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                                                   Vol.4 Issue 2 · May 2008

                                Hello members I hope that you have all
                           been well during the course of this year. I
                           want all of you to know that your Association
                           and myself have been working diligently at
                           serving your needs. Since the beginning of
                           this year RSAOR has met and interviewed
                           several candidates currently running for
                           elected positions within the state of Califor-
      RSAOR 2008 President
          Jennifer Ho
                           nia. RSAOR has hand selected a small num-
                           ber of qualified candidates which in turn will
    be endorsed by not only by RSAOR but The California Association
    of REALTORS® as well.

         These candidates have all served the public in some capacity
    in the past, and all have excellent records in helping our industry.
    Thanks to your support in the form of contributions to the REAL-
    TOR® Action Fund RSAOR is able to help put real estate friendly
    individuals such as these into office, where they will continue to
    fight for your rights.

              REALTOR® Action Fund
               What it Accomplishes.

                                                           RSAOR Staff and Director
        RSAOR Officers and Directors with
                                                             with Congresswoman
         Congresswoman Linda Sanchez.
                                                             Lucille Roybal Allard

     Artesia City Mayor Pro Tem Tony Lima
                                                  RSAOR Staff member Jonathan Tan, with
    with Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, and
                                                     CA Aseemblyman Tony Mendoza.
    RSAOR Committee Chair Luther Sanchez

    Directors, and staff members from RSAOR recently met with elected officials from
      state and federal branches of government. On the federal level House Resolution
     1427 was recently signed into law. HR 1427 will increase the national conforming
     loan limit for home buyers in high density, high price markets such as California.
    Without your continued support and contributions it would not have been possible to
    gain the necessary votes for the passage of this bill. Please continue to support your
        profession by contributing whatever you can to the REALTOR® Action Fund.

                 Legal Updates
      C.A.R.’s Member Legal Services has published a number of new articles
    which are designed to inform you of the most recent changes to the legal side
    of our profession. Please take a moment to browse the following articles and

            (you will need your C.A.R. username and password to view)

                           Foreclosure/REO Disclosure Chart, (3/31/08)

                    Lease/Rental Disclosure Chart for REALTORS®, (3/31/08)

               New Home (Residential One-to-Four Units) Disclosure Chart, (1/31/08)

                        Sales Disclosure Chart for REALTORS®, (3/31/08)

                       Summary Disclosure Chart for REALTORS®, 1/1/08

           RSAOR Members please also note that C.A.R. has updated and pub-
         lished several new standard forms which can be accessed by going to:


                                  New Laws
    AB 763                                                    AB 243

    Conversion From Rental Property to Condo                  Disciplinary Actions Against Contractors

    INTRODUCTION                                              INTRODUCTION
    This new law changes the penalties when certain no-
    tices are not provided to tenants when converting         Under current law, contractors licensed under the
    properties into common interest developments.             Contractors’ State License Law are subject to disci-
    Under current law, any governmental agency is pro-        pline by the Contractors’ State License Board. The
    hibited from approving a final map for a subdivision      provisions provide for certain timeframes for the
    under the Subdivision Map Act when residential real       Board to take disciplinary actions:
    property is being converted into a common interest
    development (condos) unless the governmental                     ● 4 YEARS for patent acts or omissions by
    agency finds that the developer has complied with                  contractors;
    certain notice requirements to tenants.                          ● 10 YEARS for latent acts or omissions by
    Under the new law, if the developer does not provide               contractors;
    notice to any prospective tenant, after the approval of          ● 2 YEARS for misrepresentations or omis
    the final map, that the property may subsequently be               sions made by contractors in obtaining or
    sold as a separate unit, then the developer must pay               renewing a license; and
    each prospective tenant who actually became a ten-               ● DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD for
    ant the following:                                                 breach of an express, written warranty.
    • Actual moving expenses not to exceed
    $1,100; and                                               Under the new law, one timeframe has been changed,
    the first month's rent on the tenant's new rental unit    and a new timeframe has been added:
    immediately after the tenant moves, not to exceed         18 MONTHS AFTER THE WARRANTY PERIOD for
    $1,100.                                                   breach of an express, written warranty; and
    However, the governmental agency cannot deny the          2 YEARS for criminal convictions related to the quali-
    conversion based on the developer not giving the pro-     fications, functions and duties of a contractor.
    spective tenant this notice.                              For the timeframes specified above for misrepresenta-
                                                              tions and omissions and criminal convictions, the
    Certain other technical changes have been made re-
                                                              timeframes start upon the discovery by the registrar
    garding findings required by the legislative body to
                                                              of the misrepresentation, or the conviction.
    approve the tentative and final map.
    This law amends California Government Code §§             This law amends California Business & Professions
    66427.1, 66452.5, 66452.9, 66459 and 66499.37, and        Code § 7091 and goes into effect on January 1, 2008.
    adds California Government Code §§ 66452.11 and
    66452.12. The provisions of this new law become
    effective on January 1, 2008.

         For more information on any of these articles or new laws please feel
        free to contact CAR’s Member Legal Services at (213)-739-8328 or go to
, and click on the Legal tab. Make sure you have your
          login I.D. and password, you will need both to access the webpage.

                New Laws (cont.)
    AB 976                                                      AB 840

    Discrimination by Landlord                                  Real Estate Licensee Discipline
    Based on Immigration or Citizenship

    INTRODUCTION                                                INTRODUCTION
    Under existing state law, landlords may not discrimi-
    nate against residential tenants based on various char-
    acteristics, including age, disability, gender, medical
                                                                Under existing law, the DRE has the ability to sus-
    condition, race, color, religion, marital status, sexual    pend or revoke a license, or to deny the application
    orientation, ancestry and national origin. Certain ex-      for a license for various specified reasons under
    ceptions do apply, such as senior housing facilities        California Business & Professions Code §§ 10176
    and owner-occupied properties.                              and 10177. One of those reasons is “a felony or a
    Under the new law, landlords of residential real prop-
    erty cannot use IMMIGRATION or CITIZENSHIP
                                                                crime involving moral turpitude” in which the
    status as criteria for tenants, occupants, prospective      Court of Appeals in Petropoulos v. Department of
    tenants or prospective occupants. Specifically, land-       Real Estate (2006) 142 Cal. App. 4th 554, inter-
    lords and agents of the landlord may NOT:                   preted to mean that a misdemeanor must involve
    •         make ANY INQUIRY into immigration or              “moral turpitude” in order for the DRE to take dis-
              citizenship status; nor require any               ciplinary action.
              (prospective) tenant or occupant to MAKE A
              STATEMENT about immigration or citizen
              ship status.                                      Under the new law, the “moral turpitude” element
    Furthermore, the statute also prohibits local govern-       has been eliminated and replaced with a crime
    ments from adopting any ordinances or regulations           “substantially related to the qualifications, func-
    which would require a landlord or any agent of the          tions, or duties of a real estate agent”. The felony
    landlord of residential real property from:
                                                                element remains unchanged. A corresponding
    • Inquiring;                                                change has also been made for mineral, oil and gas
    • Compiling;                                                licensees regulated by the DRE.
    • Disclosing;
    • Reporting;                                                This law amends California Business & Professions
    • Providing information on;                                 Code §§ 10177 and 10562 and the provisions of
    • Prohibiting to offer accommodations; or                   this new law become effective on January 1, 2008.
         otherwise taking any action
    based on the immigration or citizenship status of any
    tenant, prospective tenant, occupant, or prospective
    This law does not prohibit the landlord from request-
                                                                   For more information on any of these articles or new
    ing information or documentation to verify the iden-
    tity or the financial qualifications of a tenant or occu-   laws please feel free to contact CAR’s Member Legal Ser-
    pant.                                                         vices at (213)-739-8328 or go to, and click
    This law which adds California Civil Code § 1940.3          on the Legal tab. Make sure you have your login I.D. and
    goes into effect on January 1, 2008.                           password, you will need both to access the webpage.

                                 11812 South St., Ste. 200 , Cerritos, CA 90703
                                    Tel: (562)860-5656 Fax: (562)860-5536

    April 30, 2008

    TO:              RSAOR Brokers and Managers

    FROM:            Jennifer Ho, RSAOR President

    RE:              Broker/Manager Meeting ▪ Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    You are cordially invited to attend a luncheon meeting specifically formatted for Brokers/Managers
    on Tuesday, May 20th @ 11:30 a.m., held at the Rio Hondo Event Center, 10627 Old River School
    Rd., Downey 90241 (between Florence & Firestone). Lunch is being provided courtesy of Wells
    Fargo Home Mortgage, Dee Sign, First American Home Buyers Protection Corp., Castlehead Es-
    crows and First American Natural Hazard Disclosures.

    Our speaker will be SoCalMLS, providing an update on C.A.R.E.T.S. and an overall SoCalMLS up-
    date. N.A.R. Directors will provide a brief report on the Washington D.C., meetings held the week of
    May 12th.

    Please contact Mary Rivera or Dee Moreno at the Association office with your reservation no later
    than Friday, May 16th at (562)860-5656 or Please be sure
    to mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 20th, 11:30 a.m., Rio Hondo Event Center. I look forward
    to seeing you.

                             11812 South Street, Suite 200
                               Cerritos, CA 90703-6826
                       562-860-5656 (phone) ● 562-860-5536 (fax)
April 30, 2008



The Nominating Committee met last week. After careful consideration, the follow-
ing names were chosen to be placed on the ballot for the five Board of Director 3-
year positions, beginning in 2009.

Luther Sanchez, ReMax Online
Sue Piccolini, Prudential California Realty, Mulhearn , Cerritos
Cesar Badillo, EZ Solutions Realty,La Mirada
Dave Delmotte, Coldwell Banker, Star Realty, Lakewood
Evelyn Arnold, Century 21 Excellence Realty, Lynwood
John Torres, The Real Estate Center of Downey
Richard Lopez, REMAX Select, Cerritos
Yvonne Dowland, My Realty, Lakewood

Additional candidates for the offices to be filled may be placed in nomination by a
petition signed by ten percent (10%) of the membership provided such petition is
filed with the Executive Vice President by Friday, June 6, 2008.

Ballots will be distributed in delivery on June 11, 2008 to be returned no later than
June 20th.

Results of the election will be announced at the June membership luncheon. The
Luncheon will take place Monday, June 23rd @ 11:30 a.m., speaker will be How-
ard Fallman of C.A.R. presenting CAR New Forms Update.

                                     Educational Offerings
                                        Thursday, May 15th           Thursday, May 29th
                                          SOCAL MLS                    SOCAL MLS
     11812 South Street, Suite 200       LISTINGBOOK                  LISTINGBOOK
         Cerritos, CA 90703
                                        10:00am– 12:00pm             10:00am– 12:00pm
        562-860-5656 (phone)
         562-860-5536 (fax)           RSVP To: 714-517-2600        RSVP To: 714-517-2600
                     Cost: Free                   Cost: Free

                                        Thursday, May 15th           Thursday, May 29th
     RSAOR Staff Members                   SOCAL MLS                    SOCAL MLS
                                         LISTINGBOOK                  LISTINGBOOK
         Marjorie Heavener
                                         2:00pm– 4:00pm               2:00pm– 4:00pm
       Executive Vice President
                                      RSVP To: 714-517-2600        RSVP To: 714-517-2600
                                            Cost: Free                   Cost: Free
           Mary Rivera
       Administrative Assistant          Friday, May 16th            Tuesday, June 3rd
                                     Reverse Mortgage Seminar         E-pro Workshop
             Jonathan Tan              With: Walter Orlando             10am-12pm
    Director of Government Affairs    10am-12pm & 1pm-2pm          RSVP To: 866-377-0627
           Public Relations           RSVP To: 866-823-7817              Cost: Free                  Cost: Free
                                                                     Tuesday, June 10th
           Penny Visser
      Membership Coordinator            Monday, May 19th               1031 Exchange                   SOCAL MLS                  With :Phil Atwan
                                       Customizing In Tempo              9am-12pm
          Maria Mendoza                 10:00am– 12:00pm          RSVP To: Camesha Brasher
        Accounts Coordinator
                                      RSVP To: 714-517-2600         562-860-5656 ext.108
                                            Cost: Free                   Cost: Free
         Camesha Brasher
     MLS/Education Coordinator          Monday, May 19th                  SOCAL MLS
                                      Prospect/Client Gateway
             Dee Moreno
    Professional Standards / Supra
                                         1:00pm– 4:00pm
         Project Assistant            RSVP To:714-517-2600                     Cost: Free

          Letty Lopez                   Thursday, May 22nd
      Receptionist / Supra             Credit Repair Seminar
     Member Service Center
                                           With Ucan2
                                     RSVP To: Linda Martinez at

                                            Cost: Free
                        13th ANNUAL GOLF OUTING
                           M O N D A Y , J U N E 23rd, 2 0 0 8
                                                                                                                     proceeds to benefit
                                     "Scramble Format"
                                                                                                                     RSAOR Community
                                                                                                                       Outreach Fund
Limited to 34
Foursomes!                                                   WHERE:           California Country Club
                                                                              1509 S. Workman Mill Road, Whittier, CA 90601
                                                                              website: • (626)333-4571

      • Raffle Prizes • Food • Lots of Fun!                  ENTRY            $125.00 – Per GOLFER
                                                             FEE:             (Incl: Golf, Cart, Lunch & Dinner )
                  Prizes for
            1st, 2nd & 3rd Place                                              $110.00 – GOLF Only
                                                                              (Incl: Golf, Cart & Lunch)
          WIN $10,000 CASH !!!                                                $35.00 – DINNER Only

            FIRST HOLE-IN-ONE                                         Registration Deadline: Tuesday, June 10, 2008
              s ponsored by
      KATHY GARDINER                                         TIME                             EVENT

                                                             11:30 a.m. – 12:30               REGISTRATION

                                                          1:00 p.m.                           TEE TIME – SHOTGUN START

                                                             Lunch after Tee-Off              BEEF DIP SANDWICH + DRINK STATIONS

                                                             5:30 p.m. , approx.              AWARDS DINNER

                                                             Dinner Menu:                     NEW YORK STEAK & CHICKEN BREAST COMBO

11812 South St., Ste. 200, Cerritos, CA 90703
phone: 562•860•5656 ext. 102 fax: 562•860-5536
Attn: Mary Rivera, Administrative Assistant                                  FOURSOME REGISTRATION                                       $125 per
                                                                                                                                                    golf only
                                                                                       1.__                       _________       ____
 Contact Person:                             Method of Payment
                                                                                       2.______________________________________      _
                                                   Check            Visa               3.____________________________________      ___
  Name                                             MasterCard       American Express
                                                                                       4.__________________________________     _____
                                                 Exp. date
                                                                                              NO. OF DINNER ONLY TICKETS: _____ X $35.00 =____ ____
                                                                                              HOLE/TEE SPONSORSHIP:           _____ X $100.00 =__ ______
                                                 Credit Card No.

                                                                                                                   Total Amount: $
  Phone                                          Signature

                                RANCHO SOUTHEAST ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®
                                  13th ANNUAL GOLF OUTING
                       Monday, June16, 2008 • California Country Club, Whittier

               SPONSOR                                           R E Q U E ST F O R M

                                                                                     RAFFLE PRIZE DONATION
      HOLE         / TEE SPONSORSHIP
                                                                                                    AWARDS DINNER

       $100.00 SPONSORSHIP FEE
               Deadline: June 3, 2008                                                G Yes, I will donate a raffle prize
          DEADLINE: June 3, 2008                                                (minimum $25. value) for the Awards Dinner
       Yes, I will be a Hole/Tee Sponsor (signage only)
                                                                                       immediately following Golf.

    Yes, I will be a
             Yes, Representative will be present.                          Raffle prizes should be unwrapped and please be sure to attach your business
                                                                           card, since you and your company will be announced that evening.
Company and Representatvie name as you would like it

  Hole/Tee Sponsor
to appear on signage (18x24) provided by RSAO, no com-
pany banners allowed. Please not, Sponsors do have the
                                                                                  You may drop your raffle prize off at the
                      (signage only).                                             Association office. Deadline: June 3, 2008
opportunity to be at their sponsored Hold/Tee.
                                                                           COMPANY: ____________                   ____         _______

     Yes, Representa-

     tive will be pre-
           sent.                                                           PHONE:

EMAIL:                                                                     E-MAIL:
Company and Representative name as you would like it to appear

                                             T-BAG ITEM DONATION
                                           G Yes, I will donate a T-BAG Item.

                (approximately 150 items will be needed by June 3, 2008 with business card attached)
    Suggestions: golf towels, snack items, golf balls, tees, visors, water bottles, lip balm, sun screen, gum, mints, etc. (bags donated)

                     T-BAG Item I will be donating: ________________________________
                     COMPANY: _____________________________________________
                     REPRESENTATIVE: ___________________________________________
                     PHONE: ____________________________________________________
                      E-MAIL: _____________________________________________________

                          If you should have any questions please contact:
                       Al Hert, Golf Chairperson at Chase (310)815-5136
              Mary Rivera, Administrative Assistant at RSAOR (562)860-5656 ext. 102
                       FAX sponsor request form to RSAOR: (562)860-5536 or (562)860-5642

10                     Directions to California Country Club available @
A firsthand, live update of all new forms will be given at RSAOR’s June
Luncheon with CAR official Howard Fallman. The luncheon takes place
 on June 24th at 11:30am, at the Rio Hondo Country Club in Downey,
       please contact Mary Rivera for more details and to RSVP.
                             Space is limited.

                    562-860-5656, ext 102 (phone)
                         562-860-5656 (fax)


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