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September 2009
 The Mossop Philosophy
Friday 18th to Wednesday 23rd September
September Course Jersey
Train the trainers
12th -17th September

Friday 12th Sept to Wednesday 17th
        Sept 2008 Inclusive
    Advanced practitioner protocol course
                        PRACTITIONER TRAINING JERSEY
The institute of Phytobiophysics holds two very special training courses in Jersey
every year run by Professor Diana Mossop in her own homeland- the birth place of
Phytobiophysics® in June and September

These courses may be attended by practitioners from all over the world and it affords a
wonderful opportunity of making international friends, studying the fascinating Mossop
Philosophy in Jersey which is renowned for its beauty in June and September, the most
beautiful times of the year.
               Advanced Practitioner Protocol Course September
              Friday 18th September to Wednesday 23rd September

                 Cost £550        Contact Teaching Hours: 55CTH

Accommodation is arranged in Helens cottage for women only [£100 for the
week] on a basis of the first 6 practitioners to book. Thereafter
accommodation is arranged for you at a reasonably priced hotel called The
Rates discussed at time of booking. For male practitioners there are a limited
number of rooms available at Le Prevot for £100 for the week. [on the basis of
the first bookings. ]
Le Prevot, La Grande Route de St Clement, Jersey JE2 6QQ
Tel: 01534 854775 Mobile 07797739398
Bookings by phone 01534 738737 0r email
    Lecturers : Prof. Diana / Wendy Haley

           We are delighted to offer this course in Jersey
          Venue: The Labey Hall , Le Prevot ,St Clements.

Flights are also very reasonable if booked well in advance. Since
this course will effectively be a residential course where evening
lectures will also be organised, there will also be opportunities to
revise various subjects of the Phytobiophysics syllabus. Podo-
Rhacidian Mobilisation and Lymphatic drainage massage.

This Six day advanced course has been especially developed to
take Practitioners from Certificate level towards Diploma; it is both
theoretical and experiential. This utterly fascinating course will
cover Advanced Research, Sacred geometry, Pineal Circuits &
Miasm, Brain Hormones and Endocrine System, DNA Anaemia,
RNA & Pineal Enzymes.

Testers & Treatment Kits are available for each subject. The
findings take the investigation into the Spiritual Level and help us
to understand the belief systems which are often holding people in
a state of ill health.
                       Thursday 17th September
                         Arrival Registration
                         and welcome dinner
                   Friday 18th September

9.00 –11.00        Introduction to the Phytobiophysics Philosophy


11.30 – 1pm        The vital importance of Vibrational Medicine in Modern society


14.00-15.00pm      The Immune system Imu09


15.00 to 18.00 hrs Practical

                  Association membership entitles you to 10% discount
                 Saturday 19th September
09.00-11.00            Vibrational Medicine / Energy Medicine
                       Colour a scientific over view


11.30 – 13.00           Heart Lock Theory revision


14.00-15.30            Advanced heart Lock Theory

Break 15.30

16.00 to 18.00

Recommended Course Material
The Power of Plants
100 Hedgerows
   Association membership entitles you to 10% discount
                       Sunday 20th September
Field day and essence collection and research .
        Meeting at 09.00 hrs at Le Prevot St Clements.

        9am     The Power of Plants
                100 Hedgerows

        Please wear track suits or comfortable clothes for cliff walking.
                Please bring Money for lunch [ about £10]

                                 Cameras if possible
                        note books pens
                        Collecting bags {provided]
                Provided: Plastic gloves for handling poisonous plants
                        Glass cups and or glasses
                Monday 21st September
9.00 – 10.00    Hormones an over view
10.00 –11.00    Endocrine system

11.30 – 1pm     Brain Hormones


14.00-15.00pm   The Spinal column
                Practical spinal investigation with endocrine formulas

15.00 to 18.00 hrs Basic Podo-Rhacidian and Mobilisation methods

Recommended Material

Endocrine Test Kit                       £77
Brain Hormone Test Kit                   £44
Chart for Podo Rhacidian                 £ 10.00
                               Tuesday 22nd
09.00-11.00                   Introduction to The Pineal

11.30 – 13.00                 Introduction to DNA

14.00-15.30                   RNA


16.00 to 18.00                Pineal Circuits

Recommended Course Material
Pineal circuits                                     £185
DNA                                                 £ 88
RNA                                                 £
Power points                                        £ 6.00
Philosophy Text book                                £ 22.00

         Association membership entitles you to 10% discount
                Wednesday 17th September

Foundation and Charity work with special needs

09.00            Foundation charities
                 Working with Children

10.00            The Special Care Formulas       £60
                 Special Needs Formulas          £70

13.00 -14.30 Lunch

14.30- 5.30pm    Introduction to Sacred Formulas
                 Sacred Lichens                  £25
                 Universal Harmony               £44
                 Malta and Egypt each            £44

                 All booklets /CD’s’                    £6

                 Association members entitled to 10% discount
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September Course Jersey 18th to 23rd Septmeber 2009
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  Please email
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