Agenda for the fourteenth - Roosevelt High School by yurtgc548


									Research shows that students who can
   produce more words per minute
 actually write better than those who
    operate at a lower WPM level

• Quickwrite from Newsweek
• Vocabulary
• Sentence types
• Analyzing Anna Quindlan and sentence
Passage from Newsweek
• What is the writer’s point? Where do you
  find this in the passage?
• What kind of language or word choice
  does the writer use? Does this give you a
  sense of tone?
• Do certain words have more meaning than
• Where is this passage headed?
Simple Sentence

• One independent clause.
• Christina likes The Beatles.
• Brenda hurries to third period
• Jose once beat someone who knew more
 than him and enjoyed it.
Compound Sentences

• A compound sentence contains two
 independent clauses joined by a
 coordinator. The coordinators are as
 follows: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.
 (Helpful hint: The first letter of each of the
 coordinators spells FANBOYS.) Can also be
 joined by a semicolon.
Complex Sentences

• An independent clause joined by one or
  more subordinate clause
• A complex sentence always has a
  subordinator such as because, since, after,
  although, or when or a relative pronoun
  such as that, who, or which.
Edward read the newspaper because he wanted to
  know more about the war.
B. The teacher returned the homework after she
  noticed the error.
  C. The students are studying because they have
  a test tomorrow.
  D. After they finished studying, Juan and Maria
  went to the movies.
  E. Juan and Maria went to the movies after they
  finished studying.
Compound Complex
• 1. John went to school, but James
  remained at home because he had a sore
• 2. If he changes his mind, we shall know
  for sure that Joe has learned his lesson,
  but only time will tell.
• 3. Those clouds promise rain; we should
  hurry before we get caught in a flash flood
Compound Complex
• 1. Since we had gone only a mile from camp, we
    could return before dark, and we would not
    become lost.
•   2. After the tornado had hit, my house was
    gone, but my neighbor's house was not touched.
•   3. Mary heard the frightening noise again, and
    the sound was one that would frighten the
    bravest of people.
Compound Sentences

• Liza asked Illiana for money, so she
  wouldn’t have to use her own.
• Your brother may be funny, but you’re
• Oscar

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