What are the Equipments included in a Comprehensive Green Screen Kit? by jthomson15


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									What are the Equipments included in a Comprehensive Green Screen Kit?

These days, green screen kit has become an essential requirement for the professional
photographers and video makers. This kit may include photo background equipment and
background screen lighting, to become completely ready for taking photos anytime and
anywhere for the needed effects. Since this kit guarantees premium quality photographs, it
is an indispensable requirement of the photographers of today.

A comprehensive green screen kit includes the following tools and equipments:

1. Background Stand – The background stand acts as a support system for the background
   to give perfection to the photo’s background. This stand may be prepared with steel or
   other material that is light weighted, to make it portable. Portability feature ensures that
   the stand can be used at any time and at any place.

2. Backgrounds – The photography kit is not complete if it does not include green screen
   backdrops for producing green screen video or images. These backdrops are
   necessary to produce desired effects to image / video during editing. Backgrounds can
   be made up of different materials, including paper, muslin or others.

3. Tripod Stand – Tripod stand is required to stabilize and raise camera, support flashes or
   any other photography tool. It should have cross bar and riser locks to make it flexible,
   adjustable and reliable to hold the tools. The stand’s durability can be guaranteed from
   the type of material it is prepared of.

4. Light bulbs – The places, where there is no or dim light, fluorescent light bulbs are the
   best tool to give glimmer to the image. Light bulbs are good for high output source of
   light. Green screen kit should have needed light bulbs to have effective photography

5. Photo umbrellas – There can be translucent photo umbrellas or black photo umbrellas.
   Translucent umbrellas permit you to defuse the lighting and remove shadowing and
   create softer appearance, providing just-right outline in the photo. Black umbrellas
   absorb the light and will reflect it back via white fabric, utilizing the light more

6. Light sockets – Light sockets are also among the indispensable items in the green
   screen kit, because they are needed to complete the photography set-up and putting it
   to work.

7. Carry bag – Carry bag is not directly related to photography session, but it is necessary
   to store all other tools safely at one place to save them from damages.

Consider buying an all-inclusive kit so that it helps in both green screen video or image

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