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					Artificial Intelligence
   By Sarah Castellano
What is AI?

• John McCarthy coined the term “intelligent
 Design” in 1956. It is defined as the study
 and design of intelligent agents where an
 intelligent agent is a system that perceives
 its environment and takes actions which
 maximizes its chances of success.
The building blocks of AI

• AI incorporates a range of technologies
 from human robot interaction and situated
 dialogue processing to spatial cognition.
 AI research uses tools and insights from
 many fields including computer science,
 psychology, philosophy, linguistics,
 probability, economics, scheduling, facial
 recognition and logistics.
• Researchers hope that
  someday machines will
  exhibit human like traits
  such as reasoning,
  knowledge, planning,
  learning, communication
  and perception. This
  “general intelligence” has
  not yet been achieved
  and is a long term goal of
  AI research.
        • People endorse the
          research of AI for many
          reasons. One thing
          scientists hope the
          development of AI will
          produce is companions
          for older people. The
          ability for machines to
          interact with people
          would open the door to
          robotic home helpers,
          companions, and care
How its used today
AI has made tremendous strides in the past few
  decades, and is already used in high tech places
  today. Robots with a low level of intelligence
  are being used to bring medicines to patients in
  hospitals and transport documents around office
  buildings. For instance, a recently developed
  machine is able to translate many different
  languages and is used in some hospitals today
  to help doctors and patients who speak separate
  languages communicate.
• The development of          • For centuries, people
 AI has been a topic of         have toyed with the
 heated debates for             idea of beings created
 decades. Many worry            by man and the
 about the long term            possible effects on
 consequences of                the human race. We
 artificial intelligence in     see this in literature
 the future if it is            and movies, both
 allowed to develop             from the past to
 unchecked.                     present day.
The concept of AI has been explored in works of fiction for
centuries, from the novel Frankenstein (1818) to the film
I, Robot (2004)
Many people fear the development of artificial
intelligence because of the unintended
consequences that might occur. One major
concern is a decreased demand for human
labor. We can actually see the beginnings of
such worries today with major companies laying
off massive amounts of employees as they
switch to manufacture goods with machines,
instead of people.
• Many critics of AI are concerned
  with the question of morality AI
  brings up. IF a machine can feel,
  does it have the same rights as
  human beings? Several futurists
  and science fiction writers have
  predicted that human beings and
  machines will merge in the future
  into cyborgs that are more
  capable and powerful than either
  is now. This idea, called
  Transhumanism, has roots in the
  works of Aldus Huxley and Robert
Another major concern
about AI is the terrifying
possibility that machines
might over power
humans and take over
the world. Many people
consider AI as unnatural
and that exploring the
subject will produce

Despite all the reasons not to meddle with
AI, people continue to show interest in the
topic because of all the scientific wonders
it may produce. Artificial intelligence is a
fascinating topic and many feel it is the
key to creating a better world for humans.
The Future
             • It is amazing to think of all
               the amazing advances
               science has made within
               our own lifetime. The
               world our children will grow
               up in will be very different
               from life today. Maybe
               artificial intelligence will
               become a common thing in
               a few years, but we are still
               a long way off from having
               robotic friends.

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