How To Create Gmial Account by harrizmalto


									         Gmail is a without charge, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may
perhaps access Gmail as secure webmail, as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Gmail was launched as
an invitation-only beta leave go of on April 1, 2004 and it became untaken to the all-purpose free on
February 7, 2007, though still in beta status by the side of with the intention of point. The service was
upgraded from beta status on July 7, 2009, along with the take it easy of the Google Apps suite.

    With an early luggage compartment scope offer of 1 GB for every user, Gmail significantly increased
the webmail standard in support of without charge luggage compartment from the 2 to 4 MB its
competitors such as Hotmail to be had by the side of with the intention of point. Individual Gmail
messages, together with attachments, may perhaps be up to 25 MB, which is better than many other
mail services support. Gmail has a search-oriented interface and a "conversation view" alike to an
Internet forum. Gmail is illustrious by netting developers in support of its pioneering management of
Ajax. Gmail runs on Google GFE/2.0 on Linux. so of January 2012, it has 350 million in action users
worldwide. Here the step create Gmail account :

    1. Type in your address bar.
    2. Click the “Create an account >>” button.
    3. Fill up the signup form with the following instructions.
    4. Fill up your First and Last Name.
        (1)Fill up the desired username that you want to maintain during login.
        (2)Click to check the availability of your username. On unavailability of the username Gmail
       shows you suggestion to pick one from them.
        (3)Choose a secured password for your account and re-type it.
        (4)Web History is enabled by default. Uncheck the box to disable Web History.
        (5)Select a security question or type your own one and provide an answer to the question. This
       helps you to get back your account when you forget your password.
       (6)Enter a primary e-mail id which allows you to reset your password in case you forget it.
       (7)Enter the alphabets in the box which makes sure that you are human and not a
       bot/automated script.
        (8)Read the terms and conditions and click the button on accepting to create the account.
    5. Mobile Verification. Select your country and enter your mobile number. In a few seconds you
       will receive a message from Google containing the Google Verification Code (NOTE: The same
       mobile number can be used to verify multiple Google accounts).
    6. After the mobile pass code confirmation you will be taken to the Gmail introduction page. Click
       the “Show my account” button and you are done

That’s it

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