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Tai Kaku PowerPoint


									  George Lucas:
Contemporary Artistic Legend

        By Tai Kaku
   Facts
   American Graffiti
   Star Wars
   Subtle Themes
   Innovation
   Expanding Our Universe
   Other Works
   Contemporaries
   Beyond the Big Screen
   Reinvigorated Science Fiction
   Decline in Quality
   Legacy
   References
                      The Facts
   Born May 14, 1944
   Hometown Modesto, CA
   Graduated from USC
   Has been a Film Director,
    Screenwriter, and
    Producer since 1965
   Awarded Life
    Achievement Award by
    American film Institute in
           American Graffiti:
Based loosely on his own life, the movie was his first
                      big hit
By blending Science Fiction and Fairy Tales, Star Wars
        became a classic and ignited a genre
             Subtle Themes:
    Invokes historical themes and people

Imperial Storm Troopers      Nazi Storm Troopers

    Jedi Knight                Medieval Knight
  New themes, props, and social commentary

                                  Introduced Jim Henson’s puppets to movie

S.I.D was nicknamed “Star Wars”

                                  Popularized the darker-themed movies
Expanded our world:
Introduced imaginative characters
                        Other Ventures:
Lucas co-wrote the Indiana Jones Trilogy and had countless other
                successful artistic film ventures

            Indiana Jones


          Howard the Duck
       Worked with other great
        contemporary artists

Clock ward Left to Right: Francis Ford Coppola; Akira Kurosawa; Harrison
                          Ford; Steven Spielberg
                Beyond the Screen:
   Lucas expanded his interests beyond simply film

Lucas Arts creates software material; THX produces quality sound; The George Lucas
Foundation helps aspiring filmmakers through scholarships and grants
Reinvigorated Science Fiction:
         Spawned a generation of imitators

                                   Battlefield Earth

Battle Star Galactica             Independence Day
             Decline in Quality:
Contemporary movies have suffered in quality
           according to critics

Clock ward Left to Right: Star Wars Episode I; Star Wars Clone Wars; Indiana Jones
                         Skull Crystal Star Wars Episode II
Legions of Fans
   Lucas, George. (2007, June) George Lucas
    Biography Retrieved April 18, 2010, from

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