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also an effective way to reach potential new customers who haven't yet heard of your company or

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									Using Email As An Effective Marketing Tool
The first thing to consider is what message are you trying to get out to your customer? Is it a new
exciting offer on a product or service? Maybe you just want to contact customers that you haven't
spoken to for a while informing them that you are still offering the products or services that they once
After you have thought about what message you would like to get out there you must also consider
how often you want to send out your emails. You can send emails on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or
annual basis; it is recommended that you send your emails regularly. However you do not want to
send your emails so regularly that is discourages customers and they just end up deleting them
instead of reading them. Many people do not like receiving high levels of email unless they are
informative or offer them a special deal.
How many contacts do you have to email? Some business will have a figure in the hundreds and
others in the thousands. Depending on how many contacts you have to reach depends on how you
will approach you email campaign. You can of course send the emails yourself through whatever
email programme you use such as outlook express etc.... If you have a large number of contacts then
this can be a very time consuming thing to do, my advice is to contact an experienced SEO company
to manage this for you. They can manage high levels of email for you and make sure that your
message really does get across. An SEO company can also design a template for your email so that
once received your customers will automatically identify that it is from you - Good brand identification.
If you have an e-commerce website then email marketing is a must as when people order a product
from you they give you their contact details, this however must be treated with caution as there are
laws in place such as the Data Protection Act to ensure that these details are not abused and
customers can opt out of any use of their personal data. Using these contact details correctly and
Professionally you can keep good contact with all of your customers increasing your changes of
making a repeat sale and stopping them from maybe using a competitor for a future purchase. It is
also an effective way to reach potential new customers who haven't yet heard of your company or
Email Marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your customers and getting them to return to
you no matter if your business is based online or not, however please treat with caution and do not
over use as you could deter more than encourage.

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