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									    WOODRUN WITNESS
                                                                                    September 2010
From the Pastor            It has been wonderful to hear the    in so many places and minister to many people.
                         reports from the Haiti Mission Team      It is also imperative for us to be directly involved in
                         during our services this past month.   the work of missions as our team and our church have
                         There is such a need! Our state        done in Haiti this summer. A personal involvement
                         Baptist convention has been a          through giving and going is what we are called to.
                         ministry partner in Haiti for about      We are currently looking into an opportunity for local
                         fifteen years. The Jacksonville        mission ministry through Angel Food Ministries. This
                         Baptist Association which sponsors     is a ministry of food distribution on a monthly basis.
                                                                We will share more information in our upcoming
the Orphanage and mission trips has also been working in
                                                                business meeting.
Haiti for many years. I mention this because it is important
                                                                  The Great Commission is an ongoing work. This is
for us to realize that the mission effort through our Baptist
                                                                why Jesus said, “I will be with you until the end.”
ministries is ongoing. We were already on the field in Haiti
                                                                [That’s good to know!] It also means we must continue
before the earthquake. We will continue to be there. The
                                                                be engaged and personally involved in the mission.
same story is true around the world as missionaries serve
                                                                                                   In Christ, Brother Ed

      Maguire State Missions Emphasis                                 Deacon’s Family Cookout
      Week of Prayer September 5-12                                     Sunday, September 5
      Maguire Offering September 12

       Your New Identity in Christ                                               6PM
  Wednesday Nights beginning September 8                          The deacons are hosting our annual Labor Day
         Raised from the Dead, 9/8                                weekend cookout. Hamburgers, hot dogs and
              Born Again, 9/15                                      bratwursts, buns and drinks are provided.
        Justified by His Grace, 9/22                               Please sign up and bring a side dish to share.
       Created for a New Life, 9/29

        National Back to Church Sunday
                   September 12                                             Woodrun Deacons
            Invite Someone to Church                                               Deacon of the Month
                                                                                        Bud Halbert
                                                                                   Red Brogdon, Chairman
            See You at the Pole                                                   Bud Halbert, V. Chairman
                                                                                         Gil Hoover
         Wednesday September 22                                                      Jonathan Baggerly
        Global Student Day or Prayer                                                Ron Milano, Secretary
                                                                                      Mike Yelvington
                          Family Suppers
                    Wednesday August 18 at 6PM                                 Deacons’ meeting is Sunday
                     Prices will remain the same.                                September 5 at 4:30pm
                   Please notify Millie for changes
                          in your reservation.                                   Office Assistant Hours:
                                                                                     Monday 9am-1pm
  Prices are $3 for adults, $2 for children ages 5-10,                              Wednesday 9am-1pm
             and children under 5 are free                                          Thursday 9am-3:30pm

                CIA: Children in Action                                 SEPTEMBER BIIRTHDAYS
                                                                        SEPTEMBER B RTHDAYS
            Meets each Wednesday at 7pm                                 01 SHERRY GORDON
               Boys and Girls grades 1-6                                04 NICOLE LAWHON
          Feature 45 meets Wednesday at 6:15                            05 MIKE YELVINGTON
                                                                        06 RANDY DONALDSON
                                                                        07 MICHELLE HILL
   B-MEN will meet on Monday September 27 at                            09 JAMES K BRANDENBURG
            6:30. A meal will be served.                                12 STEVE BRINKLEY
     WOMEN ON MISSION will meet Sunday                                  13 ALEXA HOOVER
 September 5at 4:30pm. All of our ladies are invited to                 14 ELIZABETH WHALIN
                       attend.                                          16 FRANCES BELL
            Deacon Ministry Workshop                                    17 DAN MCCALL
      October 9 at the Florida Baptist Association                      18 LINNIE DEVALL
    9-11am. Conference Leaders, Rick Stewart and                        18 JUANITA CASTRO
                                                                        20 GIL HOOVER
                  David Southerland                                     24 RYAN BURKE
                                                                        29 LINDA TYRE
                                                                           Lord, help me today to honor you,

    September 2010                                                         help someone, and hear your voice
                                                                                  more clearly. Amen
       Sunday                Monday          Tuesday      Wednesday         Thursday          Friday       Saturday

                                                          September 1      2             3             4
                                                                                                       FSU v
                                                                           Visitation                  Samford
                                                          Suppers 6pm

5                        6                  7             8                9             10            11 Patriot
      WMU 4:30            Labor Day
                                                                                                       B-men work
                            [office                       Family
Deacon Cookout                                                                                         project 8:30am
                           closed]                        Suppers 6pm
     6PM                                                                                               FSU @ OK
12                       13                 14            15               16            17            18
 National Back to                                                              FBA
 Church Sunday                                                               Council
Deacon Nominations                                        Family              11am                     FSU v BYU
Church Council 5pm                                        Suppers 6pm       Northwoods
Business Mtg 6pm

19                       20                 21            22               23            24            25
                                                              See You at
Deacon Nominations                                             the Pole                                FSU v Wake
                                                          Suppers 6pm

26                       27                 28            29               30            October 1     2

Deacon Nominations       B-Men
                         6:30pm                           Family                                       FSU@ VA
                                                          Suppers 6pm

                        Woodrun Witness
                              8203 Apalachee Parkway
                             Tallahassee, Florida 32311


    Office: 850/877-0820
    Fax: 850/877-6990
                                                               PATRIOT DAY September 11
    Service Times
    Sunday School 9:45 A.M.
    Sunday, 11 A.M. & 6 P.M.
    Wednesday 7 P.M.
    Church Staff
    Pastor - Ed Brandenburg
    Music Minister – Danielle Baggerly
    Youth Minister – Ran Christian
    Office Assistant - Marie Brogdon

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