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									    Helpline House 2008
        40 years of
                                               HELPLINE HOUSE
                Spring 2008
                                     “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters com-
                                     pared to what lies within us.”                                             For more
                                                                Ralph Waldo Emerson                               information, see

          A message from our                                                   40 years and ‘growing’ strong
            Board President                                                   Shop Our Plant Sale to Support
                                                                                       Our Mission
                 As we enter 2008, Helpline House
                 is preparing to celebrate its 40th
                 anniversary providing services to                                                        Visit us at
                 the Bainbridge Island community.
                 In 1968, in response to Lyndon                                               282 Knechtel Way NE on
                 Johnson’s call for a War on Pov-                                      Saturday, April 26 from 9am to 1pm.
   Rick Dernbach erty, Joan Holcomb and a number
                 of other Island women opened a
food bank operating out of a garage. From this                      ♦   Buy plants from your neighbor’s garden
humble beginning, Helpline House has grown to
be a community resource providing a wide array
                                                                    ♦   Tour our own “Victory Gardens”
of emergency and social services. Throughout                        ♦   Buy a chance for 2 hours of consulting from
its history Helpline has maintained its mission of                      Whitehead Landscaping
creating a circle of giving and receiving; neighbor
helping neighbor, one neighbor at a time.                            What brings neighbors to Helpline?
Today our volunteer team numbers over 100.                                       (In their own words)
Our programs have expanded to include the
Clothing Connection, medical equipment loan             Need help paying rent this month, car accident is causing money
program, the kitchen garden, medical, dental and        problems
legal clinics and many more.                            Have problems with depression, there is something wrong with me.
Our social service staff, which was added in the        Out of work, lost apartment, heart condition and no medical insur-
late 80’s, provides a wide array of services in-        ance
cluding crisis intervention, family counseling, ad-
                                                        Husband lost work and left family, need to talk about options for as-
vocacy programs, parental and aging support
programs just to name a few. Many of these
issues know no social or economic boundaries            Out of work, 24 week pregnant and have a shut-off notice for my
and our services are open to all. Over time             electricity
Helpline House has truly grown to be an integral        Need help with rent, can’t find full-time job, had surgery recently
part of the Bainbridge Community. Come help
                                                        How to take care of disabled mom, what medical insurance would
us celebrate by becoming a volunteer: Neighbor
                                                        be available to us
Helpline Neighbor, One Neighbor at a Time.
                                                        Need for help with affordable housing and other services for elderly

      40 Years of Service - Then and Now
 1977                                            2007
 One Call for All donations: $7,001              One Call for All donations: $119,704
 Food Costs: $1,280                              Food Costs: $25,875
 Volunteers: 20                                  Volunteers: 106
 1987                                            2007
 Total clients served by social work: 407 Total clients served by social work: 770
 Housing problems: 154                           Housing problems: 712
 1997                                            2007
                                                                                                          April 20, 1988
 January food bank clients: 864                  January food bank clients: 1,396
                                                                                                          “Lynn Helm, standing, and Karen
                                                                                                          Kushner fill a shopping list at the
 Housing assistance: $26,692                     Housing assistance: $57,251                              Helpline food bank.” Bainbridge Review
                                                                            Where does the money go?
                         Long Term Partner
                                                                          In 2007, Helpline House experienced a 5% overall de-
               Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island                           crease in private donations. At the same time, staff
                                                                          worked diligently to keep operational costs in line and
                                                                          to be good stewards of donated funds.
Rotary and Helpline have always made a good pair. Current
Rotary President, Joanne Ellis, pictured here, is sitting next to                            Income: $770,649
our latest improvement —new walkway lighting. Other
                                                                           Private Donations                 $342,641     44.5%
funded projects include new toilets and sink in the main
building, new fans/lighting in downstairs                                  Contracts                         $213,446     27.7%
offices, and a few years ago, the food bank                                Endowment & Interest               $91,061     11.8%
remodel, new furnace, phone system and
barn construction. We’re grateful for                                      Local Funding/Client Support       $46,819     6.1%
their support and partnership in serving                                   Special Events                     $41,190     5.3%
their neighbors.
                                                                           Fee for Service Revenue              $6,716     .9%

                                                                           Foundations/Corporations           $28,776     3.7%
                                It’s a Natural!
                                                                                            Expense: $740,617
     Bainbridge Youth Services and Helpline House
                                                                           Financial Asst. to Clients        $136,185     18.4%

 Helpline is exploring ways to collaborate with Bainbridge                 Program Costs                     $426,845     57.6%
 Youth Services to provide more efficient and effective ser-
 vice to teens and their families. We have agreed to provide               Community Access Program           $77,348     10.4%
 collegial supervision to their counselors, saving them pro-               Facilities/Equipment                 $1,519     .2%
 gram dollars and offering support.
                                                                           Administration                     $62,909     8.5%

                                                                           Utilities/Maintenance              $30,393     4.1%

                                                                           Special Events                       $5,418     .7%
    Again, a special thank you to the Interfaith Council for
              their ongoing work, organizing and staffing food drives
              at our local grocery stores. Watch for the April 11th
                               and 12th food drives.                             Unsung Volunteer Heroes
                    Remember the Letter Carrier’s Food Drive,             Pat and Robert Johnson have been picking up
                              Saturday May 10, 2008.                       bread and grocery items and helping with food
                                                                         drives since 1993. Sharon and Eric Kortum have
                                                                                   been doing the same since 1989.
 Why do social workers at Helpline do what they do?                         Tim Wilkins has been entering monthly food
                                                                                         statistics since 1996
 The goal of social work at Helpline House is to take clients             Cynthia Taylor has been our weekend patrol for
 from crisis to stability by acting as a bridge. The bridge is            clean-up and moving clothes and other donations
 composed of a thorough assessment and of referrals to                                from in front of the barn.
 services that respond to immediate needs. After the im-                                Ten Year Volunteers:
 mediate needs are met and stabilized, the social work team               Tom Lockwood, Linda Henry, Malcolm Harris
 will support the clients to face changes, make new choices
 that foster independence. While some clients need only a
 short bridge to stability, a few cross back and forth because                    Always needed at our Food Bank
 of physical and mental limitations. Our end goal for ser-                   “Hearty” type soups, beef stew, peanut butter
 vices is to foster self-perpetuating independence as clients                and jam, ravioli and spaghetti O’s, breakfast
                                                                             cereals, canned chicken & tuna, cooking oils,
 learn how to manage their own lives rather than having a                    canned fruits and vegetables, kid snacks and
 social worker manage it for them.                                           crackers.

                              Helpline House
                                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                              282 Knechtel Way NW
                              Bainbridge Island WA 98110
                                                                                                                  Bainbridge Is, WA
                                                                                                                   PERMIT #3228

     Interested in attending
    our gala donor event on
   June 7th? Call 842-7621 to
     be put on our invitation
      list. You can meet old
     friends, make new ones
   and build community all at
           the same time!
   All donations are tax deductible
   to the extent permitted by law.
                                                                            “If you knew, as I do, the power of giving, you would not
                                                                        let a single meal pass without sharing some of it.”

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