
competence, according to the level of civilization and its supporting human life since prehistoric times to
modern times. In accordance soul era, traditional craft products Indonesia contains the charge of social
values, political, economic, cultural, spiritual, and material that can be used as a measuring tool to
determine the level of civilization, progress mindset, awareness, and a proper sense of a person, the
following level of civilization supporting community and social life.
It is recognized that the values in the biological products of traditional Kriya art always changes and
developments, continuity and experience dekontinuitas aligned with the demands of changing times,
both of which occurred during the prehistoric, ancient, MADIA era, modern era, as well as the era of
openness and global. When human lives are at the level of living berpidah-moving and dynamic with
animist beliefs, the presence of Art Craft is clinging to the conditions of life at that time, as in ancient
times, MADIA era, and so on.
The presence of Art Craft can be expressed very closely with fairy life itself, Art Craft from the
community and return to their interests. Kriya art are in the society as a branch of art grounded and
populist. This is not merely a kind of slogan, but it is a fact. As is known, is present at all levels of Art
Craft people's lives, both in the weak economy, middle class, and a strong economy. The public generally
require the presence of Art Craft in their lives, especially as a means to elevate the dignity of life and
dignity. Art Craft p ernah become the symbol of one's status, Art Craft industry can be a product that has
economic value, and Art Craft also serves as the fulfillment of material and spiritual needs. Increasing
the means of life, opening opportunities for the development of Art Craft answer kepentinygan life, it
has a strong influence on the existence and development. Kriya art very closely to the needs and
opportunities of life that has great potential to be developed into business units that are industrial
production, as well as a reliable komuditas in trade. It is evident that many branches of Art Craft after a
serious development work to meet the market demands and to improve the welfare of the community
supporters, and even bring in foreign exchange.

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