; harley daaidson designer retires
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harley daaidson designer retires


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									Harley Davidson designer retires

Written by Rommel Albuquerque
Monday, 19 March 2012 10:54 - Last Updated Monday, 19 March 2012 12:20

Willie G. Davidson Senior Vice President and Chief Styling Officer, is retiring from
Harley-Davidson after 49 years of working at his namesake company as head of styling

April 30, 2012 will be his last day at the office where legendary work in the world of motorcycling
and motorcycle design came alive. He will continue being a part of the company as an
ambassador at motorcycle rallies and events, and through special design projects as Chief
Styling Officer.

Over the course of his career, Willie G., now 78yrs, revitalized the design team at
Harley-Davidson which gave the company unrivaled leadership in custom, cruiser and touring
motorcycles. Today, the styling department is led by 19-year company veteran Ray Drea, Vice
President and Director of Styling, who has worked with Willie G. in the development of
numerous milestone vehicles.

Grandson of one of the company’s founders, William A. Davidson, and son of William H.
Davidson, its second president, Willie G. had joined the company as its first head of styling in
1963. With a lot of responsibility on his shoulders for the look of all Harley-Davidson
motorcycles, landmark motorcycles started emerging from Willie G’s styling studio. The list
includes the Super Glide, Low Rider, Heritage Softail Classic, Fat Boy, V-Rod and Street Glide.

Willie G. has long served as ambassador of Harley-Davidson at rallies around the world –
meeting riders, talking to customers, lending his famous signature to jackets and other apparel.
We hope he continues to do the same for years to come.


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