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									7 Ways To Improve Your Blog Alexa Ranking

Do you have a blog? If Yes! Then you must have worked hard to drive traffic to your blog. But driving traffic to
your blog is a great thing, but driving traffic from search engines is the most important thing. You just can't
depend on your each post to receive traffic to your blog everyday, you really need to work hard to drive traffic
for your blog from top search engines and the rankings they assign for your blog. Alexa is not a new word for
you all, it is the company which assigns search engine ranking to each blog. Alexa ranks each site based on
the number of visitors it receives.

Alexa ranking is one of the most important criteria where thousands of blogs get indexed in different search
engines. Every time a post get published Alexa and Google checks the popularity and uniqueness of the post,
content and then assigns a valuable ranking to site based on the content.

In order to improve Alexa ranking, I have gathered and discovered some important tips, secrets and proven
strategies from the internet to improve Alexa ranking within the top 100,000 by applying these techniques.

I have summarized the 7 proven strategies that I’ve discovered and applied to my own blog to improve my
Alexa ranking, currently my blog Alexa rank under 85K. Apply these techniques to your site and see your
ranking climb towards the top.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar
As I discussed above that blog ranking is based on the user behavior at your site (i.e. number of visitors). Alexa
only counts those users who visit your site with Alexa ranking toolbar installed on their browsers and those who
do not have Alexa ranking toolbar installed will not help their ranking. Alexa toolbar is free and anyone can
download and install it on their browsers and then toolbar automatically tracks the sites you’re visiting. So,
download the Alexa toolbar and visit your blog everyday to improve your ranking. Alexa also offers the ability to
co-brand the toolbar with your blog logo. With Alexa toolbar you will get lots of benefits like you can view
statistics of blog or website easily and also it will help in boosting your ranking, even you can add Alexa ranking
widget to blog and start browsing with installed Alexa toolbar and encourage your readers to add their positive
feedback's on Alexa’s detailed listings page for your website this can be achieved by placing a proper Alexa
page on your site and asking readers to “Click here to rate this website”.
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2. Write Great Posts
This is one of the most and much discussed topic so far, how to focus on wiring great quality articles. How
could search engines know that the post content is good or bad? Well, let me tell you that there is an algorithm
for this by Google which always checks and keeps the track of quality articles and delivers high traffic to those
blogs and plagiarized blogs simply ignored by search engines and those blog will lose traffic and their rankings.
When you write quality posts like howto's or something else which is more useful and where most people
search for it, you will receive a positive response from the people. The user must response to greatness or
quality of the posts. Learn how to write quality posts by reading below article..

3. Choose Correct Keyword
While writing quality articles, you must keep in mind that keywords, anchor and image alt texts are quite
important. As search engines can only understand text, hence forth before you start writing articles research
your competition and view their Meta tags to see which keywords they are using. This is a one of the great way
to note down the list of important used keywords for your type of blog and then add it to your blog, or you can
also use Google Keyword tool to find out important keywords.
4. Increase Traffic
Increasing your search engine traffic to your blog, indirectly helps your Alexa ranking. Google search engine
traffic and unique visitors are both very important aspects. If you have a high website traffic, automatically your
site Alexa ranking also improved. In this case, I recommend you to read following articles, in order to improve
high volume of traffic to your sites.

5. Get Quality Links
Building quality links to your blog is as important as writing quality posts. Search engines refer backlinks as
individual links hence all links, linking back to your site are accounted for. But Alexa works different way, no
matter how many backlinks you get from a site, its treated as only one link back from that site. For example, if
you have 100 links from a well known site, but Alexa count its a single link back to your site. So, you need to
work hard to get lot of quality backlinks from different known sites. One of the best way to receive high quality
backlinks by submitting your blog posts to all social networking sites.

6. Commenting
It is very important that you must interact with other bloggers and blogger communities and comment on
different posts of others and reply back to them. If you give positive feedback's on their posts, the same you will
receive from them. This way you can build your site reputation and readership.

7. Blog Promotion
Last but not the least, blog promotion is always one of the best thing to promote new posts. Share your posts
on all social networking sites as much as you can, who knows might your friends find it too interesting and
might he shares with others too and so on. This way you can increase your blog popularity and traffic.

Follow and apply these all above easy techniques to improve your blog Alexa ranking and quality backlinks.
The more search engine traffic means much better Alexa ranking and much better readership of the blog
means building the quality brand of the blog. Please share your opinions using comment form below.... Happy

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