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This file deals with some of the best natural thinning hair remedies that can help you get rid of hair thinning and shows you how to make them.

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									Natural thinning hair remedies
Natural thinning hair remedies have proven effective for treating thinning hair. Many people
tend to use natural thinning hair remedies like essential oils, vitamins and homemade hair
remedies to prevent thinning hair whatever the causes of thinning hair
are, natural thinning hair remedies will help you effectively get rid of this
annoying problem.

Causes of thinning hair
If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or thinning hair, you have to
be aware that causes of thinning hair are various, here are some of these

                                                                           Stress can cause you hair
      Physical and emotional stress affected badly your body and your
       hair as well.
      Hormonal changes or imbalance can be another reason for your
       thinning hair.
      Some medicines and drugs can cause hair loss as one of their side effects. Stopping
       taking them will easily solve your problem. DON’T change anything related to your
       medicines without consulting your physician.
      Thinning hair and hair loss can be a symptom of some diseases such as thyroid and hair.
       They are related to each other as well as diabetes and hair loss.

Natural thinning hair remedies
Here are some of the most beneficial natural thinning hair remedies that will help you stop hair
thinning immediately.

    Natural thinning hair remedies with olive and rosemary oils

Using olive oil in natural thinning hair remedies is very common as olive oil is simply your
perfect solution to condition your hair and to speed up your thinning hair growth. Make this
following recipe:

   1. Mix equal amounts of olive and rosemary oils well.
   2. Apply this solution on your hair.
   3. Massage your scalp with this solution for 5 minutes.
   4. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap.                                                                Page 1
   5. Leave it on your hair overnight.
   6. Wash your hair with your homemade shampoo for hair loss.

    Natural thinning hair remedies with onion and honey

This kind of natural thinning hair remedies will greatly stop hair
thinning, help your hair grow faster, and add to your thinning hair a
softer, thicker and stronger look. Just follow the recipe below:

   1. Put ¼ cup of onion juice in a bowl.
   2. Mix it well with a one tablespoon of honey.
   3. Apply this mixture on your hair.
   4. Massage your scalp and your hair with this mixture for 5
                                                                        Natural thinning hair remedies
       minutes.                                                          with onion juice help treat
                                                                                 thinning hair
   5. Keep it in your hair for 15 minutes.
   6. Washy your hair with your shampoo for hair loss.
   7. Repeat this treatment daily to get the best results.

    Natural thinning hair remedies with lavender oil

Natural thinning hair remedies with lavender oil can be your solution to stop thinning hair
forever; you won’t imagine the best results you will get if you use this following remedy:

   1. Add five drops of lavender oil to 3 ounces of sesame oil into a pan.
   2. Heat this mixture until it becomes warm.
   3. Apply this solution in your thinning hair.
   4. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp with this solution.
   5. Keep it in your hair for 30 minutes.
   6. Rinse it out well.

Actually, there are many other natural thinning hair remedies that can work wonders for your
thinning hair and aid you stop hair loss. These natural remedies instructed above can help you
stop hair thinning by using natural thinning hair remedies which are a healthy, cheap and easy
way to prevent thinning hair.

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