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NewsletterJuly pub California Brittany Club


									                         CALIFORNIA BRITTANY CLUB

Volume 4, Issue 3
                 ON POINT                                                                                            July 1, 2005

        INTEREST:                                FROM            THE        PRESIDENT’S CORNER
• Make your reservataions
  for the CBC Awards Ban-                        Greetings CBC Members!            thank you to all of our volunteers who
  quet that will be held on                                                        pitched in to make this year’s specialty
  Sunday, July 24th at             Here we are smack in the middle of the
  McKenna’s on the Bay             conformation show season. This year has         show a very enjoyable experience!
• Willi Match is coming up on      gone by fast! We have just completed a          Welcome to all our new members of the
  August 21st ...Make plans to     series of local shows that I like to call the
  attend it!                                                                       Brittany family. We hope that you will
• Next Newsletter Publication
                                   San Gabriel/Pomona cluster. The cluster         come out and support our many events!
  will be October 1st 2005.        was kicked off by the Rio Hondo show at         Remember, we have our awards banquet
  Deadline is September 15th.      Cal Poly Pomona, ramped up in a big way         coming up very soon. Please come out
  Send ideas, brags and info       by the Mission Circuit at the Fairplex and      and help recognize the achievements of
  to Sharon Kalionzes, see
                                   rounded out by the Pasadena show!               all of CBC’s competitors. We always
  address & phone number
  info on back.                    Whew! The CBC specialty show was                have an enjoyable time and good food
                                   held on Sunday during the Mission Cir-          too!
                                   cuit. We were blessed by relatively cool
 Inside this issue:                                                                Best of luck for the rest of the shows this
                                   weather for all of the shows this year.
                                   Many of you know that the Mission Cir-          season -- conformation, obedience, field
Letter from the Editor         3   cuit can be an open-air sauna! We also          and agility. For those of you who have
                                   held our annual elections during the CBC        never shown or trained a Brittany before,
Pre-Approved Minutes           4   specialty show. Congrats to all of the          jump in and try it! It can be frustrating at
                                   new officers who will take office in Janu-      times (a la whenever our new champion
Tattle Tails                   5   ary 2006. We hope to have short Bios of         Justy walks into the ring!) but it can also
                                   the new officers either on the website or       be a lot of fun!
CBC Specialty                  6   in a future issue of the newsletter. A big      Cheers! Bill Hacker
Awards Banquet Flyer          10

Willi Match Flyer             11
                                                  HUNTING TEST REPORT
                                                  KAREN NELSEN, CHAIRMAN
Map to the Willi Match        12

                                   “Double Delight”                eased. We held our event        location originally
BOD Meeting Summary           12
                                                                   the final weekend in Feb-       planned was a mire of
                                   CBC’s Spring Hunting            ruary – the 26th and 27th.      muck and mud…it was
Change of Address             12   Test was “doubly delight-                                       by chance, that we ended
                                   ful” as we were joined in       We were “doubly”                up at Castle Butte, as no
In the Mail                   13   our endeavors by the San        blessed, as the season          other events were
                                   Diego Brittany Club.            here had been extremely         planned by any other club
New Members                   13
                                   Mary Brown and I had            wet (now, that’s an un-         for that weekend.
                                   been talking about hold-        derstatement!), and on the
Remembering Luke              14
                                   ing a “back-to-back”            weekend of our event, we        The weather was just per-
                                   hunting test, so the bur-       experienced sunny skies         fect for running 166
Tribute to Dee                15
                                   den on each club was            and balmy weather. The                (Continued on page 2)
PAGE 2                                                 ON POINT                                        VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

HUNTING TEST REPORT                              (CONT.)
(Continued from page 1)                 The hour we were
dogs! WHAT? You’ve got to be            “inactive” put us in a time
crazy…166? Yep, between the two         constraint for finishing the
clubs running that many dogs on         running for the day. Partici-
two separate courses required a lot     pants were wonderful in
of good old-fashioned team work,        getting to the line on time;
planning, and a sense of humor.         the marshals saw to it that
                                        the next braces were ready
This was especially true when we        when called; and the judges
were visited by the State Depart-       were able to evaluate the
ment of Fish and Game. It seems         dogs in a timely manner.
that some other hunters/trailers dis-
posed of some quail with the top-       Thanks to Laurie Blanton,               the ‘Que’ are second to none. To
knot in the local dumpster. It was      President of the San Diego Club         the judges for both clubs, we appre-
reported to the city police, who, in    and her great crew – the members        ciate and applaud your efforts in
turn, notified DFG. We were shut        of the club for a job well done.        looking over the dogs presented to
down for an hour while they in-         Everyone shared in executing their      you. To all our exhibitors, Brittany
spected our birds, tags and receipts.   responsibilities, and were only too     or other sporting breed, we are so
They gathered all participants, offi-   willing to help with others. Diane      grateful you came and made such a
cials, judges, and any one else they    Dale saw to it that coffee was pre-     success of our event.
could find, and read the state rules    pared each morning. Dan Dale,
and regulations to us all to make       Randy VonNordheim, and Jimmy            The only question we heard was
sure we were familiar with them.        (What’s his last name?) were great      “when are you going to do another
                                                         gunners. Laurie’s      one?” Stay tuned – as the saying
                                                         husband Bruce          goes, “same time, next year.”
                                                         made sure there was
                                                         water for the dogs     Here is a list of Brittany qualifiers
                                                         on course and in the   for both days from both clubs:
                                                         bird field. Mary
                                                         Brown and Laurie       CBC
                                                         made quite a team      Saturday, February 26, 2005
                                                         in doing calcula-      Senior Hunter                (7 Starters)
                                                         tions and paper-       Judges: G Vargas          C Leffingwell
                                                         work.                  Arney’s Mystical Maggie JH, O: Sabrina &
                                                                                Greg Arney, H: Sabrina Arney
                                                          To the CBC mem-
                                                          bers who helped out   Junior Hunter                (22 Starters
                                                                                Judges: L Vargas          C Leffingwell
Even the California City volunteer      – a very BIG thank you! To Linda
police were monitoring the wearing      Mc Donald, who operated as the          Blazing Sunset Desert Bandit, O: Dan &
                                                                                Diane Dale, H: Diane Dale
of helmets while driving ATVs.          event secretary for both clubs, AND     Britt’s Miss Allie, O/H: Jack Davie
The good news was that they did         was the Raffle Chairman – you           CH First Time Flyer, O: Rich Harbour, H:
not shut us down, as they saw we        were awesome. To your raffle            Helen Harbour
were complying within the realm of      helpers, niece Katelyn Ford and her     Gourley’s Maximum Bet, O: A Dundee-
the law as we knew it. Members of       pal, Shannon Rose, you did a terri-     Farinas/C Gourley, H: Gunter Schanzenbacher
                                                                                CH Lone Oak’s Sovereign Delta, O: B
other local pointing breed clubs        fic job selling tickets and running     Bemis/R Bemis, H: Linda McDonald
who were participating in our event     the show! To our food preparers,        MVP Shiloh Toughacttofollow, O/H: Karen
were put on notice of what is           Shannon, Brad, Dakota, and Madi-        Nelsen
needed for the future…notify Fish       son Renfree – no one went away          Sal’s Sunrise Jake, O/H: Allan Donnelly
                                                                                Smokin’ Diesel, O/H: John Fageaux
and Game, as well as the California     hungry. To Bill Landress, tri-tip
City Police Department.                 cooker extraordinaire, your skills at                     (Continued on page 3)
VOLUME 4 , I SSUE 3                                                    ON POINT                                                      PAGE 3

                                                   Rescue screens all applicants and                               LETTER         FROM
                                                   does home visits to check out
 Just a reminder to all Brittany                                                                                   THE EDITOR
                                                   potential adopters. Keep this in
 Breeders and Enthusiasts. If you
                                                   mind if you find yourself need-                                 We’ve had some very fun
 have dogs that have come back
                                                   ing to find a home for one of                                   events take place these
 to you or that you have decided
                                                   your Brittanys. For more infor-                  past three months, and we’re very happy
 for one reason or another not to                                                                   to brag about them to the entire member-
                                                   mation, visit the American Brit-
 keep, and you are not interested                                                                   ship. We hope it will entice those of
                                                   tany Rescue web site at
 in selling them, please consider                                                                   you who didn’t make these, to come to
                                                            upcoming events. We hope our newslet-
 posting them on the American
                                                   .                                                ter brings you some of the fun.
 Brittany Rescue Web Site. There
 are several people actively in-                                                                    Our 2004 Awards Banquet is coming
 volved in California working to                                                                    Sunday, July 24th, and we hope many of
                                                                                                    you will come celebrate the accomplish-
 place dogs. American Brittany                                                                      ments of our wonderful dogs! We are
                                                                                                    having the luncheon and festivities at the
                                                                                                    same restaurant as last year... so we
                                                                                                    know the food and atmosphere will be
HUNTING TEST REPORT                                             (CONT.)                             outstanding!! The flyer is in this issue,
                                                                                                    so take a peek and send in your reserva-
                                                                                                    tions to Rozanne Woelm, Awards Chair.
 Sunday, February 27, 2005                         CH Gaitway To Infiniti, O/H: Leah Shirokoff      We hope you’ve sent in your score/brag
                                                   Gourley's Maximum Bet, O: A Dundee-              sheet to Margaret Horstmeyer. Come
 Senior Hunter                  (3 Starters)       Farinas/C Gourley, H: Gunter Schanzenbacher
 Judges: C D Babb               L Troncale                                                          for the social get-together even if you
                                                   CH Lone Oak’s Sovereign Delta, O: B
                                                                                                    didn’t send in points for your dog... It
 CH Remington’s Arctic Legacy, O: Dale &           Bemis/R Bemis, H: Linda McDonald
                                                   MVP Shiloh Toughacttofollow, O/H: K              will be a enjoyable time.
 Myra-Dawn Ellis, H: Myra-Dawn Ellis
                                                   Nelsen                                           Our annual Willi Match will be held on
 Junior Hunter                 (27 Starters)       Sal’s Sunrise Jake, O/H: Allan Donnelly          Sunday, August 21st and it’s always a
 Judges: C D Babb             L Troncale                                                            very fun day for everyone! This year,
 Blazing Sunset Desert Bandit, O: Dan &            Sunday, February 27, 2005                        Pennie Peterson will be having a groom-
 Diane Dale, H: Diane Dale                         Junior Hunter                  (21 Starters)     ing and handling “mini-seminar” for our
 Britt’s Miss Allie, O/H: Jack Davie               Judges: L Langford             B Landress        Juniors... so we hope many young peo-
 Dakota’s Booker T, O: Dakota & Brad Ren-                                                           ple will participate. I plan on
 free, H: Dakota Renfree                           Blazing Sunset Desert Bandit, O: Dan &
                                                                                                    “spectating” from the sidelines, and
 Gourley's Maximum Bet, O: A Dundee-               Diane Dale, H: Diane Dale
                                                   Britt’s Miss Allie, O/H: Jack Davie              hope to pick up some great pointers!!!
 Farinas/C Gourley, H: Gunter Schanzenbacher
 CH Lone Oak’s Sovereign Delta, O: B               Dakota’s Booker T, O: Dakota & Brad Ren-         The “fun match” is always exciting, as
 Bemis/R Bemis, H: Linda McDonald                  free, H: Dakota Renfree                          we involve ALL Brittanys... spayed,
 Sal’s Sunrise Jake, O/H: Allan Donnelly           CH Gaitway To Infiniti, O/H: Leah Shirokoff      neutered, too tall, too small, too young
                                                   Gourley's Maximum Bet, O: A Dundee-              and too old (for the “regular” show
                                                   Farinas/C Gourley, H: Gunter Schanzenbacher      classes). All Britts belonging to CBC
                                                   MVP Shiloh Toughacttofollow, O/H: Karen          members are encouraged to join in. We
                                                   Nelsen                                           especially love to see our youngest
 San Diego                                                                                          members show off their dogs, and learn
 Saturday, February 26, 2005                                                                        about the fun part of showing dogs.
 Senior Hunter         (6 Starters)                                                                 Don’t forget to bring a gourmet delight
 Judges: P Peterson      P R Casdorph                                                               of your choice... our pot lucks are fa-
 Arney’s Mystical Maggie JH, O: Sabrina
                                                                                                    mous because of our members’ cooking
 & Greg Arney, H: Sabrina Arney                                                                     skills!
                                                                                                    Please take time to read about the
 Junior Hunter     (22 Starters)                                                                    Marvin D. Nelson Memorial Fund... it’s
 Judges: P Peterson S Casdorph                                                                      an important research study that needs
 Blazing Sunset Desert Bandit, O: Dan &                                                             support from all dog owners. Unlike
 Diane Dale, H: Diane Dale                                                                          many “popular breeds” our Brittanys
 Britt’s Miss Allie, O/H: Jack Davie                                                                have relatively few health issues. We
 CH First Time Flyer, O: Rich Harbour, H:      L to R: Diane Dale, Helen Harbour, Stevie Casdorph
 Helen Harbour                                                and Pennie Peterson
                                                                                                                     (Continued on page 13)
PAGE 4                                                 ON POINT                                      VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

                 CBC GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – 05/29/05
                 PRE-APPROVED MINUTES
                  The CBC general       Zaker. Check the CBC website for        per Craig. A comment from the
                  membership meet-      further information.                    floor was that BOD minutes should
                  ing was called to                                             then be available for all members
                  order by President    Newsletter: Sharon Kalionzes            and perhaps the newsletter would be
Bill Hacker at 12:30 pm May 29,         Next issue will be July 1st. Deadline   an appropriate venue. Bill Hacker
2005. This meeting was held in con-     for submissions is June 15th. When      requested that the secretary make
junction with the CBC Specialty         submitting brags, please include the    the BOD minutes for the newsletter.
Show at the LA County Fairplex,         location and date of the event and
                                        the dog’s full name in addition to      Hal Engel sent a thank you for
Pomona, CA.
                                        the call name.                          CBC’s donation to the Center for
Minutes from the last general mem-                                              Companion Animal Health in mem-
bership meeting held on August 21,      Website: Myra-Dawn Ellis                ory of Jodi.
2004 were read. Barbara Robben          The website has been redesigned
made a motion to approve the min-       and is up. Flyers for the upcoming      NEW BUSINESS:
utes as read. Margaret Waite pro-       events are on the website.              Susan Kerns suggested that Awards
vided a second to the motion.                                                   of Merit be presented at the Spe-
                                        Awards Banquet: Rozanne Woelm           cialty show for 10% or a certain
Treasurer’s report: Tom White           Banquet will be held July 24, 2005      number of Best of Breed competi-
Checking account balance is             at McKenna’s on the Bay in Long         tors. All that is required is an appli-
$11,233.76. Net income for the year     Beach, CA at 11:30 am. 2003 DOY         cation submission to AKC.
is $1506.36. Specialty show P&L         awards will be published in the June
not completed yet. A profit was re-     2005 ABC magazine.                      Linda Langford: Recently toured the
alized on all events. Reports are                                               CCAH at UC Davis with Gordon
                                        Club Championship: Tom White            Theilen. The center is doing DNA
available from the treasurer. Linda
                                        Event didn’t take place this year.      research that will definitely benefit
Langford moved to accept the re-
                                        Locale/venue is the key: Prado is       the Brittany. Linda made a motion
port. Nancy Schmieder seconded the
                                        flooded. Do people want to go to        that CBC donates $500 to the Center
                                        California City the weekend after       for Companion Animal Health. The
COMMITTEE REPORTS:                      Christmas (New Years)? The con-         motion was seconded by Sandra
Field trial: Bill Landress              sensus of the membership was to         Jaqua. Motion carried.
Birds have been ordered for the Fall    have the club championship Dec 31/
                                        Jan 1 at California City.               Mary Brown: SDBC has a link on
FT. Karen Nelsen is the new FT
                                                                                its website for available puppies.
chairperson and Linda McDonald
                                        Nominating Committee: Agnes             You can email her your info at
will serve as FT secretary for Fall
’05 and Spring ’06. A FT committee
                                        Slate for 2006 presented:
meeting is planned for early July.                                              Linda McDonald: Silent auction
                                        President: Tom White
                                        1st VP: Nancy Schmieder                 items available: CBC a custom
Hunting test: Karen Nelsen
                                        2nd VP: Cindy Leffingwell               drawing by Courtney Granger
166 dogs ran in the back to back
                                        3rd VP: Rich Harbour                    A numbered Brittany print from
Spring ’05 hunting test held in con-
                                        Sec./Treas.: Margaret Horstmeyer        SDBC with bids starting at $35.
junction with the San Diego Brit-
tany Club. It was a successful event    Motion to accept the 2006 Slate of      A very big thank you was extended
and there are hopes of a repeat event   Officers was made by Barbara Rob-       to the show committee for a job well
in Spring ’06.                          ben and a second provided by Susan      done.
                                        Kerns. Bill asked if there were fur-    Linda Langford made a motion to
Willi Match: Helen Harbour              ther nominations from the floor and
Match will be held at Rush Park in                                              adjourn. The motion was seconded
                                        hearing none a vote was taken to        by M Horstmeyer. The meeting was
Rossmoor, CA on August 21, 2005         accept this slate of officers. Slate
at 10 am. Pennie Peterson has of-                                               adjourned at 1:05 pm.
                                        was accepted.
fered to give a handling and groom-                                             Respectfully submitted,
ing seminar (for juniors if there is    Craig Lewis: Requested copies of        Margaret Horstmeyer
enough interest??) Judge is Sharon      the BOD minutes. A second request       CBC Secretary
VOLUME 4 , I SSUE 3                            ON POINT                                                     PAGE 5

                                                                                        Please, it’s up to you to let us
                                                                                     know when your dog does something
                                 TATTLE TAILS                                          wonderful. If you don’t tell us…
                                                                                              we can’t print it!

CH Burford’s What Was I                   owner/handler is Karen Nelsen.          DC AFC Travelers Reign of
Thinking, “Ashely” went BOS Rio           Congratulations!!                       Terra, “Terra” was runner up at the
                                          Her litter sister “Sammie”, MVP
                                          Shiloh’s Tough Lil Britt, owned
                                          by Randy VonNordheim took 2nd in
                                          OP at the Brittany Field Trial in N
                                          CA at the GWP Club of N CA field
                                          trial at Rio Vista May 21-22nd. She
                                          was handled by Bill Landress. Both
                                          dogs are out of FC Shiloh’s Whoa
                                          Nellie MH by DC Jordean Tough
                                          Stuff MH.
Hondo 5-7-05 and was handled by           FC Shiloh’s Man About Town,
owner Lynda Evans, and at our             “Manny” took 2nd OGD on 5/7/05
CBC Specialty on 5/29/05, (handled        at Northern Nevada BC trial and he      AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog
by some cute Aussie guy!)                 earned 1st place in OGD (a 29 dog       (non-retrieving) Championship held
                                          stake) at the Idaho BC trial on 4/22-   04/25/05 at Milepost 9 near
Yea, Ms Ashley’s mother, Shiloh’s                                                 Marsing, ID. There were 65 dogs
Uptown Girl is finally a show             24/05 with Paul Doiron on the
                                          whistle. Congrats to owner Linda        entered.
champion. Many, many thanks to
                                          McDonald!!!                             Mega Chip, “Lance” earned his 1st
                                          CH Loki’s Bizzard of Mischief,          show point at the Cabrillo Kennel
                                          “Luke” owned by Toni Avedissian,        Club on 5/22/05.
                                          Nancy Schmieder and Linda
                                                                                  FC Terra’s Cabo Wabo, “Sammy”
                                          McDonald took BOB at Lake
                                          Mathews KC on 5/01/05 and again
                                          at Pasadena KC on 6/05/05 with
                                          Linda handling. Congratulations
                                          Megasmoke Limited Edition,
                                          “Ted” earned his puppy points at
Robin Tomasi for letting me know          the Northern California Brittany
about the possibility of majors at        Club trial in Corning, CA on
the Arizona shows and special             03/25/05.
thanks going to professional han-         Smokey’s Tequila Rose placed 1st
dlers Roger Kibbee and Kathy                                                      placed 1st in the Amateur All Age
                                          in the AGD stake at the Northern        stake at the Washington Brittany
Grayson for taking MS-T to Ari-           Nevada Brittany Club trial held at
zona (in season) and finally finish-                                              Club trial in Ritzville, WA on April
                                          Red Rock, NV on 05/06/05. She           15, 2005 and also at the Northern
ing her show championship. Owner          also earned her 1st show point at the
Pennie Peterson & Lynda Evans                                                     Nevada Brittany Club trial held at
                                          Kennel Club of Pasadena show on         Red Rock, NV on 05/07/05. This
MVP Shiloh Toughacttofollow,              06/05/05.                               win finished his AFC.
“Jill,” finished her Junior Hunter
                                          DC AFC TJ’s Single Shot of              Ted, Rosie, Emme, Terra, Lance
title at the GSP of San Diego Hunt-
                                          Scipio, “Emme” placed 3rd in the 1      and Sammy are owned by Margaret
ing Test on Easter Sunday. And was
                                          hour West Coast All Age Champi-         Horstmeyer and Tom White. Con-
1st in OP for 2 points (8 starters) 2nd
                                          onship held at Ritzville, WA on         grats on all those great wins!
in AWP...(6 starters) at the GWPC
of N CA at Hasting Island. Breeder/       04/12/05.                                                (Continued on page 8)
PAGE 6                                                      ON POINT                                           VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

                      MAY 29, 2005
                      BY LINDA LANGFORD
                        The California    Ashley does well at this show, as last         wrapping, that doesn’t count making
                        Brittany Club     year, she was Best in Sweeps and Win-          and rolling the dough, cutting and
held its annual specialty show on Sun-    ner’s Bitch from the puppy classes.            cooking! WOW! Thanks also to
day, May 29th at the Los Angeles          We were pleased to have successful             Cindy Leffingwell who always seems
County Fairgrounds in Pomona, CA.         German Wirehaired Pointer breeder/             to find the most distinctive prizes cele-
This was our second year at this site,    exhibitor, Lisa Boyer (formerly Lisa           brating our breed.
and once again we were blessed with       Jaffe) back in the ring, only this time as
wonderful weather. This location can      a judge for our puppy and veteran              At the conclusion of judging, the mem-
be extremely hot, so we have been very    sweepstakes.                                   bers and friends congregated in the
lucky. I can’t thank Rozanne Woelm                                                       club’s designated area to finish off the
enough for handling all the arrange-      The trophy tables were decorated with          festivities with a membership meeting,
ments with the show superintendent        a country theme, right down to the             raffle and a tasty bar-b-que’d tri-tip
and the crew from Mission Circuit         checkered table cloth which served as a        potluck lunch, with Bill Landress man-
cluster of clubs, most especially our     delightful backdrop for the hand made          ning the grill and Helen Harbour coor-
host club, the San Fernando Kennel        pottery with Brittanys on a desert back-       dinating the hospitality setup. Linda
Club. Rozanne arranged for everything     ground, the unique Brittany spinners,          McDonald, our raffle chair had a huge
from appropriate permissions to the       and the clever copper Brittany shaped          variety of
Premium List, trophies and Parking.       cookie cutters and the HUNDREDS of             prizes includ-
Thanks also to the folks at Bradshaw’s    WONDERFUL home made Brittany                   ing the grand
Dog Show Superintendents and the          cookies that were distributed as tro-          prize item…
Mission Circuit clubs who do their best   phies. I can only imagine the laughter         Deluxe Wheels
to see to our comfort over the 4 day      and envision the flour flying thru the         (for pulling/
Memorial Holiday Weekend.                 Harbour’s kitchen during the baking            pushing dog
                                          process only to be replaced by the me-         crates) from the
The specialty was held on day three of    thodical and meticulous job of decorat-        Wagon Man
a four day circuit, where grass is at a   ing and assembling the finished product        valued at over
premium. The asphalt rings were large     for presentation as trophies. Hats off to      $350 and was
and covered to protect from the sun as    Helen Harbour and Rozanne Woelm,               won by mem-
our judge, Robert Slay, from                                   ably assisted by          bers Don &
North Carolina set upon his                                    Rich Harbour. I           Peggy Echavar-
task, selecting his picks from                                 know I speak for all      ria. Thank you to all the club members
the 49 entries presented. He                                   of us… it was diffi-      who participated in the raffle, espe-
was particularly methodical as                                 cult to take that first   cially raffle chairman Linda Mc Don-
he manipulated his lineup                                      bite into that art-       ald, and her relentless sales force.
with 19 dogs in the ring for                                   work, but… there          We missed our AZ friends Christie
the final Best of Breed class,                                 was a bigger reward       Eaton and Terri Wiley this year. We
and his winner, CH Sanbar’s                                    since the cookies         know they were home recuperating
Call When Readi, (Redi)                                                                  from a terrible car accident, which to-
owned by Polly West was                                                                  taled their van and trailer less than 2
further rewarded with a 3rd                                                              weeks before the show. We are grate-
place in the Sporting group.                                                             ful that their injuries were not life
Best of Winners was awarded                                                              threatening, and that the dogs (Coby,
to Sandbar’s Indian Summer                                                               Aspen and Bandit) are ok too. We
(Indy), owned by Sandra W.                                                               wish them a speedy recovery, and I
Jaqua. Sandra took home the                                                              wanted to pass along their email
lovely Perpetual Trophy                                                         for any-
awarded to Best of Winners and do-        were scrump-                                   one who wants to write and cheer them
nated many years ago by her parents,      tious. Thank                                   up.
Barbara and Arthur Weddell. Best of       you all for
Opposite Sex was awarded to a new,        your creativity                                In closing… thank you to all who
young CH Burford’s What Was I             and enthusiasm! I learned that you             helped to put on this event, thank you
Thinking, owned by Linda Evans.           spent 12 hours just on the icing and                             (Continued on page 7)
VOLUME 4 , I SSUE 3                                                 ON POINT                                                PAGE 7

CBC SPECIALTY                                 (CONT.)
to everyone who entered to support it,                                                  Breed Competition:
and thank you to everyone who could                                                     Judge: Mr. Robert H. Slay
come out and join us for the day and/or
weekend. And now... CONGRATU-                                                           9-12 Puppy Dogs
LATIONS… THE WINNERS ARE:                                                               1st Sandbar’s Crocodile Rock, owner:
                                                                                           Cheryl Krajcar
Puppy Sweepstakes:                                                                      2nd Megasmoke Grand Finale, owner: Myra-
Judge: Ms. Lisa Boyer                                                                      Dawn Ellis

6-9 Puppy Dogs                                                                          12-18 Months Dogs
1st Megasmoke Grand Finale, owner: Myra-                                                1st K Nine’s Tucalota Bear, owners:
   Dawn Ellis                                                                               Arlette Hennessey & Ed Mayhew
                                                   BOS in Puppy Sweepstakes
2nd Exebrit’sFeather River Fred, owners:                                                2nd I M A Pocket Rocket, owner: Craig Lewis
    Tracy Kerns & Susan Kerns                    Sovereign Copley Kiss Me Chips
3rd Sandbar’s Crocodile Rock, owner: Cheryl                                             Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
   Krajcar                                      Veteran Sweepstakes
                                                                                        1st Exebrit’sFeather River Fred, owners:
12-18 Months Dogs                               8-10 year old Dogs                          Tracy Kerns & Susan Kerns
1st K Nine’s Tucalota Bear, owners:             1st DC Roja’s Gambling Chips, owners:   2nd Mega Chip, owners: Tom White &
    Arlette Hennessey & Ed Mayhew                   Linda Langford & Agnes Rodrigues        Margaret Horstmeyer
2nd I M A Pocket Rocket, owner: Craig Lewis     2nd CH Shiloh’s Blazing Stoneman SH,
                                                   owner: Mary Brown                    American Bred Dogs
6-9 Puppy Bitches                                                                       1st Redline’s Tequila Moon, owners: Wil-
1st Shiloh’s True Believer, owners: Linda
                                                8-10 year old Bitches                       liam & Cindy Leffingwell
    McDonald & Lynda Evans & Pennie             1st CH Tantara’s Remington Hunter CD,
    Peterson                                       owner: Myra-Dawn & Dale Ellis        Open Dogs
2nd Buckaroo’s Candy Dee-lite, owners:                                                  1st Loki’s Just Consider, owners: Nancy
    Jerry Rosenberg & Barbara Robben                                                        & Gail Schmieder
                                                                                        2nd Oxbow’s Bounty Hunter, owners:
9-12 Puppy Bitches                                                                          Margaret & Don Waite
1st Sovereign Copley Kiss Me Chips,                                                     3rd Hurry On Moon Smoke Jake, owners
   owner: Robin Tomasi                                                                      Eldon Bouchie & Sally Jordan & Linda
2nd Decan’s Bombshell of Breton, owner:                                                     Langford
   David DeCan                                                                          4th Shiloh’s Chance of a Lifetime, owner:
3rd Exebrit’s Little Storm, owner: Austin                                                  Pennie Peterson
    & Laura Altshuler & Susan Kerns
4th MVP Shiloh Toughacttofollow JH,
   owner: Karen Nelsen

12-18 Month Bitches
1st I M Noble T, owner: Craig Lewis                  Best in Veteran Sweeps
                                                    DC Roja’s Gambling Chips

                                                                                                   Winners Dog
                                                                                                Loki’s Just Consider

                                                                                              Reserve Winners Dog
                                                                                            Sandbar’s Crocodile Rock
                                                                                                    No Photo
    Best in Puppy Sweepstakes                         BOS in Veteran Sweeps
    Megasmoke Grand Finale                      CH Tantara’s Remington Hunter CD                             (Continued on page 8)
PAGE 8                                                               ON POINT                                      VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

CBC SPECIALTY                                                                                 TATTLE TAILS                (CONT.)
                                                                                              CH Lone Oak’s Sovereign Delta
                                                                                              “Sally” finished her Junior Hunter
6-9 Puppy Bitches                                                                             title on Sat at GSPCSD and Sun by
1st Shiloh’s True Believer, owners: Linda                                                     the grace of very generous judges
    McDonald & Lynda Evans & Pennie
                                                                                              and the shortest flash points in his-
2nd Buckaroo’s Candy Dee-lite, owners:
                                                                                              tory. Sally’s preferred technique is
    Jerry Rosenberg & Barbara Robben                                                          find bird, kill bird, and retrieve bird.
                                                      Reserve Winners Bitch                   No wasting shotgun shells at all.”
9-12 Puppy Bitches                                  Broxden Ivy Gold Mustang                  Linda McDonald handled for own-
1st Sandbar’s Indian Summer, owner:                                                           ers Ron and Beverly Bemis. Con-
      Sandra W. Jaqua                            Field Trial Dogs
                                                 1st DC Roja’s Gambling Chips, owners:
                                                                                              grats all!!!
      Sovereign Copley Kiss Me Chips,
      owner: Robin Tomasi                           Linda Langford & Agnes Rodrigues
                                                                                              Shiloh’s Chance of a Lifetime,
3rd Exebrit’s Little Storm, owner: Austin        Veteran Dogs                                 “Chance” went WD & BOW Lake
    & Laura Altshuler & Susan Kerns              1st CH Sandbar’s Casanova, owner: Sandra     Matthews 5/1/05 and WD & BOW
4th Decan’s Bombshell of Breton, owner:             W. Jaqua
      David DeCan                                                                             Rio Hondo 5/7/05 for owner/
                                                 2nd CH Shiloh’s Blazing Stoneman SH,
                                                    owner: Mary Brown                         handler Pennie Peterson.
12-18 Months Bitches
1st Gourley’s Maximum Bet, owners:               Field trial Bitches                          Blazing Sunset Desert Bandit,
    Aurelia Dundee & Christine Gourley           1st FC Shiloh’s Whoa Nellie MH, owner:       “Bandit” finished his Junior Hunter
                                                    Karen Nelsen
2nd I M Noble T, owner: Craig Lewis                                                           title in one weekend at the CBC and
                                                                                              SDBC Dual Hunting Tests Febru-
Bred By Exhibitor Bitches                                                                     ary 27th at California City. Bandit
1st Smokey’s Tequila Rose, owners: Tom
      White & Margaret Horstmeyer
                                                                                              is owned by Dan and Diane Dale,
                                                                                              and handled by Diane Dale. Way
American Bred Bitches                                                                         to go Diane!
1st Midas Zippin Red Hot Dot, owners: Dale
      Shores & Rosalie Shores                                                                 Smokin’ Diesel, owned by John
                                                                                              Fageaux and handled by Bill Lan-
Open Bitches                                                                                  dress enjoyed his trip up North and
1st Broxden Ivy Gold Mustang, owners                                                          is celebrating the following place-
      Joseph & Amy Rodrigues
                                                                                              ments in OD: 4th on 4/2 at Inland
2nd Simply Irresistible, owners: Marc & Vickie
      Rittner                                                                                 Empire BC trial, 2nd on 4/22 at
3rd Loki’s Angel On A Carosel, owner:                Best of Breed/Group 3                    Idaho BC trial and 4th on 5/8 at
      Doreen M. Kearney                           CH Sanbar’s Call When Readi,                Northern Nevada BC trial.
4th Kismet, owner: Linda Langford                          owners: Polly West & Robert West
                                                                                              Hurry-On Moonsmoke Jake,
                                                                                              owned by Eldon Bouchie, Sally
                                                                                              Jordan & Linda Langford celebrates
                                                                                              his 3rd place in OD at Idaho BC trial
                                                                                              on 4/22 and his 2nd 3 point major in
                                                                                              the show ring on May 27 at Sup-
                                                                                              ported Entry show on Mission Cir-
                                                                                              cuit’s Los Encinos KC show.

                                                                                              Sandbar’s Indian Summer went
                                                                                              WB for 2 pts, BOW and BOB for
                                                                                              owner, Sandra Jacqua at Beverly
            Winners Bitch                                                                     Hills KC 6/27/05 and handler Roger
           Best of Winners                               Best of Opposite Sex                 Kibbee.
       Sandbar’s Indian Summer                   CH Burford’s What Was I Thinking,
                                                               owner: Lynda Evans                             (Continued on page 12)
VOLUME 4 , I SSUE 3           ON POINT     PAGE 9

                      CBC SPECIALTY-2005
PAGE 1 0                               ON POINT                   VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

                      CALIFORNIA BRITTANY CLUB
                           Brittany of the Year Awards
   Please join the C.B.C. in honoring the hard work and
    accomplishments of our Brittanys and their owners
        in the Balboa Room at:

           McKenna’s On the Bay
             190 Marina Drive
           Long Beach, CA 90803
            On Sunday, July 24, 2005
                 at 11:30 A.M.
         *McKenna’s opens at 11:00 A.M. —
      come early and enjoy your favorite beverage
           on their beautiful outdoor patio.

             Price: $30.00 per person (includes tax and gratuities).
                     We will be ordering from a select menu

            Send your reservations and check (payable to C.B.C.) to:
                                                  Rozanne Woelm
                                                2631 Salmon Drive
                                              Los Alamitos, CA 90720

                                           By Tuesday, July 19, 2005
                                           Questions??? 562-430-8938
VOLUME 4 , I SSUE 3                               ON POINT                                        PAGE 1 1

                        California Brittany Club
                           2005 Willi Match
Come out to enjoy a club fun day with your family and your dogs. The Willi Match is an intra-club com-
petition designed to simulate an actual dog show. All club member Brittanys are welcome, AKC registra-
tion papers are not required. Rescue dogs, dogs on Limited Registration, even spayed and neutered dogs
are welcome! No Brit is too small and if you think your Brit is too tall? Think again because we have the
“Trop Grand” class just for you, and this year there will be a perpetual Trop Grand trophy awarded.

                                            Sunday, August 21, 2005
                                                        10:00 a.m.
                                                       RUSH PARK
                                           3021 Blume Dr., Rossmoor, CA
                                              Judge: Ms. Sharon Zaker
                                         She is AKC licensed to judge Pugs, Whippets,
                                      Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers and Jr. Showmanship

Qualifications: The CBC Willi Match is open to all paid up members of Amateur Status. It is open to
Brittanys only. If you are not sure which class is best, someone will be glad to help you. Remember –
Spayed & Neutered dogs are welcome!
     Under 3 Months Puppy Dogs      Under 3 Months Puppy Bitches      Field Trial Dog
     3-6 Month Puppy Dogs           3-6 Month Puppy Bitches           Field Trial Bitch
     6-9 Month Puppy Dogs           6-9 Month Puppy Bitches           Veteran Dog (8yrs & up)
     9-12 Month Puppy Dogs          9-12 Month Puppy Bitches          Veteran Bitch (8yrs & up)
     12-18 Month Junior Dogs        12-18 Month Junior Bitches        Best of Breed
     Novice Dogs                    Novice Bitches                    Best Puppy
     Open Dogs                      Open Bitches                      Parade of Champions
Junior Showmanship Competition will be for youngsters up to and including 17 years old: Dog handled
may belong to any club member.
ENTRY FEES: $5.00 per dog will be charged for the Adult classes. Puppy, Junior Showmanship and
Veterans classes are Free.

                                     Jr. Members: Come early for the grooming and
                                      handling seminar hosted by Pennie Peterson.
        Attention!                              Begins at 8:30 a.m. sharp.
                                               Please: Bring old trophies to recycle.
We will have a general membership meeting and a potluck lunch after the Willi Match. Bring a dish
to serve 6 to 8 persons.
For more information, contact Helen Harbour at or call 562-431-0961
PAGE 1 2                                               ON POINT                                      VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

TATTLE TAILS                  (CONT.)

Tucalota’s Running Reva has              Iowa and Nebraska by Scott            us was trying to take a photo at
                                         Johnson and in California by Ed       Pasadena. I guess you can’t
                                         Mayhew.                               have everything! We heartily
                                                                               Congratulate Nancy and Bill
                                         Loki’s Just Consider, “Justy”,        Schmeider/Hacker on their NEW
                                         at 18 months old, finished his        CHAMPION... and done in high
                                         championship in three week-           style too!!
                                         ends! First point at Rio Hondo,
                                         then a stunning (for his Mom          Tule River’s Wicked Ale,
                                         and Dad!) string of four majors       owned & handled by Bill Lan-
                                         in a row! Three majors at the         dress earned 1 pt toward his
                                         Mission circuit: a four pointer on    AFC taking 3rd in AGD with 25
                                         Saturday, a five pointer at the       starters at Whid Isle BC trial on
completed her juvenile stakes            CBC specialty on Sunday, and
with the following record: Open                                                4/8.
                                         another four pointer on Monday.
Puppy (1) 1st place - Open derby         Then, to top it off, a three point    Kismet, owned by Linda Lang-
(3) 1st place, (5) 2nd place, (3) 3rd    major on Saturday at Pasadena.        ford was handled to 1st place and
place, (1) 4th place, American           He finished with four majors and
                                         17 points. Nancy told me that         a 3-pt major by Bill Landress in
Field open derby 3rd place. Reva                                               the AGD stake at Northern Cali-
                                         she just wanted to go in the ring
was handled to these wins in             and not be embarrassed! Well,         fornia BC trial on 3/25. She was
Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma,              the only time Justy embarrassed       trained by Paul Doiron.

                                                                                          BOARD OF
DIRECTIONS TO                           THE                                               DIRECTORS         MEETING

WILLI MATCH                                                                               SUMMARY

                                                                              7-21-04 Motion made & approved to
                                                                              purchase a spare tire for the club trailer.

                                                                              9-3-04 An email motion was made &
                                                                              approved that the 2003 CBC dog of the
                                                                              Year award ad be approved as a 2 page

                                                                              11-3-04 An email motion was made &
                                                                              passed that CBC purchase 50 tickets for
                                                                              the ABC National raffle of two genera-

                                                                              Change of address and phone #:
                                                                                     Don and Pat Ball
                                                                                     79560 Wendrill Road
                                                                                     Portola, CA 96122
                                                                                     email -
                                                                              New phone number
                                                                              Sandra Jaqua: 714-761-7114
PAGE 1 3                                                        ON POINT                                          VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

                     MARVIN D. NELSEN
                     MEMORIAL FUND
                      The fund has grown to over $21,000 before it reached one year
from its initiation. Marv died on Memorial Day 2004 and the Fund was established
at UCD in June of 2004. Those giving as a club over $500 dollars will have a recog-
nition placed on the larger Marvin Nelson Memorial Plaque and be there forever.
The clubs that have contributed so far are: The American Brittany Club $5,000,
California BC $500, Greater Indianapolis $1,000, Northern California $1,000,
Northern Oklahoma $500, US Open Brittany Championship $500, Washington
$500, Whid Isle $1,700. Several others have indicated gifts are forth coming.
In memory of persons well know for contributions to the Brittany:                               Leaving so soon????
Jodi Engel Memorial with perpetual recognition from Hal Engel $1,000, Whid Isle
$500, California $250, several others with lesser sized gifts. As persons well known
for contributions to the Brittany die in the future, the list of others will increase in   LETTER         FROM THE
In memory of living or deceased dogs there have been many generous donations.              EDITOR (CONT>)
These may be viewed on the website for the fund. This is a very fitting way to ac-         need to promote research to help our
knowledge great dogs and have an everlasting remembrance. Personal gifts have              breed stay that way. This fund will be
amounted to over $6,000.                                                                   of value to all of us by looking for an-
The activities in the Lab at UCD where the work is being done can be accessed by           swers to health issues within our breed.
opening the web site: click on memorials and                   Donations of any size are needed and
then open the Marvin D. Nelson Jr. Memorial Fund. Work underway include: com-              graciously accepted.
paring the DNA of American and foreign Brittanys, Comparing the Brittany DNA               Karen Nelsen has done it again! The
with other breeds, Establishment of a Brittany DNA Library. Collecting Brittany            Double Hunt Test weekend with San
DNA samples from dogs with genetic or health problems, and recording positive              Diego BC was a complete success and
and negative traits. Especially interested in swabs from still births or pups that die     produced some new titles for some
within the first week of life.                                                             friends of ours. Myra-Dawn Ellis and
The goal is to have eventually an endowed fund of $1,000,000 that would provide            “Lacey” came away earning a Senior
annually for research around $40 to $50,000. This effort is for the betterment of the      Hunter title! “Lacey” and Myra-Dawn
Brittany. I know many still do not know about this Fund. Please spread the word.           were trained by Paul Doiron and did a
Gordon Theilen                                                                             grand job!!! Diane Dale and “Bandit”
                                                                                           completed all four legs to his Junior
We hope we have helped spread the word, and we hope many of our members will               Hunter title that weekend, and we con-
find it an important research project to donate to. Every gift is an important part of     gratulate that wonderful team. “Rookie”
attaining the goal. We need a data base of DNA to be able to understand diseases           and Helen Harbour, with support from
that are genetic in fact and to find others that may not be thought to be genetic but      Rich, completed “Rookie’s” Junior
may be, and we just don’t have a large enough base to find that link. Research into        Hunter title and we are so proud of
animal health issues often helps human health issues along the way too. Consider           them! Brand new members, Sabrina
swabbing your dog for the data bank if they are affected with any health issue, or         and Greg Arney finished their
related to but themselves unaffected to health issues.                                     “Maggie’s” Senior Hunter title too, and
                                                                                           we Congratulate them!!! Read all about
Thank you... SK                                                                            it in Karen’s article…
                                                                                           Fall is fast approaching, and with it the
                                                                                           Western Region Field Trial season be-
                  Sabrina Arney, 6838 E Keynote St Long Beach, CA                          gins. Hope the late summer training
                                                                                           season is fruitful and it brings success in
                                                              the competitions ahead. We also hope
                  Brian Barr, 39358 Via Monero, Murrieta, CA                               the end of the summer show season
                                                               brings us new champions and maybe a
                                                                                           few new dual champions! Best of luck
                  Byron Bates, 24806 Iceland Poppy Ct, Murietta, CA                        to you all!!
                                                         Hope you enjoy the issue.... SK
PAGE 1 4                                                     ON POINT                                        VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3

JULY 27, 1995 – MARCH 28, 2005

Lucas was peacefully put to sleep yes-      trouble and had many nicknames. I          a dog - it’s not. No matter how much I
terday by his friend, veterinarian and      called him my desert rat as he loved the   wanted to believe the opinions that he
most importantly his amateur scout Dr.      high deserts of California, Oregon and     was NOT dysplastic the final result was
Margaret Horstmeyer. Lynda Evans,           Nevada the best - he was a Chukar dog      that OFA and GDC were correct. By
Margaret and I remembered and shared        extraordinaire. The higher the outcrop-    the age of three or four the arthritic
some of the “Lucas stories,” of which       ping the better Luke liked it. The sight   degeneration were clearly visible. Now
there are many. Somehow, we found           of his magnificent style on point sil-     that his life is over, said and done I
laughter through our tears. What a          houetting the rocks was breathtaking.      would not have missed the exciting
thrilling dog, who without bad luck                                                    years that we had with this dog and the
wouldn’t have had much luck at all!         When Luke was 18 months old I had          lessons that he taught for anything in
                                            preliminary x-rays of his hips done and    the world.
Luke was one of two dual champions          even though they weren’t the best in
out of a breeding between David and         the world they weren’t the worst either    Thanks for the memories Lukie - know
Lynda Evans’ “DC Booker Cooker”             but at the age of two OFA and GDC          that you were loved and will never be
and my “CH Lady Mariah of MS-T              declared him mildly dysplastic. At that    forgotten.
Rivers CD”.                                                                            Pennie Peterson
He was origi-                                                                          Shiloh Brittany’s
nally sold to
a pet home                                                                             (with his permission, this edited note
because dur-                                                                           from Gordon Theilen is shared with
ing puppy                                                                              you, Ed.)
he was de-                                                                             Pennie should be proud of Lucas’s ac-
clared pet                                                                             complishments as he was a dog that
quality. Later                                                                         opened ones eyes while judging and
he was re-                                                                             watching him run. I often forget dogs I
turned to me,                                                                          have judged one time, but in Lucas’s
crate and all                                                                          case, the derby run at Fernley, Nevada
at about 7                                                                             was a time when the awesome run was
months and                                                                             never forgotten. For you that have
declared in-                                                                           never run dogs in the desert and moun-
corrigible.                                                                            tainous terrain may not appreciate see-
Later he went                                                                          ing a dog around a thousand feet above
to Paul and                                                                            you, running hard over lava rock and
Peggy Doiron                                                                           finding chukars where they should be
for field                                                                              in rock outcroppings and then hold
evaluation and I can still remember         time it was my choice and decision to      point. This often is a location that no
vividly the telephone call I received       enjoy this dog to the fullest potential    horse on earth could be ridden to the
from Paul telling me that he wasn’t         that he had to offer but never to be       place of point. These mountains are
running and what did I want to do with      bred. Out of his littermates there are 3   inhospitable to dogs lacking a heart, but
him. My reply was to go ahead and run       others who OFA’d excellent along with      Lucas did these things as a derby dog
him in the next trial and that I would be   his sire and another brother and sister.   and he ran equally as well in non desert
down the following weekend to pick          Also early in his life a pulmonary prob-   mountainous terrains. Good dogs will
him up. Guess that Luke figured it out      lem was diagnosed as acquired because      run and adapt to any terrain they are
because he turned on and took a 2nd in a    of a heartworm issue. But ultimately       placed on to find game without previ-
25+ Derby stake and the rest as they        there were certainly were no tests to      ous exposure. Lucas was such a dog
say is history.                             measure the real heart Luke was born       and it was too bad he was dysplastic,
                                            with.                                      but Pennie true to her word never bred
If Luke had been a human I know that                                                   him. Pennie, dry away your tears and
he would have been at the very least a      Ultimately yesterday it was his heart      cheer up, Lucas, the desert dog, will
graffiti artist. He certainly would have    that betrayed him not his hips. But to     never be forgotten…
been the little boy who put girls’ pig-     those of you who feel that a prelimi-
tails in the ink bottle. He was always in   nary hip x-ray is good enough to breed     Gordon
PAGE 1 5                                                                ON POINT                                                VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3


On June 21, 2005, after 17 years of giving us pleasure,                      as a hunting dog and urged us to repeat the breeding. The three
we finally had to say good bye to our Dee.                                   boys from that second litter, Buck, Traveler and Sunny tore the
                                                                             place apart as puppy and derby dogs and they all earned their
FC AFC Blazing Can-Dee was born May 25, 1988. She ar-                        field championships as two year olds. These three and San-
rived via C-section the day after the rest of her litter was born.           Dee a bitch from her third litter (also a field champion) are
                                                                                                now producing field champions as well as a
                                                                                                couple of dual champions. Her influence on
                                                                                                the breed is continuing with their offspring.
                                                                                                   One of the trials we remember well was a
                                                                                                   trial in Arizona where she and five of her
                                                                                                   puppies were all in the ribbons. She got a
                                                                                                   first in Amateur All Age, Buck got first in
                                                                                                   OAA, Traveler got first in OGD, Maggie
                                                                                                   got second in the same stake, Sally got first
                                                                                                   in AGD and Cash and third in AAA. Later
                                                                                                   during the week, we took a picture of all six
                                                                                                   of them with Buck pointing a bird and the
                                                                                                   other five backing. It was quite a weekend.
                                                                                                      Dee loved what she did, but it wasn’t always
                                                                                                      easy. When she was on her way to her first
                                                                                                      Nationals she was running in the Quail Clas-
                                                                                                      sic in Georgia. The course did a U-turn and
                                                                                                      when Dave called her back she ran past one
                                                                                                      of the judges horses and was kicked in the
                                                                                                      head. She was unconscious for several min-
                                                                                                      utes and taken to the vet. It was determined
    Arizona trial – Dee and 5 of her puppies. L to R: Buck, Sally, Dee, Maggie, Cash and Traveler     that she had a slight concussion. (Get this,
                                                                                                      the vet bill for the x-ray and emergency visit
In fact she almost was not born at all. Jerry had requested a                    was $35.00) Another time she ripped her chest open on barbed
puppy from the breeding of NFC Bean’s Blaze to FC NAFC                           wire. Then there was the time that she had to have a piece of
Lobo’s Cotton Candy. He was at the bottom of the list and                        collar removed from her stomach with an endoscope, under
Dee was the last one left. She flew home to California in a                      anesthesia, and less than 24 hours later won a major open all
crate under the seat in front of Jerry.                                          age stake. When we retired her it wasn’t because she had
                                                                                 slowed down, but because her hearing was going and we were
Jerry ran her in puppy stakes starting in the Spring of 1989.                    afraid of loosing her. If only we had tracking collars then.
She was then trained and run by Dave Walker. She qualified
for the Nationals the same year that she was in the Futurity                     Our vet always said that she was a tough broad. As she got
runoff. In her lifetime she had 56 field trial placements. In                    older and older we kept won-
between running in the field she had 4 litters. Jerry finished                   dering when she would slow
up her career running her in both amateur and open stakes.                       down. She finally did, but
Her last win was at the California Brittany Club’s Spring 1998                   not before we had to put bar-
trial. Some of her more notable placements were winning an                       riers up to prevent her from
hour stake in Florida when she was only two, runner up in the                    jumping off the deck. She
Chukar championship twice (1994 & 1995), getting second                          would jump off the deck and
place in a 58 dog stake on her way to the Nationals in 1994,                     land on her nose then get up
and first in a 35 dog stake here in California for which one of                  and act like it was just a nor-
the German Shorthair judges stated that he didn’t know a                         mal jump off the deck. As
shorthair that could have done a better job than she did. She                    her muscles became weaker,
was California Brittany Club’s Field Trial Dog of the year in                    we found that she would
1993 & 1994. She was admired for her hustle and intensity on                     cruise around the yard getting
point. She never let down.                                                       livelier and livelier as she
                                                                                 warmed up. She wasn’t con-
We’ve lost track of some of her offspring that were placed out                   tent to just lie around. She
of state, but we do know about the ones from around Los An-                      had an All Age spirit right up        Always the mother...Dee with her
geles. Paul Doiron trained one of the pups from the first litter                 till the end.                           last litter of one pup, Wendy.
                                             BRITTANY    IS A BETTER BIRD DOG.
Sharon Kalionzes, Newsletter Editor
     7131 Island Village Drive
      Long Beach, CA 90803
       Phone: 562-598-5083
Linda Langford, Contributing Editor
Myra-Dawn Ellis, Art Director/Design

Bill Hacker                626-791-4647
1st Vice-President
Nancy Schmieder            626-791-4647
2nd Vice-President
Bill Landress              559-333-0508
3 Vice-President
Cindy Leffingwell          562-947-2374
Tom White                  909-880-2818
3760 W Meyers Rd, San Bernardino, CA 92407

Secretary                                           MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Margaret Horstmeyer 909-880-2818             Application for New Membership, Renewals and Address Changes
3760 W Meyers Rd, San Bernardino, CA 92407              (Look on the mailing label for your membership expiration date.)
                                             I, ______________________________________________ am enclosing dues
            CHAIRS                           in the amount of (check an amount)
                                                               □ $30.00 (one year)
Awards Banquet                                                 □ $60.00 (two years)
Rozanne Woelm             562-430-8938                         □ $90.00 (three years)
Club Championship                            & hereby apply for ____ year(s) active membership in California Brittany Club.
Tom White         909-880-2818               Send your membership to:
                                             Margaret Horstmeyer, 3760 W. Meyer Road, San Bernardino, CA 92407
Field Trials
                                             Name: __________________________________________________________
Karen Nelsen              951-734-5348
                                             Street: __________________________________________________________
Hunting Test
                                             City: ___________________________________________________________
Karen Nelsen              951-734-5348
                                             State: ________________ Zip+4: ___________________________________
Specialty Show
                                             Home Phone: (        ) ______________________________________________
Linda Langford            310-487-9068
Nancy Schmieder           626-791-4647       Work Phone: (        ) ______________________________________________
                                             Email: __________________________________________________________
Web Site
Myra-Dawn Ellis           951-789-7222                    □ Check box to be excluded from the club directory.
                                                       Note: Associate Memberships are $3.00 per person per year
Willi Match                                                              Please print clearly
Helen Harbour             562-431-0961

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