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> Student Radio is back!
> Your Rights at Night... worth listening to
> Join our housewarming BBQ for refugees and asylum seekers
> Discover our new weeknight and Saturday line up
> Get drunk on Adelaide's finest Festival coverage

                                                          AUTUMN 2006                        PROGRAM GUIDE

   Radio Station of the Year & your Festival Station 2006


       the essence of the
  Adelaide Festival of the Arts.

Join Cath Kenneally each weekday.     Live from the Exeter balcony
                                                                                 ����� �����
    9am to noon                             Weekdays
                                    Mon 27th Feb – Fri 10th
    March 1 to 17                                           March
                                                                  Radio Adelaide Program Guide   Autumn 2006   i
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We have a large and committed team of
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for profit and rely on the active support of
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Audio Production Services                        For Radio Adelaide, this means taking
Our studios and production facilities are
                                                 a proactive approach. We provide                      The University
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specialise in recording events, cassette         involved in broadcasting high quality and             who had the       Christine Brown and Jupurru Stagg with
and CD duplication and message-on-hold           ongoing training opportunities, a diverse             imagination       the Radio NAIDOC award
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                                                 and inclusive program line-up, a strong               to start
                                                 commitment to alternative coverage of                 Australia’s first community radio station
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             228 North Tce.
                                                 and support of local arts and culture                 over 33 years. The range of funding
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phone        08 8303 5000                        – including all types of music. And we                bodies whose ongoing support is greatly
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                                                 the key community radio values of access,             valued sponsors, who have the wisdom
Radio Adelaide survives and prospers             diversity, independence, innovation and               to realise that we have an audience you
thanks to the support of our listeners,          localism.                                             can’t reach elsewhere. Our 500 volunteers
sponsors and these organisations:
                                                                                                       and staff who bring you our programs
                                                 Our coverage of special events in                     and keep it all running. And finally, our
                                                 Adelaide – small and large – also helped              subscribers: your personal commitment and
                                                 get us the gong, including in 2005 the                endorsement means everything to us.
                                                 Festival of Ideas, Mental Health Week,
                                                 Womadelaide, the Feast Festival, Refugee              And now on with 2006 – we’ve got some
                                                 Week and probably biggest of all in 2005,             exciting new programs for you starting this
      Program Guide design & layout:             our weeklong Radio NAIDOC special                     March – it's all inside.. .and on the air.
  Deb Welch, Olivia Power, Shadia Design
    Photography: Radio Adelaide Staff            broadcast. The judges thought so too, and             Happy listening.
        Printed by Finsbury Printing             our Nunga Wangga team was also a big
                                                                                                      Radio Adelaide Program Guide      Autumn 2006      1
Student Radio is Back!
On air since 1974, Student Radio on Radio
Adelaide has been Australia's longest running and
most dynamic student-run radio project. Thousands
of students have gained skills and experience,
introduced new forms of radio and had the chance
to communicate about things that are important to
them over these 30 years and many thousands of
younger listeners have tuned in to hear stuff they
wont get anywhere else.

Then along came VSU ... and it looked like curtains
for Student Radio along with many other activities
supported through student union fees.

But creativity and innovation are one of hallmarks of
both community radio people and students - and so
we've found a way to keep it alive in 2006, whilst
we look for alternative forms of support.

Everyone is working harder and smarter, and
we are looking to sponsors, from business and           Student Radio - 10pm to 1am every weeknight
community organsiations, to come on board to            supported by Adelaide University Union, the Students Association of Flinders
support real youth access and culture. Can you          University and the University of South Australia Students Association.

                                                                          M   agnet colloquial: a word element indicating
                                                                          a person who attracts someone or something of
                                                                          the kind specified, as fringe magnet.

                                                                          We’re attracting you to plug in, tune in and get
                                                                          yourselves stuck on FRINGE MAGNET! Radio
                                                                          Adelaide’s Fringe radio show.

                                                                         Every weekday afternoon, for 2 weeks, join
                                                                         Raymond Zada and Marnie Round for all the
                                                                         news, reviews, giveaways, ticket specials, music
                                                                         and gossip of this year's 2006 Adelaide Fringe

                                                                         Broadcasting live from the Exeter balcony, Rundle

                                                                         Mon Feb 27 – Fri March 10
                                                                         3.30 - 5.30pm.

                                                                        Sit back, relax and become a Fringe Magnet!

Every morning from March 1-17th, Festivescence decants premier
cru Festival bubbly, the best of each day of the 2006 Adelaide
Festival of Arts. Cath Kenneally hosts three hours daily of live
interviews, reviews, music and recorded Festival material, including
a daily half-hour chat with a Writers Week star and a daily debrief
with a visiting visual artist.

As Festival performers arrive in town, they’ll be dropping by Radio
Adelaide to talk about their shows. Director Brett Sheehy will be a
regular guest, and as the fun begins, Radio Adelaide regulars will
be presenting their verdicts on Festival acts.

Be sure of having the latest word on the best of this Fest, as well as
the chance to pick up great giveaways.

Festivescence 9am to noon, every weekday,
March 1 to 17.

                                                                                Some of the over 400 Australian and
                                                                                international performers include:

                                                                                Jimmy Cliff (Jamaica); Evelyn Glennie
                                                                              . (Scotland); Orchestra Baobab (Senegal); Paul
                                                                                Kelly & the Stormwater Boys (Australia); La
                                                                                Bottine Souriante (French-Canadian) ; Miriam
                                                                                Makeba (South Africa); The Dhol Foundation
                                                                                (UK/India collective); Sharon Shannon &
                                                                                Friends (Ireland); Ba Cissoko (Guinea); Talvin
                                                                                Singh (UK/India); Saltwater Band (Australia);
                                                                                Jeff Lang (Australia); The Audreys (Australia);
Womadelaide is one of this country’s best                                       and Doch (Australia).
– and best loved - music festivals, showcasing a
                                                                                View for the full
huge array of talented performers from around
                                                                                program lineup.
the world. You’ll be able to experience the
glorious global sounds and exciting atmosphere of                               Don’t miss Womadelaide 2006 Live!
Womadelaide 2006, when Radio Adelaide once
again presents our very special coverage of this                                Saturday & Sunday
annual event in March, live and direct from Botanic                             March 11 &12,
                                                                                5.30 – 8.30pm
Radio Adelaide coordinates a production and
presentation team of broadcasters from stations
around the country. So as well as reaching Radio
Adelaide listeners in the metro area, Womadelaide
2006 Live! is also heard by a national radio
audience of about one million people via two
community radio satellite services (ComRadSat and
the National Indigenous Radio Service.)

This year’s program presenters are Seth Jordan
(from Canberra’s Artsound), Roger Holdsworth &
Systa BB (both from Melbourne’s 3PBS) and Radio
Adelaide’s Jane Costessi, who will introduce live
crosses to concert stages and interview artists from
the dazzling lineup.

                                                                         Radio Adelaide Program Guide   Autumn 2006   3


               It’s all here in the City of Adelaide
               Call into the Visitor Information Centre, Rundle Mall
               or log onto
Your Rights At Night
(Worth Listening to) Thursdays, 6pm

SA Unions is hitting the airwaves with the first ever union
radio program to be broadcast in South Australia. Each
week their dynamic team of presenters will pack the hour
program with information about your rights at work, union
campaigns and activities and other social issues. They'll
also feature local bands, political music, comedy skits and
interviews with local union and community identities.
                                                                       the Your Rights at Work team, l>r: Nadine Levy, Vicki Snelson-Griffin,
                                                                       Catherine Zengerer and Erin Brooks,
The program also aims to increase the awareness and
knowledge of members of our community about the new
workplace laws, with promotion of the Your Rights at Work              Your Rights at Night is an alternative ‘voice’ to the often
– Worth Fighting For campaign. It will provide listeners with          misleading and selective information
the opportunity to learn first–hand about the impact of the             dished out by mainstream media about
new workplace laws on working South Australians through                important issues to the community. Smart
worker stories and experiences. Look out for special features          and sassy, it’s grassroots activism at its
on low paid workers, women and young people.                           best - definitely worth listening to.

also at 6pm weeknights as part of our new grassroots and action hour
                                                                       Back Story
Stir                                                                   Supplying the context Sundays 9am

World Vision's V-Gen Tuesdays 6pm                                      In the fast-paced world of journalism news stories often don’t
                                                                       get the space they deserve. In the midst of fleeting sound
Vision Generation is World Vision's youth movement and                 bytes and images we hear about the who, what, and where
they want to STIR your world. Young people with passion,               of an event but little time is devoted to the how and why.
STIR radio brings a new dimension to global issues. Tune               We get the news story but not the Back Story.
in for interviews with Aussie musos, local and international
activists and the leaders of all your favourite non-government         So, on a Sunday morning – when there’s a little space for
organisations and grassroots action networks.                          some quiet reflection – let Back Story on Radio Adelaide help
                                                                       flesh out the details of those stories that got you asking the
                                                                       question “Well how did that come to happen?”

Represent                                                              Providing perspective on politics, people and places, Back
                                                                       Story is presented by a team with a long history in issues
Yes we are interested                                                  based radio at Radio Adelaide: Neil Smart, Malcolm
in politics                                                            Hughes, John Bruni and Nikki Marcel.
Fridays 6pm

Paris, Richard, Sam and Jake are The Representatives of a
new wave of active youth. Join them for another perspective
on big issues as well as alternative music, interviews and
views from the street.

NEO Voices
Mondays, 6pm

A pioneering radio program in Adelaide, after only three
years on air. NEO Voices moves to this new timeslot from
March. NEO Voices are the voices of young people from
some of Adelaide's new and emerging communities. See
Adelaide and Australia through their eyes, find out about the
cultures they bring and the new culture they are absorbing
and get to know a whole new world of music.

                                                                                          Radio Adelaide Program Guide       Autumn 2006       5
Radio Adelaide Program Guide   Autumn 2006   7
Settling In
with the Australian Refugee
Wednesdays, 6pm

Grab yourself a halal sausage, pull up
a banana lounge and join ARA for a
housewarming BBQ of a different kind, each
Wednesday night. Gather round the hot
plate for a one hour radio BBQ and hear
about the latest refugee focussed news and

Settling In explores the question, ‘when is
a refugee no longer a refugee and just
another ordinary Australian?’

Many people do not like being
labelled a refugee or asylum
seeker as they did not choose to           Settling In team l>r, Xavier Minniecon, Nikki Marcel, Suzanne Carlton, Christine Gamble, Linda McIntyre
leave their homelands but were
forced to in fear of their lives. Much of the media attention                Feeling a part of the Australian community is often a
given to refugees and asylum seekers focuses upon the                        considerably harder and longer part of the refugee
trauma of leaving their homes and moments of arrival,                        experience. Yet, once refugees are settled, they become
by plane and by boat. Refugees and asylum seekers are                        valuable members of our society with a huge range of skills
boundlessly asked to ‘tell their story’, while less is known                 and experiences to share.
about everyday life beyond the first stages of arrival.
                                                                             Settling In is a celebration of the courage, endurance and
The process of settling in to their new home can be extremely                contributions made by refugees and asylum seekers in our
challenging and is different for everyone. Factors such                      community.
as whether people have come from an urban or rural
background, education levels and time in detention or
refugee camps can make a significant difference.                                 Jazz goes Primetime
                                                                                Adelaide's best evening jazz show is
Multibrain                                                                      now 7-9pm Tuesday to Friday
                                                                                (not forgetting midday every weekday & Jazz
Breakfast with Peter Godfrey, weekdays, 6.30 -9am                               till dawn, Mondays 1am)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for a radio station it’s an essential time to engage listeners who are busy
preparing theirs. Presenter Peter Godfrey has been in the chair since September last year and is rapidly building a devoted
following with his warm and engaging presence. But he’s
not alone in the early morning Radio Adelaide studios.

An enormous amount of work goes into producing our
Breakfast program because we know you’re interested in
far more than we could possibly imagine... from arts to
politics, reviews, local life, events and so much more.
As curious as you are, we don’t just have a local focus,
we present stories from across the country and around the
world that don’t necessarily make the morning papers.
Putting that all together takes a very special team of
Producers who bring to the program many and varied
experiences, skills, views, ideals and beliefs.

Their preparation begins the day before, checking media
releases, newspapers, magazines, websites and more
for different, diverse and imaginative story ideas, then
brainstorming to come up with the right angle. Then
comes the long process of locating someone interesting
to interview. Modern communications haven’t necessarily
made it easier and it’s not uncommon to still be chasing
that special person late in the day. But with the team's
positive energy, sense of humour and camaraderie it
always comes together in time to be on air every morning                 Peter Godfrey, front, with producers l>r: Carolyn Pickering, Nikki Marcel,
                                                                                 Kate Baldock, Logan Bold, Jordan Rush and Deanna Rohrsheim.
at 6.30. Time to wake up!
                                                                                             Radio Adelaide Program Guide       Autumn 2006      9
Adelaide Concert Hour                                              May 15
local classical performances                                       #MOZART Piano sonata,Bb,k570, Sachido Hidaka.p
Mondays 11am                                                       #BEETHOVEN Sonata, violin & piano, Eb,op12 no3, Ingrid
                                                                   Homburg,vn; Yuh T’sun Wu,p
                                                                   *RESPIGHI Pines of Rome, Elder Con. Symphony Orchestra, Keith
March 20                                                           Crellin (cond)
*JS BACH Violin concerto, E, BWV 1042, Ingrid Homburg,vn;          May 22
Elder Con. Chamber Orchestra,cond:Keith Crellin                    § SITSKY Sonata No. 1 for solo flute, Monica Fynnaart, fl
#HAYDN Piano sonata,F, Keturah Dennison,p                          ¤ MARTINU Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano, Elizabeth Koch, fl, John
*BRAHMS Sonata, violin & piano,no1,G, op78, Natsuko                Kaboff, vc, Diana Harris, p
Yoshimoto,vn; Lucinda Collins,p                                    « FUKUSHIMA Mei, for solo flute, Lucie Chapman, fl
                                                                   « XENAKIS Psappha, Amanda Grigg, percussion
March 27
+ CARY Black, White and Rose, for percussion and tape, Richard     May 29
Pusz, percussion                                                   *JS BACH Trio sonata,no1,Eb,BWV525, for organ, Stephen Van
« McCARTHY Rimbalsy, for percussion and electronics, Amanda        Der Hoek,org
Grigg, percussion                                                  *MOZART Sonata for violin & piano,Eb,k481, Natsuko
* DEBUSSY Sonata for Violin and Piano, William Hennessy, vn;       Yoshimoto,vn Lucinda Collins,p
Lucinda Collins, p                                                 *BEETHOVEN Piano sonata no14,C#min,’Moonlight’op27,no2, Ian
° HINDEMITH Trauermusik, Adelaide Chamber Orchestra, Roderick      Munro,p
Brydon (cond), Juris Ezergailis, vla                               *Philip HALL Solomon’s songs – The Rose of Sharon, Eve Vocal Trio

April 3                                                            Recorded at
*JS BACH Suite no2, Dmin, for cello, BWV1008, Janis Laurs,vc       * Elder Hall Lunch Hour Concert         # Recitals Australia
#MENDELSSOHN Andante & rondo capriccio, op14, Miriam               § Hartley Concert Room recital          + Barossa Music Festival
Grynchuk,p                                                         ¤ Chamber Players of South Australia recital       « Student recital
*SHOSTAKOVICH Piano quintet, Gmin, op57, Anthony Hunt,p;           ° Adelaide Chamber Orchestra concert < Elder Hall recital
Melanie Radke & Sarah McCartney,vns; William Newbery,va; Paul

April 10
+ DAVIES Tenebrae Super Gesualdo, Lights, Grahame Dudley (cond)
                                                                   Public Domain
                                                                   outstanding public talks
° GUBAIDULINA       Homage to T.S. Eliot, Adelaide Chamber
                                                                   Sundays 10am
Orchestra, Richard Mills (cond)
« VARESE Density 21.5, Kylee Smith, fl
                                                                   March 5
April 17
                                                                   Condemn Terror – not our Human Rights
* MOZART Sonata,F, Piano 4 hands, k497, David Lockett & Isabelle
                                                                   Melanie Brown, Chris Hanna, Kate Reynolds, Linda Kirk, Terry Hicks,
                                                                   John Stanhope
# LISZT Legend no2 Leonie Horvat,p
                                                                   Presented by Amnesty International and the Fair Go for David Group
# HINDEMITH Sonata for clarinet & piano Sheree Klopp,cl; Jamie
                                                                   recorded: Norwood Concert Hall / 18 November 2005
                                                                   March 12, March 19, March 26
April 24
                                                                   Highlights from Writers Week / Festival Forums 2006
# PROKOFIEV Piano Sonata no. 7, Stephen van der Hoek, p
                                                                   Details available at by 9/3
° GINASTERA Variaciones Concertantes, Chamber Orchestra, John
Demain (cond)
                                                               April 2
+ TORMIS Raua Needmine, for choir and drums, Adelaide
                                                               International Alert - Women’s Rights in Development
Chamber Singers, Carl Crossin (cond), Richard Pusz, percussion
                                                               Sun-Hee Lee, Director, Health, Population & Gender, AusAID, Julie
                                                               Mundy, CEO/Regional Rep, Marie Stopes International Australia,
May 1                                                          Ann Killen, School of Social Work & Social Policy, University of
*JS BACH Brandenburg concerto                                                                         Adelaide. Presented as part
no5, D, BWV1050, soloists: Julia                                                                      of the World Vision / AusAid
Brittain vn; Hayley Radke,fl; Stephen   If you would like a copy of a Radio                            International Alert Forum
Van Der Hoek, hpsc; Jason Thomas,
Kelly Roberts, Annie Roberts, vns;
                                       Adelaide program or a recording we've                          Series and the The Hawke
Neil Thompson,va; Therese O’Brien,     made, or you'd like us to record a concert                     recorded: Adelaide Town Hall
Kim Worley,vcs; Nathan Wright, db      or event's easy! Just give us a call on                  7 February 2006
#MOZART Sonata, violin & piano,
Eb,k302, Warwick Adney,vn; Mark
                                       8303 5000 and ask for Don or Darren.
                                                                                                          April 9
Freer,p                                Full details of all our Audio Production                           Highlights from Writers
*RAVEL Rapsodie Espagnole, Leigh       Services are at                             Week / Festival Forums
                                       audioservices                                                      2006
                                                                                                          Details available at radio.
May 8                                                                                            by 17/3
+ PÄRT Magnificat, Adelaide
Chamber Singers, Carl Crossin (cond)                               April 16
« FELDMAN The King of Denmark, Amanda Grigg, percussion            Recovering the Human: The disappearance of people in
< MESSIAEN Le merle noir, Zdenek Bruderhans, fl; Clemens Leske      the 21st Century
Senior, p                                                          Shane Elson, Australian distributor/producer for Alternative Radio
* BRITTEN Lachrymae Op. 48 for viola and piano, Keith Crellin,     Presented by the International College of Celebrancy
viola, Stefan Ammer, p                                             recorded: Morwell, Vic / 25 October 2005
+ STAHMER Song-Lines IV – “Sacred Sites”, Peter Waters, p

April 23
Highlights from Writers Week / Festival Forums 2006                      Sponsors Spotlight:
                                                                         Loyalty is Rewarded
Details available at by 17/3

April 30
Artists Working in Prisons                                               It began with sponsorship of our hit Radio Play Just Like That
John Bergman, founder/director of Stonewall Arts Project and Geese       by Stephen House. Domenic and Daniela Zagari of un caffè
Theatre Company in the US, talks about his 25 years experience           bar were keen to support Radio Adelaide, their next door
using theatre and arts within the criminal justice system and his
current work with Corrections Victoria
                                                                         neighbours on North Terrace.
Presented by the Community Arts Network SA
recorded: Community Arts Network SA / 8 December 2005

May 7
Short Fuse: Realities and Solutions in Family Violence
Dr Elspeth McInnes, Rob Hall, Dallas Colley
Presented by the United Nations Development Fund for Women
(UNIFEM) Australia and the Hawke Centre
recorded: Mercury Cinema / 24 November 2005

May 17, May 24, May 31
TBA - Details available at by 31/3

Writers Radio
Australian writers and writing
produced by Cath Kenneally
Mondays 3.30pm, repeated Saturdays at noon

March 13                                                                 un caffè bar owner Domenic Zagari (centre) with Lucas (left) and Josh,
Bob Barrett, the Bondi butcher, on his new crime novel set in a health   frothing up for Radio Adelaide subscribers.
retreat in country NSW; The Pelagius Book; and readings from the
30th birthday bash for Friendly Street Poets                             'Believing as we do in community, we wanted to get involved
                                                                         with the community of Radio Adelaide', says Dom. 'It offered
March 20
Bryce Courtenay, famous author of The Power of One, revisits painful     us an opportunity to provide quality to regular customers and
childhood territory in Whitethorn; Judith Ahmed reads poems of the       we plan to reward Radio Adelaide listeners and subscribers
Islamic diaspora                                                         with a loyalty card.' Every dollar spent by members and
                                                                         subscribers at un caffè bar, on coffee or menu items, will
March 27                                                                 receive 10 points (equivalent to 10 cents in credit) towards
Sue Brame performs a comic monologue called Chocky; Chrissy              your next purchase there.
Amphlett of Divinyls fame talks about Pleasure and Pain, her
autobiography, and Richard Tipping reads some poems                      Says Daniela, 'We look forward to a long lasting relationship
                                                                         with our neighbours and to welcoming the Radio Adelaide
April 3
Jared Thomas, SA indigenous playwright turns his hand to a novel
                                                                         family in for a coffee'. Grab a loyalty card from un caffè bar
with no indigenous themes, Sweet Guy, which he reads from and            next time you pop into Radio Adelaide.
discusses here; Peter Goldsworthy talks about the transition to
the stage of his fifteen-year-old novel, Honk if You Are Jesus; Sam       Interested in Radio Adelaide sponsorship? Please call
Franzway reviews Nine Degrees North, a verse novel by Tim Sinclair

April 10                                                                   Want to be part of Australia's best radio station?
Azhir Abidi on Passarola Rising, a fantastical tale of the first flying      Why not join us and become a subscriber? It's your
machine; Gillian Dooley reviews Peter Goldsworthy’s Collected              vote of support for a real radio alternative, it only costs
Stories; Sarah Waters, famous UK author of Tipping the Velvet,             $52 (or $26 if you hold a concession card) each year
discusses her latest set in the London Blitz, The Night Watch.             and there are always great incentives. December prize
                                                                           winner Frederick Lemar took home two stylish Police
April 17
Ray Tyndale reviews new poetry collections by Syd Harrex, Patricia         brand watches, valued at $400, while January winner
Irvine and Jennifer Maiden. Tracy Crisp reads some of her new              Alex Brown has tickets to all Musica Viva events in 2006,
novel, Black Dust Dancing                                                  valued at $800!

April 24                                                                   So dont miss out this time... All those
Ruth Starke with a review of Marion Halligan’s The Apricot Colonel;        who subscribe or renew in March have
MJ Hyland talks about her new one, Carry Me Down and Cath                  a chance to really work on those new
Kenneally reviews it. A chat with Val McDermid from Writers Week
                                                                           year's resolutions - our prize draw is for 6
in Adelaide.
                                                                           Leadership Development sessions
1 May                                                                      from Merydith Willoughby at IB Coaching to the value
Andrew Taylor, US crime writing sensation; Rachel Hennessy reads           of $900. How? Just call us on 8303 5000 during
from her novel The Quakers.                                                business hours - or drop in to 228 North Terrace.

                                                                                          Radio Adelaide Program Guide
                                                                                          Radio Adelaide Program Guide      Autumn 2006
                                                                                                                            Autumn 2006      11
Radio Adelaide People
                                                             Face to a Name
Advisory Committee
Anne Levy Hon French Consul SA, Chair
Jardine Kiwat Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music,
                                                             Meg Abbott
Adelaide University
Kathie Muir Dept Social Inquiry, Adelaide Uni                Diversity and all that Jazz - the two
Raymond Zada representing volunteers
Nicky Page representing staff                                things that sum up Meg Abbott’s
Deborah Welch Radio Adelaide Manager                         life!
Station Workers / Staff
Manager Deborah Welch                                        Diversity because she’s always
Training Manager Nicky Page
Music Co-ordinator Jane Costessi                             loved learning about different cul-
Development Manager Stacey Pallaras
Lifelong Learning Angelina Edwards
                                                             tures – by travelling to places like
Broadcast Co-ordinator Darren van Schaik                     the Canary Islands and Berlin just
Administration Co-ord Marit de Jager
Audio Production Co-ord Don Balaz
                                                             before the wall came down and
Arts Producer Cath Kenneally                                 she “loves finding and trying dif-
Sales Managers Max Hicks, Ingrid Merrigan
IT Co-ordinator Anthony Gibbs
                                                             ferent recipes and trying all sorts
Receptionist Olivia Power                                    of different foods!”
The Wire Annie Hastwell, Andrew Liberts
Education Producer Ewart Shaw
Trainers Don Balaz, Angelina Edwards, Anna Gillam,           Even before she had passed her                         go home and list my CD’s – all 5
Peter Godfrey, Max Hicks, Deanna Rohrsheim, Darren
van Schaik, Raymond Zada                                     Tech Op course back in 2001,                           of them!” As her knowledge and
                                                             Meg was recruited onto the                             love of jazz has grown so has her
Station Workers / Volunteers
*Aboriginal Message: Kerrynne Liddle, ALRM                   International Links team, a perfect                    collection – it’s now well over 300
Adelaide Concert Hour: Alastair Mackintosh, Geoff            combination of her two loves:                          CD’s!
Pullan, Stuart Robison, Ewart Shaw, Luke Altmann
AfroWorld: Joe Tungaraza                                     radio and “finding out how people
*Albanian Program: Alban Thika, Miri Kadriu                  live that’s different to how I live”.                  Meg says “the best part of my post
Alternative Radio: David Barsamian, Shane Elson
*Amistad: Zaida Antezana, Ricardo Ahumada,                                                                          retirement life is Radio Adelaide.
Noelia Caravajal, Manuel Otero, Elvia Duran                  And jazz because Meg’s love of                         Why wouldn’t it be when you’re
Aqueerium: Logan Bold, Diana Hopkinson, Chelsea
Lewis, Owen Saville, Raymond Zada, Dame Nibyl                jazz lead her to join the Jazz on                      doing something you love? It’s such
Thorndyke, Carolyn Pickering
Arts Breakfast: Cath Kenneally, Ewart Shaw, Tim Allan,
                                                             the Terrace team. “When I joined                       a fun place to be and everyone is
Kat McCarthy, Talia Mysak, Marnie Round, Jane                the team, my first job was to to to                     so friendly.
Backstory: Neil Smart, John Bruni, Malcolm Hughes,
Nikki Marcel
Beyond the Black Dog: Ian Stathis, Rickos Pietrus,         Media Rites: Bachelor of Media students from             Geoffrey Mildred, Brian Moore°, Kay Robins°, Nick
Deanna Rohrsheim                                           University of Adelaide                                   Robins° , Norman Stacey, John Turner°, Larry Warren,
* B.H On Air: Mirsada Mohammed, Sulejman                   Music Libraries: David Dent, Robyn Lidgett, Teresa       Helen Wilson°
Julardzijc, Berivana Mohammed                              McLean, Michelle Peake, Wayne Riggs, Jeff Oates,         (°= members of Management Committee)
Bluegrass Unlimited: Bill Lawson                           Jacqui Smith, Alex McFarlane, Ywaine McCarthy,           SA Composers Symposium: Luke Altmann, Alice Keath,
Breakfast with Peter Godfrey: Neil Smart, Nick Prescott,   Jordan Rush                                              Alex McFarlane, Stephanie Harris
Malcolm Hughes, Kate Baldock, Deanna Rohrsheim,            NEO Voices: Mohammed Abdulahi, Abraham Kon               Saturday Blues: Terry Heazlewood, Big Mike Hotz
Carolyn Pickering, Nikki Marcel, Matthew Buckley,          Alier, Wala Omer, Mohasen Saleh, Menal Saleh,            *Settling In: Nikki Marcel, Xavier Minniecon, Suzanne
Michelle Smith, Jordan Rush, Logan Bold, Alison Jobling    Lisa Irawan                                              Carlton, Linda McIntyre, Christine Gamble
Colla Voce: Hugh Cunningham, David Dent, Jeff Oates        News: Mark Rush, Carolyn Pickering, Kasia Ozog,          State of Play: Myk Mykyta, Ewart Shaw
Coming Out: Lisa Downie, Graham Smith                      Des Victory, Kat Graue, Ian Stathis, Emma Masters,       Stir: Rebecca Gallman, Rowan Mumford, Erin Ridell,
Country Breakfast: Wally Sparrow, Ben Sparrow              Crispin Savage, Mark Mooney, Melissa Mack, Linh          Skye Riggs
Country Cafe: Sarah Tomlinson, Jim Giles                   Chung                                                    Student Radio: Adelaide Uni: Julia Kazmierczak,
Decks in the City: Nathan Goode                            NightLight: Mark Rush                                    Nick Ward, Flinders Uni: Adam Wozniak, UniSA: tbc
Democracy Now: from Independent Media, USA                 Nostalgia: Graham Clarke, Malcolm Benger, Grizell        The Angry Hour: Matt Lindquist, Jack Davies
*Expanding Horizons: Clive Brooks, Jane Brooks,            Dunstall, Eric Ford, Tom Mitchell                        Timewarp: Robert Muller
Jenny Dyster, Noel Fraser, Pauline Rooney, David           Nunga Wangga: Christine Brown, Harry Wonga               The Chamber Music Hour: David Dent, Reg Mitchell
Saddler, Jacquelyn Steuart, Daphne Treloar, Barbara        Dare, Sonya Rankine, Jupurru Stagg, Daniel Wales,        Sue Fitch, Bryan Glennon, Robyn Lidgett, Wayne Riggs
Willow                                                     Nara Wilson, Chantal Henley, Dean Hodgsen, Jane          The Classical Connection: Meg Abbott, Luke Altmann,
Freewheelin’: Jane Brownrigg                               Washington, Naomi Hicks                                  Tom Burton, Elizabeth Bull, Donald Cornelius, David
Gastronaut: Bruce Guerin                                   Off the Record: Brian Wise via the ComRadSat             Dent, Lisa Downie, Grahame Dudley, Bryan Glennon,
General: Max Duncan, Malcolm Elliot, Oscar                 On Campus: Ewart Shaw                                    Stephanie Harrison, Keith Hempton, John Johnston,
Williams, Chris Koufalas, Tania Hannah, Daniel             Out of this World: Steve Sokvari                         Alice Keath, Robyn Lidgett, Paul Lloyd, Pat Masters,
Hamilton                                                   Ozzie Rules: Bachelor of Media students from             Alex McFarlane, Denis McLoughlin, Reg Mitchell,
Hip Hop Mania: MC Frost                                    University of Adelaide                                   Wayne Riggs, Graham Smith, Francis Willis, Myra
*International Links: Prof David Boyd, Meg Abbott,         *Persian Program: Mahmood Mottaghi, Amir                 Chalk
Domenic Vitelli                                            Soroush, Mahboobeh Aryanpod, Haleh Khazrai               The Delta: Tania Hannah
Jazz: Meg Abbott, Mark Blumberg, Tony Bretherick,          *Polskie Radio: Cezary Pawlisz, Jola Ratuszynska,        The Folk Show: David Cavanagh, Julie Cavanagh, Eric
Jacki Cooper, Lisa Downie, Greg Fisher, Colin George,      Tad Swietlik, Anna Rek, Marcin Rek                       Ford, David Long, Margaret Monks
Peter Kuller, Bill Lawson, Ray Malandain, Michael          Production & Recording: James Rossiter, Graham           The Hayes Review: Suzanne Hayes
McEwen, Tom Mitchell, John Murch, Mark Rubeo, Lyle         Smith, Karin Petrus, Max Duncan, Phil Wallis             The Range: Marnie Round, Sam Morrison, Dan
Sayce, Graham Smith, Jim Smith, John Watts, Francis        *Radio Serbia & Montenegro: Momir Dacic, Gina            Hamilton, Tim Laurie, Sonia Ostojic, Raymond Zada
Willis, Elaine Wright                                      Trajlic, Maca Mitanovski, Simeon Dacic, Bobby            The Tiki Lounge: Seth Jordan via ComRadSat
*J-Talk: Lee Guerin, Bruce Guerin, Kyoko Katayama,         Dacic                                                    *The Voice of Serbia: George Sremcevic, Vladan
Miwa Miura, Andrew Walker, Keiko Zeitz                     Reception: Kat McCarthy, Ela Smith                       Tanasijevic, Gordana Nikolic
Karawaan: Seyyed Ali Hosseini, Baqir Rezaie,               Represent: Paris Dean, Richard Ensor, Sam Deere,         The Wire: Annie Hastwell, Andrew Liberts, Andrea
Arman Abrahimzadeh, Gul Makai, Masood                      Jake Wishart                                             Johansen, Samantha Regione, Alex Parry, Lorna Perry,
Abrahimzadeh, Mohammad Ali Hamidi, Nadia Azimi,            Rhythm Stick: Michelle Smith                             Paris Dean, Lucy Hood, Ela Smith, Cat Graue, Rachna
Yazdan Jawshani, Zia Abrahimzadeh                          *Roundabout: Radio for the Third Age: Roly               Subir Sen, Candice Marcus
Latitudes: Livia Erhardt, Estela Fuentes, Alex             Beverley, Jeffrey Carey, Valerie Carras°, Joy Charles,   Writers’ Radio: Cath Kenneally
MacFarlane, Neil Smart, Nisa Schebella                     Graham Clarke, Malcolm Elliott, Keith Green,             *Your Rights at Night: Nadine Levy. Vicki Snelson-
Launch Pad: newly graduated broadcast trainees             Dorothy Hatwell, Neville Hatwell, Natalie Lindsay°,      Griffin, Catherine Zengerer, Erin Brooks
Local Noise: Lisa Pellegrino                               Grant Lucas, Elspeth Maitland°, Patsy Mildred,                                                *= Access Groups

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