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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             * * * * Savannah Morning News, Thursday, September 30, 1993- 3C

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Notices                    ois          Miscellaneous
                                        Notices                    ois        Notice
                                                                              Of Sale                     025         Notice
                                                                                                                      Of Sate                      025        Notice
                                                                                                                                                              Of Sale                     025         Notice
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Of Sale                    025          Notice
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Of Sale                     025
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Of Sale                     025          Notice
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Of Sate                     025
Direct response to the Property          which is open to the public, will    tion Trust Corporation, acting          the Mortgaged Property; and                                                                                                                                     Hennessee, dated July 5, 1989,           btr, 1989 ANNE BEEBE exe-
Maintenance Division, 132 East           be at 9am In the Dept. of Natu-      solely in its capacity as conser-                                               all proceeds of any award or            known and shown on the Official         No 100 Dollars          ($38,800.00),
Broughton Street, 3rd Floor,                                                  vator or Receiver for New                     (d) All judgments, awards         claim for damages' for any of           MOP of City as Lot Numbered             with interest thereon os set            recorded in the Office of the            cuted Security Deed to South-
                                         ral Resources Board Room at                                                  of damages and settlements                                                                                              forth therein, there will be sold       Clerk of the Superior Court of           eastern Bank formerly known
P.O. Box 1027, Savannah, Geor-          205 Butler St., Suite 1252, Atlan-    Lender.on November 18, 1992,                                                    the Mortgaged Property and              10, Harden Ward, and also
                                                                              sold and conveyed all of Receiv-        hereafter made as a result of or        any other property described            sometimes' referred to as the           at public outcry to the highest         Chatham County, Georgia, In              os The Darien Bank, securing a
gia 31402 or telephone (912)            ta, Ga.                                                                       in lieu of any taking of the Mort-                                                                                                                              Deed Book 142-Q, Page 71, in             note of said date, sold Security
451-6770.                                    For further information,         er's rights, titles, powers and                                                 herein token or damaged under           Western 16 feet of Lot 10, Block        bidder for cosh before the court-
                                                                              privileges to the above-refer-          gaged Property or anv part              the power of eminent domain or          A, ond Lot 10, Harden Ward.             house door of Chatham County,           the original principal sum of            Deed having been recorded In
1. The heirs of executors, devi-        please contact Jennifer Kaduck,                                               thereof or interest therein under                                                                                                                               Seventy-Eight Thousand, Nine             the Office of tht Clerk of the Su-
sees, and legal representatives,                                              enced Security Documents.                                                       by condemnation ond all rents,          Said property having a frontage         Ga., within the legal hours of
                                        Branch Chief, Hazardous Waste                                                 the power of eminent domain,                                                                                            sale on the first Tuesday In Oc-        Hundred          ond      no/one-hun-    perior Court of Chatham Coun-
successors, and assignees of the        Management           Branch      at   Note and related documents to                                                   issues ond profits of and from          on the northern side of 41st
                                                                                                                      or for any damage (whether              the Mortgaged Property ond              Street of 54.9 Feet, a depth on         tober, 1993, the following de-          dredths ($78,900.00) Dollars, the        ty, Georgia, in Deed Book 143
person named below and to any           404-656-7802 or Tim Cash, Man-        Chequers Investment Associ-             caused by such taking or other-                                                                                                                                 undersigned will sell at public               , Folio 535.
and all persons, firms, and cor-                                              ates, a Texas general partner-                                                  any other property described            Its eastern boundary line of 93         scribed property:
                                        ager, Hazardous Sites Response                                                wise) to the Mortgaged Proper-                                                                                          All that certain tot, tract or par-     >utcry to the highest bidder for                 By Virtue of the Power of
porations having or claiming            Program, Hazardous Waste              ship, bv mortgage assignment                                                    herein, and all leases or sub-          Feet, a width across the rear of
                                                                                                                      ty or the Improvements thereon          leases of the real estate de-           56.1 Feet, and o western bound-         cel of land situate, lying and be-      :ash before the door of the              Sale contained in soid Security
and legal interest in and to the        Management           Branch      at   recorded In Deed Book 157-M,            or any part thereof or interest                                                                                         ing in the City of Savannah,            Courthouse of Chatham County,            Deed, there will be sold by the
property hereinafter described,         404-657-8600.                         Page 32, aforesaid records,                                                     scribed in the Mortgaged Prop-          ary fine of 93,06 Feef, and on the
                                                                                                                      therein, including any award            erty.                                   whole being bounded as follows:         County of Chatham, Slate of             Georgia during the legal hours           undersigned ot Public Outcry to
Ms. RosaII* King, 408 E. 36th                   In the United States          there will be sold by the under-        for change of grade of streets                                                                                                                                  jf sale on the first Tuesday In          the highest bidder for cosh be-
Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401                                               signed at public outcry, during                                                      To the best of the under-          On the North bv portions of Lots        Georgia, and being known as
                                               District Court for the                                                 and including insurance pro-            signed's knowledge and belief           numbered 93 and 94, said Ward;           Unit 207, Building 2, Phase I,         October, 1993, being the 5th day         fore the courthouse door of
LOt(s) 798, 199 Address: 408 E.            Southern District of Georgia       the legal hours of sale before          ceeds pursuant to the insurance                                                                                         Windsor crossing, a Condomini-          of October, 1993, the following          Chatham           County, Georgia,
36th Street, Ward: Gorlland,                                                  the door of the Courthouse of                                                   the real and personal property          on the East by Lot 9, said Ward.
                                                 Savannah Division                                                    provisions hereafter; and               is in the possession of Borrower.       on the South bv 41st Street, ond        um, as shown upon o map or              described property:                      within the legal hours of sale on
Pin: 2-64-23-12                                    (In Admiralty)             Chatham County, Go., on Ihe                                                                                                                                                                             AH that certain lot, tract or par-       the First Tuesday in October,
2. Ms Mottle Lee Lipsey, Et,                                                  first Tuesday of October, 1993,               (e) The abstract of title cov-    Said property will be sold as the       on the West bv Ott Street. Spe-          Plat of record recorded in the
                                        PROVIDENT Savings BANK                                                        ering the Mortgaged Property,           property of Borrower, subject           cific reference is hereby mode          office of the clerk of the Superi-      cel of land situate, lying ond be-        the some being October 5, 1993,
A!., 1120 Collins Street, Savan-        of New Jersey,                        to wit October 5, 1993, to the          all insurance policies covering                                                                                         or Court of Chatham County,             ing in Savannah, Chatham                 the following described de-
nah, Georgia Lot(s) 7 6. Blk. 8                                               highest and best bidder for                                                     to outstanding ad valorem tax-          to the aforesaid map of said
                                        Plaintiff                                                                     all or any portion of the Mort>         es- street improvements, and            City for further determining the         Ga. in Plat Record Book 5-P,           County, Georgia, and being                scribed property to-wlt.
Ward: Batlontyne, Address:              vs.                                   cash, the following described           gaged Property; and all blue-                                                                                            Folio 103, and Condominium             known and designated upon a               All those certain portions of
1120      Collins    Street      Pin:                                         real property         ("Mortgaged                                               easements or restrictions of re-        metes, bounds and location of
                                        "Sweet Revenge", her engines,                                                 prints, Plans, maps, documents,         cord, if ony. The undersigned           said property, which contains            Plans Dated June 12, 1985, re-         mop or plan of Vernon River               lots, tracts, or parcels of land
2-42-15-08                              boilers, tackle, etc., in rem.        Property"):                                                                                                                                                                                             Plantation, Phase ll-D, pre-              situate, lying and being in the
Memorial Medical Center, 4700                                                 AH that certain lot, tract or par-      books and records relating to           will execute a deed at said sale        improvements located thereon             corded in Condominium Plat
                                        Defendants                                                                    the Mortgaged Property; and             of the real property as provided        known under the present house-           Book 1, Page 74, in the office of      pared for Quail Run Develop-              City of Savannah, Chatham
Waters Avenue, Savannah,                                   Civil Action No.   cel of land situate, lying and be-                                                                                                                                                                      ment Co., inc., dated February            County, Georgia known on the
Georgia Lat(s) 7 & Blk. 8,                                                    ing In Pooler, Chatham County,                (f) All rights, title and in-     in the Deed to Secure Debt ond           numbering system of the City of         the clerk of the Superior Court
                                                                 CV493-224                                            terest of Grantor in and to the         o Bill of Sale to the purchaser at       Savannah as 1002 East 41 st             of Chatham County, Go., togeth-        26, 1987, recorded In the Office          map or plan of said City as the
Ward: Ballantyne, Address:                   Public Notice of Action          Ga., containing 1.80 acres and                                                                                                                                                                          of the Clerk of the Superior              Eastern 45 feet of Lot 43 and the
1120 Collins Street Pin 2-42-15-08                                            shown and designated as Lot             minerals,        flowers,     shrubs,   said sale of the personal proper-        Street.                                 er with all right, title, ond inter-
                                             Notice: The United States                                                crops, trees, timber ond other          ty. The personal property will                The debt secured by said           est of grantor in said unit as de-     Court of Chatham County, Geor-            Western 35 9 feet of Lot 42, Solo-
3. Ms Elizabeth Griffin, 725 E.         Marshall, Southern District of        One (1), on a subdivision map                                                                                                                                                                           gia, in Subdivision Map Book 8-           mons Word. Sold portions of
Bo!ton Street, Savannah, Geor-                                                prepared by EMC Engineering             ernblements now or hereafter            be sold on a "as is, where is"           Security Deed has been and is           scribed in that certain Declara-
                                        Georgia, has arrested the vessel                                              located on the Mortgaged Prop-          basis, without representation,           hereby declared due because of,         tion of Covenants, Conditions          S, Page 43, as Lot 102. For a              lots hereby conveyed He contig-
gia 31401, Lot(s) 7, Ward: May-         Sweet Revenge, her engines,           Services, Inc., dated April 23,                                                                                                                                                                         more particular description ref-           uous and have o combined
wood, Address: 725 E. Bo I ton                                                 1985, said map being recorded          erty or under or above the              warranty or recourse, express            among other possible events of          and Restrictions for Windsor
                                        boilers, tackle, etc., in rem in                                              same, or any port or parcel             or implied, of the undersigned.          default, failure to pay the in-         Crossing,       a    Condominium,      erence is hereby mode to the               frontage of 80.9 feet on the
Street, Pirt: 2-43-09-09                the above cause, civil and mari-      in Subdivision Map Book 6-S,                                                                                                                                                                            aforementioned            Subdivision      South side of 40th Street, with a
Guarantee Siding & Remodel-                                                    Page 22, of the MOP Records of         thereof; ond                            The Real and Personal Proper-            debtedness as and when due              dated November 30,1983 and re-
                                        time for foreclosure of a pre-                                                      (g) All water, sanitary and       ty Shell be Sold Separately. The         ond in the manner provided in           corded in Deed Record Book             MOP, which map is specifically             rectangular depth Southwardly
ing, inc., 2301-B Rowland Ave-          ferred ship's mortgage amount-        Ihe Superior Court of Chatham           storm sewer systems now or                                                                                                                                      Incorporated herein and made a             Of 117 feet to a lone. Sold por-
nue, Savannah, Georgia 31401,                                                  County, Ga.., to which map ref-                                                real property shall be sold first        the Note and Security Deed.              127-D, Folio 57 of Chatham
                                        ing to $63,300,00 plus additional                                             hereafter owned by Grantor, its         to be followed immediately               The debt remaining in default,          County Records or as hereafter         port hereof.                               tions of lots are generally
Lot(s) 7, Ward: Hoywood, Ad-            Interest and attorney's fees.         erence is hereby mode for a                                                                                                                                                                                   Subject, however, to all val-        bounded on the North by 401 h
dress: 752 E. Bolton Street, Pin:                                              more particular description of         successors or assigned, which           thereafter by the sale of the per-       this sale will be made for the          amended as therein provided.
                                        Process returnable on October                                                 are now or hereafter located on,        sonal property.                          purpose of paying the sane and          The interest herein conveyed in-       id restrictions, easements and             Street; on the East bv the re-
2-43-09-C9                              14,1993 at the United States Dis-      the property herein described,                                                                                                                                                                         rights-of-way of record.                   maining Eastern portion of said
4. Tongloi Morklew, 23 East                                                    said property being described          over or upon the Mortgaged              Chequers Investment Associ-              all expenses of this sole, as pro-      cludes, without limiting the gen-
                                        trict Courthouse,        Savannah,                                             Property or any Part thereof In-       ates, a Texas General Partner-           vided in the Security Deed and          erality of the foregoing, and in-            William F. Braziel, Jr. is in        Lot 42; on the South by said
Welwood Drive, Savannah,                Go., and any person claiming          as follows: beginning at the in-                                                                                                                                                                        possession of the above de-                lone; and on the West by the re-
Georgia 31419, Lot(s) 4, Ward:                                                 tersection of the northern             cluding, but not limited to all         ship, as assignee of Resolution          by law, including attorney's            dividual interest in the common
                                        ony interest therein must ap-                                                 water mains, service laterals,          Trust Corporation as Receiver            fees (notice of intent to collect       area of Windsor Crossing, a            scribed premises by virtue of a            maining Western portion of said
Barry, Address: 525 E. Ander-           pear no later than that date and       boundary of U.S. Hwy 80 and                                                                                                                                                                             Deed of Conveyance dated June             Lot 43. The improvements locat-
son Street, Pin: 2-53-21-25                                                   the southern boundary of the             valves and appurtenances, sani-        for Great Southern Federal Sav-          attorney's tees having been giv-        Condominium, as the same in
                                        file written claims, answer or                                                tary sewer lines, sanitary sewer        ings ond Loan Association, for-          en).                                    defined in said Declaration.           21, 1991, and recorded in the Of-         ed on said portions of lot* are
Trust Company of Georgia                other defenses, in person or by        southern railroad right of way;                                                                                                                                                                        fice of the Clerk of the Superior          known under the present house
Bonk of Savannah, P.O. Box                                                     proceeding thence south 43 de-          mains, sanitary sewer laterals,        merly known as Great Southern                  Said property will be sold        SHM/bcb 10-5-93
                                        attorney, or default and con-                                                 sanitary sewer manholes ond             Federal Savings Bank, as Attor-          subject to ony outstanding ad           Our file no. 2-J2879-8328               Court of Chatham County, Geor-            numbering system of the City of
8668, Savannah, Georgia 31412,          demnation will be ordered.             grees 00 minutes east along the                                                                                                                                                                        gia on October 30, 1992, in Deed          Savannah os 115 West 40th
Lot(s) 4 Ward: Barry, Address:                                                 northern boundary of U.S. Hwy          sanitary sewer appurtenances;           ney in Fact for West 80 Inves-           valorem due (including taxes                  The debt secured by said
                                             Dated at Savannah, Geor-                                                 ond                                     tors, a Georgia General Part-            which are a lien, but not vet due       Security Deed has been and is           Book 156-T, Poge 380. The auto-          Street.
525 E. Anderson Street, Pin:            gia, September 27,1993.                80 a Distance of 574.15 feet to a                                                                                                                                                                       matic stay issued by the United           Said portions of lots being the
2-54-21-25                                                                     point, said point being the point            (h) All of Grantor's rights       nership whose sole General               and payable), any matters               hereby declared due because of,
                                        George L. Lewis                                                                                                       Partners ore William N. Searcv           which might be disclosed bv an          among other possible events of          States Bankruptcy Court for the          same property conveyed to
5. First Tabenacle Baptist              Thomas L. Cole                         of beginning; proceeding thence        fo any fictitious, trade, or other                                                                                                                               Southern District of Georgia in          Richard E. Miller, George C
Church Trustee, 443 & 444 Jef-                                                 north 45 Degrees 59 minutes 01         names used in connection with           and Robert A. Wynn                       accurate survey and inspection          default, to pay the Indebtedness
                                        Adams 8. Ellis, P.C.                                                                                                  Stanley K, Slulzky                       of the property, any assess-            as and when due ond in the              the matter of William F.                 Shearouse. Williams H. Thomp-
ferson Street, Savannah, Geor-          P.O. Box 2364                          second east a distance of 225.0        the Mortgaged Property and                                                                                                                                       Braziel, Jr., has been lifted by         son and Gerald C. Sparks, os
gia 31401 Lot(s) 2, Ward: Ber-                                                 feet to a point; proceeding             improvements thereon; and              Slutzky, Wolfe and Bailey                 ments, liens, encumbrances,            manner provided in the Note
                                        Savannah, Go. 31498-2364                                                                                              4000 Cumberland          Parkway,         zoning ordinances, restrictions,       and Security Deed, The debt re-         order releasing the property             Trustees of Assembly for the
rien, Address: 443 & 444 Jeffer-        Attorneys for Plaint iff               thence north 44 degrees 00 min-              (I) Alt materials and work                                                                                                                                 from stay on August 27,1993.             Christians Gathered unto the
son St reet, P i n: 2-45-10-02                                                 utes 59 seconds west a distance                                                N.W.                                     covenants, and matters of re-           maining in default, this sale will
                                             CAT FINAL PROGRAM                                                        in process located on the Mort-         Bui Id ing 1300                           cord superior to the Security                                                        The debt secured by the            Lord Jesus Christ, Alone, bv
6. Ms. Juanita Tyson & Annie L.                                                of 90 feet to a point; proceeding      gaged Property,-and                                                                                                      be made for the Purpose of pay-                                                  Warranty Deed from MX E
                                                     of Projects                                                                                              Atlanta, Ga. 30339-4503                   Deed first set out above.              ing the same and all expenses of        Deed to Secure Debt is ev-
Tyson, 2133 Cowon Avenue, Sa-                                                  thence north 45 degrees 59 min-              (I) All proceeds of the con-                                                                                                                               idenced by a Promissory Note              Kleinsteuber dated November
vannah, Georgia 31405, Lot(s)           Notice is hereby provided that         utes 01 second east a distance of                                              404-436-8000                                   To the best knowledge and         this sale, as provided in the Se-
                                                                                                                      version, voluntary or involun-                                                    belief, the party in possession of                                             executed by Barbara B. Braziel            16, 1943, recorded in the Office
W. 15' of E, 30' of Lot 15, Word;       the final Program of Protects          58.26 feet to a point; proceeding      tary, of onv of the foregoing into                                                                                       curity Deed and by law, includ-
                                        included in the Section 9 Grant                                                                                                                                 the property is Howard I. Doug-        ing attorney's fees (notice of in-      to Margaret C. Hennessee, pay-           of the Clerk of Superior Court of
Davis: Address: 525 & 527 E.                                                   thence south 73 degrees, 26 min-       cash or liquidated claims; and               Notice of Sole Under Power                                                                                          able principal ond interest os            Chatham County, Georgia, in
Gas ton St reet, P in: 2-33-4-8         application that is being filed by     utes-43 seconds east a distance                                                 Georgia, Chatham County                  las, Sr. and Tonia D. Douglas or       tent to collect attorney's fees
                                                                                                                            (k) Together with ony and                                                   a tenant or tenants, said proper-      having been given).                     described in the Note, at the             Deed Record Book 39-1, Folio
Chatham County fax Commis-              CAT with the Georgia Dept. of          of 313.99 feet to a point, pro-        all fixtures, appliances, ma-                  Under and by virtue of the
                                        Transportation is generally de-                                                                                                                                 ty is more commonly known as                 Said property will be sold        rote of Interest specified in the         264. Said deed describes soid
sioner, 133 Montgomery Street*                                                 ceeding thence south 45 degrees        chinery and equipment of ony             Power of Sale contained in a Se-                                                                                        Note on the unpaid balance until          portions of lots as all the prop-
                                        scribed as follows: Protects in-       59 minutes 01 second west a dis-                                                curity Deed given by                     1002 East 41st Street, Savannah,       subject to any outstanding od
Savannah,         Georgia      31401,                                                                                 nature whatsoever and othepar-                                                    Georgia 31401.                                                                 paid.                                     erty on the South soid of 40th
Lot9s) W. 15' of E. 30' of Lot 15,      cluded in the program are oper-        tance of 440.79 feet to a point;       ticles of personal property at                AiphonsoM. CUTHBERT                                                        valorem taxes (including taxes
                                        ating assistance for CAT for CY                                                                                                                                 Source One Mortgage Services           which are a lien, but not yet due            Default has occurred In the           Street between Whltaker Street
Ward: Davis, Address: 525 &                                                     proceeding thence north 43 de-        any time now or hereafter In-            and Barbara A, Cuthbert to                                                                                             payment of the debt evidenced              and Barnard Street except
527 E. gaston Street, Pin:              1994, facility improvements, the        grees 00 minutes west a dis-                                                   United Federal Savings and               Corporation                            and payable); any matters
                                                                                                                      stalled in, attached to or sifuat-                                                fka' Fireman's Fund Mortgage           which might be disclosed by an         by the Note and secured bv the              those portions of lots conveyed
2-33-4-8                                purchase of paratransU and su-          tance of 183.5 feet to a point,       ed In or upon the land herein de-        Loan Association, dated Sep-
                                        pervisor/support vehicles, capi-                                                                                                                                Corporation                            accurate survey and inspection          Deed to Secure Debt by the non-            by the late Honor la Falev to E.
7. O. Jesse Wiles, 317-319 Hun-                                                 said point being the point of be-     scribed or the buildings and im-         tember 6, 1984, recorded in                                                                                             payment        of    Seventy-Seven         G. Stathpoloond J.T. Collins by
                                        tal maintenance Hems, main-                                                                                            Deed Book 124-T, Page 634,               fka Manufacturers Hanover              of the property, any assess-
tingdon Street, Savannah, Geor-                                                 ginning of the property herein         provements now erected or to                                                     Mortgage                                                                       Thousand, Seven Hundred and                Deeds recorded respectively as
gia 31401, Lot(S) *2 Sub of 23 &        tenance tools and equipment,            described.                             be erected thereon, or used or          Chatham County, Ga. Records,                                                    ments, liens, encumbrances,             Sixty and 45/one-hundredths
                                        office equipment and furniture,                                                                                                                                 Corporottbn                            zoning ordinances, restrictions,                                                   aforesaid in Deed Record Books
25, Ward: Go (He, Address: MO                                                   Containing 1.80 acres, more or         intended to be used in connec-         as lost transferred to GMAC                                                                                              ($77,760.45) Dollars, which fell           10-8,268 and 10-H.397.
                                        parotransit computer upgrade,                                                                                          Mortgage Corporation of Iowa             as Attorney in Foct for                covenants, and matters of re-
W. Duffy Street. Pin: 2-44-35-15                                                less.                                 tion with real estate, which is                                                   Howard I. Douglas, Sr.                                                        due on January l, 1992, with ac-                 The debt secured by said
Mr. Benjamin Polote, 1722 Ar-           and a contingency. Total funds          The above^Jescribed property           used in the operation of the            fko Norwesf Mortgage, Inc. bv                                                   cord superior to the Security
                                        programmed ore 15,672,250. The                                                                                                                                  and Tonia D. Douglas                    Deed first set out above.             cumulated         interest through          Security Deed and Note has
cadian Street, Savannah, Geor-                                                  known as the Comfort Inn is the       buildings and improvements,              assignment doted September 6,                                                                                          May 31, 1993, in the sum of Ten             been and is hereby declared due
gia 31405, Lot(S) #2 Sub. Of 23 &       Federal Transit Administration                                                                                         1984, recorded in Deed Book 124-         S.H. McCalla                                 TO the best knowledge and
                                                                                property upon which the Bor-          situated thereon, whether or not                                                   McColla, Raymer, Padrick,                                                    Thousand, Three Hundred and                 because of nonpayment thereof.
25, Ward: Gallie, Address: 110          will provide the federal share of       rower developed and construct-         the personal property is or shall       T, Page 641, Chatham County,                                                     belief of the undersigned, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cobb, Nichols 8, Clark                 party In possession of the prop-       Sixty-Eight and no/one-hun-                The debt remaining in default,
W. Duffy Street, Pin: 2-44-35-15        $2,573,625, the Georgia DOT will        ed a 101 room ComfOrt Inn, con-       be affixed thereto, all to the ex-       Georgia Records, conveying the                                                                                          dredths ($10,368.00) Dollars, for          this, sale is being mode for the
Chatham county Tax Commis-              provide the state share of                                                                                             after-described property to se-           56 Perimeter Center East,             erty is John Summerville or a
                                                                                sisting of two three-story build-      tent owed by Grantor.                                                             N.E, Fifth Floor                                                              a total sum due of Eighty-Eight            purpose of paying the some ond
sioner, 133 Montgomery Street,          $262,500 and the total shore will       ings, a swimming pool and exte-                                                cure a Note in the original prin-                                                tenant or tenants and said prop-
                                                                                                                            Including, without limiting                                                  Atlanta, Georgia 30346                 erty is more commonly known            Thousand, One Hundred and                  all expenses of this sole and the
Savannah,         Georgia      31401,   be provided bv CAT/Chatham              rior parking spaces for 147 cars,      the generality of the foregoing,        cipal amount of Thirty-seven                                                                                            Twenty-Eight and 45/one-hun-               proceeds of said sate will be ap-
                                        County in the amount of                                                                                                Thousand Nine Hundred and                 (404) 804-0400                         as 12510 White Bluff Rd., Savan-
Lot(s) #2 Sub. Of 23 8. 25,                                                     together with all improvements        all Plants, furnaces, incinerat-                                                                                          nah, Ga. 31419.                        dredths ($88,128.45) Dollars.               plied as provided in soid Securi-
Ward: Gal lie, Address: 110 W.          $2,836.125.                             and amenities such as site             ing and power equipment, boil-          No/100 Dollars         ($37,900.00),     State Of Georgia                                                                The total balance of the debt is           ty Deed,
Duffy Street, Pin: 2-44-35-15                  The Comprehensive Plan           work, landscaping and paved                                                    with interest thereon as set                                                      NationsBanc Mortgage Corpo-
                                                                                                                      ers, machinery, engines, stok-                                                   County Of Savannah                        ration os Attorney in Fact for         therefore declared due and the                  Said property will be sold as
Hancock & Askew & Company,              for the City of Garden City has         roadways, including access to,        ers, pumps, heaters, tanks,              forth therein, there will be sold                  Notice Of Sole                                                        Deed to Secure Debt foreclas-              the property of Anne Beebe ond
c/o Marvin A. Pentress, P. O.           been approved by the Deport-            on, over and across U.S. Hwv                                                   at public outcry to the highest                                                  Chil Przytycki and Anna                                                            subject to outstanding ad vol
                                                                                                                      compressors, dynamos, motors,                                                         Whereas, there has been de-          Przytvcki                              oble according to the terms of
Box 9848, Savannah, Georgia             ment of COMMUNITY AF-                                                         electrical transformers, fit-            bidder for cash before the court-       fault in the payment of the in-                                                  the Deed to Secure Debt and the             orem taxes and/or easements
                                                                                80, together with all utilities and                                            house door of Chatham County,                                                     S.H. McCalla
31410, Lot(s) *2 Sub of 23 & 25,         FAIRS. The Garden City Coun-           necessary amenities to service        tings, siding, pipe, pipe connec-                                                debtedness secured by g certain           McCalla, Raymer, Padrick,               Note.                                      and/or restrictive covenants OP
Ward: Gallie, Address: HO W.            cil will hold a public hearing to                                              tions, conduits, ducts, parti-          Go., within the legal hours of          Deed to Secure Debt dated June                                                        The property described                 peering in the record. If any.
                                                                                the project, all in accordance                                                 sale on the first Tuesday in Oc-                                                  Cobb, Nichols and Clark
Duffy Street, Pin: 2-44-35-15           discuss the Comprehensive               with the Plans, specifications         tions, communication systems,                                                   24, 1988, from DOROTHY B.                 56 Perimeter Center East, N.E.         above will be sold to the highest                The undersigned will exe-
8. Ms. Rqsa Irving Ellison, 3515         Plan prior to passing a resolu-                                               storm and screen windows,               tober, 1993, the following de-          JOHNSON to Mortgage Lend-                                                         bidder for cosh, the proceeds to           cute a Deed to the Purchaser os
Stevens Street, Savannah, Geor-                                                 and site plan previously submit-                                               scribed property;                                                                 Fifth Floor
                                         tion to adopt the plan in con-         ted to the Lender.                     doors, furniture, .furnishings, el-                                             ers. Inc., recorded in the Office         Atlanta, Go. 30346                      be applied to the payment of the           soid sale, as provided In the
gia 31405, Lot(s) 63, Word: Lee,         junction with the regularly                                                   evators ond motors, built-in fil-       All those certain lots, tracts or       of the Clerk of Superior Court of                                                 indebtedness secured by the                aforesaid Security Deed.
                                                                                Together with all easements or                                                 parcels of. land situate, lying                                                  404-804-0400
Address: 536 E. Waldburg                 scheduled council meeting on           other rights appurtenanl to the        ing cabinets, shelves, wa1«r                                                    Chatham County in Deed Re-                SHM/bcb 10-5-93                         Deed to Secure Debt, provided                   This the 24th day of August,
Street, Pin: 2-43-11-05                  Monday, October 4, 1993, at                                                   coolers, signs, tools, and all          and being in the City of Savan-         cord Book 138-Y, folio 374, sold                                                 by the Note ond the Deed to Se-             1993.
                                                                                properly, including rights of                                                   nah, Chatham County, GA., and                                                    Our file no. 2-J2879-8328                                                                          Southeastern Bonk
9. Snap IV Limited Partnership,          7:OOPm in the council cham-            way and rights used in connec-         equipment, appliances and ap-                                                    Deed being assigned to 374, said                                                cure Debt. The property will be
 P.O. Box 98189, Atlanta, Geor-          bers.                                                                         paratus of every kind and de-            being Known and designated              Deed      being     assigned    to          Not ice Of Sale Under Power         sold subject to any ond all ease-                    As Attorney In Foct For
                                                                                tion with the property or as a                                                  upon the official map or plan of
gia 30359, Lot(s) 18, Ward: Mer-                                                means of access thereto, and oil       scription now or hereafter af-                                                  Goldome Credit Corporation by             Georgia, Chatham County                 ments, covenants and restric-                                    Anne Beebe
cer, Address: 515-517 E. Hall                                                                                                                                   the City of Savannah as the
Street. Pin: 2-43-02-23
10. Mr. John William Jamerson,
                                        Changes                    020          tenements, hereditaments and
                                                                                appurtenances thereunto .be-
                                                                                                                        fixed or attached to or con-
                                                                                                                        tained within and used or pro-
                                                                                                                       cured for use in connection with
                                                                                                                                                               eastern 30 feet of Lot 9, Block C,
                                                                                                                                                                Branfley Word, and the West-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Assignment dated June 25, 1990,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       and recorded In Deed Record
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Book 144-P, folio 457, said rec-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Under and by virtue of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Power of Sale contained in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                following described instrument
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        tions of record, if any, and toall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        unpaid taxes and assessments;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Margaret C. Hennessee,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Marvin L. Pipkin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Attorney at Low
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    P.O. Bov455
315 E. Henry Street, Savonnoh,                                                  longing, or appertaining there-                                                ern 55 feet of Lot 7, Block C,
                                         State Of Georgia                       to;                                    said buildings or improvements                                                  ords, and further assigned to             (hereinafter referred to os the                       osAtfornev-ln-Foct           Darien, G A 31305
Georgia 31401, Lot: 9s) 77,                                                                                            for heating necessary for opera-         Brantley Ward, Jasperville Sub-        Chemical Bank, os Trustee for            "Security Deed"):                                   for Barbara B. Braziel          912-437-4141
                                        County Of Chatham                       Together with any and all build-                                               division; said two portions of
Ward: White, Address: 313 E.                    Notice Of Petition                                                     tion., cooling, lighting, plumb-                                                the GCC Home Equity Trust                Security Deed from CLYDE E.                Notice Of Sale Under Power                 Notice Of Sole Under Power
Henry Street, Pin: 2-53-12-14                                                   ings and improvements now or                                                   said lot are contiguous and form                                                 TURNER to Commonwealth
                                                 To Change Name                 hereafter erected thereon, in-          ing, lifting, cleaning, fire extin-                                            1990-1 by Assignment dated                                                      Georgia, Chatham County                     Georgia, Chatham County
Carver State Bank, 701 M.L.                                                                                            guishing and preventing, com-           one body of land approximately          June 26, 1990, and recorded in          Mortgage Corporation of Amer-                                                            Under and by virtue of the
                                        In Re: Corol Ann Bittner,               cluding but not limited to, any                                                rectangular in shape and. are                                                                                                 Under and by virtue of the
 King Blvd, Savannah, Georgia           Petitioner                                                                      munication, ventilating, sprin-                                                said office in Deed Record Book         ica, dated September 18, 1986,          Power of Sale contained in a Se-            Power of Sale contained in a Se-
31401, Lot;9ss) 77, Ward:                                                       tangible and intangible persona*                                               bounded on the north by Weldon                                                  filed for record on September
                                              Civil Action No. X93-3032-K       property. Furniture, fixtures,         kling, irrigating, refrigerating                                                146-E, folio I, said records;                                                  curity Deed given by GERALD                  curity Deed given by WILSON
White., Address: 313 E. Henry                                                                                          or air-conditioning, or for pro-        St. with a frontage thereon of 85            Whereas, under the provi-          1986, and recorded In Deed Book                                                     WILLIAMSON to First Federal
                                             Notice is hereby given that        equipment, attachments, appli-                                                 feet on the east by the remain-                                                                                        C. MOBLEY and Nancy P.
Street, Pin: 2-53-12-14                 Carol Ann Bittner filed her Peti-                                              viding water, gas, electricity or                                               sions of said Deed to Secure            I31R, Page 682, Chatham Coun-          Mobley to The Commonwealth                  Savings and Loan Association,
 11. George S. May. c/o Michael                                                ances, machinery and any con-                                                   ing portion of Lot 7 with a front-      Debt said indebtedness secured          ty Records, and rerecorded to
                                        tion In the Superior Court of           tract rights, documents, choses        other services or for general op-                                                                                                                              Corporation, dated April 10,                dated February i, 1978, record-
G. May, 126 Dutch Island Road,                                                                                         eration of the buildings and im-       age thereon of 100 feef, on the         thereby has immediately be-              include Borrowers Waiver of                                                        ed In Deed 110-C, Page 136,
                                        Chatham County, Georgia, on             in action and any other person-                                                south by portions of Lots 8 and                                                                                        1981, recorded in Deed Book 116-
 Savannah,        Georgia      31406,   the 16th day of September, 1993,       alty used or useful in connection       provements, or the plan or busi-                                               come dye and payable ond re-             Rights and Attorneys Closing           N, Page 1. Chatham County,                  Chatham County, Georgia Rec
 Lot(s): 5, Ward: Bartow, Ad-                                                                                          ness situate         or   operated      10, said block, tvard, one) subdi-     mains in default; Notice has             Affodavit on October 1, 1986, in                                                   ords. as last transferred to Am-
                                        praying for a change in her            with the property.                                                              vision with a frontage thereon                                                                                         Georgia Records, as last trans-
dress: 516-520 E. Mocon Street,         name from CAROL ANN BITT-                                                      thereon, licenses, permits, fran-                                              been given to intention to en-           Deed Book 131-V, Page 530, as          ferred to Rousseau Mortgage                 South Mortgage Company, Inc.
 Pin: 2-14-18-17                                                                Together with a non-exclusive                                                  of 85 feet, and on the west by the     force provisions for collection of       last transferred to The Lomas
                                        NER to Carol Ann Helmick. No-          perpetual easement for ingress          chises, and other documents                                                                                                                                    Corporation assignment dated               by assignment dated November
 Mr. Jim Cole, P.O. Box 13593,                                                                                         necessary in the operation of           remaining portion of Lot 9 with        attorney's fees ond to foreclose        and Nettleton Company by as-            September 22, 1991, recorded In            26, 1984, recorded In Deed Book
                                        tice is hereby given pursuant to       and egress and pedestrian and                                                   a frontage thereon of 100 feet.
 Savannah,        Georgia      31416,   law to any interest or affected                                                the Mortgaged Property, plans                                                   in accordance with legal re-            signment recorded in Deed              Deed Book 152-K, Page 55, Chat-             125-P. Page 299, Chatham Coun-
 Lot(s): 5, Ward: Bartow, Ad-                                                  vehicular access to, on, over           and specifications, architectur-        Express reference is hereby            quirements and the terms of the          Book 138-P, Page 257, aforesaid
                                        party to appear in said Court          and across U.S. Hwy 80, which                                                   made to the aforesaid map for                                                                                          ham County, Georgia Records,                ty, Georgia Records, conveying
 dress: 516-520 E. Mocon Street,        and to file objections to such                                                 al contracts, construction con-                                                 Deed to Secure Debt.                    records,                               conveying the after-descried                the after-described property to
 Pin: 2-14-18-17                                                                Hwy is adjacent to the property.                                               better determining the metes,                Now, therefore, know all           conveying the after-described
                                        name change. Objections must            This being the same property           tracts ond all leases with re-                                                                                                                                 property to secure a Note in the            secure a Note in the original
                                                                                                                       spect to any part of the Mort-          bounds, and dimensions of the           men by these presents: That             property to secure a Note in the       original principal amount of                principal amount of Twenty
         - 462-749-465873               be filed with sold Court within        described on that certain sur-                                                  property herein conveyed. This
      Notice of Public Hearing          thirty (30) days of the filing of                                              gaged Property, and all rents,                                                  pursuant to the terms of the            original principal amount of           Thirty Four Thousand Nine                   Four Thousand Nine Hundred &
                                                                               vey, dated April 23, 1985. Pre-                                                 is the same property conveyed           aforesaid Deed to Secure Debt,          Fifty Four Thousand Five Hun-
      The Environmental Protec-         sold Petition.                         pared bv EMC Engineering Ser-           revenues, royalties, bonuses,                                                                                                                                  Hundred & No/100 Dollars                    NO/100 Dollars ($24,900.00).
                                                                                                                      accounts, contract rights, gen-         to Frank W. Butler ond Reta L.          and the power of sale contained          dred       &      NO/100     Dollars                                               with interest thereon as set
 tion Division (EPD) of the             This 16 day of September, 1993.        vices, inc., and being a plat of a                                              Butler by Warranty Deeds re-                                                                                            ($34,900.00),       with     Interest
Georgia Dept. of Natural Re-                         Donald B. Lowe, III                                              eral Intangibles, issues and                                                     therein and the laws in such            ($54,500.00),      with     interest    thereon as set forth therein,              forth therein, there will be sold
                                                                               two-lot subdivision on the north       profits arising out of the opera-       corded respectively in Deed             mode and provided after proper           thereon as set forth therein,
 sources will hold a public hear-                 Attorney for Petitioner      side of U.S. Hwy 80, said se-                                                  Books 49-F, Page 20, Chatham                                                                                             there will be sold at public out-          at public outcry to the highest
 ing on proposed additions'to the                    State Bar No. 459675                                             tion of the Mortgaged Property.                                                 advertisement, the undersigned           there will be sold ot public out-       cry to the highest bidder for              bidder for cash before the court-
                                                                               cured property being described               All hotel equipment (includ-      County Records and 101-P, page          on the first Tuesday in October,         cry to the highest bidder for
Georgia Rules for Hazardous             6605 Abercorn St., #107                thereon as Lot 1.                                                                                                                                                                                       cash before the courthouse door            house door of Chatham County,
                                                                                                                      ing all equipment required for          665, Chatham County Records.             to wit: October 5, 1993, before         cash before the courthouse door         of Chatham County, Georgia,                Georgia, within the legal hours
 Site Response (Rules), Chapter         Savannah, GA 31405                      In addition, under and by virtue                                              SHM/bcb 10-5-93                                                                  of Chatham County, Georgia
 391-3-19, on Monday, November          (912) 352-3397                         of the power of sale contained in      the operation of kitchens, bars,                                                 the Courthouse door in Chatham                                                  within legal hours of sale on the          of sale on the first Tuesday in
                                                                                                                      restaurants, laundries, swim-           Our file no. 2-J2881-8339                County, Georgia, between the            within the legal hours of sale on                                                  October, 1993, the following de-
 1, 1993, at 10am in Room 401 of                                               the Security Deed, the under-                                                        The debt secured bv said                                                                                           first Tuesday In October, 1993.
                                                                                                                      ming pools, chemicals, dry                                                       legal hours of sale, will expose        the first Tuesday in October,           the following described proper-            scribed property:
the Deot. of Transportation             Notice                                 signed will also sell at public
 Building 2, Capitol Square, At-
 lanta, Go. These Rules are to be       Of Sate                    025         outcry to the highest and best
                                                                               bidder for cash before thedgpr
                                                                                                                      cleaning facilities, office equip-
                                                                                                                      ment, dining room wagons, ma-
                                                                                                                                                              Security Deed hos been and is
                                                                                                                                                              hereby declared due because of,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       for sale to the highest and best
                                                                                                                                                                                                       bidder for cosh the following de-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1993, the following described
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       All that certain lot, tract or par-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All those certain, tract or par-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 cels of land situate, lying ond
                                                                                                                      terial handling equipment, uten-        among other possible events of           scribed property, to wit:                All that certain lot, tract or par-                                               being in the County of Chatham,
considered for promulgation un-                                                of the courthouse of ChaTnom                                                   default, to pay the indebtedness                                                                                         cel of land situate, lying and be-
                                           Notice of Sale Under Power                                                 sils, uniforms, cleaning, house-                                                 All that certain lot, tract or par-     cel of land situate, lying and be-       ing in the City of Savannah,              State of Georgia and being
der the authority of the Georgia                                               County, Go., immediately fol-                                                  as and when due and in the               cel of land situate, lying ond be-       ing in the City of Savannah,
 Hazardous Site Response Act,           State of Georgia                       lowing the sale of the above de-       keeping and engineering equip-                                                                                                                                   Chatham County, Georgia and                known and designated upon that
                                                                                                                      ment and vehicles. China, glass-        manner provided in the Note              ing in the City of Savannah,            Chatham County, Georgia, and            being known and designated                 certain map or plan of Oakhurst
O.C.G.A. 12-8-90 et seq. (the           County of Chatham                      scribed property, the personal                                                 and Security Deed. The debt re-
Act), which was enacted by the               Under and by virtue of the        property of Borrower In accord-        ware, linens, silverware and the                                                 Chatham County, Georgia, and            being known and designated as           upon a map or plan of Edge-                Subdivision, dated January.
                                                                                                                      like, lobby, guest room, office         maining in default, this sale will       known as Lot No. 12, in Block           Lot 55, Quail Run Townhouses,           water Park Subdivision, record-            1925 ond recorded in the Office
1992 Georgia General Assem-             Power of Sale in that certain          ance with the terms of a Securi-                                               be mode for the purpose of pav-
                                        Warranty Deed to Secure Debt           ty Agreement dated July 31,            and public area) all indoor and                                                  "j", Garfunkel Ward, said lot           Phase II, being a subdivision of        ed in the Office of the Clerk of          of the Clerk of the Superior
bly.                                                                                                                  outdoor furniture including but         ing the same and all expenses of         having a frontage of 38 feet on         Lots 4, 5 and 7, Vernon Hills
      The Act requires owners of        ("Security Deed" or "Deed to           1985, as amended February 5,                                                                                                                                                                             Superior Court of Chatham                 Court of Chatham County. Geor
                                                                                                                      not limited to tables, choirs,          this sale, as provided in the Se-        Peochtree Street with a rectan-         Subdivision, 6th G.M. District,         County, Georgia in Subdivision             gia in Mop Book 2, Page 20 as
site where hazardous wastes,            Secure Debt") from                     1987, notice of which security in-                                             curity Deed and by law, includ-          gular depth Westwardly of 100           as shown on the map or plan of
hazardous constituents, or haz-               WEST 80 INVESTORS,               terest is provided by the Uni-         planters, desks, sofas, shelves,                                                                                                                                 Map Book "A" Pooe 289 as Lot               Lots 110 ond 111, Oakhurst Sub
                                                                                                                      lockers and cabinets, and all           ing attorney's fees (notice of in-       feet and being bounded on the           said Subdivision recorded in the         Thirty-eighf (38). Said lot hav-          division; said tots lying contigu
ardous substances have been             a Georgia general partnership          form Commercial Code Financ-                                                   tent to collect attorney's fees          North by Lot 11, said Block and         Office of the Clerk of the Superi-
released to notify EPD of such          whose sole general partners are        ing Statement Number 218268,           wall safes, inventory, rugs, car-                                                                                                                                 ing o frontage of Seventy-two             ous ond together having o com
                                                                                                                      pets and other floor coverings,         having been given).                      Ward, on the East by Peachtree         or Court of Chatham Counly,                                                         bined frontage of 60 feet on the
sites, for inclusion on the stale's     William N. Searcy and Robert          dated August i, 1985, amended                                                         Said property will be sold                                                                                          (72) feet on the South side of
                                        A. Wynn ("Borrower or Grant-                                                  works of art, television sets,                                                   Street, on the South by Ama-            Georgia in Subdivision Mop              Valentine Drive with a depth               southwest side of Travis Street
Hazardous Site Inventory. The                                                  February 11, 1987, and refiled                                                 subject to any outstanding ad            ranth Avenue, and on the West           Book 4-S, Poge 33. For a more
proposed amendment of the               or") to Great Southern Federal        as statements numbered 262639           sound equipment; at) intangible                                                                                                                                  Southwardly of One Hundred                 ond having a rectangular depth
                                                                                                                      property now or hereafter               valorem taxes (including taxes          by Arlington Avenue and Lot             particular description, refer-                                                      in a southwestern direction of
Rules         modifies       Section    Bonk, a corporation organized         and 262640 on December 10,                                                      which are a lien, but not yet due        No. 1 as shown bv a map or plat                                                  (100) feet ond being bounded as
                                                                                                                      owned or held by Grantor in                                                                                             ence Is hereby made to the               follows: On the North by Valen-            100 feet and being bounded as a
391-3-19-02 "Definitions" by add-       and existing under the laws of         1992, and recorded in the office                                               and payable), any matters               of said Subdivision recorded in         abovementioned           Subdivision
ing new definitions and new             the United States ("Original          of the clerk of the Superior            connection with the Mortgaged                                                                                                                                    tine Drive; on the East by Lot             whole os follows: On the North
                                                                                                                      Properly or improvements, in-           which might be disclosed by on          the Clerk's Office of Chatham           Map, which Map is specifically                                                      east bv Travis Street; On the
subsections on abbreviations            Lender"), dated July 31, 1985,         Court of Chatham County, Ga.                                                   accurate survey and Inspection          Superior Court in Book of Deeds          Incorporated herein and made a          Thirty-seven (37) said Subdivi-
and other conventions; adds             recorded in Deed Book 127-0,           The personal property includes,        cluding but not limited to any                                                                                                                                   sion; on the South by portions of          Southeast by Lot 112, soid divi-
                                                                                                                      trade style or trodename owned          of the property, ony assess-            7-7, folio 134.                         part hereof.                                                                        sion; On the Southwest bv Lots
Section 391-3-19-04 "Release No-        Folk) 699 Chatham County, Go.          but is not limited to, the follow-                                              ments, liens, encumbrances,                 Subject, however, to that          This conveyance Is executed              Lots Thirty-three (33) and Thir-
tification" which defines report-       in records, as modified by the         ing items (to the extent such          or held by or used in connection                                                                                                                                 ty-four (34), said Subdivision;             124 and 125, soid subdivision, on
                                                                                                                      with the Mortgaged Property or           zoning ordinances, restrictions,       certain first Security Deed to          and delivered subject to Re-                                                        the Northwest by Lot 109, said
able quantities for releases of         Loon Modification Agreement,           items do not constitute fixtures                                                covenants, ond matters of re-          Home Federal Savings and                strictions recorded Deed Book           ond on the West by Lot Thirty-
regulated substances, which ex-         dated March 24, 1986, given by         which are o part of the real           improvements, any contract                                                                                                                                       nine (39) soid Subdivision. Ref-           subdivision.
                                                                                                                      rights, agreements, leases (and          cord superior to the Security          Loan Association (subsequently           121-G, Poge 457, and easements
cludes certain classes of re-           Borrower to Original Lender            property):                                                                      Deed first set out above.                                                                                              erence is hereby mode to the                 SHM/ole        lO/S^S   file    l
                                                                                                                      security deposits received pur-                                                 Georgia Federal Bonk, FBS),             and rights of way of record.             aforesaid mop or plan for a                 H2068-9S43
leases, and which describes no-         and recorded in Deed Book 129-               (a) All buildings and im-                                                      To the best knowledge ond         dated May 6, 1974 and recorded          Also Included: Range/oven;
tification requirements; and            W, Folio 600, aforesaid records       provements, now or hereafter            suant thereto), utility contracts,                                                                                                                               more complete description ond                    The debt secured by soid
                                                                                                                      guaranties, warranties, tele-            belief of the undersigned, the         in Deed Record Book 103-S,              dishwasher; garbage disposal,                                                       Security Deed hos been ond is
adds Appendix I, which lists all        ("Loan Modification") as fur-          located thereon, all privileges                                                 party in possession of the prop-                                               vent fan; w/w carpet.                    better location of property here-
                                                                                                                      phone exchange numbers, as-                                                     page 672, in the Office of the                                                   in conveyed and soid mop or                hereby declared due because of,
regulated substances and estab-         ther modified by, the First           and other rights now or hereaf-                                                  erty is Alphonso M. Cuthbert           Clerk of the Superior Court of                 The debt secured bv said
lishes their reportable soil con-       Amendment to Warranty Deed            ter made appurtenant thereto            signable licenses, governmental                                                                                                                                  plan is expressly mode a part of           among other possible events of
                                                                                                                      permits and applications, ap-            and Barbara A, Cuthbert or a           Chatham County, Georgia.                 Security Deed has been and is                                                      default, failure to POV fhe in-
centrations.       The    proposed      to Secure Debt dated February          including, without limitation, all                                              tenant or tenants and said prop-                                                                                        this description.
                                                                                                                      provals and other governmental                                                       The said property will be          hereby declared due because of,          SHM/ilm 10/5/93                            debtedness as ond when due
amendment represents a revi-            5, 1987, and recorded in Deed          right, title and interest of                                                    erty is more commonly known            sold as the property of Dorothy         among other possible events of
sion of an earlier version, in re-      Book 133-J, Folk) 324, aforesaid      Grantor in and to all streets,          rights relating to the Mortgaged                                                                                                                                Our file no. 4-J1971-4981                   ond in the manner provided in
                                                                                                                      Property ond improvements or            as 2315 Wetdon St., Savannah,           D. Johnson. The best knowledge          default, failure to pay the in-                                                     the Note and Security Deed
sponse to comments received             records ("Amended Security            roods and public places, opened                                                  Ga. 31401.                                                                     debtedness as and when due                     The debt secured by said
                                                                                                                      the operation thereof. Including                                                and belief of the undersigned                                                   Security Deed hos been and is               The debt remaining in default,
during a 30-day public comment          Deed"), Security Agreement            or proposed and afl easements           all carpeting, bedding, ceiling          GMAC Mortgage Corporation of           equitable title to said property        and in the manner provided in
period which began July 7,1993.         dated July 31, 1985, and modi-        and rights of way, public or pri-                                                Iowa, fka Norwest Mortgage,                                                    the Note and Security Deed.             hereby declared due because ot,             this sale will be mode for the
                                                                                                                      lights, credenza lamps, night                                                   is now held by Dorothy D. John-                                                 among other possible events of              purpose of paying the tome and
      A package consisting of the       fied on February 5, 1987, from        vate, now or hereafter used In                                                   Inc.                                   son, ond, to the best knowledge         The debt remaining is default,
                                        Borrower as the Debtor to Orig-       connection with the Mortgaged           stand lights, desk chairs, guest                                                                                                                                default, failure to pay the in-            all expenses of this sale, os pro-
proposed Rules, the Act, and a                                                                                        chairs,       Thomasville       night   as Attorney in Fact for Alphon-         and belief of the undersigned           this sole will be mode for the
document which explains the             inal Lender as Secured Party,          Property; and                                                                   so M. Cuthbert ond Barbara A.                                                                                          debtedness as and when due                 vided in the Security Deed ond
                                                                                                                      stands, Thomasville           desks,                                            Dorothy D..Johnson has posses-          purpose of paving the same and          ond in the manner provided in              by law. including attorney's
procedures used to develop re-          said Security Deed, Loan Modi-               (b) All machinery, equip-                                                 Cuthbert                               sion of sold property.                  all expenses of this sale, as pro-
portoble soil concentrations is         fication and Amended Security         ment, material, appliances and          Thomasville         game      tables,                                                                                                                           the Note ond Security Deed                 fees (notice of intent to collect
                                                                                                                      ThomasviHe credenzas, Thom-              S.H.McColla                            Terms: Cash; purchaser paying           vided in the Security Deed nd           The debt remaining expenses of             attorney'! fees having been giv
available for public review and         Deed ("Security Documents")           fixtures now or hereafter in-                                                    McCalla, Rovmer, Podrick,              Georgia transfer tax ond all as         by law, including attorney's
comment from September 30,              having been given to secure a         stalled or Placed by Grantor in         asville mirrors, Thomasville                                                                                                                                    this sale, as provided in the Se-          en).
                                                                                                                      king-size headboards, Thomas-           Cobb, Nichols ond Clark                 valorem taxes and assessments           fees (notice of intent to collect       curity Deed ond bv tow. Includ-                  Said property will be sold
1993 through November 4. 1993,          Promissory Note secured bv            the Mortgaged Property for the                                                  56 Perimeter Center East, N.E.          that may be due on said proper-         attorney's fees having been giv-
from 8-4:30 at the following lo-        real estate, dated July 31, 19S5,     generation ond distribution of          ville double headboards, any                                                                                                                                    ing attorney's fees (notice of in-         subiect to ony outstanding ad
                                                                                                                      and all goods, chattels, furnj.          Fifth Floor                            ty; the sale shall be subject to        en).                                    tent to ed led attorneys fees              valorem taxes (including taxes
cations:                                and modified March 24, 1996.          air, water, heat, electricity,                                                   Atlanta, Ga. 30346                     all superior liens, easements                  Said property will be sold
 Environmental Protection Divi-         and February 5, 1987, in the          light, fuel or refrigerqtion, or        ture, furnishings, fixtures, built-                                                                                                                             having been given).                        which ore a lien, bv not vet due
                                                                                                                      in kitchen appliances and re-            404-804-0400                           and restrictions of record. If          subject to ony outstanding ad                 Soid property will be sold           ond PoyobteO, onv matters
sion, 205 Builer St., SE, Floyd         original principal amount of          for ventilating or air-condition-                                                SHM/bcb 10-5-93                        any, and the right to redemp-           valorem taxes (Including taxes
Towers East, Suite 1154, Atlan-         $1,895,000.00 ("Note"), and said      Ing purposes, or for sanitary or        frigerators, air-cooling or heat-                                                                                                                               subject to ony outstanding od              which might be disclosed by on
                                                                                                                      ing units and building materials        Our file no. 2-J2881-8339               tion of any taxing authority; the       which are a lien, but not yet due       valorem taxes (including taxes            accurate survey ond inspection
ta. Ga. 30334                           Original Lender being found by        drainage purposes, or for the                                                                                           proceeds of thi» sale be applied        ond payable), any matters
Southeast Regional Office Envi-         the Federal Home Loon Bonk            exclusion of vermin or insects,         stored on the premises, equip-              Notice Of Sale Under Power                                                                                          which are a lien, but not vtt due         of the property, ony assess-
                                                                                                                      ment and tangible ond intangi-          Georgia, Chatham County                 to pay the secure debt as pro-          which might be disclosed by on          ond payable), ony matters                  ments, liens, encumbrances,
ronmental Protection Division,          Board (the "FHLB8") to be in-         or for the removal of dust, re-                                                                                         vided in soid Deed to Secure            accurate survey ond Inspection
 1 Conservation Way, Bruns-             solvent, FHLBB appointed the          fuse or garbage, ond including          ble personal property of any                  Under and by virtue of the                                                                                        which might be disclosed by an             zoning ordinances, restrictions,
                                                                                                                      kind, nature or description (in-         Power of Sole contained in the          Debt together with the expenses        of the property, any assess-            accurate survey ond inspection            covenants, ond matters of re-
wick, Go 31523-8602                     Federal Savings and Loan In-          all screens, floor coverings, in-                                                                                       of this sale, including attorney's      ments. Hens, encumbrances,
                                        surance                Corporation    cinerators and fixtures used in         cluding without limitations, any        following described instrument                                                                                          of the property, onv assess               cord superior to superior to the
Middle Go. Regional Office En-                                                                                        and all contract rights, assign          (hereinafter referred to as the        tees                                     zoning ordinances, restrictions,
vironmental Protection Divi-            ("FSLIC") as Receiver of Orig-        the operation of the buildings,                                                                                                                                                                         ments, liens, encumbrances,                Security Deed first set out
                                                                                                                      ments of Contract documents,             "Security Deed"):                                For: Chemical Bonk, As        covenants, ond matters of re-           zoning ordinances, restrictions,          above.
sion, 2620 Shurling Dr., Mocon,         inal Lender and in conjunction        together with all additions to,                                                                                                            Trustee For The      cord superior to the Security
                                        with the appointment of the           substitutions for, changes In or        leases, permits, documents, in-               Security Deed given bv                                                                                            covenants, and matters of re-                    To the best knowledge and
Go. 31202                                                                                                             struments and general intangi-           HOWARD I. DOUGLAS, Sr. and                       GCC Home Eauity Trust         Deed first set out above.               cord superior to the Security              belief of the undersigned, the
Southwest Regional Office En-           FSLIC as Receiver of the Origi-       replacements of the whole or                                                                                                       1990-1, Attornev-ln-Foct            To the best knowledge ond
vironmental Protect ion Divi-           nal Lender, the FHLBB author          any port of ony or oil of said ar-      bles) of Borrower whether now            Tonia D. Douglas to Ponstone                                                                                           Deed first set out above.                  porty in possession of the prop-
                                                                                                                      owned or hereinafter acquired,          Mortgage Service. Inc. dated                      For Dorothy D, Johnson        belief of the undersigned, the                To the best knowledge ond            erly is John f Dossev or o ten
sion, 2024 Newton Rd., Albany,          ized the creation of and issued a     ticles of property together with                                                                                                    Bv : j Stephen Lewis        party in possession of the prop-
                                        charter for a new insured de-         all reserves of cash or other se-       or in which borrower has now or         December 30, 1977, recorded in                                                                                          belief of th« undersigned, the             ont or ttnontt sortd sold pre*«r
Ga. 31708                                                                                                             shall hereafter acquire ony              Deed Book 109-X, Page 20, a*                         Beckmonn ft, Lewis        erly is Linda H. Given* or a ten-       party in possession of the prop-           ty is more commonly known as
An exact COPY of the proposed           pository     institution   named      curity maintained for the reha-                                                                                                      Post Office Box 9525       ant or tenants ond sold property
                                        Great Southern Federal Savings        bilitation or replacement of            right, title or interest whatsoev-       last transferred by assignment                                                                                         erty Is Gerald C Mobley ond                203 Travis Street, Savannah
rule will be provided to ony per-                                                                                     er (whether bv Bill of Sal*.            to Manufactures Hanover Mort                           317 Tattnoil Street      is mart commonly known as
son rendering fh« cost of copy-         and Loon Association ("New            such furniture, fixtures and                                                                                                                                    1004 Mohawk Street, Savonnoh.           Nancy P. Mobley or a tenants               GA 3140*.
                                                                                                                      lease, conditional sales con-           gage Corporation dated August                    Savannah, Georgia 31412                                                or tenants and sold property is          AmSouth Mortgage Company
ing and moiling, such cost con          Lender") and the assets of the        equipment; and                                                                                                                                (912) 237-3137    GA 31419-1612,
                                        Original Lender were trans-                 Together with oil leases and      tract, other title retention docu       29, 1980, recorded in Deed Book                                                                                         more commonly known ot 417               Inc
be determined bv calling EPD                                                                                          ment o* otherwise) which Is.,            117-E, Page 643, Chatham Coun-            Notice of Sole Under Power           Lomos Mortgage USA. Inc. for-           Valentin* Drive, Savonnoh, GA
at 404-6574600.                         ferred to the New Lender, and         use agreements of machinery,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     as Attorney In Foci for
                                                                                                                      ore or shall be located upon or          ty, Georgia records,                    Georgia, Chatham County                merly The Lomos and Netlleton           31406.                                   Wilson Williamson
      Public involvement In this        the FHLBB appointed the               equipment ond other personal                                                                                                                                    Company
                                        FSLIC as conservator of New           property of Grantor in the cate-        used or useful, either directly or      conveying me after-described                  Under and by virtue of the                                                Rousseau Mortgage Corpora                S H.McCoHo
njlemoking process is essential                                                                                       indirectly. In the construction          property to secure o Note in the        Power of Sole contained in o Se-       at Attorney in Foci for                 Hon
and important to EPO. State-            Lender and the Resolution             gories hereinabove set forth,                                                                                                                                                                                                                    McCaHo, ftovmer, Padrick,
                                                                                                                      upon or operation of the Mort-          original principal amount of             curity Deed given by                   Clyde E Turner                          os Attorney »n Foci for                  Cobb, Nichols I Clark
ments and comments may be               Trust Corporation ("RTC")             under which Grantor is the les-                                                                                                                                 S H McColla
                                        succeeded to o»I right, title and     see of, or entitled to use. such        gaged Property together with             Twenty Six Thousand Nine Hun-                  Chil P R Z Y T Y C K I                                                  Gerald C Mob* v ond                      M Perimeter Center East,
mode orollv or in writing at the                                                                                                                               dred      &     NO/100      Doitor*     and Anno Prrytycki to Citizens          McColki. Rovmer, Podrick.
heoring, lengthy statements &           Interest of FSLIC, os conservo-       items; ond                              onv ond oil replacements or                                                                                                                                     Nancy P. Mobtev                          N.E. Fifth Floor
                                                                                                                      substitutions thereof or therefor        ($76.900.00), with Interest there-      ond Southern Commercial Cor-           Cobb, Nichols A Ctor*                   S.H McColla                              Atlanta, georgia 30346
taoed message* should be sub-           tor, and the assets of New Lend-            (c) All rents. Income, prof-                                                                                                                              56 Perimeter Center East,
                                        er were transferred to RTC bv         its, revenues, royalties, bo-           as well as me proceeds thereof           in as set forth therein, there will     poration, doted April 24, I9t7.                                                McCoMe. *ovm«r. Podrick,                 (404)
mitted tor the record. Written                                                                                        or therefrom, regardless Of              be sold at public outcry to the         recorded *n Deed Book U4-M,            N.E Fifth Floor
comments mov be submitted ot            operation of low, and the Office      nuses, rights, account*, con-                                                                                                                                                                           Cobb. Nichols I Clark                      Notice Of Sole Under Power
                                                                                                                      form.                                    highest bidder for cash before          Page 103. Chatham County, Go            Atlanta, Georgia 30346                 56 Perimeter Center Eo»t.,
anv time during the pub^c cam-          of Thrift Supervision ("OTS")         tract rights, general intangibles                                                                                                                                (404) 804-0400                                                                  Georgia. Chofhom County
rnent pertod but must be re-            replaced RTC a» conservator of        ond benefits under ony and all                Such security interest shall       the courthouse door of Chatham          Records, as lost transferred to                                                N.E Fifth Floor                               Under ond by virtue of th«
                                        New Lender writ* Resolution           teases or tenancies now existing        extend to and Include onv mon-           County. Georgia, within the le-         NotlomBonc Mortgage Corpo-               State Of Georgia                      Atlanta. Georgia 3034*                   ^ow*r of Sole contained tn a Se
ceived bv close of business on                                                                                        ies on deaoftJt for the payment          gal hours of sole on the first          ration by assignment to be re-
 November 4, 1991 and should be         Trust Corporation acting solely       or hereafter created in oil or                                                                                                                                  County Of Chofhom                       (404)804^400                             curlty Og«d glvgn bv DWAYNE
                                        in its capacity as Receiver for       onv portions of the Mortgaged           of real ejtet* taxes, insurance.          Tuesday In October .m 19*3, the        corded in the office of the clerk           Noftee Of Sole Under Power         SHM/ftm HW*3                             R. FABIAN ond PemeKi V Fa
odd.**ssed 10 Harold Rebels, Di-                                                                                                                               following described property:
rector. EPO, JOS Butler St., SE,        New Lender ("Receiver") for           Property or any port thereof, or        premiums or special assess-                                                      of tht Superior Court ot Chat                 In Deed To Secure Debt           Our We no. 4-J 1971-4*1                  bi«n to CMItens ond Sotrthem
                                        purposes of itouWtatiofi and, as      arising out of the construction,        ments against the Mortgaged              All thot certain tot, tract or par      ham County. Go , conveying the                Under and bv virtue of the
     te 1153. Atlanta, Go 30334.                                                                                                                               eel of land situate, tying and be-                                                                                          Notice Of Sole Under Power          Cetwrwrctoi Corporation, doted
      The proposed Rules will be        such. Receiver has succeeded to       use or operation of the Mort-            Property and oil proceeds paid                                                  after-described property to se-        power of sate contained thof                       in Security Deed              October jo. lft7, recorded .n
     sidered for od<»tion bv the        all rights, titles, Powers and        gaged Property or ony ports             for damage done to the Men                ing in the State o* Georgia,           cure o Note in the original prin-      certain Deed to Secure D«bf.            Sto*t Of GeorgkJ                         D*ed Soak 13*- K. f*ogt 477
 Board o« Natural Resources on          privileges of R TC as conserva-                                               gaged Property ond any other             County of Chatham, or»d in the          cipal amount of Thirty-eight           executed bv SAPBARA «                   Counfv C* Cholhom
                                                                              hereof, ond any other editable                                                   City o< Savonnoh,                                                                                                                                               Chatham County. Geargto ft»c
 December s, 1W3 Th« meeting,           tor of N«w Lender and Resolu-         or contract rights pertaining to         property described herein ond                                                    Thousand Eight Hundred                BRA2ICL to Margaret c                         On the f»h day of Novem-           ortfs. as lost transferred to Sun-

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