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					AP Language and Composition Syllabus

Course Overview
Welcome! Kudos to you for taking this challenging college level course. Before we begin, there are
a few things you should know about what you’re in for the next year.

In this college-level course you will exercise close-reading and analytical skills in a variety of
non-fiction readings and writings, deepening your awareness of rhetorical devices, syntax, and
diction, as well as understanding how purpose enhances form. The non-fiction selections will range
from classical rhetoric—essays and speeches—to more contemporary pieces. You will read from
works to enhance various aspects of rhetoric and composition, analyzing audience, purpose, form,
thesis, sentence imitation, and rhetorical strategies (“Core Reading”). We will also analyze the
language of advertising, using SOAPSTONE. SOAPSTONE also helps you learn how to utilize
and practice close-reading skills. Additionally, you will also read independently from three
fictional works to evaluate the connection between language and meaning, looking for the central
argument or social commentary each author asserts.

To enhance analytical skills and practice an understanding of rhetoric, you will need to understand
rhetorical devices and how they affect the meaning of the piece. In order to practice this skill, we
will have quizzes weekly on identification of the device and imitation of the device. Halfway
through the semester, you will be asked to research other rhetorical devices and present them to the

Because imitation is one of the ways students learn to write, we will imitate classical and
contemporary rhetoric from the Bible, Joan Didion, Martin Luther King Jr., the Declaration of
Independence, and David Sedaris as a part of in-class writing workshops. Other workshop activities
will include work on connotation/denotation, levels of diction, tone, syntax and rhythm/mood, and
aspects of rhetorical analysis. Major essay assessments grow out of these workshops.

Formal essays will cover many different modes of writing: progymnasmata exercises (fable/tale,
confirmation, refutation, etc), essay of definition, rhetorical analyses of infomercial, short essays,
and two novels; argumentative essays on a topic of choice, comparison/ contrast, resume and cover
letter, and personal narrative. Each of these essays is an assessment, and you will self-evaluate, peer
evaluate, and receive teacher feedback on multiple drafts.

As this is a college-level course, prepare yourselves for a rigorous workload and high performance
expectations. We only have one semester, and ninety minutes daily to meet, so some work must be
completed outside of class time, so effective time-management is imperative. Assignment
guidelines will be overviewed and explained in class. It is also absolutely essential that students
come into this class sufficiently prepared to read and discus prose, and with a command of the
conventions of writing.
Course Texts:
     The Language of Composition. Shea, Renee H., Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin Dissin
         Aufses Eds. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2008. (LOC)
     Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop: Level H. Shostak, Jerome et al. New York:
         Sadlier-Oxford, 2005. (VOC)
     Write for College. Sebranek, Patrick, Verne Meyer, and Dave Kemper Eds. Washington:
         Great Source Education Group, 2007. (WFC)
     The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
      Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell
      The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
      Angela’s Ashes, by Frank McCourt

 Please acquire a three-subject notebook for in-class notes, vocabulary, and homework. This
 notebook will be checked each Friday in the beginning and every other Friday after the first

 Students will also be asked to bring a large three-ring binder and six divider tabs to create a
 handbook of material I photocopy for them in the following sections:
      Progymnasmata
      Syntax
      Tone
      Essay mechanics (MLA formatting and such)
      Argument/research (“Factoid Friday” and resources)
      Practice AP tests, AP Rubric, and writings in progress
 Grading/ Evaluation:
 AP grades are weighted; however, the grading is stringent. Evaluation of writing will be based on
 the AP Exam Scoring guide (9-1). I expect that students have sufficient composition skills upon
 entering this class, which we will hone. Most in-class assignments will be graded on correctness
 and completion. Students will also be able to revise or resubmit essays, if a concept is not grasped
 with instructor approval.


I know in a class like this one, it all comes down to grades: the work is only the means to an
end—valedictorian, salutatorian, college admissions—and that essay-selling website beckons
seductively. But stay strong—I care more about what you think than what Google or
writemyessay.com think. Even pasting a portion of someone else’s work can become
plagiarism without synthesizing the information into YOUR words and giving the author
credit. Therefore, if you do plagiarize an essay in a class like this one, not only will you receive
a zero, but you will also be required to re-do the assignment for 25% credit, and I’ll call your

Steep? Yes.

Point taken? I hope so.

 Other Policies
     Rhetorical device quizzes (90/90) will be given on Friday of each week; students have
        until the following Thursday to make up the quiz before a zero goes in the gradebook.
        Please make arrangements to come in before or after school or during your lunch to do this.
     All assignments—with the exception of the homework and vocabulary assigned in the
        notebook—must be typed in size 12 Times New Roman Font.
     Late work—if absent, a student has one day for each day absent to complete in-class
        assigned work. Long-term essays and other projects do not apply. Please make
          arrangements with Ms. Majewski if you have an extenuating circumstance. If not absent
          late work is only accepted for 50% credit after ONE day. After that, no credit is given.

While there may not be many TESTS, assigned essays will assess skills in this course. We will
write at LEAST one in each of these different modes: Research, persuasive, expository, analysis,
narrative, functional. The final for this course will be a portfolio highlighting at least one of each
of these pieces, plus extensive revisions of three of the pieces and reflections on favorite and most
challenging pieces.

Week-by-week Calendar and Assignments (Approximately. Classes have different needs;
hence, the material in this calendar may be changed or supplemented)

Timeline                            Assignments                                Rationale/
Two Weeks                                  Name game/Introductions           The purpose of this week is
                                           Go over syllabus/                 to get students comfortable
Objectives:                                  expectations                      with one another and to
      Intro to course                    Books assigned                    assign long-term projects
      Getting to know                    The Great Gatsby                  and readings. Terms and
        students                             distributed with page             class expectations are
      Understanding                        assignments and literature        explained, and students
Rhetoric                                     circle groups                     gain a primary
                                                                             understanding of rhetoric
 Close reading pp. 42-46 LOC                Pre-quiz over rhetorical
                                                                               and how language
                                           First five rhetorical devices     influences
                                             assigned                          purpose/voice/form
                                           Rhetoric definition notes
                                             pp1-10 LOC, 231-232 WFC
                                           Fable assigned
                                           SOAPSTONE and ads
                                                 Greek /Latin roots
                                                  assigned (Voc)

Two Weeks                                                                             1/15: 90/90 quiz on
                                           Daily Diction, pp. 3, 5, 7, 11,            Rhetorical Terms 1
Objectives:                                  13                                         (90 percent of class
        Close-reading                 Diction exercises pp. 10-27,
                                                                                        must pass with 90%)
                                                                                      1/18 due: Fable
        Progymnasmata                      592-95, 790-793, 545LOC;                   shows the argument
        Understanding diction              p. 70, 288 WFC.                            of “how to behave,
                                         “Saying it both ways”                        and the tale must be
                                             (Advanced Placement                        written the following
                                             Writing 1)                                 week arguing the
                                         “Fowl Language: The fine                     opposite message
                                             new art of doublespeak” by               “Levels of Diction”
                                                                                        shows an
                                             Richard Lederer (AARP                      understanding of the
                                             Bulletin)                                  language used in
                                         Connotation/Denotation                       popular culture
                                         “Levels of Diction”                        1/14Core Reading 1
                                             (Advanced Placement                        due*
                                             Writing 1) Due 1/23                            Greek/Latin
                                         Meet with Gatsby Literature                       Roots quiz
                                                 Read/ annotate MLK
                                                  Dream Speech (DJ)
                                                 Vocab unit 1a p.21-25

3 Jan. 19-22                         Tale assigned (argue the                      1/22 90/90 Quiz on
                                       opposite message as moral)                      Rhetorical Terms 2
      Close-reading                                                                  (or 1, if didn’t pass)
                                     Rhetoric of MLK Dream
      Progymnasmata                  speech—Read/annotate for
                                                                                     1/19: Tale due
      Understanding classical        SOAPSTONE
                                                                                       written with
                                                                                       opposite moral
        rhetoric                     Rhetorical devices 2 (if                        (opposing
      Diction and tone               90/90 passed)                                   arguments)
        connections                  Read/annotate for                             Mock “Dream” or
                                       SOAPSTONE “Declaration of                       “Declaration
                                       Independence” and H.L.                        1/121 Core Reading
                                       Mencken’s “Declaration of                       2 due
                                       Independence in American”                  1/22 vocab quiz 1b
                                       1921                                 *Core Reading assignment
                                     Write imitation “Dream” or           assesses response and analysis
                                       “Declaration” speech in pairs        of an essay read in core reading
                                       on topic of choice (must be a        text: Students choose four
                                       topic impossible to                  questions or sentences to
                                       argue—taking up smoking, not         respond to addressing thesis,
                                       wearing sunscreen, eating to         purpose, understanding of
                                       obesity, candy for breakfast         material, connections to
                                       etc.) (Writing Workshop)             student’s life, audience etc.;
                                     Daily diction/tone pp. 15, 95, 97,   then students write a concise
                                       96,                                  summary of essay, choose a
                                     Meet with Gatsby literature          sentence that delights or
                                       circle                               confuses them and imitate it;
                                  Vocab unit 1b pp. 21-25 VOC               students then write a What?
                                                                            How? Why? Analysis of the
                                                                            essay and cite using
                                                                            MLA-formatted citation
4 Jan 25-29                          Assign chreia, with                1/29: 90/90-3
                                       examples from previous            1/29 vocab unit 2a quiz
Objectives                             classes                            2/1: Chreia Due
        Close-reading              Rhetorical Terms 3                 1/28: *Core
        Understanding              Daily Diction/Tone pp. 91,             Reading 3 due
          Diction/Tone                 92, 99, 100, 108,                         Read pp.
          connections                “Determining Tone”                         420-425
        progymnasmata              “Couple Request Separate                   LOC; Ex.
                                       Trials in Mauling Death”,
                                       read article, then rewrite
                                                                                  1&2, ex.
                                       using loaded language for                  3&4
                                       husband / wife in pairs                   Read pp
                                       (writing workshop)                         498-503; Ex.
                                     “On Holidays and How to                    1&2; ex.
                                       Make Them Work”, Nikki                     3&4
                                       Giovanni, , read/annotate
                                       for SOAPSTONE
                                     “The Hating Game”, Peter
                                       Andrews” “Happy New
                                       Year?” by Russell Baker
                                       annotate for SOAPSTONE;
                                       identify words/ phrases
                                       showing tone
                                   Write a critical movie
                                     review in pairs (Writing
                                   Meet with Gatsby
                                     Literature Circle
                                  Vocab unit 2a pp. 28-33

5 Feb. 1-5                           Rhetorical terms 4                 2/4: *Core
                                     Daily Tone/Syntax pp. 69,            reading on one
Objectives:                            71, 72, 74, 98
       Understanding Syntax                                               definition essay
                                     SOAPSTONE “Patriotism
                                                                            in packet given
       Argument by definition        more than who has the loudest
                                       voice” by Barbara Kingsolver       2/5: 90/90&
       Core reading focus on
                                     Writing workshop—“defining        2b vocab quiz
essays of definition                   patriotism” and “sharpen
                                       meaning by comparison”
                                     SOAPSTONE “Tolerance”
                                     “Guidelines for writing good
                                   “Abstract/Concrete Nouns”
                                     Assign Definition Essay: Define
                                       an abstract concept with
                                       concrete language
                                     “Active/Passive Voice”
                                     Meet with Gatsby Literature
                                  p. 203, 205, 585 WFC.
                                  Vocab 2b pp28-33
6 Feb. 8-12                                Rhetorical Device practice         2/11: Definition
                                          Pp. 58-60 Subordination/              essay D#1 due
Objectives:                                 coordination and “The               D#2 Due 2/16
       Understanding the                  Three New Yorks” by E.B             90/90?
         effects of syntax                  White p. 71 (Handbook)              40 min. Wed. to
       Essays of definition            Daily Syntax, pp. 77, 79, 81,          practice AP essay
       Comparison/contrast                86, 88                                prompts:
       Metaphor/analogy                Paramedic Method;                      5/10/20/5 formula:
       Personification                    semi-colons                           Five minutes to
                                         Imitation exercises, Joan              dissect the
                                            Didion, and Henry James               prompt, outline
                                         Conference time on d#1                 what you know,
                                         Revision strategies                    ten to read (if
End 6 weeks 2/12                         Using metaphor, analogy,               applicable),
                                            personification (sharpen              twenty to draft
                                            meaning by comparison)                and five to check
                                         Gatsby Literature Circles              work.
                                            meet                                2/11core reading*
                                        Syntax project: Groups will               due
                                            research and present
                                            different syntactical
                                    Vocab unit 3a pp 35-40

Week 7 Feb. 16-19                          Absolutes, appositives p. 583
                                             LOC; 512-516; 72 WFC               2/18:core
Objectives:                                “Fine Art of Sighing”, “Fun          reading* due
       To analyze language in              With Sentences” syntax             2/22: Definition
         Gatsby                              workshops (Handbook)
     Beginning research for
                                                                                  essay due
                                           Daily Syntax pp. 76, 75, 80,       one hour Wed to
         argumentative topic                 84, 85
       Primary understanding of                                                 practice AP
                                           “What? How? Why?” and
rhetorical analysis                                                               Multiple Choice
                                             “Dulce et Decorum est” by
                                             Wilfred Owen; follow up              Q’s
                                             with Gatsby                        Factoid Friday
                                           Gatsby Essay assignment:             shared
                                             Focus on one aspect of how
                                             language makes meaning in
                                             the novel.
                                           Factoid Friday assignment
                                             given: research a
                                             controversial topic and
                                             bring in an article with a
                                             notecard with MLA
                                             formatted citation, and one
                                             or two salient quotes with
                                           Final conference of
                                             Definition essay
Week 8 Feb. 22-26                     Argument v. persuasion
                                        notes pp. 239-243WFC           
Objectives:                           Look at AP test examples
                                                                            3/1 Gatsby Essay
        Understanding                                                     due
                                        and evaluate using AP             core
          argument v. persuasion        rubric                              reading* due
        Critical analysis of        Logic and other appeals p         forty minutes to
          sources for bias              251 WFC                             practice AP essay
        AP scoring                  Workshop: One topic, write          exam
                                        using all appeals (ex:            Factoid Friday
                                       Assign Rhetorical devices
                                        project: Using your
                                        knowledge of at least twenty
                                        rhetorical devices, create a
                                        crossword, or other word
                                        puzzle(groups of 4)
                                      Hand out Nineteen
                                        Eighty-four books and
                                        assign page numbers for
                                        Literature Circles
                                      Classic rhetoric: “Art of
                                        Rhetorique” by Thomas
                                        Wilson and Q’s
                                      Queen Elizabeth Tilbury
                                        speech, Audience, form,
                                        intention, appeals?
                                      John Donne, “Meditation
                                        17”, Audience, figurative
                                        language, appeals?
Week 9 March 1-5                         Practice confirmation on
                                           smoking in pairs (writing           core reading*
Objectives:                                workshop)
        Progymnasmata                                                          due
                                         Print your favorite Greek           Practice AP essay
        Understanding logic              myth and write a
        Understanding ethos                                                  Factoid Friday
                                           confirmation on that myth
                                         Anecdotal,
                                           statistical/empirical, logical      3/8Practice
                                           evidence notes and                    confirmation
                                           workshop                              due
                                         Look at AP test examples            Literature
                                           and evaluate using AP                 circles meet
                                         Read “Shooting an
                                           Elephant” by George
                                           Orwell; discuss form and
                                         Syllogisms and logical
                                         Fallacy slogans/bumper
                                         “Pick your favorite
                                           stranded sailor!” Ethos
                                           activity: Pick the person to
                                           save adrift at sea miles from
                                           shore, one gallon water, one
                                           sailor showing signs of
                                           dehydration. What to do?
                                           Write it up in groups,
                                           explaining why.
                                         Language analysis of
                                           Nineteen Eighty-four
                                           opening chapters
                                         p. 252 WFC

Week 10 March 8-12                       Assign infomercial                   3/14 Confirmation
                                           rhetorical analysis: MLA              essay due
Objectives:                                citation, audience, product?        core
        Rhetorical analysis of an        Appeals? Graphics?                    reading* due
          infomercial                      Testimonials? Form and                Literature
        Opposing arguments               intention? Overall                    circles meet
                                           effectiveness?                      3/12 RA D#1 due
                                       Rhetorical analysis
                                       Opposing arguments
                                       Mill, Anthony, and
                                           Pankhurst on Women and
                                       Read “MrPopular” by
                                           David Sedaris
                                       Rhetorical Precis explained
                                           and assigned
                                       Rhetorical analysis
                                       Precis and D#1 RA assigned
Week 11 March 22-26                       Practice Refutation on             3/25 core
                                            smoking                             reading* due
Objectives                                Write Refutation of myth
        Progymnasmata
                                                                           ·    3/26 précis due
                                            chosen earlier                 ·    Literature
        Understanding leads             Practice writing précis             circles meet
                                          Writing effective leads        ·    3/28 RA edit
                                          Practice writing leads on           draft due
                                            various AP writing prompts
                                                                                (students may
                                          Inductive and Deductive
                                            Reasoning                           choose for me to
                                          Write Inductive/Deductive           evaluate this
                                            directions                          draft as a
                                                                           ·    Factoid Friday

Week 12 March 29-April 2                  assign “Politics and the          RA due
                                            English Language” Core            core reading
Objectives                                  Reading anaylysis.                  due
        Practicing rhetorical           Read “A Modest Proposal”          Practice AP
          analysis                          by Jonathan Swift                   writing prompt:
        Organization and purpose        Using the essay, in groups        Refutation
        Defend, challenge, qualify        each group writes a                 essay due
                                            paragraph about one of the        Literature
                                            following elements of RA            circles meet
                                          Pass to different groups to
                                            compile class essay. Each
                                            group to focus on:
                                            organization of points,
                                            language, syntax, in-text
                                            citations; add detail,
                                            subtract irrelevant info;
                                            number draft.
                                          Groups evaluate the
                                            different drafts using AP
                                          Write short proposal of own
                                            in groups
                                          Assign draft 3 of
                                            argumentative essay:
                                            Explain the problem, why
                                            this is a problem, propose a
                                            solution, explain why this
                                            solution works,
                                            acknowledge opposing
                                            arguments and refute,
Week 13 April 5-9                    Assign Annotated                   core reading
                                       Bibliography on Factoid              due on “Politics
Objectives                             Friday Research                      and the English
        Qualifying an opinion      Discussion of “Politics and          Language”
                                       the English Language” and          AP Practice Essay
                                       ties to Nineteen Eighty-four       Draft 3 of
                                     Draft 3 conferencing time            Argumentative
                                     Writing workshop: “The               essay due
                                       Case for Short Words” and            (students may
                                       a short descriptive narrative        choose for me to
                                       using one-syllable words; p,         evaluate this
                                       252 LOC                              draft as a
                                     For a chosen topic, students         secondary
                                       must write a qualification
                                       (writing workshop)
                                     For the practice AP essay,
                                       students will have to choose       Factoid Friday
                                       qualifying an opinion                shared
                                                                            circles meet

Week 14 April 12-16                      Assign Nineteen                core reading
                                           Eighty-Four essay/core           due
Objectives                                 reading                        Practice AP
        Finishing work               Rhetorical devices project:          multiple choice
        Revision for ideas               Research and present             Q’s
                                           a rhetorical device not        Annotated
                                           studied in class. You            Bibliography due
                                           must have:                     Factoid Friday
                                                Definition of              shared
                                                 device                   Literature
                                                Examples: Link             circles meet
                                                 to rhetoric in
                                                The effect of
                                                 device (why
                                          Revision activities:
                                            where is evidence
                                            lacking? Anecdotes?
                                            Ethos? Syntax?
Week 15 April 19-23                     Scarlet Letter books passed        core reading
                                          out and literature circle            due comparing
Objectives                                dates given                          and contrasting
        Historical events that     resent Rhetorical devices 7-10         Nineteen
          affect the “truth” of an        min, explain the rationale           Eighty-four and
          author’s message                behind choice; try to link to        “Politics”
                                          rhetoric in novels read this       Final
                                          semester; include MLA                argumentative
                                          cited pg                             draft due
                                                                             Literature
                                                                               circles meet

Week 16 26-30                          Watch “Histories                    core reading
                                         Mystereries: Salem 1692”              due: narrative
Objectives                           Research Nathaniel Hawthorne              writing
                                         and his purpose for writing         Practice AP Essay
                                         Scarlet Letter                      Literature
                                     Practice writing/ multiple choice         circles meet
                                         AP exams pp 496-502 WFC.
                                                                             research

Week 17 May3-7                          Narrative writing                  Create a box or
                                        “How it feels to be Colored          bag that
Objectives                                Me” by Zora Neale Hurston            represents you
        Prewriting                                                         core reading
                                        List all the groups that you
        Imagery                         identify with                        due
                                        What’s in your bag?                Practice AP Essay
                                          Writing                            Draft 1
                                          workshop—prewriting for              &2 narrative due
                                          essay                              Literature
                                        Write a personal narrative           circles meet
                                          using the format of
                                          Hurston’s essay.
Week 18 May 10-14                       Revisit Williams and White         Editing draft
                                          Summer Readings and look             of narrative due
Objectives                                at narrative                       core reading
       Detail, imagery and              elements—syntax, diction,            due
         syntax and effective             imagery, organization              Take practice AP
         narrative                      Resume/cover letter                  exam
       Functional writing               requirements                       Resume/cover
    Finalize for AP Exam                    AP Exam                          letters due for
*Senior finals 5/14--portfolio due      Work on Portfolios                   revision 5/14
                                           Revision workshops               Literature
                                                                               circles meet
Week 19 5/17-21                                  C., 5/20
                     Watch Capitalism: A          Hand in final
Objectives                                         portfolio (final
                      Love Story or Sicko&
Finalize course                                    narrative draft
                      Inconvenient Truth
                     Create Final Jeopardy        and resume cover
                                                   letter due)
                     Play Jeopardy in           Literature
                      groups                       circles meet
                     Course evaluations

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