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									Resume Writing

For PHD Program
1. Resume

Resume Basics
                   Four types of resume
             (in reversed chronological order)

1. Chronological resume
2. Skills resume
3. Functional resume
4. Professional PhD Résumé Sample
A. Chronological Resume

1. Name & contact details of the applicant
2. Job objective
3. Work experience & internships
4. Education (schooling) & training
5. Language skills, computer skills…
6. Awards
7. Volunteer’s work
8. References
9. Personal data
B. Skills Resume

1. Name & contact details of the applicant
2. Job objective
3. Skills, abilities and areas of expertise
4. Work experience & internship
5. Training
6. Language skills, computer skills …
7. References
8. Personal information
C. Functional Resume

1. Name & contact details of the applicant
2. Job/work objective
3. Summary of qualifications---skills, abilities and knowledge
4. Work experience & internship
5. Education/schooling & training
6. Voluntary/community work
7. Awards
8. Certificates of language & computer skills
9. Hobbies and interests
10. References
D. Professional PhD Résumé Sample

•   Personal letter-head
•   Job objective
•   Education
•   Employment Experience
•   Computer Skills
•   Laboratory and Instrumentation Skills
•   Languages
•   Professional Societies
•   Awards and Honors
•   Interests
•   Publications
•   Presentations
•   References
2. How to determine the type of resume?
A. Chronological Resume

Chronological resume presents your life experience in a
chronological format, focusing on what you have been doing
and what you have achieved …

Many employers prefer chronological resume to skills resume as it
provides a clear picture of your employment history, focusing on career
advancement and increased responsibilities.
B. Skills Resume

If you are changing career and have little or no experience related to the
position you are applying for, you should use a skills resume…

Skills resume focuses on the skills you have rather than work
experience or education.
C. Functional Resume

We strongly advise you to use a functional resume, which includes the
best of the two generic resume types. How…
1. Outline the skills and knowledge relevant to the position you are
   applying for.

2. Continue with your experience and educational background
   supporting the skills you have with specific examples.
3. YOUR Titles at different phases

1.   PHD candidate,
2.   PHD degree holder
3.   ABD: all but dissertation (applied to a person who has completed
     all requirements for a doctoral degree except for the writing of a
4.   PHD (Dr. Jack Smith) D.M.
5.   Postdoctoral research fellow---博士后研究人员
6.   Postdoctoral Appointee --- 博士后行政人员
The End

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