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					                                            NOMINATION BALLOT
                                     MERRIMACK FRIENDS & FAMILIES
                                       2011-2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Please use this form to submit all nominees for positions on the 2011-2012 Board of Directors. Nominate one person
for each position, unless otherwise specified. Questions regarding the duties of any positions may be submitted to the
current board member(s). You can nominate any member of the club that you would like to see fill these positions,
(except the President, who must have served on a previous years’ board.) Self-nominations are also very welcome!
As with any voting process, the more people who participate, the more representative the results will be. Your
nominations are very important. For a full list of duties of each officer, please see page 2 of this ballot.
All nominations are due to the Election Officer before midnight on April 8th. Forms may be mailed to Melissa
Winters, Election Officer, 109 Baboosic Lake Rd, Merrimack, NH 03054 or submitted via e-mail to:

YOUR NAME (Must be Included for Validity)
               2010-2011 BOARD                                     2011-2012 Nomination
                - Rachelle Belletete
           1st VICE PRESIDENT
                    - Julie Akers
          2nd VICE PRESIDENT
                   - Jill Mitchell
                 - Becky Flanders
                  - Tanya Rivard

    WAYS & MEANS (nominate 2)
      - Bea Bissonnette and Heather Sullivan

      MEMBERSHIP (nominate 2)
          - Sue Geyer and Eileen Herring

                 - Dorian Walters
                 - Caroline Nigen
           (nominate 2)
          - Carol Figueroa & Jackie Stout
                                                  DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS

PRESIDENT: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club. The President shall preside over all Board and
General Meetings. The President or Treasurer may sign checks, contracts, notes and/or other instruments to be executed on
behalf of the Organization. The President shall perform all the duties commonly incident to his office and shall perform such
other duties and have such other powers as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate.

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: The First Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President at any meeting at which the
President normally presides. The First Vice President shall serve as program chairperson and perform such other duties as may
be assigned by the President. Should the office of President become vacant, the First Vice President shall automatically fill it for
the remainder of the term.

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: The Second Vice President shall preside over and serve as liaison to special interest group
chairpersons. The Second Vice President shall collect nominations for Board of Directors for the upcoming year. The Second
Vice President shall manage the club calendar.

SECRETARY: The Secretary shall take minutes at all Board meetings and distribute said minutes to all Board members. The
Secretary will handle any Club correspondence as needed. Except as otherwise provided by law, written or printed notice of all
meetings of members, whether annual or special, stating the place, day and hour thereof, together with the purposes for which
such meeting is called, shall be given by the Secretary. In the absence or disability of the secretary, a person designated either by
the Secretary or by the person or persons calling the meeting may give such notice. The Secretary, or in the absence of the
Secretary, another individual as designated by the members of the organization, shall keep and maintain a correct and complete
record of any meeting convened pursuant to this Article III as prescribed by New Hampshire RSA 293-A: 52.

TREASURER: The treasurer shall collect all dues and fees for the Club. The Treasurer shall maintain the Club's bank account
and shall keep accurate records of the Club's finances. The Treasurer shall disperse funds on the order of the Board of Directors
and shall draw up a yearly budget. The Treasurer shall keep annual income tax records and file returns as required by the State.
The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of the funds of the organization and shall have and exercise under the supervision
of the Board of Directors all the powers and duties commonly incident to this office. He shall, with the President, have the power
to sign all checks, contracts, notes and/or other instruments to be executed on behalf of the corporation. He shall have the
custody of the organization seal and of all the money, funds, valuable papers and documents of the organization. He shall deposit
all the funds of the organization in such bank or banks, trust company or trust companies, or with such firm or firms doing a
banking business as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate. He may, on behalf of the organization, endorse for
deposit or collection, all checks, notes and other obligations payable to the organization or its order and may accept drafts on
behalf thereof. He shall keep accurate books of account of all other of its property in his possession, shall be subject at all times
to the inspection and control of the Board of Directors. All receipts and vouchers for payment made to the organization, and
checks, drafts, notes and other organization obligations for the payment of money by the organization shall be signed by the
Treasurer except as the Board of Directors may otherwise specifically order. Checks and drafts need not be countersigned, unless
otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors.

WAYS AND MEANS: Ways and Means shall hold fundraisers to generate funds for the operation of the Club and for
community service donations. Positions of Ways and Means shall create and preside over any and all committees necessary for
fundraising activities.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall hold monthly gatherings for prospective new members. They shall greet members at the
general meetings. Membership shall keep a directory of Membership. They shall inform new members of the Assumption of
Good Faith Clause.

PUBLICITY: Publicity shall submit articles about the Club's activities in the local newspapers and cable broadcasts. They shall
coordinate all web updates with the Club’s Web Administrator.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR: The Newsletter Editor shall collect all news items for the newsletter, compile these items, and have
them copied. They shall collate, fold, and weigh the newsletter prior to distributing. They are then responsible for mailing
newsletters to the members. Membership shall keep a current mailing list of members.

SERVICE COORDINATOR: The Service Coordinator will develop, plan and coordinate projects to support the local

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