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                                             The Priests - Their Story
                                                 By Peter Ruppert

   From time to time, music seems to take a decided style change, with listeners demanding music that
allows them to get back to the basics. This certainly seems to be the case now as three priests have
recently signed a recording deal with music legend Sony BMG. The deal is expected to be worth one
million pounds. The group has indicated all proceeds from the album will go to charity.

 The group; aptly named The Priests, hail from Northern Island. With musical tastes that are said to be
quite Catholic, the group’s debut album, due out in November, is much awaited by music fans who
have been desirous of more spiritually based music and found the offerings to date lacking.

 The Priests’ album, which the group has already begun to record, is expected to include traditional
hymns such as Ave Maria as well as various opera classics and portions of the Latin Mass.

 Fathers Martin O’Hagan, his brother Eugene, and David Delargy comprise the group. Father Eugene
O’Hagan presides over the Parish of Ballyclare and Ballygowan while his brother Martin presides over
the Parish of Cushendun. Father David Delargy presides over the Parish of Hannahstown.

All three are old friends and first began to hone their musical abilities during attendance at St.
MacNissi’s College in County Antrim. During their time there, the three earned the nickname ‘Holy Holy
Holy’ due to their shared dream of becoming priests.

 Upon their departure from St. MacNissi’s, the group continued vocational training at The Seminary in
Belfast. Here, Father Eugene took the opportunity to specialise in Scholastic Philosophy and English.
Father Martin as well as Father David specialized in Scholastic Philosophy and Ancient History. All
three priests studied under Mr. Frank Capper at this time. Their vocational training was concluded at
Irish College in Rome, where they were awarded with tuition for their singing. It was during this time
that the rare talent of their combined voices was first recognized. The Pope’s private secretary invited
the group to sing for the Pope.

 As a result of the record contract, the group will be able to bring their love of singing to a much
broader audience. Their singing style will not change as their group has always performed sacred
music. This new opportunity will certainly provide them with the opportunity to share their faith and love
of music with many more people.

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 Initially, the group appeared to have been surprised by the interest posed by BMG in their signing.
Their surprise was certainly not without warrant, as The Priests are paving new ground as there have
previously been no instances of priests who have gone on to professionally record music

 Determined not to depart from their calling, the group’s contract contains a special clause that will
allow them to take breaks from promotional activities in order to meet pastoral responsibilities. All three
have indicated that first and foremost, they will remain priests and continue in their dedication to
serving specialized ministries within their parishes. Those with interest in Christian music should
certainly take a listen.

Find out more about their wonderful Christian music at

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       Singing their way to the top of the album charts this Christmas are The Priests who...
                                                                 By lydia

The time of the singing priest and the singing nun is well and truly ended. Those who can actually sing
and entertain do not have to hide behind a collar or a habit. In early September St Patrick's Cathedral
in Armagh was the scene of a unique and wonderful concert.

It was being taped by PBS in the United States for broadcast as well as for a DVD for the home
market. Participating were a brilliant philharmonic orchestra, a delightful choir of young adults from
Dublin, Maire Brennan, Liam O'Flynn and the Priests.

If you have not discovered The Priests already, you're going to find out about them before long. They
are 3 middleaged parish priests from the diocese of Down and Connor College who have been singing
collectively since they were students in St Mac Nissi's College and afterwards at the Irish College in

They've maintained their singing separately and collectively, at diverse events throughout the years.
Now they've been discovered by Sony/BMG and have recorded a cd of music, sacred and secular,
which is quite simply glorious. They are being marketed throughout the world and people are
predicting that it will be extremely difficult to bump this album out of the top spot in the run up to

At the concert they dressed as priests but carried the concert quietly, professionally and tastefully. It
was a most enjoyable night. The cd itself is marvelously produced by Mike Hedges, a foremost
producer for folks like Travis, Manic Street Preachers and U2. He has admitted that his single dream
in life is to record a proper adaptation of the old Latin Mass. In point of fact it was his aspiration to do
such an album that put him in contact with The Priests.

He found them one of the easiest groups he had ever worked with and it was the most uplifting project
he has ever been involved in. Mike comes from Ireland but was trained by the Jesuits in Africa. He has
contributed something exceptional to this album. The Priests is a holistic and holy experience.

The Priests themselves are no spring chickens. Fr Eugene O Hagan administers the Parish of
Ballyclare and Ballygowan besides passing much of his time superintending applications for
annulments. His brother Martin O'Hagan is the parish priest of Cushendun and they are joined by their
lifelong friend Fr David De Largy, who is the parish priest of Hannahstown.

All three had the same music instructor, Sr Marie Gertrude Magill. She is at present over ninety but
she was in the front row for the concert in St Patrick's Cathedral. She appeared to approve.

Obviously, while they were studying in Rome, they established plenty of good contacts. For this album
they were able to record with the Vatican Choir, which must be unique for a record of this sort. It would
be oversimplified to say that it's consoling to be able to say something nice about priests these days.
There's plenty of good to say about many priests.

But it goes without saying that this album and this concert can assume their place with any
professional production anyplace in the world.

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At any rate one of your Christmas gifts is resolved for this year. Any home would enjoy listening to The
Priests on Christmas morning.

The Priests Will Transport You To Heaven In Paens Of Joy...A Wonderful Christmas Gift...

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