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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Astrology is an attempt of the human mind to grasp Time in its completeness, past, present and future. It is
      what scientists accepted only after the theory of general relativity: the interconnection of time and space.
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          Corporate Execs and Entrepreneurs are Turning to Astrology and Psychic Readings
                                                             By L. Barrett Powell

  Corporate Execs and Entrepreneurs are Turning to Astrology and Psychic Readings by L.
Barrett Powell

 With the exposure of corporate greed, layoffs and unemployment, disappearance of pensions, and
widening of the gap between the rich and the poor, stress has increased greatly among corporate
executives, academics and other professionals. To cope, they are turning to spiritual sources, but not
what you would think. These days it is not uncommon for an executive vice president to close his door,
pick up the telephone, and consult his personal astrologer or spiritual intuitive - known by many as a
psychic or clairvoyant.

For nearly four years I have been operating Healing Universe, which runs and advice site called the
Inpsired Living Advice Network. This type of counsel is becoming increasingly commonplace.

It is not a spiritual trend or fad that will fade away. In fact it will increase greatly over the next decade.

I may spend several hours a day working with men and women around the globe who seek advice
about situations at work or in their family so they can make decisions.

Every day I speak with professionals who are university professors, radio executives, well-known
winery owners, investment portfolio fund managers, entrepreneurs, presidents and vice presidents,
music industry execs, homemakers, and parents from around the world.

Those global clients come from places such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada and
the USA.

Clients typically keep their conversations under wraps, not telling their office staff or colleagues. But
they consult her on a regular basis many times weekly or bi-weekly, to help them gain clarity in a
decision-making process or to develop resources to make progress on a project.

Sometimes they call about a personal issue involving a mate, spouse or child. Parenting is a big issue
with many of the clients who come through the Inspired Living Advice Network.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

These people are repeat clients because of the accuracy they receive from me and the other intuitives
and astrologers at Healing Universe.

Confidentiality is very important to clients but not just because others might think them crazy for
consulting an astrologer. Rather it is spiritual privacy and professional competition that fuel the

Sometimes I laugh about it with a client, but they tend to be deadly serious about not wanting to give
away the secret of their professional edge. Their performance is improved and they are getting
bonuses and making great decisions and they want to keep their inside track.

It is also stressed at Healing Universe that the client's belief in God, in the spiritual, in what cannot be
seen with the naked eye, is a precious and private thing. A person with faith, who understands vision,
can be a powerful force in the business and academic world.

We launched Healing Universe's Inspired Living Advice Network launched September 3 and feature
experienced intuitives who go by the names of - Oakeru, Shelley, Eve, Nan, Samantha, Jan, Susan,
Rachael. They charge a uniform $2.99/minute and offer astrology consultations, psychic and Tarot
readings and Runes readings.

Plans are already underway to design a separate website to offer only coaching services.

Copyright L. Barrett Powell

 Powell is founder of Healing Universe, a metaphysical international website designed focusing on
spirituality, intuition, astrology, Tarot and business/life coaching. She is an ordained minister,
astrologer, journalist/writer and counselor. You find Healing Universe at

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                       Accurate Psychic Advice
                                                             By Anna Ellington

Accurate Psychic Advice
 by: Anna Ellington

Psychic readings can be an invaluable tool for obtaining answers to your most confusing questions. A
psychic reading can help you gain insight regarding your love life, family, career, finances and more!

We invite you to select a psychic and begin your personal and confidential psychic reading today!

Quality Psychic Advisors

Unlike most other "live psychic advice" web sites, all psychic readers obtained by Accurate Psychic
Advice have been hand selected based on their area of psychic reading expertise!

Accurate Psychic Advice also provides you with personal profiles of each psychic reader. These
profiles will help you to obtain the most accurate psychic readings.

We have heard of many truly awful experiences people have had from various other "Live" psychic
advice sites on the internet.

Accurate Psychic Advice is determined to help and inform as many people as possible to ensure that
you receive honest, accurate psychic readings.

Please take some time to educate yourself before investing any money in a psychic reading. Get tips
on choosing a psychic.

My name is Anna. I am a clairvoyant psychic with clairaudient and empathic psychic abilities. I have
been using my psychic gifts to help others by offering accurate confidential psychic readings for over
20 years now.

My experience includes the past pleasure of owning my Mystical Journeys shop selling books, crystals,
tarot decks and all forms of tools for personal growth and empowerment as well as doing countless
one-on-one readings with clients. I have had the privilege of doing live radio, television readings and a
daily newspaper column as well as countless home parties and psychic fairs. I have conducted
workshops on "Spirituality in the Workplace" for varied companies as well as some government

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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