Typical Presentation by shitingting


									Typical Presentation
Bring the following in an Insphere Presentation Folder

Bases Covered Presentation Sheet
         Have printed professionally and laminated for reuse
         Explain how you are their trusted advisor and want to learn more about them to make certain you are providing them
          with the best sphere of protection to meet their needs.
         They will work a lifetime to provide for their family and their future. They hire professionals to establish legal, financial
          and tax plans… These work well until the unexpected happens…
         Together we will develop a sphere of protection around their family, finances and their future for when the unexpected

Fact Finder
         NEVER skip this part! It is most effectively done right after you have established yourself as their benefit specialist. You
          are not just the “health insurance guy”.
         The more you know about your customer the better you can protect them, now, and again in the future. After all - YOU
          are their trusted advisor – do not knowingly leave holes in their sphere of protection.
         Remember this is a conversation not a grilling.
         Ask permission to take notes
         Develop their understanding of the impact life/disability insurance can have on their loved ones by asking these
                               What are your thoughts on Life insurance? On Disability Insurance?
                               Tell me about your existing life/disability insurance program?
                               How did you determine the amount of coverage you currently have?
                               What do you want your life/disability insurance to do for your family/business partner?
                               State: The amount of coverage you have isn’t right or wrong until you compare it to what you would
                                want to have happen if, God forbid, you didn’t make it home tonight.
                               How much is it worth to you on a monthly basis to provide this protection to your family/business?
                     If you determine they have an interest/need in a permanent life product set another appointment
                     For the next appointment:
                           o    prepare 3 life insurance quotes at the monthly amount they requested
                                           All Term
                                           All Permanent
                                           Perm/Term Combo
                           o    Make certain that the benefit amounts are in line with their needs that you discovered with the fact
                                finding – if not, prepare quotes for this amount as well to see if they are willing to spend more each
                                month to provide the protection they felt was needed
                           o    Review their needs with them prior to presenting the solutions you have prepared.

Quotes from Health Carriers –
Print shopping cart proposal or email it to yourself and show them on the screen
                    Health Insurance 3 quotes

                          o  High deductible HSA with full supplement pkg
                          o  High deductible HSA with full supplement pkg with second carrier if applicable or a slightly lower
                             deductible and same carrier
                         o   Comparable Copay plan with no supplements
                    Supplement package includes
                          o     Critical Illness (amount varies upon customers annual income, age and budget, use CancerWise if
                                cannot qualify for CI. Or, use a combination of both. Provide protection for at least one years
                                income. If client is concerned about critical illness coverage ending at 65 introduce them to Family
                                Heritage CancerCare and CardiaCare)
                         o      Accident Direct - $25,000
                         o      Hospital Confinement $750 per day
                         o      Vision
                    Term Life Insurance quote on each adult member
                         o      10K Child rider for each minor child
                         o      200K Policy for college age children
                         o      Policy on husband and wife – 200K, 400K and 800K for 10 years past youngest childs 18th birthday or
                                until insured would reach the age of 75, whichever is the shorter term

                     Cancer Society
                     CNN medical bankruptcies
                     Who Needs Long Term Care

Referral Cards
           Who do you know that would benefit from my assistance in evaluating if their sphere of protection meets their needs and
           their budget?

Recruiting Card
           Who is the best salesperson you know?

Business Card
           Insert into Presentation Folder

Alternate Options
Have ready on paper or on your laptop pricing on other levels of each product you presented and different products. If they want
to increase/decrease a benefit or you determine they have a different need altogether have it readily available. (You can have a
printed sheet ready by doing a doing a print screen of all the options on Norvax and then print them 4 pages to one sheet. )

Product Brochures & Paper Application/Disclosure Forms
          Have the brochures laminated or organize them in a binder to be used at time of presentation
          It is not advisable to leave a copy of the brochures with the customer unless they purchase, then you must leave a copy
           for each product they purchase
          Have paper applications with you at all times as a backup – you never know

To ensure the online application process goes efficiently:
       Use a wireless connection whenever possible
       Have their information preloaded in your Activity Center under Contact and an Open Opportunity

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